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LIVE – Tipping Points - Very Few People Required – Moving Head to Heart
Dr Michael Newton – Past Life Therapy – Journey Between Lives Bright Garlick ET Experience – 1 of 4 Video Journal
We're used to thinking and calculating in linear terms – wholly 3D. It's time to begin leaving that behind, since the reality is fractal, multidimensional, and holographic. We're used to thinking in terms of one person, one vote – but things don't quite work the way that we thought they did. Take for example the meditation experiments where crime and violence were greatly reduced with a small number meditating, relative to the local population. It doesn't take much. Realize, also, that the USA's birth was brought about by just those few who fought the Revolutionary War – around 4 or 5%. Then look at what the USA became. Okay, it's also a given that the USA has sunk about as far as it's possible to sink. What I'm pointing to is her original power to bring huge transformation. A whole new conceptual reality was born then – one that determined that our rights spring from Source, not royalty or rulers. That was unheard of, previously, and terribly exciting. What I'm saying is that it just doesn't take many to produce the tipping point we are after. Heart tells me the tipping point has been reached that empowers Light over darkness – also a very new thing in the world, the way it has been under the sway of TPTW for so very long. We are, slowly and sometimes quickly, taking our power back. We're choosing another way.

We are empowered and able to do that – to bring about magnificent change. It will be a hard slog until we eradicate most of the programming we've been saddled with that tells us we're small and inconsequential – the descendants of monkeys. It's all lies, as we are finally discovering. No such thing. But the secret is that each one must take their power back, individually. We can't look to some savior or group to do this for us. That won't work. That is so 20th century. It's the new day and the new earth we are transitioning into, now. It's incumbent on each of us to make the appropriate internal changes to stay in sync with that. So how are you doing? Are you changing, within? Have you stopped resisting what is? Have you abandoned all negativity? That's what it will take. I think everyone would do well to have a basic grasp of the theory of quantum physics. It's the closest branch in science to Truth, bringing fresh new ideas into an old, backwards-looking discipline – particle physics. Most of science has not yet integrated the new quantum mechanics discoveries. They're being ignored is so many cases – but not by us. We're paying attention. We're making the leaps in consciousness that are required to usher in the new earth. To do this we've got to acknowledge that we don't really know ourselves. We weren't taught that we're both multidimensional and creators of our reality – nor how that works. It's our beliefs that structure our world. Let us see to those beliefs, eliminating the old, programmed ones in favor of the dawning new day. If you don't know that you're already multidimensional, then you won't be exploring it. It's like the unknown key in your pocket – it doesn't get used. We've got to know certain things, change certain beliefs, to go forward – to take our power back. Without such knowledge we won't have the vision necessary to craft the new earth – to enter the new day. Whether there's ascension into the next dimension(s) or not doesn't really matter. We'll all have to wait to discover it. What does matter is what we do with our Now moment. We've got to pull ourselves out of both the past and the future to really be present now and here. Otherwise we're just fooling ourselves. One quality of the new day is that we don't trust others to lead us

– we lead ourselves, relying on Heart much more than mind, which is just a consultant for Heart. We rule and are ruled from within. In this world as it is we cease trusting. We're all waking up to the vast network of lies we've been entrapped within. We're refusing to keep creating this reality. Heart is the master of mind in the new world we're entering. Consciousness is rising much higher, and doing it quickly – relatively speaking. Just like we once thought geological change was a gradual thing over the millennia, now we know that sudden change is often the way of things. Time is speeding up for us – we're all noticing. When I say “we” what I'm meaning here is all of the Light Beings – we're here in significant numbers. I'm not speaking to the masses. Their time of awakening will be later. We've no need to force our ideas on anyone else. To the extent that we walk and live in integrity and honor the new day will come that much sooner. What TPTW (The Powers That Were) neglected to let us know was that all outer change radiates only from inner change. To change the world you change the self. That's truly how it is done – though we were taught anything but. The time has come to throw over simply all of the text books and “education” we received at the hands of the current system. Time to go our own way. I say ascension or not doesn't matter because, if it comes, it will be the natural outcome of living up to our full potential – to at least discovering that. We are massively powerful, but until we recognize and accept that we won't be creating at our full capacity – creating a new world in which we desire to live. If we don't make these changes then we'll continue to create the world as it has been. The choice is now ours. Each one must make it. Reality is not quite as simple or as complex as we once thought. Good things are the natural outcomes of living in integrity and honor. They naturally follow. So will ascension if that's what's ahead for us. We need not worry about it. Again, let us stick to our Now. To be concerned with ascension is to be off in the future. Tempting as that is, we're better of being anchored in the present moment. Being Present, capital “P,” is something we all must discover. It's not just a word, but a state that is truly different than most peo-

ple's everyday consciousness, which is spread out all over the place. People allow themselves to be terribly distracted. We forget how to focus. Being Present is practically a magical state. Why not take one day – or a week – and devote it to being Present? To do so it is necessary to abandon all thought that puts you in past or future. You'll have to be alert to spot them. Don't be surprised to discover you're almost always anywhere but focused on Now. How are your self-observation skills coming along? They are massively helpful. Those who go forward in sync with the new day and new energy of the galactic photon belt will be good self-observers. Their focus will of necessity move from the world to the inner self. It's the next natural step. Soon we'll not be so distracted. We'll be more and more focused and Present. What's called for is a shift from the head to the Heart. Everywhere I look I see people making this shift. I hear teacher after teacher expounding on it – pointing us all into Heart or Now or within – any way you want to call it, it amounts to the same thing. For ages and ages the sages and prophets have told us the same thing: The kingdom is within. Well, let us go there. It's not so difficult. Again and again, when I see someone having a hard time with this I see the same issue at work. They are too attached to or identified with the mind. They refuse to let that go. Until they do, there is nothing you or I can do for them. That's another mark of the new day – how everything is completely individual. No more relying on others for much of anything – nothing spiritual, anyway. It's no small thing to abandon our total reliance on mind. It's how we've lived our whole life. We were never taught anything else. We've relied both on mind and on our system of education – neither of which will make it with us into the new day. Yes, even our mind will be changed – converted into something divine – Higher Mind. This has also been called the Christ Consciousness. We're all meant to enter it. We've had both society and religion, in addition to education, holding us back – forcing a reliance on others – on “the authorities.” That time is now officially over. That's what Heart tells me, anyway. Do follow your own Heart. That's the new way.

We have innate intelligence and capabilities of which we know nothing. We must discover them for ourselves. We won't be taught from the outside. We've learned there is nothing worthy of trust there. Time to move on from it. This brings about such massive internal change that it throws us off for a bit. The rug gets pulled out from under us in so many ways. As all we relied upon crumbles before our eyes, it's up to us to be seeking out the Inner Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heart. That's where our answers lie – and our new abilities. These new abilities, such as telepathy and psychic powers, are really quite old. They've been with us all of this time. Yet what we don't know about we can't call upon, so we haven't taken advantage of our full potential. Nothing like it. We are coming into such a sense of Oneness as we've not experienced, before. We had no clue this was available, either – or that it was simply the way of things. We were misled into a live of separation. In these various ways we've been kept down – severely limited to 3D, only. We're busting out of that, now. We're all developing new skills we didn't know we had. We're all also finding the self disconnecting from such heavy reliance on 3D – on everything linear – in favor of quantum. It's truly a new day dawning. It's time to be recognizing, more and more, all the ways we have been corralled and controlled. It's time to walk away from simply all of it – but to do so we must become highly self-aware. It's the price that is required of us. So let's be developing skills of selfobservation. The benefits are vast. We have huge advantages helping us make these transitions. For one thing, we reached critical mass on NDE (Near Death Experience) reporting. There are finally such massive numbers telling of these experiences that it can no longer be swept under the rug – as TPTW would dearly love to do. Along with NDE's helping us expand and broaden our sense of reality we can add OBE's and astral travel, at which many are becoming proficient. It's a new day, already, when we acknowledge that we're not only a body and a mind – we're far more than that. Again, this goes against or programming and “education.” We're busting out.

Added to this, we have those like Dr. Michael Newton, psychologist and counseling hypnotherapist – who specializes in the betweenlives state. We're getting out there into those other dimensions – gaining our sea legs. It's about time. We've been this magnificent all along – we just didn't know it. It turns out that what we know is critically important. We base all of our beliefs on it. And we've been too trusting of the establishment – education, the media, the government, and science. None of these have been worthy of our trust, it turns out. Well, we didn't know that – but now we do. So now is the time for us to change. Life is much more pleasant in the higher dimensions – at higher frequencies. That is, once we clean up our act a good bit. We've all got plenty of work to do – right within the self. That's the garden we need to be tilling – not the corporate or societal one. Time to throw out the TV and the media. They have nothing truthful to offer. They just waste our time while they give us maintenance doses of programming. Again and again, we see how the new day, the new earth, rest on personal choice. If we ever relied on free will, the time for it is now. We've got to quit going along with the masses. They don't know what they're doing – being herded along like sheep or cattle. Surely you've had enough of that – as most of us have. It's a time of vastly expanding possibilities. Not that these possibilities haven't been there all along – but they don't do any good when you don't access them. And you won't access something you don't know anything about. That's been the way of it. But it isn't now. Time, itself, isn't what we think it is – not by half. The changes we're called on to make are surely massive – but we're up to it. That's been the missing link – we had no faith in ourselves. We weren't taught such faith – but now we're discovering it for ourselves. In the presence of the simultaneous Now there is no past and future – only the Now in which it all happens together – only Now. This is a hard one to swallow, initially – but the rewards are great. Truth is what we are after – in our various and different ways. Having discovered that we've been fed nothing but lies and kept in the dark, we're pulling out of the old ways, the old trust. Clearly,

we've got to find our own way – at least those who love Truth and who are waking up. Reliance on mind is reliance on linear time – and all that goes with it. This is the hardest link to break. We've all been under the domination of mind – and mind is surely unkind. The shift into Heart is much bigger than some are prepared to make. A lot of surrendering is required. The oncoming detachment we experience and see everywhere is helping us out. It's now easier to let things diminish in importance – to surrender attachments. “Reality” is much more variable than we realized – than we were taught. We each have a full set of BS beliefs that need to be gone over and discarded – most of them, anyway. What isn't based on Truth is unworthy of being believed. This surrender of previous beliefs is a mighty big step. We spend some time in a sort of limbo. It can be scary. I see it as necessary, though – if we want to awaken. There is such a powerful anchor for us in Heart that we're well equipped to make these changes – to make The Great Shift. Let's all get in there, where we'll discover that we really are divine. We're emanations of Source – and it just doesn't get any better than that. It's truly amazing. Can you see it? Sure, times are challenging just now – and they have been, pretty much all year so far. We all feel somewhat burdened and weighted down. My suggestion to you is that this is the dark energy you're releasing – that must be released in order to rise up in frequency – in consciousness. Let us begin to recognize things for what they are. As the energy rises everywhere, it also rises in us. The Maya called the Kundalini blood lightening. Sounds pretty apt to me. As this energy rises it will stir up the negative energy locked in each energy center or chakra. It's being spun off – but this requires your cooperation. Don't play the victim anymore. Time to take charge and be masterful – you've got it in you. So feeling burdened and heavy and even achy in the body is a part of this. So let's recognize it for the great things it portends. We are making The Shift. These are more akin to what people are calling “ascension symptoms” than to anything else. It's a part of our purification and purging, with which Mother Nature is helping

us. We're being supported in new ways we wouldn't expect to get this work done. So even though things may be extra heavy, be on watch against any victim sort of behavior. You are NOT a victim – no way! Instead, get in there and discover it for yourself – that you are divine. Just keep stubbornly going within and centering there – lock into the Now and don't release it for anything. Let mind be your consultant instead of your master. This is the biggest step you can make right now, the way I see it. See the video journal for an explanation of the ET experience link at the top. You'll discover a new take on the whole aliens thing. Bright Garlick is very sincere. I feel he is telling it like it is. This is yet one more area in which it's time to open the doors and windows of the mind to entertain. Open minds and open Hearts sounds like a good prescription to me for what ails us – for our “ascension symptoms.” Namaste.


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