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Blessed Junipero Serra St. Bonaventure Canonization of St. Francis

The following remarks were given on Capitol Hill on Aug. 1 as part of a call from faith leaders across the religious spectrum. A budget is a moral document. That phrase was coined by the faith community and has become a refrain in the ongoing debates over decits and budgets. But in [the recent] House vote on extending the Bush-era tax cuts, we see one more example of the priorities and principles of the broader GOP budget and how they apply to the rich and to the poor. Because of this, we must conclude that the Republican budget is an immoral document in the way it treats the poor. I certainly dont believe that all our Republican lawmakers came to Washington to hurt poor people, but its time for some of them to challenge the dominant forces in their party and face the consequences of such indefensible choices. The House GOP budget wants to extend tax cuts and credits for the wealthiest people of our society while cutting tax benets for the poorest including millions of low-income working families with children at risk. Proven and effective tax credits, which can lift families out of poverty, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC), which have historically had bipartisan support, are now being dramatically reduced. All the while, tax cuts for the wealthy are further expanded and the amount of money the richest can keep from their estate taxes continues to grow. This is an egregious contrast and a starkly immoral budget choice...

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Welcome event for Br. Alexander Escalera

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To reward the rich even more while actually punishing the poor is a direct offense to all of our religious traditions. For Catholic lawmakers, it is a fundamental violation of Catholic social teaching, and the Catholic bishops have said so. They called this budget choice unwise and unjust... In all of our decisions, the poor and vulnerable the ones Jesus called the least of these should be protected, especially by people of faith, regardless of their party afliations and political philosophies. Its time to cut through all the political clutter, ideology, and self-interest... Its time to do the right thing and protect the poor.
--Jim Wallis, Sojourners (8/2/12)


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By Rosemary Apodaca

Aug 27
Pauline Bigby

In Search of Perfect Joy:

Greetings brothers and sisters, It seems like a long time since I have written or have been in touch with all of you. I have had a busy summer enjoyingfamily and friends and taking time to reect on my schoolyear. In the beginning of the summer I took a camping trip, and again I was visited by brother bear. It seems this is becoming a yearly visit.I enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature and really took in all the aromas and colors that God uses to ll our world. There, in the Eastern Sierra, I took the time to listen for Gods word, and sometimes I felt I heard him clearly. Other times I just heard the running of the water in the creeks. I guess that was him speaking to me too.Still, I pray and wonder how God wants me to proceed and most of the time the answer is one step at a time. The answer will come when God thinks I am ready. Later in the summer I took a trip to visit my son, who is still living in Georgia. He was in need of dental care and I am so gratefulwe were able to set up on going visit to address his needs.Joaquin and I also enjoyed a day at Six Flags Amusement Park.Can you imagine me on all those roller coasters? What a blessing to see my sons smiling face as his mother struggled to keep her lunch down. I really did have a great time, though. My last day with him was bitter sweet, so we walked and walked as he shared with me about his mens Bible studies and the good work this group is doing for the community.It reminded me that there are so many good people doing great deeds for each other. That gave me hope for a brighter tomorrow. At last, in July, I was given the gift of visiting Mexico for two weeks. It was heavenly, and I learned something. I was reminded of something I had forgotten. Our missions in California start in Baja (lower) California (we were know as Alta (or upper) California. When I think of the missions, I always think of our missions starting in San Diego. This is a big error on my part.I got to meet many wonderful people who were making do with so little, but they were still willing to share. They were humble, yet rich in spirit.This was another God moment, reminding me of the more important things in life. All in all, I have had a wonderful summer lled with family, friends and lots of rest.I am ready to come back to work and fully engage my students in life. I pray you all have had a wonderful summer and that you have stayed healthy and close to our God and family. 2 paz y bien Rosemary OFS

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I promise to live all the days of my life the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Secular Franciscan Order by observing its rule of life.

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By Brian Simmons

Transfiguration Images and the Franciscan Tradition

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. While those of us who went had a superb time at the installation ceremony last month for our new sister fraternity in Greeneld, I have missed having our regular fraternity gatherings. I am looking forward to our August potluck event and resuming our regular gatherings in September. I am wrapping up my summer this year in the same way I have for several years: I am writing this while on a week-long private retreat at the Camaldolese Hermitage in Lucia. It is always such a blessing to be here. Today is the feast of the Transguration. Fr. Robert, the communitys prior, presided at Mass and preached on the importance of the Transguration in the Camaldolese tradition and discussed the relevance of some of the themes and images in the Transguration story specic to the Camaldolese (I have said several times I dont think Ive heard a bad homily in all the years Ive been coming here). It occurred to me that while the story does not seem to carry the same special signicance in the Franciscan tradition, many of those same themes and images do get replayed in the Franciscan story. And so, with a nod of thanks to Fr. Robert for the idea, I am going to give it a shot and try follow his approach. The reading is from Mark 9:2-10 if you want to follow along. The reading starts off noting that Jesus took Peter, James, and John and led them. This suggests that going with Jesus wasnt exactly their idea. How consistent that is with our notion of vocation that being Franciscan is a response to a call, not something that we initiate ourselves. (Coincidentally, Br. Bede, one of the monks, today is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his religious profession. During our morning prayer, he made reference to a line in Johns gospel where Jesus says something along the lines of You didnt choose me I chose you. Same idea.) Jesus led them up a mountain. There are frequent references to mountains in both the Old and New Testaments, almost always as a symbol of getting closer to God. Certainly, the apostles were in for an experience of the divine on that mountain like none had ever had before or has since! We know that Francis also took the opportunity frequently to head to the hills of Umbria and to engage in the solitude of contemplative prayer on the mountains. A group of early OFMs also engaged in a similar contemplative practice. We know that Francis at one point went through a period of discernment about whether he should withdraw completely and live permanently as a hermit and that it took the intervention of Clare to convince him not to do it. The mountains have great appeal to Franciscans! The historical gures of Moses and Elijah who were transgured with Jesus have traditionally been taken to represent the law and the prophets in salvation history. A tension has sometimes been described between the two, with the law representing an approach that clings to tradition and a consistent (perhaps rigid) way of doing things, while the prophetic tradition has been one that has called people to change the way theyve been doing things and to step out of the comfort zones. Fr. Robert suggested that the Transguration represented the union of both in Christ. It is not hard to nd a parallel in the life of Francis, who remained completely loyal to the Church and its traditions and at the same time presented a reform to the way of being Church, the impact of which continues to be felt today. A cloud comes over the group and a voice is heard saying, This is my beloved son. Listen to him. Francis gave us the same charge. Rule 4 of the Secular Franciscans couldnt say it any more simply: The rule of the Secular Franciscans is to observe the gospel.

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Fr. Robert didnt mention one parallel to today that has always struck me. Today is also the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The descriptions of that bombing include such things as an astounding light so bright that it shone right through people. What irony that the destructive force that brought with it such light should occur onJuniper of that Redwoods Fraternity Brother the day the Christians in the Roman, Orthodox, and other Christian traditions Establishment Mass May 6, 2012 commemorate the dazzling light of -hope represented in the Transguration story. On this day, we remember our Franciscan call to be makers of peace and to resist the forces of war and oppression. During the morning prayer session, Br. Bede noted his gratitude for the blessings to be able live a monastic life these past thirty years and especially for the community of men with whom he shares that life. Quoting Peter from the Transguration story, Bede said, Lord, it is good that I am here. So too is it for us when we gather as community, our Secular Franciscan fraternity. Let us all remember to give thanks for the blessings we as a community are to each other. PS August 11th is (was, by the time you read this) the feast of St. Clare. The formation article in the current issue of the Tau has a nice piece on Clares approach to the spiritual journey (wasting time with God). Its worth a read.

Regional Day of Reflection There arefor Candidates and still openings It is not too late to register Newly Professed
Blessed Junipero Serra Region will host a Day of Reflection for candidates and newly professed on Saturday, November 3, at San Damiano Retreat in Danville. All candidates and newly professed Secular Franciscans are encouraged to come and gather together for Mass, formation, prayer, and social time. The cost is $40 per person and includes lunch. Topics to be discussed will include: The Franciscan Family and its structure, Profession, Nature of the OFS, Franciscan Spirituality, and a question & answer period. We will begin at 8:30am and end at 4pm. (Those coming a long distance can arrange with the Retreat House to stay on Friday night. Speak directly with Lisa or Mary about availability of rooms and cost) Registration forms will be sent out to ministers soon. We strongly encourage fraternities to pay all or part of the registration fee for their candidates.


Saturday, September 29
Come and hear

Rev. Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C. Associate Professor of Theology University of Notre Dame

Franciscan Yosemite Experience

Spring 2013

who will inform our thinking about global migration and immigration. Presentation: Open Discussion: 9 am - 11 am 1:30 - 3 pm

Welcome Br. Alexander Escalera, OFM, Cap

New Spiritual Assistant to Blessed Junipero Serra Region.


San Carlos Cathedral Hall Monterey Presented by

September 9, Sunday - Mass at 11:30 a.m.

A Franciscan gathering is being planned for the for the Spring of 2013. Reservations have been made at the Yosemite Lodge for May 5th through the 10th to accommodate approximately thirty people. As soon as we are ready to take reservations and deposits, we will send out forms to the ministers. For more information, contact Jim or Cindy Wesley,

Our Lady of Angels Church, Burlingame Please bring your banners to process into church. Followed by potluck lunch and social in the Lower Hall Our Lady of Angels Fraternity will provide beverages and sandwiches.
FAN Statement on Leadership Conference of Women Religious Statement

The Social Justice Ministry of San Carlos Cathedral Parish

A few weeks ago I gave a personal reection on what Catholic sisters have meant to me. And, more recently, I was in Colorado Springs and had the chance to spend some time with the Sisters of Saint Francis of Perpetual Adoration. It was wonderful to be able to pray, share and break bread with these wonderful women who have dedicated their lives to living the Gospel. At the Franciscan Action Network we work very closely with sisters all over the country who feed the hungry, care for the sick and shelter the homeless -- all the things that Jesus spoke of and commanded us to do. In Washington, we have worked in collaboration with Leadership Conference of Woman Religious (LCWR) on many issues. Sister Marie Lucey OSF, FAN's Director of Advocacy and Member Relations, spent eight years working on advocacy at LCWR. I have never heard any sister say anything that goes against the teachings of Jesus. LCWR recently issued a statement on the Vatican's investiga-

4 Summer on the Farm: Farm Bill 2012

As Senators return this week from their Memorial Day recess, the Farm Bill is one of many items they may address. The USCCB urges Senators to "oppose cuts to effective and efcient anti-hunger programs that help people live in dignity." You can read a bishops' letter about the proposed cuts and nd other USCCB resources related to hun-

A Letter to the United States Senate on the Proposed Federal Budget
On behalf of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, we wish to address the moral and human dimensions of the federal budget. A just framework cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor persons; it requires shared sacrice by all, including raising adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spending, and addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and retirement programs fairly. As you consider budget proposals that address how to allocate burdens and sacrices and balance resources and needs, we reiterate the following moral criteria to guide these decisions: 1. Every budget decision should be assessed by whether it protects or threatens human life and dignity. 2. A central moral measure of any budget proposal is how it affects the least of these (Matthew 25). The needs of those who are hungry and homeless, without work or in poverty should come rst. 3. Government and other institutions have a shared responsibility to promote the common good of all, especially ordinary workers and families who struggle to live in dignity in difcult economic times. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states it is the proper role of government to make accessible to each what is needed to lead a truly human life: food, clothing, health, work, education and culture, suitable information, the right to establish a family, and so on (no. 1908). Poor and vulnerable people do not have powerful lobbyists to advocate their interests, but they have the most compelling needs.

PEACE Nuclear Weapons Remain Big Business

Since 2006 nuclear weapons have been a growing for-prot business at the Los Alamos National Security labs (LANS), a for-prot cooperation. This is the site where nuclear weapons were developed in this county, and it is now in private hands, the international construction giant and the worlds largest privately owned corporation, Bechtel. In 2011 US taxpayers paid over $83 million to run LANS, $1 million of which paid the salary of the Bechtels Lab Director. Nuclear weapons not only bankrupt us economically, they bankrupt us spiritually. --National Catholic Reporter

Global Climate Change - An Election Issue
One of the most serious challenges our nation faces is global climate change, yet neither presidential candidate has raised this as an issue. The Franciscan Action Network (FAN), calls on both President Obama and Governor Romney to acknowledge that climate change is an extremely critical ecological and moral issue, and identify actions they would undertake to address this threat to life on Earth.
--Franciscan Action Network


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No more war; war never again.

--Pope Paul VI