The Walking Dead: Season Two Episodes Five, Six, and Seven- The Mid-Season Finale- Reviews

By Dianthrax *Warning: Be advised that his article contains spoilers, adult language, & mature content.* This review is not only fashionably late in its completion, but also in a very different style than my previous episode reviews. I could explain that things have been in a state of transition for me and that adjusting to a position as a blogger for a new website is a process that takes time and energy, as well as a fair amount of reorganization. That while things are up in a bit of a heavel I’ve been trying to maintain some diligence in writing about TWD and that I’ve fallen behind simply because I’m only human. But that’s pretty much B.S. I mean it’s not un-true: things have been crazy and I’ve had some other things I needed to focus on as far as my priorities go, but there’s two other major factors that really have more to do with the delay than anything else. Those are, in order, Norman Reedus and mid-season finales. Episode five was pretty much all about Daryl. There may have been some other things going on but I can tell you what parts I cared about. This meant that I had an abnormally large amount of photo editing to do because I couldn’t help but think that I needed a copy of virtually every frame with him in it. There was a lot of sorting to do, which admittedly I didn’t exactly rush to get through. I also felt like watching that particular episode a few more times was necessary before writing about it. I swear it was like, two days went by and suddenly it was Sunday again and I was watching episode six and getting slapped in the face with an announcement that after next week there would be no more Walking Dead until February. So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, celebrate The Solstice, have a joyful Kwanza, and a Happy New Year: all of your favorite shows are taking a holiday from you so that you can enjoy the holidays without the things you enjoy! Smart move networks- choosing what to many is the most depressing time of year to kick all your viewers in the nuts! (At least I’m sure that’s how it would feel to me if I knew what getting kicked in the nuts felt like.) Because of this I was basically pissed and pouting and not terribly interested in writing about the show. I’m still pissed and pouting, I just happen to also have a lot to say about everything now that the show’s hiatus is starting to sink in. Remember when I mentioned how the style for this review is different? Well rather than go through each episode in detail and in order I’m just gunna go and see what happens, discussing/referencing whatever events from all three episodes in whatever order they come to me. It’ll be fun; like free-association only not stupid! First and foremost I have to say that once again I totally called it! I wasn’t even trying and I still ended up calling it! In my last review I said that I thought Hershel was hiding something and that he could have creepy shit in that barn. Then we find out that oh yeah he’s hiding something, only it’s not just creepy it’s dangerous, crazy, and stupid too. I just wanted to slap that racist, arrogant old man so hard he’d fall down and break a hip. He’s so far gone into his denial that he makes crazy-pants Shane look reasonable! I may not have thought he was going about it in the best way or that I was in total agreement with him but I did have to agree that Shane did what needed to be done when he busted open the barn and forced the issue. I thought Rick rescuing walkers from the swamp with Hershel and leading them to the barn was utter lunacy and both of those men needed to wake the Hell up. “It’s his land & we have to respect that and we’re guests blah blah blah” and

all the ways Rick indulged Hershel was such total crap and the barn was just the piece that made the Jenga tower fall. But there was so much leading up to this that would’ve built up some serious aggression in me if I was there dealing with it, not the least of which being fresh, clean-shaven Hershel in his crisp white shirt enjoying his fancy lunch with a glass of wine. When Rick comes in and it looks like he smells about as lovely as a locker-room with his sweaty shirt that hasn’t been properly washed in who knows how long, not remembering when he last took a real shower, and with something more like 6 or 7’o’clock shadow, I just want to smash every piece of perfectly preserved antique furniture, every china plate & dish, and all the stupid country knick-knacks in the entire freaking farmhouse! Rick talks about what they owe him for being his guests like they’re using up all the hot water! He’s making them camp in the yard outside of his giant empty house- that does not make them equal to guests; it makes them equal to the family dog.

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