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FI FINANCE CO - CONTROLLING GL General Ledger CEA Cost Element Accounting AP Accounts Payable CCA Cost Center Accounting AR Accounts

counts Receivables IO - Internal Order Accounting AA Asset Accounting PCA Profit Center Accounting BA Bank Accounting PC - Product Costing CO-PA Controlling Profitability Analysis FI Financial Accounting GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNTING.

FI Enterprise Structure o Company, o Credit Control Area, Functional Area o Company Codes, Consolidation Business Area o Business area, Profit Centers, Financial Management Area and Segments. Financial Accounting Global Settings o Fiscal year Variant o Posting Period Variant and Special Periods. o Field Status Variant o Tolerance Groups o Document types & Number Ranges Master Data GL Planning (New) Introduction to New GL Accounting (New) Currencies Business Process (Easy Access Screen) o Creation of General Ledger master o Document postings, changes and reversals o Account balance verification o Templates like Sample , Reference Documents


Master data Outgoing Payment o Manual Payments

Automatic Payments Payment Methods Special GL transactions o Advances or Down Payments o Notes items Payment Terms & Cash discounts Business Process (Easy Access) o Creation of Vendor Master records o Purchase cycle o Invoice Postings o Advance payments o Outgoing Payments

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Master data Incoming Payment o Manual Receipts o Cheque Deposits Special GL transactions o Customer (Advances) Down Payments o Notes items Payment Terms & Cash discounts Dunning Process Business Process (Easy Access) o Creation of Customer Master records o Sales cycle o Invoice Postings o Advance receipts o Incoming Payments


Organization structure o Chart of Deprecation o Account Determination o Screen Layout Rules o Number Ranges

Asset Classes Integration with General Ledger Depreciation keys Asset Under Construction from internal orders Business Process (Easy Access) o Creation of Asset Masters o Acquisition of Assets o Sales of Assets o Transfer of Assets

a. Inter company b. Intra company

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Depreciation postings Settlement of AUC

BANK ACCOUNTING House Banks o House Banks o Banks Ids o Check lots Cheque Deposits Electronic Bank Statement configuration (Manual and Automatic) Cash Journal TAXATION: Sales and Purchase taxes Extended withholding taxes Configuration of Tax Procedure Country level settings and condition types Country India Version (Special coverage of US and UK Taxes) USA SOX compliance ASAP Methodology: Phase 1 Initial Project Preparation Phase 2 Business Blue Print Preparation Phase 3 Realization Phase 4 Final Preparation Phase 5 Go live and post production support Model Project structure for Onsite and Offshore models. CO - CONTROLLING GENERAL CONTROLLING

Organization structure in Controlling Controlling Area CO document groups and number ranges Versions


Master data Primary & Secondary Cost Elements Accrual Calculation


Master data Cost Centers, Activity Type & Statistical Key figure Cost Allocation methods: Reposting, Distribution and Assessment. Cost Center Planning Actual Postings Period End closing activities


Master data Internal Order Internal Order Planning Budget & Availability Control Period End closing activities


Product Cost Planning o Costing Sheet o Cost Component Structure o Costing Variants Cost Object Controlling o Product cost by Period o Product cost by Order o Product cost by Sales Order Period End closing activities o Overhead calculation o WIP Calculation o Variance Calculation o Settlement

CO-PA (Controlling Profitability Analysis)

Structures Master Data Flow of Actual Values Forms & Reports

Profit Center Accounting

Basic Settings Master Data Planning Actual Posting


Materials Management (MM) with Finance Integration o Valuation Class o Price Indicator o Account Determination Sales & Distribution (SD) with FI Integration. o Sales pricing procedure o Condition Techniques o Account Determination

INFORMATION SYSTEM : 1. Balance Sheet and Profit Loss Account. 2. Chart of Accounts. 3. Trail Balance 4. General Ledger. 5. User Manual. 6. Vendor List. 7. Vendor Wise Purchases. 8. AGE Wise Analysis of Vendors. 9. Down Payment Report of Vendors. 10. Vendor Ledger. 11. Due Date Forecast of Vendors. 12. Customer List. 13. Customer Wise Sales. 14. AGE Wise Analysis of Customers. 15. Down Report of Customers. 16. Bill Of Exchange Bank Wise and Party Wise. 17. Department Wise /Telephone Wise Cost Report Actual Cost and Variance. 18. Vehicle Wise/ Telephone Wise Cost Report Actual Cost Variance.

19. Department Wise and Machine Wise Assets Details Gross Block, Accumulated Depreciation and Net Block. 20. Depreciation Forecast. 21. Depreciation Posting Period Wise. 22. Schedule V Assets Report. 23. Assets Addition Report, Sale Report, Profit/Loss on Sale of Assets Report, Assets Transfer Reports. 24. Audit Information System.