The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld.

: 1866 - 1939), Saturday 15 February 1919, page 8






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The story would hardly it not been credence had pub .and, a lished responsible Journal, in Lee-Oourtehay, R. further, if Professor Zealand Or of the New the president far not had bo nithological Society, correct At as that he has gone accepted with Mr. verify his state to Levy
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decided to spend a holiday in the .wild of In the centre Urewere country, fcbe He Island. North Btates that.while thunderstorm a bis guide absent kabikatiea tree and he a jcaine on, huge shattered .was was sheltering under by He ligntndng. flung to the ground was to half dazed, and on recovering began but was bushed. At aralk away, day to light he came a rocky ledge over tiny sunken valley of about looking a surrounded acres perpendi by a dozen cliffs. was covered The valley cular With grass, tree-ferns, and dwarf manuka^ one on A river gushed out of a tunnel clifl fell 40ft. Bide, over a and high to Mr. on the other. Levy managed det-cend this valley, which appeared into colossal to have been caused by some subsidence due to the undermining action of the water. was While exploring the place he foot the rash of hurried Startled by before be bad time to wheel steps, and knocked about be was sprawling. He "I fell heavily continues forward, and half stunned was by the violence - with I which 6truck the ground. In a semi terrific a felt condition I conscious back that tore oft my clawing at my flask, water and ripped knapsack and flesh. clothes deep dnto my through my feet, I attempted to my but a to rise tike of bead the back Mow on my the sledge hammer dated me, a tap of for I again and pitched helplessly .Tins I into time a ward. tumbled cliff, unin the which narrow niche be

life. saved Instinctively I my end into crawled further the recess, found myself in a «ort of natural minia 1? where lay, indentation, ture cave-litce I have idea, until my for how no long returned. Benses scattered "I crawled forward • and aniiously the to sunlight into ascertain peered what assailed manner had of creature sur I shall never nnd the forget me, spectacle that prising met my gaze. like I saw looked gigantic wuat a and in colour, oetricb, tbough lighter without the elegant wing plumes, rear fully 14ft. its head the above ing thrill I of realised with a ground. I that what excitement before me Baw ex a was specimen of the supposedly tinct the As bird stooped occa moa. at sionally to peck and kick knap my 30ft. sack the that laj-, on ground some its I observed detail of away, every It was of a Light brownish appearance. the to on reddishness colour, varying with sides. The but bulky, body was no vestige of wings. The-legs were dis in fact almost proportionately massive, clephautine, and the three-toed feet were was rather bead simply ponderous. The would smaller than be, expected for a bird of its dimensions, and was set up fairly a and ostrich-like neck. on long The moa uttered an deep '.'boom angry a some grunt, ing "—like resembling a un what that of was bittern, which in the extreme. canny were wounds now pro bleeding "My fusely, I made of kind and bandage a as to allay the It seemed hemorrhage. bad elapsed before the an though age off at last moved along great bird I peeped to the feet of the cliffs. out


its tnovementt, moa and the round It swung caught sight of me. to with unexpected agility, and dashed wards me. hastily, back I wriggled and a Just escaped vicious peck as it follow into the cleft. thrust its head It tore, at its steel-like the ground with claws, at not evidently greatly enraged being able to reach me. The bird continued to retreat lay siege to my for hours, and patrolling backwards forwards with vigilance." pertinacious After being a prisoner for 24 hours, and and suffering agony from his wounds thirst, few wandered moa a the away yards, and hundred Mr. Levy got out

National Library of Australia

yards, and hundred Mr. Levy got out of bis to down lay biding place and river. The drink at the unmistakable /thud of the bird's feet warned him that He ter a been received seen. be had rific blow on tbe side, and knocked was into bead foremost the rusblng waters. He washed the falls, over at and was For in latt got ashore. several days semi-delirious a condition be wandered dis in the bush until he was about a shepherd and covered by taken to th« of F. homestead Mr. White Angus -where be brook, of Mafcanga sttilioo. back was to nursed hospitably .very

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