A Project in IT-146 Software Metrics

Development Team: Cepada, Michelle O. Ibrahim, Shehab D. Tagailo, Density

Submitted to: Eddie Bouy Palad IT Department, School of Computer Studies MSU-Iligan Insitute of Technology


IT-146 FP Analyzer

Introduction Function Point Analysis is a software metric that measures the software size that can be determined early in the development process. The approach is to compute the total function points value for the project based upon the number of external user inputs, inquiries, outputs, and master files. Function points are intended to be a measure of program size and thus, effort required for the development.

Project Description FP Analyzer is a function point analysis implementation that analyzes and measures the total function value of a software size based upon the components which are external inputs, external inputs, inquiries, internal logical files and the external interface files. The value of the function point is the total of the individual values given an equivalent weights being applied. The technical factors of the function point analysis, presented in the implementation, are rated for it is also vital in the evaluation to establish the total adjusted function point which is the accurate evaluation of the given program.

Flow of FP Analyzer The FP Analyzer initiates the evaluation by requesting the user to key in the number of external user inputs, inquiries, outputs and master files. The program then accepts only integer values and calculates it with the complexity of the corresponding component. The user then is required to accordingly answer the questions subsequent to the technical factors of the function point analysis. The program receives the value and calculates it with the given weights applied for each factor. After all the essential requisites have been gathered that is components and technical factors are given equivalence, FP Analyzer then finally quantify the adjusted point of the software or program being appraised and gives the summary of the calculations and results.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

Screenshots The figure below is the welcome page of the FP Analyzer. It is mainly called the home of this application and shows in the menu, the basic connections about the FP Analyzer, the developer’s team and the main function which is the computation of FPA.

The next page explains about the fundamentals of the Function Point Analysis. It speaks out the components, technical factors, and the advantages of using FPA as software measurement and the disadvantages as well.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

This page is where the team who developed the FP Analyzer is being acknowledged.

This page starts the computation of the program. There is the brief description and instruction of how to answer suitably. The computation starts by assessing first the components of the FPA. The inputs in the text fields shown are should only be of numbers.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

If the components receive no value or values are of not numbers, then this is the page being displayed if the user directs to the next page. FP Analyzer then demands for an integer input.

The image below is the page where the technical factors take part to the analysis to the function point value of the project. The user here selects the level of significance of the technical factors.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

Finally, FP Analyzer measures the provided data and produces the result which is the total adjusted function points of the program being evaluated.

This page illustrates a pop-up box showing the computation table that includes the components, its equivalent weights of either low, average or high and the summary of the total unadjusted function points, TCF and the total adjusted function points.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

Functional Codes FP Analyzer is implemented using a server side scripting language which is PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) for the execution of functions needed in measuring the FPA. It also used a markup language which is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). A style sheet language CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and a bit of client-side scripting which is JavaScript were used for the establishment of the FP Analyzer’s vivid interface. The following are the essential clip of codes for the realization of the functions required:

These codes retrieve the data values of the five components necessary to start the evaluation process of the program.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

The four figures of this page show the receiving and retrieving of the ratings of significance for the technical factors of the FPA. It demonstrates here what the equivalent weights of each degree of influence are and how they are being equated.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

The four images in this page reflect the codes for the solving of the complexity of the component, of either low, average or high. These show the corresponding multiplicands of each component that depends on its complexity.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

This code calculates the TCF of the function to point arrive that at is the


adjusted function point of the program being evaluated.

This code is an example of a cascading style sheet being used to advance the design and interface of the FP Analyzer.


IT-146 FP Analyzer

This is an example of a code using the markup language. This is the index of the application implemented using HTML. When executed this is the welcome page of the FP Analyzer.

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