Play 18: Christmas Card

by Joseph Frost

a play written for The 31 Plays in 31 Days Project

Draft August 18, 2012

© Attic Scripts 4550 Normandy Dr Jackson, MS 39206

I’ve gotten a card.


BETTY I’ve forgotten your birthday No. TOM

BETTY I don’t remember sending you a card. It’s not my birthday. I’m sorry. TOM BETTY

TOM You didn’t forget my birthday. BETTY Then I accept your apology. TOM I didn’t... here is my card. Beautiful. Calm down. BETTY TOM It’s just a card. BETTY Look at it. Sparkles and all.

You brought it up.

TOM There’s no sparkles on it. Still. BETTY

TOM You think it’s still sparkley. BETTY Not sparkley, just beautiful. Thank you. TOM

BETTY So I did give it to you.


No, you didn’t. You thanked me.

TOM For calling the card beautiful. Oh, so you made it. No... No. Absolutely not. Received it. BETTY TOM BETTY TOM I received the card...

BETTY Right into your hands. TOM BETTY TOM BETTY TOM

Not my hands, exactly. Not exactly. No. I don’t understand. It was in the mailbox.

BETTY But you got it out with your hands. Sure. Perfect. TOM BETTY

TOM I want to tell you about the card.

3. BETTY You have been. It came in the mail. It has no sparkles. It’s not about your birthday. You didn’t make it. I didn’t give it to you. I need to know nothing more. TOM You have no more curiosity. No. None. Absolutely. BETTY TOM BETTY

TOM I could tell you about where it came from and what it’s for. You could do that. Look here. Holiday. Exactly. I should have known. There are clues. BETTY TOM BETTY TOM BETTY TOM

BETTY And it came from Santa Claus. Of course it didn’t. Your mother. Yes. TOM It’s from my mother. BETTY TOM

BETTY Oh good. She told me she was sending a card.

4. TOM


BETTY Can’t wait for it to show up. It should be here soon. Oh goodie. TOM BETTY

TOM You should wait here for it. I certainly will. Just stand right there. Ok. I’ll go and look. BETTY TOM BETTY TOM

BETTY I hope he comes back soon. (beat) And that there’s a card.

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