University of Maryland Communication Department COMM386: Experiential Learning POINT PAPER -- Photos and Notetaking

Annie Cromwell July 13, 2012

Subject. My goal for this week was to attend the various out-of-office events, take photographs, notes to post on various social media in the upcoming week. Background. On Monday we spent the day preparing and canvassing the Coldplay concert. Then on Wednesday we went to a press conference with Nancy Pelosi speaking about the Affordable Care Act, and Thursday we went to Capitol Hill to lobby. All these events are things our followers would love to see photographs from, and also, we need individual supporter’s photographs to post on our page to demonstrate that our supporters truly stand for us. Discussion. On Monday, I spent approximately five hours gathering materials (clipboards, pens, tape, "I Pledge" cards, etc.) for our set up at the Coldplay concert with the other Public Affairs interns. I sent out pre-emptive Tweets to prepare for the event, and we set off for the concert around 4 PM. At the concert (from 4:30 PM-9:30 PM), in addition to canvassing for people to take the pledge to vote for pro-women's health candidates, I had to take photographs of people playing the trivia game we set up, and also individuals with our "Women Are Watching" signage. On Wednesday, I spent the morning scheduling our social media on HootSuite, then around 11:15 AM all of the Public Affairs interns went to the press conference on the hill with Nancy Pelosi speaking about the Affordable Care Act. The other interns and I took a number of photographs and immediately Tweeted them out and posted photos and video clips to our Tumblr. On Thursday, I spent approximately six hours lobbying on Capitol Hill with the other interns and our supervisor, Gabbi, along with other individuals from Planned Parenthood Federation of America and other affiliates. I took notes of various congressmen's statements, which will be transcribed and put on file to have if we ever need to reference them. On Friday, I spent approximately five hours planning our adult sex-ed party entitled, "Smart, Sexy, Safe: Everything Your Mom Didn't Teach You!" We picked out party favors, hors d'oeuvres, calculated the ticket price and began posting it on notable websites to advertise it. Recommendations. Even if you are not in the office, you do not check your communication duties at the door. Anything notable that you or your organization does needs to be documented and shared with the public. I always hated Oprah for making known everything that she did that was good in the world, but I don't blame her now. It helps with branding and creates a vivid image of your organization. If people gained a sense of who we were based on what we did this week, they would know that we were hip, in touch, and politically active. And that is exactly the type of image we want to portray to our supporters and followers.

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