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Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Newsletter

See Divine Mother blessing us all in Her Love.

August 312 Dwapara Dear Ones, I am sorry that this newsletter has been delayed so many daysTim had an exalted, conscious exit from the body on August 6th at 3:10pm. All the love and prayers brought him a much deeper "healing" than the one we hoped for - but in the longer view (which is now the only one that gives my heart peace) it is a thousand times more extraordinary than a "healing" of the body.... In his final days, the family spent many hours chanting around his bedside. We saw a growing depth and blessing in his gaze. He was in a state of bliss for many hours on the day he died, after months of a painful struggle. (And yet he said to me, with a smile, Its a good thing I have not suffered.) Nayasawmi Seva approached the home that morning, hours before his passing, saying to Tims sister, Carol, He is in bliss, and we should be too! Seva came into the living room where David and I were chanting around Tim. He was fully awake with his eyes steadfastly uplifted for hours at the spiritual eye. He was absorbedI could see that, yet my voice was choking as I sang, and my heart was breaking knowing the time was nearShe held me, and we sang together until my voice was strong again. She then quietly said, He is beautiful! He is looking straight at God! Later, I felt my own chakras rumble with power, and I knew much was happening inside him. Finally, I cleared the room. Only our elder son, Peter Sanjaya, and I were with him. In the final moments Peter chanted AUM Guru into Tims right ear, while Swamijis AUM recording played in the background. Such holy austerity it is to watch your beloved take his final breaths, fully conscious, while being guided into Gods arms by your son. My friend, Sharon Taylor, was meditating in the next room and heard angelic bells ringing when he left his body. His conscious exit is an enormous blessing to us all. After the family prayers, I felt his bliss, and we all chanted again for an hour, participating in his astral welcoming. We miss his presence dearly, and yet we are comforted by his blissful attainment. In the days since, I have received many messages of him appearing in visions and dreams as a powerful saintly presence. Perhaps I will share them someday, as friends have told me that the stories have increased their faith. Thank you all for you prayersBlessings and love to you all, Mary Kretzmann Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry PS - See a beautiful video tribute

Blessings, my belovedMarch 28, 1951 to August 6, 2012