2008 Summer • CSAR 2600: Old & Green Restoration o The Antiquities Act: Bridging Historic Preservation and Environmental

Conservation o Charity Hospital at a Crossroads o Old & Green Final Paper 2008 Fall • • PRST 6610: History of Architecture in the Americas I o Early French Canadian Architectural Types of the French Colonial Period PRST 6710: Introduction to Historic Preservation o Impressions on Process o National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for A.L. Davis Park 2009 Spring • • • PRST 6620: History of Architecture in the Americas II o Richardsonian Romanesque at Tulane University PRST 6720: Preservation Technology o Corner Businesses in New Orleans and the Naïve Commercial Art of Lester Carey PRST 6420: Historic Preservation Field Studies: Central America o Guatemala 2009 Summer • PRST 6530: Preservation Internship o Southeastern Architectural Archive 2009 Fall • PRST 6520: Studio in Environmental Conservation o History of the Streetcar in the Marignys o Proposed St. Claude Streetcar Line • PRST 6440: Historic Preservation Field Studies: Africa o Morocco

2010 Spring • PRST 6510: Studio in Building Preservation o Schwegmann Family Tomb Report o Schwegmann Family Tomb HABS Drawings o Field Studies 01 - Fort Pike and St Joe Brick Works o Field Studies 02 - Destrehan and Homeplace o Field Studies 03 - Evergreen and Whitney o Field Studies 04 - Natchez o Field Studies 05 - Oak Alley and Laura o Field Studies 06 - Felicity and St Joseph o Field Studies 07 – Baton Rouge o Field Studies 08 – Natchitoches o Living and Dying with Preservation 2010 Fall • • 4LAW 4930: Historic Preservation Law Seminar o Graffiti and Color Matching in Historic Districts LNSP 3300: Natural Landscape and Built Form o The City Beautiful Movement o Thomas D. Church • PRST 6540: Heritage Education o Docomomo US New Orleans/Louisiana o New Orleans Nine Most Dangered Nomination • PRST 6430: Historic Preservation Field Studies: Europe o Portugal and Spain 2011 Spring • PRST 6820: Issues in Preservation o Preservation of Intangible Culture and Ephemeral Culture of New Orleans 2011 Fall • AHST 4545: Cornerstones Seminar: Place, Culture, and the Public o F & F Spiritual Supplies o Coco Hut

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