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1. Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and your classroom. 2. Follow directions (the first time). 3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 4. No swearing, teasing, or name calling. 5. Bring your planner, binder (if you took it home), and writing utensils to every class. 6. NO food, beverage, or gum may be brought in the classroom (this includes candy/lollipops, water, etc). 7. NO grooming (hair, make-up, etc). 8. --HS handbook rules are enforced.


Strike 1: Strike 2: Strike 3: Beyond: Warning & 2 points off weekly participation grade *Students start with 10 points/5 day week Warning & 2 points off weekly participation grade *Students will draw from the Cookie Jar of Teacher Detention & 2 points off weekly participation grade Righteousness during detentions Parent contact, referral, hard labor, etc… *Steps may be skipped based on circumstances

Participation 10% GRADING Binders 40%

Quizzes/Homework 10% Projects/Tests 40%

1. Assignments will be written on the board each week. 2. Late work: one day late = 50% off, two days late = zero. 3. All assignments require complete sentences and your first and last name.

1. Inquire about make-up work at an appropriate time before class begins. 2. You will have two days to make-up daily assignments for every day absent. 3. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is due your first day back. 4. If you are absent the day of a test, you will make-up the test the first day back. 5. Students will earn a zero for any participation points available while suspended. All suspension make-up work due dates will be set by --HS handbook policy.

1. Retrieve your binder from your class’s crate. 2. Place purses/bags on assigned counter. Take out EVERYTHING you need. 3. Make sure you have a writing utensil. 4. Sit in your assigned seat. 5. Follow the instructions on the board. *If absent the day before, ask for make-up work.

--HS Tardy Policy 1st: Warning 2nd: Warning rd 3 : Parent Contact 4th: Counselor Referral 5th: Dean Referral


Class Tardy Procedure 1. Enter room quietly. 2. If you have a pass, leave it in the “Hall Pass” basket by the binders. 3. Take your assigned seat and join the activity in progress.

1. Students will be allowed two per quarter. 2. Additional “emergency” passes will cost students a lunch detention. 3. Passes will not be allowed the first or last ten minutes of class. 4. Passes must be requested at an appropriate time (not first/last 10 minutes, mid-instructions, during a test). 5. Students must have their planners to be given a hall pass.

1. Timer will go off one minute before the bell. 2. After the timer goes off and Mrs. C-- gives the okay, you may gather your things and put your binders away in your class’s crate. 3. Make sure your desk area is tidy. 4. Students must remain behind the tape until the bell rings.

Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year! I am looking forward to teaching your son/daughter in our Family & Consumer Science class. Please detach the back page, sign the form and send it back to school with your student. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Mrs. C---xxx-xxx-xxxx *

FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE, FALL 2012 Mrs. C----I have read the classroom expectations with my son/daughter. I am aware that all --HS handbook rules and policies also apply to this class.

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________________________ BEST CONTACT PHONE ___________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________ Please list any food allergies or limitations your son/daughter has: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________________________

Please return signed by Friday, August 31st.