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July 2012

Volume 1, Issue 2

unProfessional Standards Department

Where TRUTH has no meaning

July 2012
Volume 1, Issue 2

unProfessional Standards Department

Where TRUTH has no meaning

Noble Cause Corruption

An accepted WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE investigative tool

PC Danny Major
The wrongful conviction and imprisonment of PC Danny Major is a nationally known scandal. The court verdict rested on the word of a fellow police officer who has been a total embarrassment to the Force before and since the fateful trial. This rogue witness now enjoys immunity from prosecution of criminal offences ranging from drug use and trafficking, sexual assault, force data misuse, drink driving to name but some) and is under the protective wing of PSD at every turn. This is symptomatic of the problem. It is not the criminal justice system which, in the end, recognises its dreadful mistakes and moves resolutely and contritely to correct them. It is not PSD or West Yorkshire Police, not the politicians at the Police Authority, not the state, nor the so-called responsible members of society who eventually demand justice. It is the victims themselves, their families, friends and supporters who never give up fighting despite the passage of time. Danny is blessed with fantastic support from many, many sources and led by his indefatigable parents, Eric (a former police officer) and Bernadette. Significantly, also included amongst this support are other serving West Yorkshire Police officers who, sadly, are forced to assist from the safety of anonymity for fear of the inevitable PSD reprisals. What chance then does a victim of a miscarriage of justice have of overturning a flawed verdict? The Criminal Cases Review Commission is seen as the establishments answer but - as most who have embarked on this particular course will tell you - the standard of proof is set impossibly high. The Commission is almost immovable in their insistence on fresh evidence although, in recent times, this has been expanded to include fresh argument. Eventually, the CCRC will refer the Major case back to the Court of Appeal and Danny will be cleared. Anyone who has seen the evidence should be in no doubt about that. Except, the WYP SIO D/Supt. Steve Bennett who placed career aspirations above justice.

Raped and robbed

A third case of noble cause corruption involves a female member of the public who has been defrauded of over 300,000 by her ex-husband against whom there is prima facie evidence of perjury. Two sworn affidavits in different Courts at different times reveal totally differing She has also been raped no less than five times, and is continually harassed and assaulted by the same man. What have PSD done? Nothing. Why? Because the assailant, rapist, perjurer is needed as a police witness in a criminal case so badly founded and crudely constructed it will fall apart at another abuse of process hearing.

Insp.. Andrew TempestMitchell

The phrase noble cause corruption was first used by Sir John Woodcock in 1992 when, as HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, he was attempting to explain how some miscarriages of justice occur. More recently it was coined by West Yorkshire Police Federation Chief (and former Professional Standards Department detective) Insp. Andrew Tempest-Mitchell. In a recorded meeting he admitted that PSD in West Yorkshire Police still indulge themselves in this abhorrent and unlawful practice.
Invitation to Corruption
How can this be countenanced in 2012 by either the Force or the Federation who fail so many officers in this situation? Many argue that it is the adversarial/ accusatorial system which is the invitation to corruption: By the police - who in order to secure convictions (or dispose of damaging public complaints or civil actions) and then gain promotion have an inbuilt disposition into deluding themselves that ether the suspect (or the other party) is guilty/wrong, but lacking sufficient proof, take it upon themselves in what they see as a noble cause to fabricate or dispose of evidence; and collusion by the judiciary in a) believing police evidence, and b) emphasising that belief to juries. Some of the most troubling examples of West Yorkshire Police noble cause corruption in recent times are highlighted here:

Burying the evidence?

Fraudsters jet set lifestyle

A contrasting case is a prominent Wetherby businesswoman who numbers local police officers and solicitors amongst her business contacts. This offender and her solicitor has escaped prosecution on a string of theft, fraud and POCA offences amounting to over 40,000. Surrounding these cases is a catalogue of flawed or incomplete investigations, unrecorded complaints, missing files and documents, deleted computer entries, missing PNBs, minute sheets and logs. Why does this person avoid prosecution and continue to enjoy a jet-set lifestyle? Because a conviction would seriously damage the position of West Yorkshire Police in complaint and civil proceedings. The SIO at the heart of all this? You guessed it. Supt. Steve Bennett.

PC Kashif Ahmed
A former WYP officer who fell foul of noble cause corruption is ex PC Kashif Ahmed. Kash was an officer going places: Commended several times by his supervisors in his short career he holds two law degrees and was a dedicated policeman who quickly graduated to the drugs squad to tackle Level 2/3 criminality. Then, he made the mistake of complaining about a senior officer, CI Steve Bennett, which sparked a huge 3 year investigation against him, costing the public over 500,000. No stone was left unturned in a vendetta that a Crown Court judge eventually described as having a very significant irregularity and impropriety at the root of the investigation. The SIO in the case was none other than the same DCI (now Supt.) Bennett. Two PSD officers were also rounded on by the Judge for giving evasive and untruthful evidence. One of those DS Penelope Morley was allegedly very close to Supt. Bennett. PC Ahmed constructively resigned from West Yorkshire Police due to mistreatment, harassment, and racial victimisation. He is now suing the Force via Employment Tribunal and in the High Court of Justice.

this rogue witness now enjoys immunity from prosecution of any criminal offences.

Miscarriages of Justice
The past decade has seen a number of widely publicised miscarriage of justice cases where attention is focused on police misconduct/criminality in the process of their investigations and there, undoubtedly, exists a significant number of PSD officers in WYP who are prepared to bend and break the law to secure a conviction, avoid prosecuting a miscreant if it suits their particular purpose or dispensing with public complaints. This regularly results in the discarding of evidence which does not fit the working hypothesis and pressure being put on witnesses to alter their statements to support that theory. Regrettably, an unfortunate victim of such malpractice will discover that, after conviction, the standard set for a successful appeal is set unfeasibly high.

as most who have embarked on this particular course will tell you - the standard of proof is set impossibly high.

Take action now

The public of West Yorkshire votes for a new Police Commissioner soon. l Write to your own MP and insist that they look into these issues for you. l Contact the Police Authority on 01924 294001 and ask what do they really stand for? Does the truth matter l Ask the Chief Constable or your local neighbourhood police inspector if this is true and what is he going to do about it.

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