TUTORIAL SHEET NO: 1 1) What do you mean by a linear network? 2) What do you mean by Linear Wave Shaping?

3) What is a Attenuator? Explain the applications. find the tilt. 5) Integrators are preferred over the differentiators. Why? 6) Draw the circuit of Double Differentiator. 7) Why RC circuits are commonly used as compared to RL circuits? 8) A step input of 10V when applied to the Low Pass RC circuit produces the output with a Rise time of 200 micro sec. Calculate the upper 3dB frequency of the circuit if the circuit uses a capacitor of 0.47 micro F, Determine the value of the resistance. 9) A pulse of 5 V amplitude and pulse width of 0.5 msec is applied to a High pass RC circuit consisting of R=22 K ohms and C= 0.47 microF. Sketch the output waveform and determine the percentage tilt in the output. 10) A pulse of 10V amplitude and pulse width of 1msec is applied to low pass RC circuit. R=30Kohm, C=0.2 microfarad. Sketch the Output waveform. 11) Prepare an RC differentiator circuit for pulses of 1ms repletion and 10V amplitude. The trigger pulses are to have 8 V amplitude. The source resistance is 50ohm and load resistance is 500ohm. 12) In an uncompensated attenuator the circuit components values are Rl = 10Kohm, R2=2 Kohm, Cl=120pF,C2=30pF.Calculate: (i)Rise time when CI is not connected (ii)For avoiding overshoot calculate the exact value of CI 4) For a long time constant RC high pass circuit with a symmetrical square wave input,

8) The forward voltage across diode is 0. Delay time. fall time.4 V and forward current through it is 10nA at temperature 27 degree Celsius. 7) Find the approximate value of maximum switching frequency for a transistor having time intervals td=10 nsec. . storage time. For forward voltage of .42V the current through diode becomes twice. Diode Reverse Recovery Time. 6) Write a short note on Transistor Switching times. 5) Explain Rise Time. tr =35 nsec. 9) Define Diode Forward Recovery Time. Calculate the value of I0. ts=90 nsec and tf= 35 nsec.TUTORIAL SHEET NO: 2 1) How does a diode act as a Switch? 2) What is an ideal diode? How does an actual diode differ from an ideal diode? 3) What do you mean by Storage time in a transistor? How storage time can be reduced? 4) What is charge Storage phenomenon? How does a Schottky Diode can be used for reducing Storage time? Also draw its characteristics. Zener Breakdown. 10) Explain Avalanche Breakdown. Assume transistor is alternatively saturated and cutoff.

displacement error and transmission error. How are they related for an exponential sweep circuit? Derive the relation between them.TUTORIAL SHEET NO:3 1) The fig shows two way Clipper. Q7 State and prove Clamping Circuit Theorm. Q3What do you mean by Clipping? What are other names of clipping circuits? Q4What are Clampers? List two uses of Clampers. Assume diode drop of 0.7 V with sinusoidal input with +_18 V Vi Q2 Define the terms Slope error. Q5 Distinguish between Clipping Circuits and Comparators? Q6 What are Comparator circuits? List its applications. Q8 Why the time base generators are called Sweep circuits? Q9What do you mean by Sweep time Restoration time . Determine its output waveform.

Q2 What do you mean by : One Way Clamp Two Wave Clamp Q3 Draw the circuit which transmits that part of sine wave which is below +6V. . Tutorial Sheet No:5 . Q6 What do you mean by Triggering circuits? Q7 What are the applications of Monostable Multivibrator? Why a Monostable multivibrator called a "Delay Circuit". The freq of the input signal is 500 Hz. Q8Define the term Recovery Time for Astable Multivibrator.TUTORIAL SHEET NO:4 Q1 Explain the Clipping above and below the reference voltage in a basic parallel Clipper.sketch the output waveform Q5 A +-25V square wave is to be negatively clamped at 10V. Q4 Draw the circuit of a positive clamper which clamped 50V peak square input wave at 15V.Draw the circuit and output waveform. Q11Design a diode Clamper circuit to clamp the positive peaks of the input signal at zero level. Q9 What are the other names of Astable Multivibrator? Q10 Under what conditions binary is said to be in stable state.

hfe=100.Q1 What is a Multivibrator? How multivibrators are classified? Q2 What do you mean by Blocked conditions in Astable Multivibrators.Cbc=12pF.re=9.hie=1. Q7 If hic=1000. hfe=99. Q9 Why response of amplifier does not remain flat at all frequencies.what is rb of BJT? Q8 A BJT is found to have fT=500 MHZ. It is used as a CE amplifier with Rs=1 Kohm and RL=500 ohm. hfe=100.5 kohm Determine input capacitance to the circuit for the circuit collector resistance of 12 Kohm . Q10 A CE connected amplifier has Ccb=5pF.5 ohm. Determine the amplifier gain and upper 3-db cut=off frequency. Q3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of symmetrical and unsymmetrical triggering? Q4 What do you mean by Storage time in a transistor? How storage time can be reduced? Q5 Discuss the Self Starting feature in Stable multivibrator? Q6 If fT=500 MHZ and hfe=100 for a BJT. rbb=100ohm. rbe=900ohm and Cb’c = 5 pF. What is its fB.

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