Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Declaration of Taxes, Assets, and Liabilities

Financial Declaration. Information provided should be up to date at least until last year’s official returns. (This declaration should include all similar information of dependent children, spouse and independent sons. If a separate form/s are needed for them they should be filled out also).
1. Current Liquidity Cash (in hand and in bank deposits)
Cash at Bank/s (by Currency) Cash in bank Cash in bank wife’s name Dollar account British Pound account Cash in Hand (by Currency) 20,000 RPS

16,000,000 RPS 2,500,000 RPS 48000 USD 9500 GBP


Assets (if space is insufficient add rows) Particulars

Cost of Assets (Acquisition Value or Inherited)

a. IMMOVABLE PROPERTY - Held within Pakistan (list all) Open plots, houses, apartments, commercial buildings, under construction properties, agricultural property, etc. 1. 2 Kanal House DHA Lahore 2. 2 Plots DHA Lahore, I kanal each 3. 380 Kanal Agriculture land Tehsil and Distt Rahim Yar Khan 4. I Kanal House DHA owned by wife 5. 6. 7. 8. b. IMMOVABLE PROPERTY - Held outside Pakistan (list all) 1. Nil 2.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
2,000,000 13,500,000 Inherited Inherited

3. 4. c. MOVEABLE ASSETS - Business capital within Pakistan Name of business/businesses Shares in Babas Engineering (pvt) Ltd Shares in the name of wife 235,890 ordinary shares 100,000 ordinary shares

d. MOVEABLE ASSETS - Business capital outside Pakistan NONE

(i) Stock and Shares (ii) Debentures


Acquisition Value

(iii) National Investment (Unit) Trust (iv) ICP Certificates (v) National Savings Schemes - Defense Savings Certificate - Special Savings Certificate - Regular Income Certificate (vi) Unsecured loans (vii) Mortgages (viii) Any other


Motor Vehicles/ Other Transport
(Make, Model, Year & Registration No.)

Current Estimated Value 1,600,000 1,000,000 700,000

i. Toyota Corolla Altis, 2009, LEC 9849 ii. Toyota Corolla Altis, 2006, LZZ 346 iii. Toyota Corolla 2 D, 2003, LZJ 76

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

iv. Honda Civic, 2009, in wife’s name

1,500,000 Current Estimated Value 4,000,000


Jewelry, etc.

Jewelry and personal effects


Furniture, Fittings & Articles of Personal Use

Current Estimated Value 1,000,000


Any other Assets


Liabilities (Details to be annexed) Particulars Value

a. Mortgages Secured on Property or land b. Unsecured Loans Outstanding c. Bank Overdraft d. Bank Loans e. Amounts due under Hire Purchase Agreement f. House Building Loans g. Advances from Provident Funds etc. h. Other debts due i. Liabilities in the names of minor children (in respect of assets standing in their names)

Total 9. Tax History (Last three years) a. NTN No _0182555-7____________ Tax payer since: _1973_____________ Assessment Year Financial Year 2011 2010 2009 10. Land Revenue Paid during the last 3 years Financial Year 2011 2010-11 2009-10 2008-9

Total Amount of Land Revenue Paid

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Notes Tax Paid 514,273 597,242 425,934

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