Introduction about me _ -Resume I am K.Mohan a science and science fiction writer writing as Mohan Sanjeevan.

Writing poetry, science and space based poetry. Also a researcher and resource person and a science based social worker engaged in popularization of science, tech, space and astronomy, inspiring students into these and serving people through science.

Worked as Superintendent of Customs and Central Excise for 24 years and took voluntary retirement from 2008. The stint in the above service enabled me to learn manufacturing processes in several industries as were supposed to study them. So good for my scientific bent of mind. Though I was in service Science had been my first love and continues to be so. I have taken to science, tech ,space and astronomy popularization after my voluntary retirement intensively, inspiring students into science, tech, space and astronomy and guiding them in certain areas. Above all dedicated to making this world a more livable place focusing on global warming, alternative energies and vehicles, right nutrition , eradication of poverty and hunger through science. Educational Qualifications: B.Sc., Chemistry with physics and mathematics Current work as freelance positons now: 1. Feature writer: Nano digest, monthly English magazine on nano science and tech. 2. Event and Broadcast organizer,, India 3.International consultant for space tourism society 4. Founder President Space Tourism Ventures –Will inspire students/public into space studies , conduct workshops, conferences, events on space sciences and space tourism 5.Editor , Journal of Environmental Nano Tech

Contribution in media as writer

I have contributed several programs including science programs, science fictions, sci-fi plays in All India radio, Coimbatore Published a collection of Science fictions in Tamil. I write in English as well. My science fiction was published in the erstwhile Science Today(times of india group) which is online at Many of my science fictions appear online. Some of them are at my blog I write science and space based poetry and some of my poems appear online at I have written several science articles. Here is one appearing online en_astronauts_aboard_Discovery_Space_Shuttle_one_in_ISS _Mohan_Sanjeevan_980_10050.htm Publication of poems in anthologies: Recently my poems have been selected in collections of poets worldwide in three anthologies from Canada One from India and published and awaiting one more from India soon

Mention about me in books and media:

i)In “The History of Indian science fiction” in Hindi published in 4 volumes by Sukhdev Prasad my name finds mention as the author worth referring to from Tamil ii) In Times of India a feature on Endhiran controversy and science fiction scenario there is write up about me

iii) Write up about me on the eve of Total Lunar Eclipse,June 15th in iv) Particulars about me in the site Notable works and research paper publication by me: 1. Event mentor at the National Space challenge conducted by IIT Kharagpur, sponsored by ISRO. My guidance blog for moon settlement

2. My research paper hunger pill published in the research gate R_PILL Current activities: Attending national and international conference on science communication and science fiction, climate change,right nutrition and presenting papers. Recently presented a paper “Right nutrition is the key to sound health”. Also attending Nano science and tech conference for the coverage as feature writer and as well as presentations, Giving presentations and lectures on various science topics like Science’s role in everyday life, global warming, future of commercial spaceflight etc., right nutrition for health in schools and colleges on invitation. Also serving the child, destitute and old age homes imparting and sharing my knowledge Here is my lecture on the Future of Commercial flights delivered in a local Engg College Eradication of Poverty and Hunger is also a thrust area for me. In the recent International Youth Conference 2013 my presentation cum poster won third prize which can be seen at My abstract for the 6 th IAASS conference to be held in Canada in May 2013 has been selected for presentation

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