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  This  year   MK2MK  did  an   exciting  new   style  of  project,   with  half  of  the   students  going   to  the  city  of   Durban,  while   the  other  half   did  ministry   near  the  city  of   Port  Shepstone.   Because  of  the   split,  we’ve   divided  the   newsletter  into   two  parts  -­‐  half   for  the  city  of   Durban  and  half   for  the   Shepstone  area.   We  hope  you   enjoy  seeing  how   God  used  the   project  achieve   His  work.

Port   Shepstone:   a   name   that  was   once  unknown   now   brings   a   flood  of   memories   to   mind.   Our   team   left   Durban   after   the   first   week   of   project   not   knowing   what   to   expect,  but  we  were   in   for  a   wonderful  surprise.  We   partnered   with  an  amazing  local   church   called   the  Norwegian   Settlers   Church.   They   had   planned   for  us   to   teach   life-­‐ skills   to  9th   graders,  visit  AIDS   patients   at   a   hospice,  minister  to  elementary   school   kids,   teach   leadership   development,   and,   most   fun   of   all,   build   relationships   with   the   teenagers   in   their   youth   group.   We   were   richly   blessed   to   create   lasting   relationships   with   everyone   we   ministered   to   and   enjoy   an   amazing  unity.  The   last   week   was   stayed   in   one   big   house   together   and   truly   became   a   family.   MK2MK   is   always   known   for   bringing  MKs   together   and   this   trip   was   definitely   no  exception.   Our   team  had   an   amazing   summer   and   we   all   are   already   wondering   how   we   can   come  back.  Thanks  for  partnering  with  us  to  make  this  summer  possible!   W e   w e n t   t o   volunteer   at   the   Genesis   Hospital,   just   to   help   out   w i t h   w h a t e v e r   they  needed.  I  love   h e l p i n g   s e r v e   those   who   serve   o t h e r s ,   s e e i n g   their   faces,   and   knowing   that   we   h e l p e d   l i g h t e n   their   load.   God   u s e d   t h e   experience  to  start   c r a f t i n g   a   servant’s   heart   in   me.  -­‐  Misa,  South   Africa/USA

Through   the  drama  that   we   performed,  I   really  learned   how  well  we   can  portray  Christ  and  life  without  words.  I   want  to  live   like  Jesus  instead  of  being  all  talk,  no  show.     -­‐  Jack,  USA/Central  Asia    

Home  visits   we  make   to   locals   have   given   me   a  much   more   accurate   picture   of   the   daily   lives   of   South   Africans  -­‐  and  it   was   shocking.  I’ve  really   grown  to  love   these   people,   and   it   is   a   privilege   to   minister   to   them   and  teach  them.  -­‐  Jack,  Ukraine

During  this  project,  God  quieted  the  fears  in  my  heart  and   gave  me  His  peace.  I  never  could  have  done  it  without  him  -­‐   and  with  him  I  can  do  anything,  something  I  knew  before,   but  this  project  has  been  reminding  me  of  that  and  making  it   real  for  me.  -­‐  Taylor,  New  Zealand/USA

The   Genesis   AIDS   Hospice   is   a   place   where   no   one   can   go   without  being  personally  affected.     A   couple  of   our   students   shared   an   incredible   two-­‐part   story   at   debrief.   “On   our   last   day   of   ministry,  I   went  to   talk   to  a   bed-­‐ridden   woman   named   Phumzile.   She   had   never   had   visitors   and   she   thought   often   about   killing   herself.   This   weighed   on   me   as   I   recently   experienced   the   death   by   choice   of   a   close   friend.   To   try   to   sympathize   I  told   her   about   my   friend   and  shared  the  Gospel   with   her.   She  didn’t   respond,  but   I   left   a  4-­‐Laws   booklet.   She   told  me  about  her   two  boys  with  no   family   -­‐   and   she  also  told   me   about   how   her   father   had   raped   her   when  she   was  13,  and   how  that  had  caused   her  life  to  descend  into  darkness  She   said   that  she  had  never  told  anyone  before.”  -­‐  Lizzy,  East  Asia “I  decided   to   go  the  hospice   after  Lizzy,  but  I  hadn’t  heard  about   her   story.   We  served   the   patients   dinner,  and   as  I   was  cleaning   up  there  was  a  lady  named  Phumzile  that  had  hardly  touched  her   food.  I  off-­‐handedly   asked   if   she   was   ok  and   she   very   solemnly   told  me   she  wasn’t.   She  then   proceeded   to  tell  me  her   life  story.   She   told  me  she  didn’t  want  to  be  in  the  Hospice   center,  but  she   was   all   alone.   I   shared   with   her   about   a   heavenly   father   that   loved  her  and  would  always  be  there  for   her,  and  I  encouraged  her   as  best  I   could  -­‐  not   knowing  until  later  that   she   struggled  with   thoughts  of  suicide.  I  got  to  pray  with  her   to  accept  Christ   and  I’ll   never   forget  the   joy  on   her   face  and  the  total  amazement   in  my   own   heart   as  I  left.  I   have  never   felt  so  strongly   the  presence   of   God  using  me  in  someone’s  life.”  -­‐  Bethany,  Central  Asia Our  community  reminded  me  of  what  the  body  of  Christ   is  supposed  to  look  like,  and  reminded  me  to  keep  an   eternal  perspective  of  life,  no  matter  where  I  live.  -­‐  Cori,   USA/Kenya
Team   list,   from   top  left   to  bottom   right:   Jonathan,   Josh,   Lorn,   Mark,   C a r l e y ,   M a m a   J e n n ,   A m a n d a ,   Kyle,   J.T.,   Ryan,   P h i l i p ,   T a y l o r ,   Kendall,   Lizzy,   A n n a ,   T r e n t ,   Misa,  Mary  Grace,   Chris,   Reed,   Seth,   Connor,   Daniel,   Joel,   John,   Ellis,   Jess,   MySan   &   A b b y ,   B r y a n ,   Micah,   Jack,   Ellie,   Danica,  Ben,   Jack,   M i y e ,   A v e r y ,   A m a n d a ,   C o r i ,   L i l l i a n ,   L y d i a ,   J a k e ,   P a u l ,   Johnny,   Jacquline,   Kristin,   Rebekah,   Heather,   Jamie,   Bethany  &  Lia

This  project   brought   me   back  to   the   outward   focus   of   being  a  Christian.  I’m  so  excited  to  go  back  to  Hungary   now,  because  of  all   the   experiences  God  has  given  me!   -­‐   Heather,  Hungary

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