“So long as this earth is full of nature, the human race is going to flourish”
-Charakasamhitra We the people of very vibrant world, try to do the ‘business at the speed of thought’ to make money to buy the happiness. In this very serious life we utterly forget about out health of our mother nature. Yes, we are the culprits; we are responsible for our planet’s present condition of the ecological imbalance and changing equilibrium of earth atmosphere. We have only one earth to live, and we are searching for new one still there no clue about another life supporting planet in the universe. If we do our business in the same way without concerning the changing nature of the earth, it may pave the way to transformation our earth into another ordinary planet of the solar system or it may caused another adverse effect in the present status quo of the biosphere. But still, almost all of us seriously partake in the process of spoiling our own planet. We don’t know, what is the next massive step of our mother nature to protect the present condition from disintegration of biosphere? At the same time we have to think, is there any other meaning behind the creation of human beings? Because, she is not only the mother of human beings but also she have to support many other creatures like us. Definitely ‘there are no accidents’ in our world, everything well calculated equations.
“Man is a product of the earth's surface. This means not merely that he is child of the earth, dust of her dust; but that the earth has mothered him, fed him, set him tasks, directed his thoughts, confronted him with difficulties that have strengthened his body and sharpened his wits, given him his problems of navigation or irrigation, and at the same time whispered hints for their solution. She has entered into his bone and tissue, into his mind and soul.” -Ellen Churchill Semple

But now-a-days there is a gigantic shift from the view of the great geographer Semple. We started to think we can change the nature, everything is ‘possible’, and we are invincible. And the human is the super creature of the earth, maybe it’s true to some extent. The sixth sense provides us a small edge over other creatures and the ‘evolutionary mistake’ makes us ‘mismanaging creatures’ of the earth. Then we started to think, ‘we are ‘possiblists’ we born to change the nature’. If we once relook the pages of evolutional history of life in the surface of the earth, we won’t think like this.

Circa 4 billion years BP: Our scientists estimated the life originated in the Hadean eon around 3.8bn to 4bn years ago. After some time in the Archean eon the Mother Nature getting boredom her home and started to remix the proportion of the gases in the atmosphere with the help of ‘cyano Bacteria’. The powerful creature of that time cyano Bactria, very effectively produce the Oxygen. And now Oxygen became the prominent ‘gas of life’ to all lives. Before this massive change there is mass extinction of non-oxygen creatures occurred in the world. Now, we have to think over our activities and atrocities in our ecological balance. We just novice to the world, the ‘Australopithecus afarensis’ the first ape named ‘Lusy’ where born just 2mn to 4mn years ago, this is our highest evidence to prove our presence. The gigantic chances in the all spheres of the earth may lead us to think over the human being as the ‘second version of the cyano Bacteria’. The weapon: After a long and hard walk, human started to use their beautiful mind to produce machines to reduce the limitations of the nature. In many places, many civilizations emerged; almost all of them try to live in harmony with the nature. Our ever increasing population and desires urged us to find something new. At this time, very interestingly our clever human society enters into ‘industrial revolution’. Industrial revolution one of the matchless effort of human society, this is unfailing truth. But this revolution paved the way to very aggressive exploitation of the nature. Although the primitive human himself a destroyer of the nature with the help of fire, the modern man find nuclear power to do that. The bare Easter Island is best example of our pioneer’s destructive power. Before the human present in that island it is a lushly vegetated land. But now we can see a bare land with massive statues as a symbol of our forefathers’ victory over nature but at the same time the Bikini Island’s story completely different from Easter Island. The discovery of hydrocarbon fuels takes the damage into new level. Also the new easily available energy helps the human to exploit other nature resources in very effectively.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”. -Mahatma Gandhi
Yes, now we lighted the candle from both sides. Here the level of CO2 increased very massively, in 1770s the CO2 level in air 280ppm but now it exceeds 390ppm. At the same time the cutting trees, mining minerals, polluting every single part of the earth, killing animals, disconnect the bio-diversity interconnections and all the above the global warming. These things are explicitly showing the all round performance of human against Mother Nature.

We can find harmony of the whole mankind in the earth in only one thing, which is polluting the Earth. Almost all of us, including very isolated forest dwellers participating in this process. Contribution of forest dwellers in the present day forest fires showing their harmony. But comparing to the people living in the modern houses, they were very meagre contributors. We don’t know, the exact time duration for formation of the fossil fuel; it may be around few billion years. But our speed to release the carbon molecules is relatively very huge; it may be around few hundred years. Like famous Hollywood movie ‘The Mummy’ we release the evil (green house gases) with the help of ‘Book of dark’ (all human economical activity). In that movie there is a definite solution to kill that evil, but in our case many solutions without any absolute guarantee. May be the green angels (trees) are the possible solution. But somebody say the year 2020 is the final year for our tropical rain forests. Our lungs (tropical rain forests) are getting damaged in the name of economic growth. We don’t have proper lungs but still we smoking (any form of smoke from human activity) in aggressive manner. Here we have to remember the words of Lord Buddha.

"The forest is a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life and activity; it affords protection to all beings."
-Buddhist Sutra Nigerian oil fields, Canadian tar sand projects, torching the oil well in the war, oil spills, there are enormous examples for destruction. But we have no single example to prove the path towards sustainable world. At least 19000 tons of coal is must to be burned to produce 1GW electricity in thermal power plant. At least 60 mile2 areas needed to build 1GW electricity in the solar power plant; here also trees are main victims. We have another choice “the Nuclear power plants”. We are trying to overcome the limitations of the nature with the help of Technological development. But the nature always not giving up its secrets to men very easily, the nuclear power also has their own disadvantages. If it collapses, and if it loses the control of its energetic particles, the side effects are unimaginable. We can say the high-tech nuclear power plants are very safe, there is no possible to breakdown etc. Then, why our common people are protesting against these plants? It is not only fear about flaw of science but also the fear of selfish politicians. They are ready to do anything to make money. They are compromising lives of common man to make money. These politicians always ready to compromise anything for money. At the same time nuclear power plants are not placed near to the parliament or any other economically important places. People are asking, if the nuclear plants are safe, why the govt. doing this? The level of “Green wash” is almost equal everywhere, all over the world. All ‘crazies’ like Democracy, autocracy, aristocracy, plutocracy etc, and all ‘isms’

like capitalism, socialism, communism etc are not ready to act towards sustainable path. Why they behaving like this? Why they very keen in making money? There is only one answer. Just for their future generations. Without any proper place to live, how our next generations are going to survive in the world? I thing, that’s why our Mother Nature still not ready to give up her secret of extra territorial invention. If the scientists found it, then next day it will be the land of politicians and billionaires. But Mother Nature never let others into bare land, because all are equal before her. No way to escape, we have to find the solution for this...! What we can do? I am not an out of box thinker to bring a massive change in the earth history. I am also telling the same thing our few good men told before.

“Man does not have the right to destroy The human being is not an alien to exploit it”





-Guru Granth Sahib We really don’t have a time to think about the nature’s beauty. Fundamentally our learning is to protect our nature. But unfortunately our aim of education changed towards making money. This is the first and foremost thing to bring some change. Now-a-days the business of power production and distribution, all around the world comes around 4 trillion USD. This is also one of the reasons for very huge CO2 emission. Money makers once found an easy way to make money, nobody can stop them. Because, they are law makers and law breakers. Our pioneers found many ways to produce energy. One of the peculiar ways to produce energy is from Whale in the name of Whale Oil. Fortunately the discovery of ‘Fossil fuel’ helps the Whales from extinction. At the same time its portability and disparity help western companies to make money in aggressive manner. This advantage leads to removing the pavement from the next level of invention. So, the new developments in other form of energies like solar, wing, geo thermal, and wave energy not get its full fledged growth. Our scientists like Tesla and Einstein found the way to produce the power. But they don’t have the right to distribute it to the people. We need to think over it and we need to bring some reforms over it. And another important thing is technology sharing. Technology developers have to help their follower in the fullest possible way. E.g. the thorium reactors are

very helpful for present situation in India. In India enormous amount of Thorium reserve waiting to exploit. But still no considerable technology transfer to create nuclear power plant with thorium fuel. These kinds of practices are miserable to developing country like India and also to the world. Because, the countries like India and China have enormous amount of coal reserves to burn. And ever increasing energy hungry force them to do this. At present the developing countries in transitional zone. They lost their traditional methods and also they not have the money to implement cutting edge technology. Technology of 20th century not going to solve the problems of 21st century. So what is the conclusion for this problem?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
-Mother Teresa

When the movement, we start to think ourselves as saplings of a mother. Then everything in the world becomes beautiful to everyone of us. The Mother Nature herself goes to bless us to ‘live long’. If there is no collective belongingness between us then it will be the decline of our “mankind”. Then we can decide, we are another effective version of ‘cyano Bacteria’ of new earth. Then our mother has no choice to reengineering her house. Our well-known scientist James Hansen really worrying about our future generation and write a book named “storms of our grand Children”. If we disturb the ecology like this rigours manner, he must have to change the name of his book into “storms of our Children”. The essence of learning must be towards protecting our mother nature. Our children must have to feel what the nature is and how the earth systems interlinked with each other. We also learn the same thing but I think we not forget to feel the reality. In our life money is important one but it’s not a dead end to make us happy.

“The earth has music for those who listen.”
― William Shakespeare