Department of Communication Internship Program University of Maryland LEARNING AGREEMENT for COMM386 Student’s name: Annabel Cromwell Address

: 15204 Centergate Drive Phone number: (301) 318-1996

Worksite supervisor's name and title: Gabrielle Martinez, Communication and Public Affairs Coordinator Organization name: Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington Address: 1108 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 Phone number: (202) 347-8500 Fax: (202) 783-3219 Academic Instructor's name and title: Julie S. Gowin, Outreach Coordinator Address: Department of Communication, R2130 Skinner Bldg., College Park, MD 20742 Phone number: (301) 405-7323 Fax: (301) 314-9471 Descriptive Title of Internship Position: Communication Intern Job description including general duties to be undertaken as part of the internship: 1. Managing Social Media- PPMW currently uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. The Communication Intern will be responsible for managing these accounts. They must: a.) Expand our Twitter following b.) Produce at least 3 Tweets per day, Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday c.) Use at least one #Hashtag in each Tweet d.) Expand our Facebook following e.) Post at least 5 times weekly f.) Take photographs and videos at events g.) Create video ideas and film them for our YouTube page 2. Develop Network Media Contacts- We have a small but deadly list of media contacts but there is always room for improvement a.) Call local papers and radio stations asking for their bet contact information for the person who covers: Women’s Health, Reproductive Rights, etc. 3. Holiday Writing- There are a lot of “Health Holidays,”, the Communication Intern must create a calendar with dates marked for important issue holidays that would be in relation to PP and our services a.) Draft holiday messaging for alerts for holiday b.) Draft Tweets regarding the issue as well

EXTRA: Develop Media Kits for Condom Crew (our new education program) Ø The student’s work should meet this description, the student should receive adequate supervision, the student should have a safe place to work, and the student should have the opportunity to fulfill learning requirements. Ø The student should provide diligent performance of work, safeguard the interests of the organization, and share information that may impact the student’s ability to do the job including the level of internship course for which the student has registered. Description of compensation including amount, how and when paid and treatment of taxes, as well as, facilities, and supervision to be provided by the worksite organization to the student: This is a non paid internship being done for credit and experience only. While much of the work will be conducted in the offices above the Downtown Health Center, this internship is not strictly an office position. Some of the internship will be after-hours events such as a new sexual educational program called Condom Crew, concerts, lobbying events, voter registrations, etc. Units of credit to be earned: 3 (require a minimum of 45 hours of work per credit) Time frame of internship: June 4, 2012 -August 17, 2012 Start date: June 4, 2012 End date: August 17, 2012 Weekly schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Grading Intern: The student should follow the syllabus provided by the instructor. Supervisor: The supervisor should write an evaluation of the student and send it to the instructor by semester’s end. It should be signed and on company letterhead. This letter should verify the number hours the student has worked and give a descriptive evaluation of the quality of work provided by the student during the internship. A copy of the evaluation should be provided to the student. Please note that students will be allowed to view the evaluation. Instructor’s access to evaluate the student Early in the internship the student should coordinate and the organization should welcome an onsite visit at the worksite for the instructor. The onsite visit should include a tour of the facility and the student’s workspace, and an opportunity to meet and talk briefly with the supervisor.

Student Intern’s Goals and Objectives (including project plan) Goal: Increase Facebook and Twitter following to 1,000 and 700 followers, respectively Objective: Create QR codes that are easily transportable and can be set up at any event Objective: Tweet recent, humorous and relevant Goal: Develop an adequate press kit Condom Crew Objective: Create a press release for Condom Crew Objective: Create a contact list to send Condom Crew stuff out Project plan: Per your advice, I decided to focus more on our health holiday messaging for my special project. For every health related holiday (and often for general holidays as well), we send out an e-blast to our mailing list reminding them of the holiday, and remind them to be proactive about their health. Health holiday messaging is essential because it keeps our mailing list up-to-date with the most recent statistics about particular health holidays (i.e. National HIV Testing Day) and it provides a personal touch to a sometimes seemingly large organization. My plan is to: A) Identify three health holidays that need messaging B) Draft up holiday messaging a. Do research on health holiday b. Find timely and relevant statistics c. Find recent scholarship or news about said health holiday d. Write the holiday messaging C) Get the holiday messaging proofread by my supervisor/colleagues D) Send the holiday messaging to be put in the correct format and filed away for future e-blasts Weather emergency plan and absenteeism policy Contact supervisor at least 6 hours in advance Rights of the worksite in supervising the student The supervisor has the right to direct the student’s work, hours, discipline, and termination. Process of termination Student and supervisor should share concerns with the instructor before taking action to terminate the internship. The student should have permission of the instructor before terminating participation in the internship. The instructor may remove the intern from the placement. The undersigned agree to the conditions, including any attachments, which shall be initialed, set forth in this document for this internship.

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