The firing on of unarmed, innocent people has been a sight that has spurred our nation into outrage

and Independence since its inception. When Paul Revere captured the scene entitled above of the Red Coats killing unarmed settlers in Boston in the famed engraving, the results were no different. With these shots and the killing of 5 men including an African-American who was the first to die; the American Revolution began with slaves and free Africans fighting alongside ex-patriots against the British for the next six years. This fight against tyranny 7 generations after settlers left England is a point of pride for Americans and celebrated every Fourth of July, but could it also be a clue to the recent Bloody Massacres we have seen in the US lately? Is it a coincidence that the majority of the mass shootings have occurred in political battleground states? And, are local law enforcement and the FBI ignoring relationships between the suspects in these deadly events? Recent violent events have begun to show a pattern in states where the US Presidential race is close or there is a strong GOP presence. That pattern has shown a surge since July of this year, in the number of white males entering public places and opening fire or threatening mass violence. This is not to say that these individuals represent the majority of white males or that their activities are supported by white males, the Democrats or the GOP. While the observations made in this article are facts; the conclusions are purely speculative. The suspected gunmen in the Alabama, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and the North Carolina man arrested with bombs, bear an eerie resemblance to one another in their physical appearance as well as their political ideologies. To avoid giving these cowards any additional attention I will be referring to them only by the cities they threatened. 1 Kentucky July 9, 2012: A North Carolina man was arrested in Raceland, KY with a cache of weapons, including a pipe bomb, in his vehicle. When officers spotted a large knife inside his vehicle they initiated a search, which turned up the pipe bomb, a .357 Magnum revolver, a high-powered automatic rifle and a sawed-off shotgun, along with wigs and several changes of clothing. The man is charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, two counts of resisting arrest, firstdegree wanton endangerment, two counts of third-degree assault, third-degree criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, possession of an explosive device or booby trap and carrying a concealed deadly weapon. He could also be charged in U.S. District Court for the pipe bomb and for possession of an illegal weapon, the sawed-off shotgun.

The man claims that he is mentally unable to stand trial yet he was perfectly competent to build a bomb.

2 Tuscaloosa, AL July 17, 2012: A 44 year-old white male (relevant due to characteristic of the other suspects) goes to a nearby home and after uttering racial slurs, opens fire on a house filled with people before going to a popular downtown nightspot and opening fire at Cooper Top Bar. According to the Tuscaloosa News, after the shooting, the residents noticed someone had carved “KKK” into the hood of two of their cars and the metal box that covers the electrical panel on the side of the house. However, police have said they have not been able to verify a racial motive for the shooting. Court documents filed the Wednesday following the shooting; that describe the shooting at the house do not mention the slur or the carvings. In addition to the obviously hate related shooting, The 44 year-old, has been charged with 19 counts of attempted murder, 19 counts of first-degree assault, 17 counts of second-degree assault and two counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling/building, according to Tuscaloosa District Attorney Tommy Smith, and is suspected of setting at least two fires late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Including one he is suspected of setting to a truck at a Northport mobile home park before the shooting at the Northport house. That truck belonged to a former co-worker at Capstone Oilfield in Brookwood, from which the suspect was fired after getting involved in a fist fight last spring. He is accused of going to the business just after 3 a.m., pulling three work trucks into the metal building and setting fire to them.

3 Aurora, CO July 20, 2012: A white male wearing all black and a gas mask goes into the midnight premiere of Batman and opens fire. 12 people are killed and over 50 injured. The suspect has claimed that he thought he was the Joker and was seeing a psychiatrist prior to the shooting. However he had the mental foresight to also booby-trap his apartment, wiring it to destroy the building and anyone entering if some were tripped. Although no Neo-Nazi relationships have emerged, the shooter may have identified with the blame they place on other's for their inability to succeed. This shooter was flunking out of a very prestigious academic program.

4 Tampa, Florida August 1, 2012: According to CNN, the 52 bald, white male, of New Port Richey was arrested August 1st for violation of parole and driving without a valid license. The arrest led to the discovery of about 200 suspicious items including fake law enforcement and military uniforms, police radios, fake medical credentials, and even a full NASA flight suit and helmet. The items were found in his home and vehicle along with ammunition for semiautomatic guns and assault rifles. There were also diplomatic license plates and dozens of fake identification cards from the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Defense, CIA, and NASA.

The suspect also had access badges to hospitals around Florida, doctor and nurse scrubs, a respiratory technician badge, police blue lights and access stickers to Coast Guard bases around Florida, said police. He was also driving a black Escalade, similar to the ones driven by federal agents.

5 Oak Creek, WI August 5, 2012: A 6-foot bald white man approached the Sikh Temple early Sunday morning while the families were preparing for prayer. He walked onto the property and began shooting while still outside the Temple killing 6 people in and outside of the Temple. After exiting the Temple, the gunman was shot by a first-responder before committing suicide that was also shot multiple times by the gunman. According to the gunman’s mother, he was a 'gentle young man' when growing up, but by the time he enlisted in the Army in Milwaukee in 1992, he was already a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Christopher Robillard, another former soldier, told CNN that the shooter was his 'closest friend' in the military, but that even then he had troubling political beliefs. The suspect was discharged from the Army in 1998. Military records show that Fort Bragg, N.C., was among the bases where the gunman served. All of the guns he used were legally owned by the suspect which is an important clue as to who maybe behind these cowardly acts of violence.

6 Westlake, OH August 5, 2012: An off duty police officer noticed the suspect carrying a suspicious bag. When he searched it he found a loaded 9mm Glock handgun, multiple loaded magazine and four knives on the suspect who claims to have them for protection. An additional knife was found underneath his clothes. "He sat in the last row, right in the middle," said the officer. "If he was going to try to assault anybody, he'd have a full range of victims." The suspect is a bald, white male over 6 feet tall.

6 occurrences in 2 months. There seems to be a clear pattern between these subjects and the reason could be found in the rhetoric that has been exposed by some of them. It is also very strange that some of the shootings or events have taken place in Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina. All states highly contested in the upcoming Presidential elections. Besides the obvious similarities between the suspects like sex, race, and age; some of these men have ties to some sick organizations. The weapons used in the actual shootings were also legally purchased. And several of the suspects had military backgrounds. The thing that is most striking is that three of the shooters had previously made statements that minorities and gay Americans were to blame for the nation’s i.e. their problems. Political rhetoric by both parties and our nationally divisive political races as well as the misrepresentation of America’s history could be the basis of that thinking. The Tea Party and certain far-right groups in an attempt to return to a more fiscally responsible government use misguided, unethical tactics. The Democrats in their attempt to be über politically correct alienate Americans who want a more moderate government. In the middle are helpless Americans already shell-shocked by hits on our economy; now held hostage by a Republican led coup in Congress and being told that the reason for all our problems is one black man and illegal immigrants. If these Patriotic Americans really knew the history of this country, they would know that while these images of Bloody Massacres in our streets may promote more violence; in the end REAL Americans will rise up and put an end to the mischaracterization of our citizens. If they truly knew the history of our Independence and the growth of our nation, they would know that 200 years before there was a United States of America, free Africans, and Native Americans, Irish, Germans and Jewish immigrants all stood side by side and worked to build the colonies in Jamestown

and Plymouth. And, then stood together again on that fateful Boston night in 1775 as the Red Coats opened fire on unarmed settlers and slaves. They would know that a white woman named Ann Smith Strong used her laundry to signal a sailor to pick up messages written in invisible ink invented by a rebel and sent by Washington’s army. These hate-filled men, some of whom served in the armed forces, would know that the founder they love so dearly, George Washington turned to a homosexual man to turn around the rebel forces and create in them the foundation of our elite forces that would go on to become the only military to prevail against the British and gain Independence through war. They would surely know that this homosexual male is also credited with creating the guidelines our military till uses today. And they would know that had it not been for the cooperation and communication between Washington and the African soliders' knowledge of occultation, small-pox would have possibly wiped out the rebel forces. Still some Americans have blamed others for their inability to adapt in this competitive environment. When the restraints of no education, racism, and sexism are removed they have complained that the gains made by these groups is due to unfair advantages rather than acknowledge the same spirit of hard work instilled by our forefathers. Americans have worked together to achieve a better nation, free of tyranny and guaranteeing religious freedoms. We cannot allow a very vocal minority on either end of the spectrum to take us back to a time in our nation’s history when instead of fighting for the birth of American democracy, we are returning to tyranny by a few. Instead of dismissing these individuals as isolated, it is imperative that law enforcement, the FBI and our political leaders examine the ties these individuals have to any domestic terrorist groups as well and seek out any others. Downplaying These Terrorists because of the color of their skin could be a bloody mistake. Read more: ©Sassy Bizzness 2012 All Rights Reserved

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