Why is Zikr Necessary for Everyone

Allah ordains every soul in the Quran to Perform Zikr. This not only means reciting the Quran and Tasbeeh but also Zikr-e Qalb. It is only through Zikr-e Qalbi that Prophetic Lights reach the depths of human soul and purify it from all vice and evil. Zikr infuses a realization of constant Divine Presence and a seeker feels great improvement in the level of sincerity and love towards Allah and the holy Prophet -SAWS. Such levels of sincerity, love and feelings of Divine Presence can never be obtained without Zikr. It would be a mistake to believe that Zikr may be a requirement only for the very pious and virtuous people. Zikr provides the Prophetic blessings which are in effect the life line of every human soul. It transforms even the most corrupted humans into virtuous souls by bringing out the best in them. The fact is that Zikr is the only way to achieve true contentment and satisfaction in life. The holy Quran has pointed to this eternal fact that it is only through Zikr Allah that hearts can find satisfaction. Such satisfaction and peace are the ultimate requirements of every person, regardless of religion, race and ethnicity. Practicing Zikr regularly removes all traces of anxiety and restlessness, and guides the human soul to eternal bliss and peace.

Method of Zikr
Our method is called Pas Anfas, which, in Persian, means guarding every breath. Zikr is performed with the heart using breath as the medium. Sit down facing the Qiblah (direction of Mecca; in case the direction is not known then any direction is alright), fully attentive towards Allah and close your eyes. Recite the Ta’awwuz and Tasmiah and start the Zikr. When you breathe in, imagine that the word Allah penetrates the depths of your heart and when you breathe out, the word ‘Hu’ strikes the heart or the Latifah on which the Zikr is being performed. (The beginners may only do Zikr on the Qalb). Do Zikr on each Latifah for suitable duration. When all seven Lata’if have been covered, return to the Qalb. After doing Zikr on it for some more time, start the meditation. The body should now be relaxed and the mind set at ease. Concentrate on the Qalb and imagine that the word ‘Allah’ rises from Qalb and the word ‘Hu’ rises upwards to Allah’s Sublime Throne. This is the first meditation; it is known as Rabita (contact), it illuminates the Path for the Ruh and facilitates its flight toward Allah’s nearness in subsequent meditations. Remember that no worthwhile progress can be made without the Tawajjuh (spiritual attention) of a Shaikh, because the Barakah that initiate a seeker along the Sufi path are transmitted only through him. The Companions got this blessing from the holy Prophet-SAWS and transmitted it to the Taba’in, who in turn passed it on to the Taba Taba’in. The Aulia (men of God) acquired this wealth of Barakah from them, and it has similarly been transferred through the generations. Allah willing, this process will continue forever, and every

believer, regardless of race, caste or gender can acquire these Barakah. Sound beliefs and sincerity are the only prerequisites for this acquisition. Constant Zikr reforms the heart and initiates the journey from vice to virtue, from anxiety to contentment and from a lost life to Falah - success in this world and the Hereafter.

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