Requirements Package

Careers and Schools were to study the Systems area

Alan Gomez Cantu Norman Daniel Gurrola Barron Jose Luis Colunga Gonzalez


The Cascade Metodology will be used on this project in wich time is enougth and there are also enougth members to hold the project to the end. Going to every school available or getting enougth infomation about it as a school, making surveys of each available carrer, in wich people who has already taken them can share their opinions with the newcomers. Prioritize wich shools will be added on our research, having the more accurate and summarised information is way better than just showing it all. U can say alot with just the rigth words. Every stage of the project will and needs to be verified and be assorted with every kind of new ideas that can improve the poject itself. Time is an important matter in wich we run on, with out it the project would be a failure. Have weekly mettings in wich the project manager can assure the efficiency of the work of the rest of the participants. Even tho the project itself will be smooth and simple it will give every thing needed to complete the final goal with out any regrets.

Scope On this project problems like finding the rigth career on Systems, or making the rigth decission on what School go to should be all cleared. Analisiz on every matter will be done, why would each career its the best choice for each user, or why is it the best school there is for the user. Taking the best decission on were should the next step on life will be leaded, most of the time isnt the rigth choice, and its and could be a fatal matter. We can assure we can help every one intrested on having the best of education, we care about them and wont let them suffer. As every thing, education always improves and so do so schools and careers, the project itself will be ment to be leaded in a long term.

Objectives • • • • • • • • • • • Prioritize on the important, intresting and well founded schools. Develop each carrer by popularity and reputation. Sort each phase of the project with random students to get a feedback with the users. (Testing) Make sure the project goes with the final goal. Get feed back of each stage with the subect matter expert. Eliminate the lack of information for students who end high school. Develope a sober web page for every kind of high school user. Remember who is the project final user. Be the best source of information on Carrers and Schools for the Systems area. Get a very good grade on the BANE class. Manage to get some Colombian coffe for extra points.

Risks Out of time – high probability (8) – high impact (10) – use microsoft project to manage the project time and encourage the project members to lift up each others to get the job to be done on time – 18 Lack of resources – medium probability (4) – high impact (9) - have a good time management so in case of lack of resources the problem can be dealed with patience and in the worst case scenario get help from the Sponsor. – (13) Lost comunication with Subject Matter Expert or Sponsor – low probability (3) – high impact (9) – A second hand Subject Matter Expert and Sponsor should be on standby in case this happens. – 12 Lost of memers – probability unknown (x)– high impact (10) – Help each other – (x+10)

Having all the project data lost – low probability (2) – high impact (10) – Have copies with every member. – (12)

External Agent

School representatives – Data recieved would be everything needed to assure the project data quality and acurate – Data going is only the needed by them so they can give us the more acurate data. Graduated Students – Data recieved is the feed back of their experiences and recommendetions on each career and school they have been in. – Data for them is the information about the web page due date so they can check it out and tell every budy. High School Students – Data recieved is the information on what they would like to know for making a decission – Data they’ll have is the due date for cheking out the web and making the rigth choice.

Dataflow Diagram

External Agents (all of them)

Data coming will be all that can be get trought the External Agents with out compromizing the project security.

Data going out will only be the needed to get an accurate data for the realization of the project.

Careers and Schools were to study the Systems Area

Out of Scope Even tho we want to give the user the best service available we have a lack of resources and infrastructure on that matter. We can’t give an online 24/7 help to every user, actually to any. The actualization of the project can’t be done every day,not even every week, and perhaps neither every month. Emails for feed back will be received but cant assure the quick response of them. Cant place information about the Teachers on each carrer, comments on them or anything similiar because of legal problems. No uploads will be handled for the user to show documents of their experiences to the world. Even tho the web page code will be cheked for errors and proper function of it to assure a good security for the user in the matter of privacy we cant assure the security of the server. No ambiental music on the web page.

Stakeholders Alan Gomez –Project Manager – Manage every single aspects on the project. Rodrigo Garcia Perera – Excecutive Sponsor – Assure the accuracy and quality of the project scope, correct, define and asses further phases of the project. Jesus Soto - Internal IT Department – To understand and respond to our requierements.

Norman Gurrola – Quality Assurance Department – To assist with verification of testable requierements and to develop the test plan and test cases. Jose Luis Colunga – Imaging and Creative Developing – Investigate on the better way to make the web page with the proper looking and with out any thing to do with “pokemon”, to make it formal and professional with out lossing the final costumer wich are students.

Business Requirements Make the more accurate research with out loosing to much time on it, having the web page done with simple but sophisticated matters such as the looking or performance of it to assure a good manage and low cost. Having a good publicity so the project can live. Having good comunnication with every member of the project will assure a great part of the project acomplishment.

Performance Requirements Be efficient on the use of time and resources, try to keep record on every aspect of the project to get a good self feed back from every stage of the project so it can be improved and so on. Having all the data organized and revised by the Subject Matter Expert to improve data accuracy. Sleep well and have a good nutrition.

Security Requirements Make a good web page code with every thing previusly cheked by beta testers to eliminate the probability of errors. Its simple so it can be acomplished. Make sure the personal data of the users is encrypted to assure the privacy of the users.

Quality Requirements Quality depends merely on the information from the SME and the Externals, but it also dependes on the good implementation of it on the web page. This will be cheked by the Project Manager to acomplish the best results.