January 13, 2009 Case # 108270027-028 State of MD vs.

Dajuan Daward VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT FROM EMILIA MILLER (principle victim), CLAUDIA BRAND (daughter & witness), AND MICHAEL BRAND (son-in-law, secondary victim, & witness): The August 31, 2008, mugging of my 67-year-old mother-in-law (Mrs. Emilia Miller) by Dajuan Daward (a.k.a. Daugherty) and his partner (who fled with her purse and has not been apprehended)--as well as the assailant’s subsequent knife threat against me--has caused my family major stress and emotional trauma. Moreover, it has drastically altered our perception of Baltimore—we no longer feel safe there, and we only go into the city when we absolutely have to. The greatest and most direct impact of this heinous crime, however, has been on Mrs. Miller. Not only does she no longer feel safe when visiting us from her home in Jennings, LA, but she now even feels ill-at-ease whenever she’s around any group of young adults or teenagers because she fears that she may be attacked again. In addition to the emotional trauma that Mrs. Miller suffered from being assaulted and robbed in broad daylight (at 1:15 p.m.), she also sustained physical injuries from being pushed down on the sidewalk and then dragged several feet by Mr. Daward who was trying to pull her purse away from her. She ended up with several abrasions on her left arm, right leg, and right hip, as well as an injured left hand. Additionally, she had recently had surgery to repair two herniated disks in her neck, and this physical assault hampered her recovery and added to the pain that she was already experiencing. This crime has also cost Mrs. Miller, my wife, and me a lot of time: talking to the police, discussing the case with various people from the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Baltimore court system, filling out paperwork, making phone calls, coming into Baltimore multiple times for court-related business, and, especially, canceling and replacing all of the cards and IDs that were in Mrs. Miller’s stolen purse. Last, but certainly not least, this robbery has been a financial hardship to Mrs. Miller because the total value of the cash and personal items in her stolen purse came to over $500.00! Mrs. Miller and her husband have a very limited income, and they could not afford to replace most of the stolen items. Moreover, her purse contained a Nikon digital camera with about six months of photographs on the memory discs—precious personal treasures which can never be replaced! In conclusion, as punishment for Dajuan Daward’s brazen assault and robbery of a defenseless, elderly lady and his threat to cut me with his knife--all of which demonstrate a general disrespect for other members of society and their personal property, as well as for the laws that are designed to protect them--my family and I feel that he should be sentenced to the maximum number of years possible in prison. Then

after he has been released, he should be forced to make financial restitution to Mrs. Miller for what he and his partner stole from her. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Michael Brand Laurel, MD

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