INT. OLD HOUSE - NIGHT DAVID MASTERS (6) sits sadly in a dark room. A hand comes in and SLAPS him. His mother, KAREN (35) picks him up and shoves him to the ground. He falls over, CRYING. She grabs him by the shirt and stands him up violently. Karen reaches to a shelf and picks up a broom. She coldly looks at David and smacks him with the wooden end of the broom. David avoids eye contact and braces himself, making no effort to fight back. She throws the broom to the ground and leaves, leaving David alone in tears. INT/EXT. OLD HOUSE - DAY A POLICE OFFICER holds Karen back as she struggles, screaming. A gentle SOCIAL WORKER leads David away. As he walks, he looks back sheepishly for a moment, then looks down to the ground. He looks at the social worker trustingly. The police officer continues to hold Karen back as she struggles. She screams with all of her might. EXT. SOCIAL SERVICES OFFICE - DAY David walks up, holding the hand of the Social Worker. The Social Worker opens the door and they go inside. INT. FOSTER HOME - DAY - 7 YEARS LATER David walks into the foster home and enters the living room with two other BIGGER KIDS who are watching television. He sits down on the floor across the room and brings in his knees, making no effort at conversation or social connection. The two kids smirk at each other and crumple up pieces of paper. They snicker as they throw paper at David. David ignores them at first, but after a few throws, his anger builds. David snaps and runs over to the bigger of the two. David jumps on him and punches him once in the face. The kid shoves him off and David falls to the ground. FLASHBACK - INT. OLD HOUSE - NIGHT Six-year old David falls onto the ground. He ends up on his back and sits up, frightened. END FLASHBACK David sits on the ground, looking at the kid, scared. Tears


well up in his eyes. He gets up and runs out of the room. EXT. OLD HOUSE - DAY David runs up to the old house in tears and angrily knocks on the door. A gentle old COUPLE comes and opens the door. They look at David, confused. David looks at them, shocked and runs away. The couple look at each other, befuddled. INT. FOSTER HOME - NIGHT David walks through the front door and slams it shut. The other two kids look at him, confused. David heads into the next room without looking at them. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT David runs into his bedroom and slams his door. He opens a messy drawer and pulls out a picture of himself as a child. INSERT - PICTURE The picture is of six-year-old David smiling half-heartedly, trying his best to not look sad. He has large bags under his eyes. A hand is around David's shoulder. The corners of the picture are bent and worn. The side of the picture has been torn, as if it had been ripped in half. BACK TO SCENE David stares at the picture, infuriated. He sets it down and lies back onto the pillow. He cries himself to sleep. INT. APARTMENT BEDROOM - MORNING - 6 YEARS LATER David wakes up to bright sunlight. He gets out of bed and exits the room. INT. KITCHEN - MORNING David pulls a MUFFIN out of the refrigerator. He takes a solitary CANDLE out of the drawer, sticks it in the muffin and and lights it. He sighs, depressed then blows it out. EXT. STREET - MORNING David walks down the street with his head down. He turns a corner and notices a BULLY in his late teens holding a SCRAWNY KID against a wall by his shirt. The bully punches the kid in the stomach. FLASHBACK - INT. OLD HOUSE - NIGHT


Karen punches David in the stomach. END FLASHBACK David looks at the Bully, horrified. He runs up to him and pushes him off of the Scrawny kid, who runs away. The Bully falls to the ground. David walks up to the kid and starts to kick him. The Bully cries in pain while David continues kicking him with no remorse. David stops kicking him and looks at the Bully. He sobs intensely. David slowly backs away in shock. He takes a long look at the Bully, then turns around and walks away with determination. EXT. SOCIAL SERVICES OFFICE - DAY David walks out of the social services office holding a couple of pieces of paper. He looks forward with determination as he folds it up and puts it in his pocket. EXT. ALLEYWAY - NIGHT David walks up to a SHADY MAN. He slowly passes him and hands him something. The man hands him something back. The Shady Man counts money. David walks away and looks at the GUN in his hand. EXT. OLD HOUSE - DAY David walks the windows front yard. the back of up to a worn, small house. The paint is chipped, are dirty and there is junk strewn all over the He knocks on the door with his gun poking out of his pants.

Karen opens the door in her sweats and looks at David. Her hair is tangled and ratty and it looks like she is still wearing sloppily applied makeup from the night before. She has huge, tired bags under her eyes. The two share a moment of eye contact. David reaches for his gun with fire in his eyes. Karen looks shocked at the sight of her son. She reaches out and slaps him as hard as she can. David looks at her, shocked and infuriated. He grips the gun. David looks past his mother into the house. There is trash everywhere. Empty alcohol bottles litter the tables and floor. There is not a single piece of furniture without a distinctive stain on it. David looks back at his mother in pity. He looks into her eyes and sees absolute fury. He looks at her state and his eyes finally soften. He lets go of his grip on the gun.


He tentatively reaches his arms out and grabs his mother by the shoulders. He brings her in for a slow, awkward embrace. His mother stands in her son's arms, baffled by the situation. David also looks shocked, as if he does not believe what he is doing. He lets go of his mother, who looks at him, completely caught off-guard. He stares at her in pity as he steps back. They share another beat of eye contact as he turns around and walks away. Karen watches David walk away. She slowly closes the door in shock. As he walks, David smiles peacefully.