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Q: What is Internship Through Live Project @ CB? Internship through Live Project @ CB is a highly sought after coveted internship in Advanced Finance that every finance students from Top B-school look for. You can go for project in the area of your choice like Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Investment Banking, M&A, IPO, and Private Equity etc. You can do Internship through Live Project @ CB at any given point of time during the year. You can do it as your regular summer/winter Internship, You can do it along with your courses during the semester, You can do it along with any other internship with other firms, You can do it for a better preparation for your final Placement process or you can do it when you have a little extra time to learn advanced financial concepts. What you need to do is, appear for C-FAT that is being conducted by Corporate Bridge during 8th-11th of every month. Depending on your score in C-FAT, you will be eligible for scholarship in your Live Project. Top 5% in the C-FAT will be eligible for FREE Live Project with CB worth INR 18000. Once a student is allotted the Internship through Live Project @ CB, he/she has to go through the following process:

The student will be given rigorous Online Training in the respective project area of Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Private Equity, M & A, IPO, Technical Analysis, Project Finance, Credit Research etc. A Project Guide will be allotted who will regularly monitor the performance of the student. Student will have to upload regular assignments and deliverables Online. The same provision will be given on the login page. For details, please check the video given on C-FAT page. Regular Tests will be conducted Online which will be given along with your login page. The performance will be monitored and will be graded. A Result & Performance Page will be provided where the student can regularly check his/her performance and can compare with the rest all over India. The final certification and Grade sheet will be provided base on the Performance.

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Excel Beyond Excellence!

The Internship Through Live Project @ CB is a very rigorous process where the intern will play the role of an analyst from the Industry. The motive behind such internship process is to make the student Job ready for a respective field.

Q: Is the Internship Through Live Project @ CB an Online Process? A: Yes, this is an online process and the student will have liberty to work at any time. The student will go through intensive Online training on the allotted area. All the deliverables and assignments will be online. The tests and results will be Online. The Project Guide will monitor and guide the performance of the student. The advantage of making it online is that student can do it at any given point of time of the year.

Financial modeling. Technical Analysis etc. Investment banking. the best research reports will be sent to our partner Financial Firms. The mentors will be the industry experts in the respective domains and will guide the students step by step . Chance to work with the stalwarts from the industry. CB Certifications will be provided to students based on their performance in the assignments and tests. Bank Loan Ratings)  Wealth Management Excel Beyond Excellence! www. These are the same training provided to on board training analysts of Top Financial Research houses. Q: What is the duration of Internship Through Live Project @ CB?   The Online Training access will be given for 12-14 weeks The Live Project completion duration will be 8-10 weeks Q: What are the areas where students get the Projects? A: The projects will be aligned in the domains of Financial Modeling. M & A. Power. Automobiles. Metal and Mining. Project Management. Technical Analysis etc. deliverables and Tests prepare the student to deliver in a company from day 1 itself. Banks. M&A)  Private Equity (PE Financial Modeling. Hence. Morgan Stanley.Corporate Bridge Group Q: What are the advantages Internship Through Live Project @ CB? There are several advantages of doing Internship Through Live Project @ CB. IPO. whether it may be Campus Placement or Off-Campus Placement. Take a feedback from your seniors to understand how it has benefitted them shaping up their career.educorporatebridge. the students are job ready and can deliver from day 1 when they join any Financial firms. Oil and Gas. The intensive process along with the rigorous . IPO. On a case to case basis. Equity Research. The prime motive is to make the intern job ready in the respective area. DB etc during the Placement Process. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:  Practical Intensive Online Training on respective areas of Equity Research. Telecom. That is why our interns are always preferred over others by top notch companies like JP Morgan. Credit Research. Credit Suisse. Options of PPO/PPI by Corporate Bridge and associated info@educorporatebridge. Investment Banking. To prepare a professional Financial Model and prepare an Initiating Coverage and Research pieces on the following sectors  Financial Modeling & Equity Research (Pharma. The interested candidate must qualify in C-FAT. Private Equity . Shipping. Other Mid-cap Stocks)  Investment Banking (Pitch Book Preparation. LBO Modeling)  Credit Research (Credit Risk Assessment. IT.     Q: Eligibility Criteria of Internship Through Live Project @ CB   The interested candidate must have enthusiasm and a strong inclination to pursue a career in the area of CORE Finance. Private Equity. will be provided. Some of the tentative projects will be as per below. Working on a LIVE Project.

Please explain me the Process Further. the deliverables needed to be uploaded on time by the students.Learn professional analyst’s accounting to evaluate historical and current trends of a company in excel. if your Project area is Equity Research & Financial Modeling. Equity and Enterprise Value Multiples (Relative Valuations)  Complex Financial Modeling . Results: This section will show your performance in assignments as well as tests. access to the following modules will be given to you:  Excel and Advanced Excel .Learn complex financial modeling by identifying and utilizing key business drivers and integrating them into a three statement forecasting model for a generic company Similarly. Several tests will be conducted during the process. This section consists of all video. For example. you will be given an online login id and password. Assignments. Q: What are the Online Training Modules covered in the Process? A: Depending on your Project area.Corporate Bridge Group Q: Once I am allotted the Internship Through Live Project @ CB. A: Once you are allotted the Internship Through Live Project @ CB. Use the same login id and password and sign in on the Internship . excel info@educorporatebridge.Insights to various sophisticated fundamental valuation tools as used by buy side/sell side analyst and investment Bankers with key focus on Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) . you will be graded and certified by Corporate Bridge. Assignments: Timely assignments are uploaded in this section and timely deliverables are expected from the students. IPO.Learn the nuts and bolts of professional analyst’s excel functions and graphs  Professional Analyst’s Accounting . Tests and Results. www. All these tests are to judge your knowledge and performance on the project. This will give you a complete picture of where you stand and how you are performing as compared to your peers.educorporatebridge. Since the system is time bound. Excel Beyond Excellence!  Advanced Valuations and DCF . Tests: Tests are conducted online. Course Module: This section will be dedicated to the Online Training. if your project area is Investment Banking. the students are needed to appear them on time. You will find the four sections allotted to you: Course Module. and Pitch Book etc. Based on your overall performance. This section will be exhaustive online training section. pdf files and other course files. Once you sign in. you will be given the access to the training modules. you will be given access to M & A. These tests are system bound and time bound and hence.

Corporate Bridge Group Q: Please tell us briefly about some of the sample projects that will be allotted. IT g. Power whom should I get in touch with? A: If you have further queries. Pharma b. Shipping .educorporatebridge. Telecom h. Metal and Mining f. A: Some of the sample projects that will be allotted to the students are as follows:  To prepare a professionally Financial Modeling and prepare an initiating coverage and Research pieces on the following sectors a. Banks c. please contact our representative at info@educorporatebridge. You may also reach us at +91 92232 33568 . Automobiles info@educorporatebridge. They may have to come up with various updates on recent financial events and important topics etc Q: I have some additional queries. students are also expected to do lot of desktop research and secondary research as a research analyst. Oil and Gas d.Piyush www. Other Mid-cap Stocks  Investment Banking  Pitch Book Preparation/li>  IPO  M&A  Private Equity  PE Financial Modeling  LBO Modeling Excel Beyond Excellence!  Credit Research  Credit Risk Assessment  Bank Loan Ratings In addition to the above.

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