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Enterprise Part three, worlds beyond!

Part three


on establishing "there-are" infinite-potentials within our humanframework, two-timescales and more importantly a REAL Soul or flamewithin, the NEXT step is understanding our "potential" for future liason with numerous ETs! The Dogmatic-approach now heralded by americancovert groups and the Illuminati-force IS an approach! But the WRONG one! from time immoral, from the first walking of mankind/woman upon this very Ancient-sphere, the GODs the alien-hieracrchy walked with us! Make no mistake, STARTREK is rather outdated to "What really goes on" in the vast cosmoplitan-universal empire! unfortunately GREED and LUST have capabilities to turn even the most hardened spiritual-individual, to a lifetime of corrupt and Malefic practice. However, be praised or not? There are of course Benevolent star-Races beings of infinite Spiritualknowledge, and beings whom "unfortunately" have been "cast-out" of our spherical-system by either Military or dark-Magical force! There IS a fight between good and evil, a momentus balance of wills! nonwithstanding the American/russian secret bio-genetic forces continue to Experiment and explore "outside-forces"! forces as already explained which "Can-be-reached" by all of us, as they are sub-existent in the Matrix of mind! You make love like an animal, and yet nearing "completion" SOMETHING else takes over! SOMETHING That should not be wasted! the "Creative-seed" IS NOT common in most star-races, its potency to "Empower" any seed is a godly gift, yet unfortunately in mankind it is seen more as a sensual-reflection, an achievent or GOAL! i am not here to preach on sexual-gratifacation nor to correct countless animalisitc-urges. Nope, i persevere in the understanding that "certain" alien-forces, chiefly alighned with illuminati-occult-rituals, USE this "force" to manipulate SOULS or indeed time-parralells! VOODOO is a reality NOT to be taken with a pinch of salt. its techniques or ritual-boundarys have indeed been "escalated" to profound degrees! Lets just say that a young form "suddenly" destroyed under Ritualisitc-circumstance can "Lose" its soul" and this "unknown-quantitive" can ritually be transferred to an Ageing-individual to transmute / promote RE-generation! say no more! Certain aliens/ETs are dislodging recent-souls and obtaining "essences" from their Earthly ex-existence to USE in transmatter-dimensional jumps. It is ALL confusing to believe such "fictional-allegory" speech, and YET, the possibilities to contact denizens/entitys from outside-space are Numerous and Proven! Kenneth Grant a Man WELL Advanced in occult-trans-dimensional theorys and their portals, has written many good books on the "unseen-worlds" between Time and space. spoke upon the secret-societies profane to kali and secret Rites of contacting IONS/AEONS through certain-ritualisitc-practices, namely held underground in Los-Angeles and Paris. The large Orgiastic-centres of these cities

"releasing" unknown amounts of Magical-fluids into the Astral-realms! from which Adepts and masters can aquire footholds on certain starpoints! i speak as an occultist "Unafraid" by such secretive-societies, unafraid because of my PAST! So the Americans,. the British, some Russians and French (occultists) ARE indeed "continuing" the practices of ancient Occultists, and such "practices" are VERY successful! The blackbrotherhood is not entirely human, the Followers of the black-flame are ALL Damned as you might say? though every flame CAN be extinguished, even though "IT MAY come from far off distant worlds! The relationship between good and evil is a very thin veil, and sometimes we must USE the existence of daemons from the past! Some abductions reveal such daemons, / some the prototype of "hybrid" bred purposely by the Reptilian-race to abstract our vital creative-seed. To be SURE, NO spiritualET_race would inseminate nor remove any planetary lifeforms seed! Be on your guard! they the NWO hybrids are amongs us!