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June 2012

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Child Development
Of course, teaching a toddler to use a potty isnt an overnight experience. The process often takes between 3 and 6 months, although it may take more or less time for some children. Although some little ones can learn to both make it through the night without wetting or soiling themselves (or the bed) and use the potty around the same time, it may take additional months to even years to master staying dry at night.

Cover Photo:
Basilique du Sacr-Cur, Paris by Monart student Anna (age 11)
Caroline Vaccaro Photography

Many parents are unsure about when to start toilet teaching or potty training. Not all kids are ready at the same age, so its important to watch your child for signs of readiness, such as stopping an activity for a few seconds or clutching his or her diaper. Most children begin to show these signs between 18 and 24 months, although some may be ready earlier or later than that. And boys often start later and take longer to learn to use the potty than girls. Instead of using age as a readiness indicator, look for other signs that your child may be ready to start heading for the potty, such as the ability to: follow simple instructions understand words about the toileting process control the muscles responsible for elimination express a need to go verbally

The two basic potty options are: 1. a standalone, toddler-size potty chair keep a diaper dry for 2 hours or more with a bowl that can be emptied into get to the potty, sit on it, and then the toilet get off the potty 2. a toddler-size seat that can be placed pull down diapers, disposable on top of your toilet seat that will let training pants, or underpants your child feel more secure and not fear falling in show an interest in using the potty or wearing underpants If you opt for the modified toilet seat, consider getting a stepping stool so AbouT TiminG There are some stressful or difficult that your child can reach the seat times when you may want to put off comfortably. Stools can also help kids starting the toilet-teaching process learn to push with their legs when when traveling, around the birth of a having a bowel movement. sibling, changing from the crib to the Its usually best for boys to first learn bed, moving to a new house, or when to use the toilet sitting down before your child is sick (especially if diarrhea is learning to pee standing up. For boys a factor). It may be better to postpone who feel awkward or scared about it until your childs environment is standing on a stool to pee in the toilet, a stable and secure. Also, some experts potty chair may be a better option. may recommend starting the process during summer because kids wear less clothing, but it is not a good idea to wait if your child is ready.
How LonG DoEs iT TAkE?


Potty tyPeS

Buy a training potty or seat for every bathroom in your house. You may even want to keep a potty in the trunk of your car for emergencies. When traveling long distances, be sure to take a potty seat with you and stop every 1 to 2 hours. Otherwise, it can take more time than your child may have to find a discreet location or restroom.
ABout trAining PAntS

Experts sometimes disagree about whether to use disposable training

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Childrens Activities Summer CAlendAr

Contact Pastor Jenene
June 25-29 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Vacation BiBle School age 4 - grade 6 July 9-13 9:00 aM-12:00 noon archery caMP gradeS 1-6 July 23-27 Monday-Friday (oVernight) SuMMer caMP in creSton, ca gradeS 3-6 July 30-auguSt 3 9:00 aM-12:00 noon SPortS caMP, Baywood School age 4 - grade 6 auguSt 13-17 9:00 aM-3:00 PM caMP h2o, VariouS locationS gradeS 1-6

ConTRibuTinG wRiTERs Brad Bailey, Kristen Barnhart, Guy Crabb, Jeffrey Cyr, Steve Kragenbrink, Michael Morin, Steven Smith, David Vogel
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Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Child Development
pants. Some think that theyre just her siblings use the toilet. bigger diapers and might make kids Establish a routine. For example, you think its OK to use them like diapers, may want to begin toilet teaching thus slowing the toilet-teaching by having your child sit on the potty process. after waking with a dry diaper, or 45 Others feel that training pants are minutes to an hour after drinking lots a helpful step between diapers and of fluid. You may be able to catch your underwear. Because kids nighttime child peeing. Only put your child on bladder and bowel control often lags the potty for a few minutes a couple behind their daytime control, some of times a day, and let your child get parents like using training pants at up if he or she wants to. night. Others prefer that their child use Try catching your child in the act training pants when theyre out and of pooping. Children often give about. Once the training pants remain clear cues that they need to use the dry for a few days, kids can make the bathroom their faces turn red, switch to wearing underwear. and they may grunt or squat. And Ask your doctor if your child would many kids are regular as to the time benefit from using disposable training of day they tend to have a bowel pants as a transitional step. movement. Common ProBLemS Have your child sit on the potty within 15 to 30 minutes after meals to take Its common for a previously toiletadvantage of the bodys natural taught child to have some trouble using tendency to have a bowel movement the potty during times of stress. For after eating (this is called the gastroexample, a 2- or 3-year-old dealing with colic reflex). a new sibling may regress (return to a previous level of development). Remove a bowel movement (poop) from your childs diaper, put it in the But if your child was previously potty toilet, and tell your child that poop trained and is having problems, talk goes in the potty. with your doctor just to be on the safe side and to rule out things like an Make sure your childs wardrobe is infection. adaptable to potty training. In other words, avoid overalls and shirts that If your child is 3 years or older and is not snap in the crotch. Simple clothes yet potty trained, talk to the doctor, are a must at this stage and kids who who can help determine the problem are potty training need to be able to and offer advice to make the process undress themselves. easier. Some parents like to let their child tiPS For toiLet teACHing have some time during the day Even before your child is ready to try without a diaper. If he or she urinates the potty, you can prepare your little without wearing a diaper, your child one by teaching about the process: may be more likely to feel whats Use words to express the act of happening and express discomfort. using the toilet (pee, poop, and (But if you opt to keep your childs potty). bottom bare for a little while, youll Ask your child to let you know when a probably need to keep the potty close diaper is wet or soiled. by, protect your rugs and carpet, and be willing to clean up.) Identify behaviors (Are you going poop?) so that your child can learn When your son is ready to start peeing to recognize peeing and pooping. standing up, have target practice. Show him how to stand so that he Get a potty chair your child can can aim into the toilet. Some parents practice sitting on. At first, your child use things like cereal pieces as a sort can sit on it clothed. Then, he or she of bulls-eye to try aiming at. can sit on the chair with a diaper. And when ready, your child can go bare- Offer your child small rewards, such bottomed. as stickers or time reading with Mommy, every time your child goes If youve decided that your child is ready in the potty. Keep a chart to track to start learning how to use the potty, successes. Once your little one these tips may help: appears to be mastering the use of Set aside some time to devote to the the toilet, let him or her pick out pairs potty-training process. of big-kid underpants to wear. Dont make your child sit on the toilet Make sure all of your childs against his or her will. caregivers including babysitters, Show your child how you sit on grandparents, and childcare workers the toilet and explain what youre follow the same routine and use doing (because your child learns by the same names for body parts and watching you). You can also have bathroom acts. Let them know how your child sit on the potty seat and youre handling the issue and ask that watch while you or one of his or they use the same approaches so

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your child wont become confused. Above all, be sure to praise all attempts to use the toilet, even if nothing happens. And remember that accidents will happen. Its important not to punish potty-training children or show disappointment when they wet or soil themselves or the bed. Instead, tell your child that it was an accident and offer your support. Reassure your child that he or she is well on the way to using the potty like a big kid. If youre torn about when to start the

toilet-teaching process altogether, let your child be your guide. Dont feel pressured by others (your parents, in-laws, friends, siblings, coworkers, etc.) to begin. Many parents of past generations started potty training much sooner than many parents do today. It all depends on the child. Kids will let parents know when theyre ready.
1995-2012. The Nemours Foundation/ KidsHealth. Reprinted with permission.

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Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Read This!
by Jeffrey Cyr

upon the message I want the kids to absorb. For instance, at the beginning of each year I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo because I can teach the valuable lessons of friendship, loyalty, honesty, and love - all in the context of our interactive conversations. The love of reading starts with a conversation, just as our ancestors passed their stories and customs from one generation to the next using an oral tradition. My students and my sons immediately feel my excitement when we start talking about going to the library or a local bookstore to pick out a new book! The battle comes in different stages, and the first obstacle to get over is choosing the right book. Here are some specific suggestions: Ask a Friend, Teacher, Parent, or Librarian Pick a Favorite Author Find a Genre that connects to the reader Read Reviews or Best Seller Lists Start with a Smaller quick read and easy way to find your childrens independent reading level. If you cant wait and NEED to know today, your childrens teachers should know their reading levels, especially now at the end of the school year.

I was recently asked to share my expertise in the teaching field to help parents bridge the gap between the classroom and at home studies. One of the questions I am most frequently asked by parents is How can I get my child to pick up a book and read independently at home?

I know with my own kids, even after weve had a fabulous discussion about a new book and they appear excited, the book can end up sitting unread on their desks or buried in their backpacks. If this occurs, I try to kickstart the book for them and read the first chapter or so to get their interest The joy of curling up with a good levels peaked. Usually, by using book and getting lost in a favorite awesome voices and voice inflection, adventure, mystery, or myth is often its enough to hook my boys into overlooked by children with access to reading the rest of the story on their many stimulating devices just begging own. The children in my classrooms to occupy their imagination. The joy have also enjoyed all the silly voices, of independent reading is something Once a title has been selected, the gestures, and characterizations I use that cant be forced on a child, and next hurdle is starting the book when reading a book with them. trying is oftentimes a source of and making sure your child doesnt Oftentimes, we find ourselves using frustration for parents and teachers lose interest. Parents: it is VERY character voices throughout our day, alike. I want to offer a different way important to make sure your children regardless of the subject or matter. to look at independent reading to For my older students and my own two are reading at their own levels. I cant The big picture here is to have a fresh help parents support their child when boys, I try to introduce a new book emphasize this point enough, so Im sense of humor and to make the with enthusiasm and excitement. Ill going to repeat it: Make sure that experience of reading positive, so trying to get them to finish a book! do a little research and bring certain each child is reading at his or her own that your child will repeat the desired Lets start with how to choose a books up in a conversation depending level! Next month, Ill discuss a quick task all on his or her own. It may take up to several books including active parent involvement before the love of reading truly catches on and you start to see a difference in your child. I often tell parents during parent/teacher conferences that reading is a skill that needs to be practiced at home. If youve never expected your son or daughter to read a complicated chapter book, dont judge them if they cant understand Harry Potter by a certain age or grade level. A childs confidence in reading builds with one short story at a time. After reading this article, it is my hope that you will sit down in a comfy spot with your child (young or old), and read together The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. This is a great way to kickstart a love of reading in your child. Feel free to drop me a line and share any challenges or success stories you have experienced.

book. The key is to build enthusiasm. I start this lesson in my classroom by first discussing the books Ive loved to read in the past and why they had an effect on me. Im going to be honest; I also LOOK AT THE COVER to judge a book! No kidding, artwork-especially in a picture book for a young reader--is critically important. The cover image often supports the message within the story and can build excitement and curiosity. The cover may also display awards the book has won, such as the Caldecott medal (outstanding illustrations) or the Newbery medal (outstanding contributions to childrens literature) to help guide young readers in finding the ideal book.

Happy Fathers Day!

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Central Coast Family June 2012

Jeff Cyr is a k-6th grade educator on the Central Coast. He can be reached at

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4211 Broad St, #D in San Luis Obispo

Monart 2012

Summer Art Camps

9:00-12:00 or 9:00-3:00
Enough instruction for the project and enough room for creativity!
Our classes and camps are all mixed media. Students will experiment with watercolor, paint, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil, and ink.

Art Classes
MONDAY 3:00-4:00 Getting Ready 3-5 years

All lessons are new every year. Week 1 June 18-22 Camp 1. Art at the Childrens Museum (Animals where we play) (*9-12 only) 3-5 yrs Camp 2. Monart Basic Horses (At the ranch, beach & on the farm) 5-8 yrs Camp 3. Monart Advanced Horses (jumping, running & vaulting) 8-14 yrs Week 2 June 25-29 Camp 1. Art at the Childrens Museum (Animals on the farm) (*9-12 only) 3-5 yrs Camp 2. Monart Aquarium Fish (Sea horses, jelly fish, crabs & more) 5-8 yrs Camp 3. Monart advanced Coral Fish (Coral fish, sharks & more) 8-14 yrs Closed July 4th week Week 3 July 9-13 Camp 1. Art at Childrens Museum (Animals in the deep sea)(*9-12 only) 3-5 yrs Camp 2. Monart Fashion Design Star (Create a portfolio of outfits) 5-8 yrs Camp 3. Monart Advanced Fashion Design (Create an advanced portfolio) 8-14 yrs Week 4 July 16-20 Camp 1. Art at the Childrens Museum (Animals with patterns)(*9-12 only) 3-5 yrs Camp 2. Monart Amazing Animals of the World (Lions, bears, birds & more) 5-8 yrs Camp 3. Monart People, Animals & Buildings from Around the World 8-14 yrs Week 5 July 23-27 Camp 1. Monart Learn Spanish while Creating Art (People, places & more) 5-12 yrs Camp 2. Monart Outdoor Canvas Painting (Flowers, trees, & animals) 8-14 yrs Week 6 July 30-Aug 3 Camp 1. Monart Cartooning Animals (Angry birds & video game friends) 5-8 yrs Camp 2. Monart Cartooning in Manga and Anime 8-14 yrs Week 7 August 6-10 Camp 1. Monart People, Dragons & Castles in Fantasy Land 4-8 yrs Camp 2. Monart Mythical Creatures (Hydra, centaur, cyclops & more) 8-14 yrs Week 8 August 13-17 Camp 1. Monart Old and New Master Painters 4-8 yrs Camp 2. Monart Advanced Master Old and New Painters on Canvas 8-14 yrs

Monart Birthday Party!

See website for pricing

4:00-5:00 6:00-8:00

Ceramics & 3D Art 6-12 years Beginning Adults Adult

TUESDAY 3:00-4:00 4:00-5:00 Getting Ready Basic Monart 3-5 years 5-8 years

WEDNESDAY 3:00-4:00 4:00-6:00 Getting Ready Kids Painting Fundamentals Teen Painting 3-5 years 6-12 years 8-12 years 12-16 years

Natalie - age 6

4:00-5:30 5:00-6:30

THURSDAY 2:00-3:00 3:00-4:00 4:00-5:30 Getting Ready Basic Monart I 3-5 years 5-10 years

Basic Monart II 8-12 years

FRIDAY 3:30-4;30 4:30-5:30 Getting Ready Fundamentals 3-5 years 8-12 years

Anna - age 11

Call (805) 544-4243 to Register Now!

Check out our new website:
Nicole - age 14
June 2012 Page 5

Central Coast Family

Summer camps
by Steven Smith

Family Life

Learn with love & laughter Nurture with Christian values Safe & secure environment

3-5 half day programs & early care available Curriculum includes Bible, chapel, music & art Qualified experienced teachers Licensed with 25+ years excellence Reasonable non-profit tuition M-F 8:30 am-1:00 pm Call to arrange a tour!

One great way for kids to explore new activities, have fun, and make new friends is to attend a summer camp. Luckily for kids living along the Central Coast, there are a variety of opportunities, including day camp or overnight/residential camps, including many that cater to specific hobbies or educational interests. What type of camp would suit your child best? For instance, there are residential / overnight camps where children could spend a week or two away from home. Is your child old enough and ready to be away from the

family? Parents and children need to discuss whether day camp or a weeklong camp are suitable for them. Does the camp have a program that offers the sort of experience that you want for your child? For example, there are traditional camps, high adventure camps, and camps that focus on specific interests like performing arts, nature, science, or sports. How is the camp program evaluated? Is it accredited by the American Camp Association? Will your child receive a quality experience or will the staff just serve as babysitters? Parents can

240 Vernon Avenue, Arroyo Grande

visit and tour camp facilities, as well as meet camp directors and staff. Often camps have introductory videos you can watch online. I recommend checking on camp references and asking other parents about camps. Parents should also research a camps standards and philosophy. Of course, you must consider the costs of camp, since residential camps may not fit your familys budget. Some high-quality yet low-cost camps are supported by organizations that supplement camper fees. Camps may offer discounts or scholarships for families with financial needs. Why not ask grandparents if they would like to help out in sending their grandchildren to a summer camp? A helpful website for parents considering camps is preparing_for_camp.php. Two books that might be beneficial for parents are The Summer Camp Handbook: Everything You Need to Find, Choose, and Get Ready for Overnight Camp and Skip the Homesickness by Christopher A. Thurber; and Summer Fun: The Parents Complete Guide to Day Camps, Overnight Camps, Specialty Camps, and Teen Tours by Marina Borden. Local towns and cities, colleges, and organizations like the YMCA schedule day camps and classes during the summer. Here are a few examples: Arroyo Grande City Parks and Recreation, (805) 473-5400, www. Atascadero Community Services, (805) 461-5000, www.atascadero. org Morro Bay Recreation and Parks, (805) 772-6279, San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation, (805) 781-7300, www.

4657, Cuesta College, College for kids, (805) 546-3132, YMCA, (805) 543-8235, www. with special surf, sailaway and aviation classes Santa Maria Recreation, (805) 9250951, RecGuide.shtml There are art, music, nature, science, Jr. Life Guard, and sports day camps. Kids can dabble in the arts at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, (805) 5438562, or Monart San Luis Obispo, (805) 544-4243, Aspiring performers can learn more about arts and music at one of the fantastic programs below: Coastal Dance and Music Academy, (805) 489-5678, 1030 Huston St., Suite C, Grover Beach, www. coastaldanceandmusicacademy. com Camp Melodrama - (805) 489-2499, Hula summer camp, (805) 550-4091, MMA (Modern Music Academy), (805) 542-9528, www.modernmusic Theater Camp at SLO Little Theater, (805) 781-3889, www.slolittle San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, (805) 546-3456, www. Summer is a perfect time for children to learn more about nature and science. Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, (805) 461-5080, www. Avila Beach Sea Life Center, (805) 595-7280, Paso Robles Recreation Services, Supercharged Science Camp for kids ages 7-12 years. (805) 617-1789, (805) 237-3988, recreation camp/index.htm Pismo Beach Recreation, (805) 773-

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Now. More than ever. It is your childs time for...

Developing Key Competencies through:


Financial Aid available for 1st-8th grades

School TourS
Toddler & Primary School THU, June 7 at 9:00 am Kindergarten, Elementary & Middle School TUE, June 5 at 9:00 am

Sign Up Early to Reserve a Spot!

For the athletic child, there are a multitude of opportunities at local sport camps or organizations. Aikido of San Luis Obispo (for kids ages 4-12 and teens), 209 Bonetti, San Luis Obispo, (805) 544-8866, CCG - Central Coast Gymnastics at 21 Zaca Lane in San Luis Obispo, (805) 549-8408, Performance Athletics at 4844 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo, (805) 547-1496, www.performance Central Coast Polo Club, (805) 8019410, Cal Poly Soccer, (805) 541-3031, Warm days also make summer a wonderful time for children to learn to swim! Kids can take lessons at one of the many local pools in the area. SLO Swim Center, (805) 781-7284, /aquatics.asp#SwimLessons Cuesta College Pool, (805) 546-3132, aqua/swimindex.htm Five Cities Swim Club at 425 Traffic Way in Arroyo Grande, (805) 4816399, Kennedy Fitness Centers, call (805) 781-3488 for San Luis Obispo, (805) 239-8488 for Paso Robles or (805) 466-6775 for Atascadero If your child is excited about trying a new adventure, then consider a residential camp. Organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire USA operate local camps. Church groups may also offer camps. Camp Natoma is run by the Camp Fire USA Organization, http:// Home.html Kennolyn Camps in the Santa Cruz Mountains, (831) 479-6714, http:// Wagon Train Summer Camp at Hume Lake Christian Camps, www. I fondly remember visiting many fun camps and I am grateful for parents who encouraged me to visit new areas of California, learn new skills, and make new friends. Do some research and find camps that may enhance your kids summer experience.
Join Us On Our 10 Acre Campus For


Entering K Grade Six All Taught by our Laureate Teachers June 25 August 17
$175/week 9:00 am-3:00 pm 7:30 am-6:00 pm extended care available.
Week 1 (6/25-6/29) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Camping for Kids (grades1-4) Art & Literature (grades 2-6) Week 2 (7/2-7/6) Closed 7/4 Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Mexican Cooking & Crafts (grades 1-4) $10* Drama (grades 1-6) Week 3 (7/9-7/13) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Claymation & Animation (grades 4-6) $10* Cooking Club (grades 1-4) $10* Week 4 (7/16-7/20) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Caring for Animals (grades 1-4) Art & Canvas Painting (grades 4-6) $25* Week 5 (7/23-7/27) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Camping Adventures (grades 1-4) Gardening Club (grades 1-6) Week 6 (7/30- 8/3) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Keyboard, Synthesizer & Guitar (grades 2-6) Art from Around the World (grades 1-4) $10* Week 7 (8/6- 8/10) Kindergarten Fun (entering K) Drama (grades 1-6) Fitness, Fun & Food (grades 2-6) Week 8 (8/13-8/17) Kindergarten (entering K) Drama (grades 1-6) Nature Crafts (grades 2-4) * Additional materials fee

Toddler and Primary Programs

Ages: 18 months to 5 years
3 or 5 Half Days 9:00 am-12:00 pm & Full Days 9:00 am-3:00 pm
7:30 am-6:00 pm extended care available

Steven Smith is a resident of San Luis Obispo and a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing. Steven is a painter/muralist and freelance writer. His art can be viewed at sloartiststevensmith. Contact Steven at:

Session I: June 25 July 20

Session II: July 23 August 17

Inquire about our Year-Round Toddler & Primary School option

License no. 406211702

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Fun for everyone - no gymnastics experience necessary!

Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp Camp 1: June 18-22 2: June 25-29 3: July 9-13 4: July 16-20 5: July 23-27 6: July 30-Aug 3 7: Aug 6-10

What do you offer Central Coast Families?

Enjoy FREE full color, graphic design & website exposure:

(805) 528-0440

Gymnastics PLUS

Register now for full day or half day Summer 2012 Camps!

Call for reservations: 595-7200 Call for reservations: 595-7200


Kids Fish Free!

every WeD & tHU
1/2 Day
One child
(12 & under)

w/ paid adult
Central Coast Family June 2012 Page 8

Jacks Jokes
Whatd the digital watch say to grandfather clock? Look pop, no hands! Why was the broom late? It over swept!

Fun & Games

By: Amaya Dempsey

Hen & Ink

Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide!

Central Coast Family

June 2012

1. glad dad 2. June tune 3. cab tab 4. stale tale

S9 U4 D O8 K U3

sudoku begins with some of the grid cells filled with numbers. The object is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell). A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

8 4 6 3 6 2 3 4 5 8 2 4 2 5 8 1 3 1 9 6 8 1 7 9 4 9 8 3 2 4 2 5
Hink Pinks (2 rhyming 1 syllable words matching a silly definition):
1. happy father 2. summer song 3. taxi fare 4. old story ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

Page 9

registration now open for Cuesta College Community programs summer fun!

For students entering 5th-9th grade in Fall 2012 Session I: M-Th., Jun 18-Jul 5, 2012 Session II: M-Th., Jul 9-26, 2012 7:30am-5:30pm Prices vary depending on schedule. M-Th., Jun 18-Jul 5, 2012 9am-12pm M-Th., Jun 18-Jul 5, 2012 1-4pm $205 For students entering 4th grade in Fall 2012 M-Th., Jul 30-Aug 2, 2012 8:30am-12:30pm $132 Model Airplanes-Electronic Gadgets (Ages 7-12) M-Th., Jun 2528 9am-12:45pm $175 Lasers - Galaxies - and Then (Ages 7-12) M-Th., Jun 2528 1:15-5pm $175 Make It and Take It Home (Ages 6-11) M-Th., Jul 30Aug 2 9am-12:45pm $175 CSI-Crime Scene Investigation (Ages 8-12) M-Th., Jul 30Aug 2 1:15-5pm $175

College for Kids

aquatiCs & sWim lessons

Baby & Me Levels 1-6 early Bird sessions: M-Th., Jun 4-7, 2012 3:00-4:25 pm $25 - $30 session 1: M-Th., Jun 18-28, 2012 session 2: M-Th., Jul 2-12, 2012 session 3: M-Th., Jul 16-26, 2012 session 4: M-Th., Jul 30-Aug 9, 2012 11:00 am-6:00 pm $55 - $105

Junior naturalists Camps

4th grade Camp

sCiensational WorKshops for Kids

diving, softball, Basketball, tennis & golf Camps also available!

Call 546-3132 or visit

Registration available via phone, fax, and walk-ins!
Central Coast Family June 2012 Page 10

Art & Cork

a new way to bring friends together over a glass of wine and a blank canvas. Create a unique collection of your own paintings! Your own canvas, paint, apron, glass and a light snack will be waiting for you. We offer semi-private and private parties at a discounted rate and choice of day and time.
6:30-8:30 pm $35.00

Van Goghs Starry Night WED June 20th Klimt tree of life Wed June 27th Van Goghs Fishing Boats FRI July 13th the Wave Wed July 18th Van Goghs Sunflowers FRI July 27th Wine and friends Wed august 1st springtime in paris Wed august 8th

Professional Web Design

We build websites that you can easily edit
Great customer service with a personal touch

4211 Broad st. slo Ca 93401 sponsored by: 544.4243 or qup & Verdad Wines

(805) 720-0789

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Local History

on the Central Coast

by Guy Crabb

100 Years of Downtown Businesses:

San Luis Obispo:

The Cross Streets

This much-anticipated 3rd book of the San Luis Obispo 100 Years series is available from your favorite local bookseller NOW!

Enjoy Your Memories!

Also available at Barnes & Noble, Crushed Grape, Antiques on Monterey, Boo Boo Records, the History Center, Apple Farm, and Volumes of Pleasure. G UY C RABB P UBLISHING
Get an autographed copy at

As far back as the 1880s, the sport of racing was king in San Luis Obispo. The love of racing has been a long and deep tradition in our county. Normally when we think about racing, car racing comes to mind, since NASCAR has become a very popular sport. Car racing in San Luis Obispo has a long and varied history, but the history of racing began long before cars were the stars. During the mid 1800s, horse racing was king of the sport. The king of horse racing in our county in the 1850s was not only an incredible horseman and racer, but he was also one of the most notorious murderers in the countys history. This article is about the history of racing in San Luis Obispo County, so I am going to leave out the murdering side of Jack Powers and focus on his amazing skills as a horseman and the cool races he was involved in.

to witness Jack in action. He would make a horse switch in San Luis Obispo on a long distance race that would start in Santa Barbara or Los Angeles and end in San Francisco. In May of 1858, Jack successfully raced in a challenge designed just for him. The challenge was to ride 150 miles in 8 consecutive hours, and the prize was $2,500. Long distance horse racing was one of the first forms of racing in our county, with Jack being the sports most famous rider. Many local citizens created their own versions of long distance racing from one end of San Luis Obispo County to the other. I can imagine a starting line of 20 or 30 riders waiting to take off and all the dust kicking up and horses bumping into each other as the riders tried to take the lead.

Pools and the tickets were dated in May of 1875. At one point in the history of the Laguna Race Track there was a race between a horse and a world class bicyclist from New York. The bicyclist put up a purse of $200 for the race, betting that he could beat a horse in a race. As the race began, the horse and its rider left the bicyclist in the dust and won the $200 purse to the delight of the local crowd. Mr. Horatio M. Warden was a leading citizen of the city. He was a rancher and land developer, as well as a chief promoter and stockholder of the Trotting Park Association of San Luis Obispo. According to Warden, this association owned and maintained one of the most finest race courses in the State. I am not certain about the location of the track, but I think that the Laguna Race Track and Trotting Park Association refer to the same track, because both are referenced as being in the Laguna Lake area during the same time period.

the area of South Street in the city. Today, a street in the area named Exposition Drive curves around a corner to become Woodbridge Street. This is very close to where the race track was located. There is a part of Woodbridge Street where the hill on one side has an outcropping of rocks. This area was called Cheapskate Hill because many people would sit up there and watch the races without paying admission. The track was completed by 1923, and it was considered one of the finest one-mile race tracks in California. Frank Lockhart, who won the Indianapolis 500 in 1926, started his racing career in 1923 at the Exposition Race Track.

As time progressed, so did the sport of horse racing in the county. Back in the 1850s, there were The first local organized horse many types of horse racing. One track that I have found was in the of the most popular types was city of San Luis Obispo around long distance racing. Jack Powers 1875. It was located in the Laguna was famous throughout California Lake area of the city. The evidence for his riding skills. He also had a I saw was several old racing claim reputation as a professional gambler tickets that were found in the walls in the saloons of Los Angeles and of a local building that was being San Francisco. The citizens of San demolished. On the ticket was the Luis Obispo had many opportunities title San Luis Obispo Race Track

San Luis Obispo Exposition Race Track in 1923

By the 1950s, San Luis Obispo had drag racing with famous people like Jim McLenna racing their dragsters down the middle of the landing strip at the San Luis Obispo County Airport. There is a funny story about two Top Fuelers racing down the air/drag strip just as a In 1922, a group of San Luis small plane landed at the finish line, Obispo businessmen incorporated with both dragsters making quick themselves into a company known maneuvers to avoid a collision. The as San Luis Obispo Exposition Park. plane landed and the pilot never California had about 700,000 cars looked back. I have a cool picture in 1922, and with the popularity of Jim racing on the airstrip in 1957. of the automobile, came the need Jim was elected to the International for speed. In the past, people had Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2007. tried to breed a faster horse; in the 1920s came the need to build a Along with drag racing at the airport faster automobile. Soon, the thrill came road races. In 1965, San Luis of horse racing was replaced by car Obispo held its 8th annual road race racing in our county. at the airport. The history of racing in our county is Boss, Man. The top speed of a typical early 1920s car was about 40 to 50 miles Guy Crabb teaches at Charles E. Teach per hour, but the engine could be Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. souped up to go much faster if a He graduated from Cal Poly SLO and has mechanic knew what to do. The San been teaching for over 20 years. Guy was selected as San Luis Coastal Unified School Luis Obispo Exposition Park group District Teacher of the Year for 2006-2007. decided to build their track near Reach him at

Central Coast Family

June 2012

Page 12

Treat your tastebuds to a Treasure of flavors !

Located a stones throw from The Rock

Womens Shelter
of San Luis Obispo County crisis line: 781-6400 business phone: 781-6401 email: www.

Serving Lunch & Dinner 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Open Everyday Except Wednesday

1219 Embarcadero in Morro Bay

(805) 772-2500
Our generously portioned meals offer fresh local and seasonally sourced: Wild-caught Fish and Seafood Highest quality Meats and Tofu Vegetables, Herbs, freshly prepared Spices and Sauces.

Authentic Thai cuisine at its best!

Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center of San Luis Obispo County

24 hour crisis line: 5 4 5- 8 8 8 8


Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Library Voice

Summer Reading Time!

by Kristen Barnhart

As promised, here is nearly everything you need to be fully engaged in this summers programs throughout SLO County and beyond. I hope you cleared enough room on your refrigerator! We have been busily counting out and boxing up reading logs, incentives, posters, bookmarks and more to send out to all the library branches and twigs (little bitty, but powerful libraries).

saturday, June 9th marks the start of this years Summer Reading Program at your local San Luis Obispo County Library. Children and teens are all welcome to sign up to earn fabulous rewards for reading. Studies show that kids who continue to read throughout their summer breaks retain and maintain skills learned in the classroom far better than those who dont. Adults who love a

challenge can check with their local branch to see if they can sign-up for Between the Covers @ your Library and earn fun prizes too! Dream Big: read @ your Library! is the theme for toddlers to fifth graders, and even babies can earn a board book this summer. Lap readers (having books read to them), and beginning readers read 20 books to complete their book logs, and chapter book readers finish with 10 books. The rewards are fabulous! Not only do readers enjoy wonderful books, they receive a beautiful canvas book bag featuring local artists, a book of their own, coupons for LEGOLAND, Tastee Freez, In-N-Out Burger, Central Coast Gymnastics, Performance Athletics, and more. But thats not all! Amazing live performances are planned all over the central coast geared toward children ages 4 and up. These professionals offer fun and educational programs. John beccia: This Paso Robles Kindergarten teacher draws kids into his circle of wonder through lively music (with a voice sweet and scratchy as a cats tongue), movement, and stories. kevin Carr: This new to us storyteller musician includes rare and exotic instruments like bagpipes, fiddle, and more. Diana Carter: Her childrens music has been adopted by the California Department of Education. Lucky us we get her live presentation of music, dance, storytelling, and theater. Pam Donkin: An award-winning childrens recording artist, her charismatic performance style will engage everyone with movements, chants, and finger-plays. 4H Presents: Power of the Wind. 4H is offering another great hands-

on workshop on building a turbine to catch the wind. (Ages 9-12, must preregister) karen Garman: She weaves props, costumes, and games with drama, dance, and storytelling. Every show becomes unique. Dean Giles: He will take kids on a journey from the roots of rhythm to todays popular music. Learn about African rhythms and techniques and recreate a traditional drum circle. Kara Hagedorn: An environmental educator and raptor rehabilitator focuses on the beauty, behavior and value of raptors with Sunshine the Red-Tailed Hawk. Valerie Johnson and Al b blue: They perform blues and gospel music throughout history with lots of audience participation. Gerald Joseph: If you love tricks and illusions, dont miss this magician. Bring the whole family and prepare to be amazed! tom Knight: Talk about creative! This performer from Ithaca, NY writes his own songs, creates hand-crafted puppets and inspires more bellylaughs than anyone else I know! Shawn mcmaster: His unique blend of comedy, magic, and love of reading invites creative audience participation. Elaine muray: Sleeptalkin: Stories about Dreamin integrates props with a variety of characters and interaction for kids 5-years and up. Craig newton: This talented singer/ songwriter uses a wide assortment of instruments to create his own journey and bring his audience along. Be ready to rock! Karen Poland: This naturalist from Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School will bring an owl, rabbit, and snake to pass around for the program Fur, Feathers and Scales: Food Chain. nina Ryne: Soar through the worlds of your imagination with this singer, storyteller, and musician. ichimi Daiko: Enjoy authentic Japanese Taiko Drumming as seen at the local Obon Festival. bob Thomas: Turtle and Tortoise Rescue at Triple T Ranch will bring in rescues and talk about their protection through capture, breeding, care, and adoption. ivan ulz: The famous Firetruck song guy has moved back to the Central Coast from Greenwich Village and is ready to celebrate all summer long!! Aleksandra Wydzga: Learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals of SLO County. See and

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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self Care Beauty Blog: Clarify

by Mandy Buechner

sure to clarify your hair at least once a week if you shampoo every other day, and twice a week if you wash your hair everyday. You need to be careful when buying a clarifying shampoo, because some over-theWhether your home is on well or counter shampoos will strip away city water, the water probably your color. I love and recommend contains minerals, heavy metals, Enjoy Clarifying Spray. It is truly and organic chemicals. City or color safe, so you dont have to community water systems use worry about fading hair color. chemicals like aluminum sulfate You just add it to your favorite and chlorine to keep water safe. shampoo to make it clarifying. In any case, the water can leave After dispensing shampoo into your hair feeling and looking dry, your hand, simply add 4-5 squirts drab, or dull. Mineral deposits in of Enjoy Clarifying Spray, rub the water attach themselves to hands together, and massage into your hair and skin. Do you notice scalp and hair. Rinse and follow brownish pink or orange stains in with your usual conditioner. I also your shower when water is left to recommend clarifying your hair dry? Do you need to scrub cloudy regularly if you are a swimmer or water spots off your shower door athlete. Dont be left with green or or water glasses? This iron rust or dull hair this summer - clarify! scale is also on your hair and your skin if you are not clarifying! Mandy Buechner is a master stylist at Legends Living on the Central Coast can be great for health and beauty with our mild climate and fresh ocean air. But there is something in the water you should be aware of. Clarifying your hair breaks down deposits and removes them. Be
touch real fossils and replicas. own the night: read @ your Library! is our teen theme for kids through high school. Reading ten books will earn fabulous rewards. One of the very cool things for tweens and teens this summer is that their reading logs include a raffle ticket. After collecting their canvas book bag, book, and coupons, readers can turn in their ticket for a chance of winning an IPod Touch! We are also offering programs aimed at older kids at several branch libraries again. These will require pre-registration, so be sure to call your local library. Central Coast Paranormal investigators: Consider audio and video evidence and investigators experiences. They will offer hands-on use of equipment and Q & A. Who ya gonna call? irene Flores: Manga Drawing Workshop with the illustrator of the graphic novel series Mark of the Succubus and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School. Irene will teach Manga techniques and critique work that kids bring. yvonne Helms: Artist Trading Cards Workshop. Create miniature works of art to trade with class participants or friends and family. sheri klein: Fused Glass Workshop. Projects will be fired in a kiln and returned to participants the week following the workshop. Check with your local library, like us on facebook: sloCountyLibrary, or visit the library websites www. or for times and locations of these and other library programs and to make donations. With the economy so challenging, many families are opting for staycations this summer. Day trips to a new to you library are great fun for everyone. How can we offer all these programs with county budget cuts hanging over our heads? We receive generous support from the Foundation for SLO Public Libraries; CloudStar; Altrusa International of Cinco Cuidades and SLO; Rotary of Morro Bay, and Friends of the Library. Its going to be a great summer!
Kristen Barnhart has been telling stories, recommending books, and stamping little hands for over 33 years throughout SLO County. She is currently a Youth Services Librarian at the San Luis Obispo Library. Kristen can be reached at (805) 781-5775 or Salon & Day Spa in Atascadero and graduated from Paul Mitchell The School MTI. She lives with her daughter in Templeton and can be reached at (916) 225-3971.

$30 Special ($15 Savings!)

Wash, Cut & Style
(only valid with Mandy B)

Legends Salon & Day Spa

4855 El Camino Real Atascadero

Mandy B
Curl Specialist

Libraries will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through times with no Libraries!

(805) 461-5207 salon (916) 225-3971 direct

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Cirque & Silks

Schools Out for Summer!

Schools Out & Surfs Up!
JUNE 18 - 22 JUNE 25 - 29 JULY 9 - 13 JULY 23 - 27

Tramp & Tumbling

Team Gymnastics


Rec Gymnastics


he ck r 8 fabulous weeks of Summer Camp: C ou ou t

Pirates of the Gymnasium! Olympic Spectacular!
JULY 30 - AUG. 3 AUG. 6 - 10

CCGs Birthday Bash! Sponge Bob Does Flips!

Members who purchase a Summer Class Card receive a FREE 1/2 day of Summer Super Camp!

CCGs Got Talent! Splish Splash Summer Bash!

AUG. 13 - 17

CCGs Super Heroes!

JULY 16 - 20

CCG combines action-packed days of fun with the finest gymnastics training for the

Ultimate Camp Experience!

CCGs Summer Super Camps for children 3 13 are filled with Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Pit Activities, and Super FUN Games! Every week has a different theme, guest speakers from our community, awesome arts and crafts, outside activities, martial arts, Meadow Park field trips, and more!

New and non-enrolled students. Not valid with any other offers. One coupon per person. Expires 7/10/2012

16,000 square feet of Fun & Fitness!

805 549-8408
Central Coast Family
June 2012

21 Zaca Lane, SLO

Page 16

June 2012 Free Ongoing Events

FARMERS MARKET: 11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG



Great Outdoors Month Potty Training Awareness Month National Adopt-A-Cat Month National Drive Safe Month National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month National Rose Month National Tennis Month Intl Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

June is:

Birthstone: Pearl

8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



Flower: Rose




11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

Egg DAY 1ST US SpAcEWAlk (by Ed White in 1965)

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG



8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG




9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St



FuLL moon


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria


3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St






11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria


3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


FARMERS MARKETS: 8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St


BAlD EAglE DAY jUNETEENTH (End of slavery in 1865)



nEw moon


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 10:00am-12:30pm Cayucos Vets Hall 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall 4:00-8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Shell Bch Dinosaur Caves 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St


HElEN kEllERS BIRTHDAY (Born in 1880)


see Family Events & Local Resources on pages 18-21

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Family Events
APR 20-JUN 3 (times vary): OUTWARD BOUND at Pewter Plough Playhouse, 824 Main St, Cambria. See this captivating and ethereal fantasy, interspersed with humor, about an odd assortment of passengers on an ocean liner headed for an unknown destination. Cost: $15-$25. Contact: 9273877 or APR 26-JUN 10 (times vary): VAUDEVILLE SPECTACULAR at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville on HWY 1 in Oceano. Let the good times roll, bring the whole family and enjoy a full night of Vaudeville Revue! The best of the best from years past are packed into a high-energy series of skits, songs, and tricks. Tickets: $18-$22, with discounts for groups, seniors, students, active military, and children. The in-house snack bar serves great food and drinks before the show and during intermissions. Contact: 489-2499 or http:// MAY 12-JUN 3 (SAT & SUN) at 2:00 pm: WILLY WONKA: THE MUSICAL at Unity Church, 1490 Southwood Dr, SLO. Roald Dahls timeless story of the mad candy man comes to life on stage with beloved songs from the movie! Cost: $14-$20. Order tickets at www. Contact: 543-PLAY or MAY 31-JUN 3 (times vary): ELKS RODEO at Elks Rodeo Arena, Hwy 101 & Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. Giddy up for 4 days of professional bull riding, cow roping, and general parading! There will be food, drinks, and vendors as well. Contact: 922-1538 or FRI JUN 1: HUNGER AWARENESS DAY throughout San Luis Obispo County. 1 Day. 1 Dollar. 1 Big Challenge to Feed the Hungry. Raise enough money in just one day to feed 44,000 hungry residents in SLO County! Donate online at, mail in a contribution, or look for collection sites throughout SLO County. Each dollar provides 7 nutritious meals! JUN 1-JUL 21: Applications accepted for the CHILDRENS CRAFT FAIRE at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave, Los Osos. Children ages 13 and younger are invited to sell their crafts in the AUG 4 faire. Stop by the library for a free application. Contact: 528-1862. FRI JUN 1 6:30-8:30 pm: DIVE IN MOVIE at SLO Swim Center, 902 Southwood Dr, San Luis Obispo. Enjoy family favorite Finding Nemo on a big screen while lounging pool side or dive-in and make a splash in the lighted pool. Its fun for the whole family! Concessions available for purchase on deck. Cost: $5/person, $15/families of 3+. Contact: 781-7300. SAT JUN 2 & SUN JUN 3 (times vary): GREEK FESTIVAL in Mission Plaza, 751 Palm St, SLO. Enjoy great traditional Greek food, pasties, costumes, dancing, entertainment, and childrens activities. SAT: 11:00 am-6:00 pm, SUN: 12:00-5:00 pm. Cost: free, $15 BBQ Lamb. Contact: SAT JUN 2 11:00 am7:00 pm: MORRO BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL at 714 Embarcadero, Morro Bay. Show your moves on Morro Bays largest outdoor dance floor while you listen to music of local favorites and national rising stars! In between bands, enjoy dance troops and demonstrations by community groups. Food and shopping available. Contact: 7721155 or

SAT JUN 2 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm: INSIDE OUT at Performing Arts Center, 1 Grand Ave, SLO. Variable Velocity Performance Group presents an evening of original work that explores the compelling phenomenon of the soloist in performance and the relentless physicality of the athlete. Contact: 756-2787 or SAT JUN 2 5:00-10:00 pm: Templeton HS FFA STUDENT PROJECT AUCTION at American Legion Hall, 805 S Main St, Templeton. High school AG Mechanics students crafted incredible auction creations out of metal, wood, tile and paint. Proceeds go directly to students. Admission: free! Tri-Tip BBQ: $35.00 per person. Buy Raffle tickets to win donated items. Contact: 434-5850. SAT JUN 2 at 8:00 pm: A MUSICAL JOURNEY The Vocal Arts Ensemble Prepares for Tour at the Mission, 989 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo. Tickets: $15-30. Contact: 541-6797 or SUN JUN 3 8:00 am: JUNE BLOOM FUN RUN at Lopez Lake Recreation Area, at 6800 Lopez Dr, Arroyo Grande. Come rain or shine, the fundraising runs start at 8:00 am and include a 10k Trail Run, 5k Flat, and a Tiny Mile for ages 6 & under. Entry Fees: 10k - $35, 5k - $30, Tiny Mile - $15. Park Entry fee: $10. Contact: 481-1665. SUN JUN 3 11:30 am-3:30 pm: AFTERNOON OF EPICUREAN DELIGHTS at Chapman House, 1243 Ocean Blvd, Shell Beach. This major event benefits the Health and Prevention Division of Community Action Partnership of SLO. Enjoy beautiful scenic views, listen to great music, and savor some of SLO Countys finest culinary offerings. Tickets: $100. Contact: 544-2498. SUN JUN 3 at 3:00 pm: A MUSICAL JOURNEY The Vocal Arts Ensemble Prepares for Tour at Community Presbyterian Church, 2250 Yorkshire Dr, Cambria. Tickets: $20-$25. Contact: 541-6797 or SUN JUN 3 at 6:00 pm: Academy Of Dance Presents INFUSION at Spanos Theatre, 1 Grand Ave, SLO. This upbeat, fast moving evening includes contemporary & jazz dance. Music varies from pop to classical & everything in-between. Cost: $20 - $25. Contact: 544-1230 or MON JUN 4 7:00 pm: WINE, WAVES & BEYOND 3rd Annual Central Coast Longboard Surf Classic at Wine, Waves, 2757 Shell Beach Rd, Pismo Beach. This classic surf and wine event celebrates the best of San Luis Obispo County. Combining the fun, laid back atmosphere of wine country and unique surf culture, enjoy four days of unforgettable events evoking the magic of wine and waves. All proceeds support the Association of Amputee Surfers. Contact: TUE JUN 5 3:00-5:00 pm: Rare ASTRONOMY EVENT: SOLAR-VENUS TRANSIT at Paso Robles Park at Farmers Market. This is the last chance in your lifetime to see the rare alignment of Venus as it glides across the face of the sun. Join the Central Coast Astronomical Society and peek through their special solar telescopes. The first 200 guests will take home a personal solar viewer. All ages welcome! This event is free and CCAS is donating NASAs Astronomy Guidebooks. Contact: 748-1109 or www. FRI JUN 8 8:00 pm: CHANTICLEER: MISSION ROAD at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa,

May 12-June 3
Saturdays & Sundays

2:00 PM

Unity of San Luis Obispo, 1490 Southwood Drive, SLO

(805) 543-7529 Order tickets online: BrownPaperTickets

751 Palm St, SLO. This world-renowned allmale choral ensemble is accompanied by a small chamber ensemble of violin, cello, lute, and guitar and brings back the magnificent music that resonated in the CA missions over 200 years ago. Cost: $20-$44. Contact: 800 407-1400 or SAT JUN 9 at 10:00 am: Morro Bay Police K9 WALK-A-THON starts at Morro Rock, travels on the Embarcadero to Pacific St, up to Main Street, then back down the Embarcadero to Morro Rock. This event for all active pets and their owners will raise funds for Morro Bays newest K9 Xello. After the walk, enjoy events, vendor booths and demos. Contact: or www. SAT JUN 9 5:00-10:00 pm: TEEN HAWAIIAN POOL PARTY at Abel Maldonado Community Youth Center, 600 S. McClelland St, Santa Maria. Teens 7th-12th grade kick off the summer and enjoy Santa Maria style BBQ, games, dancing, inflatable pool slide, and a giant floating hound dog! Prizes for best limbo & DJ Flashback will be rockin the house. Cost: $5. Contact: 925-0951 x260. SAT JUN 9 & SUN JUN 10 (times vary): CINDERELLA, CHOPINIANA & GISELLE ACT 1 at Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Enjoy an evening of dance and entertainment with Santa Maria Civic Ballet and Everybody Can DANCE. Contact: 4899444 or JUN 14-SEP 15 (times vary): GUNSMOKIN at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville, 1863 Pacific Blvd, Oceano. This western parody is set on the streets of Dodge City during a time of strong, fearless, courageous men, but it is not a story of those men. Come along and frolic on a musical adventure where things may

not be quite what they seem. Tickets: $18$22, with discounts for groups, seniors, students, active military, and children. The in-house snack bar serves great food and drinks before the show and during intermissions. Contact: 489-2499 or http:// FRI JUN 15 at 6:00 pm: Community Partners in Caring annual fundraiser A Tour of Tuscany at Radisson Hotel, 3455 Skyway Dr, Santa Maria. Auction, hors doeuvres, hosted bar, and dinner. Cost: $100. Contact: 925-8000 or JUN 15-17 (times vary): PISMO CLASSIC CAR SHOW in the downtown area and on the Pismo pier. This 27th annual show features a thousand head-turning classic cars and rods, and is one of the largest car shows in the area. Contact: 866 450-7469 or http:// SAT JUN 16 9:00 am12:00 pm: KIDS FREE FISHING CLINIC at 6800 Lopez Dr, Arroyo Grande. Bring kids (under 16) to the clinic at the Nature Center near the Marina. Come before 11:00 am to allow time to fish. Kids will be given lessons with an experienced fishermen on fishing ethics and conservation, knot tying, fish types and ecology, and how to cast your line. All equipment provided and everyone will fish. Rain cancels. Contact: 788-2381. SAT JUN 16 at 12:00 pm: CENTRAL COAST OYSTER FESTIVAL at Morro Bay Golf Course, 201 State Park Rd, Morro Bay. Enjoy delectable oysters and fresh local produce from the areas best chefs, a spirited oyster-shucking competition, and live entertainment. Proceeds benefit OPTIONS Family of Services. Cost: $20. Contact: 459-0701 or http://centralcoast

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JUL 1-4 9:00 am-9:00 pm: AGHS Eagle Robotics FIREWORK STAND at Old JJs Market, 33 E Branch St, Arroyo Grande. AGHS Band Boosters pitch their fireworks stand on 19th and Hwy 1, Oceano.

Family Events
JuLy 4th PuBLiC FireWorKS
at dusk (about 9:00 pm):
Pismo Beach: at the pier - Free morro Bay: tidelands Park FREE Cayucos at the pier - Free Cambria - Shamel Park - Free Santa maria Fairgrounds - Free meridian Winery Vineyards Entrance fee: Adults: $25, 3-17 yrs: $20, under 3 yrs: free

Construction Clean Up

SUN JUL 1 at 6:30 pm: FREE MOVIE NIGHTS @ THE LIBRARY featuring National Treasure in Shepard Hall, Santa Maria Public Library, 421 S McClelland St, Santa Maria. Contact: 925-0994 x117. JUL 2-11: LIVE-LOVE-BE: Gay Pride In SLO includes an art reception, beach bash, and marriage equality forums. It culminates with Pride in the Plaza on JUL 11 noon-5:30 pm with a reception following at Novo. Lisa Lampanelli performs JUL 10 at PAC SLO. Contact: or 541-4252. WED JUL 4 5:00 am-10:00 pm: PUBLIC SAND SCULPTURE CONTEST, PARADE & FIREWORKS in Downtown Cayucos, near the pier. 5:00 am - sand sculpture contest; 10:00 am - parade, dusk - fireworks. Contact: 995-1200 or WED JUL 4 10:00 am-10:00 pm: PICNIC IN THE PARK CELEBRATION at Shamel Park, 5455 Windsor Blvd, Cambria. Enjoy free entertainment, prizes, food, and a fireworks display over the ocean at dusk. Contact: 927-5010 or WED JUL 4 11:00 am-3:00 pm: OLD FASHIONED 4th OF JULY CELEBRATION at Mitchell Park, 1445 Santa Rosa St, SLO. Enjoy free carnival games, sweet treats, a Rotary fundraiser barbecue, and musical entertainment at the bandstand. Contact: 781-7300 or WED JUL 4 11:00 am-6:00 pm: COMMUNITY PICNIC at Niblick Road Baptist Church, 1145 Niblick Rd, Paso Robles. Celebrate Independence Day with water slides, bounce houses, live music, games, and activities offered for kids of all ages. All food and entertainment are free. Contact: 238-4614 or WED JUL 4 11:00 am-10:00 pm: FOURTH OF JULY BIKE PARADE & FIREWORKS in Morro Bay. All ages and abilities are welcome to ride down the Embarcadero and end at Tidelands Park, where there will be free live music, food, games, and fireworks when the sun sets. Contact: or 800 396-6910. WED JUL 4 12:30-3:00 pm: 4th OF JULY IN THE VILLAGE in downtown Arroyo Grande at Heritage Square Park. Village Band performs at the bandstand. Enjoy period costumes and barbecue. Contact: or 473-2250. WED JUL 4 1:00-4:00 pm: OCTAGON BARN OPEN HOUSE at 4595 S Higuera, SLO. Cost: $5 per person, $10 per family. Enjoy a tour of the historic barn and learn about the Land Conservancys vision to open the site for community use. Contact: or 544-9096. WED JUL 4 at 1:00 pm: ANNUAL BARBECUE at Temple Beth El Of Santa Maria, 1501 E Alvin Ave, Santa Maria. Menu includes tri-tip, hot dogs, and veggie burgers. Bring your own place settings and salad and/or dessert to share. Cost $8, $6 members, $3 children, military free. Contact: 938-7728. WED JUL 4 2:00-9:30 pm: CELEBRATION ON THE PISMO PIER celebrates the nations independence with live music, food, military bands, clowns, and a fireworks show.

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Questions about fire safety? Call CAL Fire/SLo: 543-4244

This event is free. Spectators sit on the sand beside the Pismo Beach Pier or the new Promenade where it meets the pier. Contact: 773-7063 or WED JUL 4 5:00-10:00 pm: SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS at Lompoc High Schools Huyck Stadium, 515 W College Ave, Lompoc. Live music, face painting, carnival games, snacks, cotton candy, and cold drinks. Tickets: $6 adults, $4 children. Contact: 875-8100. WED JUL 4 5:30-10:00 pm: COMMUNITY FIREWORKS CELEBRATION at Santa Maria Fairpark, 937 S Thornburg St, Santa Maria. Free concert by Hot Rods at 5:30 pm and fireworks at 9:00 pm. Contact: 925-8824 or

Credit Cards Accepted

SAT JUN 16 7:30 pm: DELICATE STRENGTH: WOMEN IN MUSIC at First Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo, 981 Marsh St, SLO. See the Central Coast premiere of Bon Apptit by Lee Hoiby: Julia Childs cooking show in musical form. With musical monologues of King Henry VIIIs wives, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Julia Child, this is an evening to laugh, cry, and cry because youre laughing so hard. Donation: $20. Contact: 423-6551. MON JUN 18 9:00 am: Sierra Nevada TEEN BACKPACKING TRIP at Santa Rosa Park, Oak St & Santa Rosa St, SLO. Outside Now is offering a 5 day/4 night backpacking trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The group will travel through the Golden Trout Wilderness area and explore its treasures. Cost: $400. Contact: 541-9900 or TUE JUN 19 at 8:00 pm: INTER PLAY: THE STAGE BETWEEN at Severson Theater, 800 S. College, Santa Maria. This festival of new plays is presented by PCPA. Contact: 9228313 or THU JUN 21 5:45 pm: 5 NATURAL WAYS to Avoid Pain and Promote Healthy Pregnancy at Serenity Yoga Retreat, 104 S. Main St, Templeton. Contact: www. JUN 21-30 (times vary): THE RIVALS at Solvang Festival Theater, 420 2nd St, Solvang. 18th century aristocrats in this play are polar opposites. Hilarious rivalries ensue with love triangles, gossip, and witty retorts. Contact: 922-8313 or SAT JUN 23 9:00 am-3:00 pm: TRADING DAY & KIDS FLEA MARKET at 11th & Spring St, Paso Robles. North Countys largest yard sale in Downtown City Park where kids (38th grade) can sell their stuff. Antiques and

crafts as well. Free admission. Contact: 2384103 or SAT JUN 23 9:00 am: 7th Annual MARY GIBBS MEMORIAL FUN RUN at San Luis Obispo County YMCA, 1020 Southwood Dr, SLO. A community event to commemorate volunteerism in the community. Fun Runs consist of 5k and 10k distances. Proceeds from this event go directly to improving the facility for members and the community. Cost: $20-$30. Contact: 543-8235. SAT JUN 23 11:00 am: SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION at Morro Bay State Park campground, Morro Bay. This free fun family event includes exotic insects and snakes, tortoises and turtles from around the world, Wharwolves (hybrid wolves), marine invertebrate touch tanks, and birds. Participants include Pacific Wildlife Care, Marine Mammal Rescue, Northern Chumash Tribal Council, and more. Contact: 772-2694. JUN 23-JUL 8 (times vary): GREASE at Unity Church, 1490 Southwood Dr, SLO. This iconic rock n roll musical is named for the 1950s working-class youth subculture known as the greasers. High school teens navigate the complexities of love, cars, and drive-ins and the award winning score recreates the sounds of early rock and roll. Cost: $14-$20. Contact: 543-PLAY or http:// SUN JUN 24 1:00-5:00 pm: PALLET TO PALATE: BOUNTY IN THE BARN at Turri Ranch, 3730 Turri Ranch Rd, SLO. Meet local farmers and chefs while savoring the wonderful flavors of the Central Coast. Bring the family to enjoy live music and a silent auction to benefit agriculture education. Cost: $40-45. Contact: 234-5250 or

List Your Event!
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Recurring Events & Resources

Every FRI 5:30-7:30 pm: Concerts In The Plaza in Mission Plaza, 751 Palm St, SLO. These free concerts feature local music, including Nada Rasta on JUN 1, Monte Mills on JUN 8, The Kicks on JUN 15, Truth About Seafood on JUN 22, and Burning James and the Funky Flames on JUN 29. Contact: 5410286 or JUNAUG: Youth swim & water polo lessons at Cal Poly Recreation Center. Swim lessons are held for 2 weeks of nine 40-min sessions. Water polo lessons for boys and girls age 1013 are 2 weeks of eight 60-min sessions. Rec Center membership is not required; space is limited. Cost: $55. Contact: www.asi. or 756-1366. YMCA Leadership Development Program provides an educational and fun environment where teens entering grades 9-12 can develop leadership skills. Participants gain confidence, group facilitation skills, program planning and implementation knowledge, life-long friendships and much more. Camp locations are countywide. Contact: 5438235 or

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Local Resources
1st & 3rd THU of every month 6:00-7:00 pm: Free Class On How To Read Music at The Piano Outlet, 485 North Frontage Rd, Nipomo. This class introduces the basic building blocks of music notation and how to identify, read, and play music with emphasis on recognition of pitch and duration, or rhythm. No need to call ahead or register. Just show up; its free! Contact: 541-3501703 or Every TUE & THU 9:30 am or 6:30 pm: Moms Group Drop-in classes at 5 Cities Swim School, 425 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande. $7 members, $9 Non-members. This fun year-round class for parents and babies 3 mos to 2 yrs includes swimming skills, bonding, and songs. Contact: 481-6399 or 1st MON every month 12:15-12:45 pm: Sukha Wellness Center welcomes Heidi Harmon for a singing and dancing good time at 6615 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. Helps kids with active participation and camaraderie, developing creativity, reducing performance anxiety and building memorization skills. Cost: $5. Contact: 801-8088. Every MON 6:30 pm: Prenatal Yoga With Mary Sage Sennewald at Sukha Wellness Center, at 6615 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach. Learn essential exercises and techniques to use throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Meet other pregnant women and learn about local resources. Cost: $8. Contact: 801-8088. Every TUE 6:00-7:30 pm: Womens Depression Group with Michelle Ogle, LMFT at 411 Traffic Way #A, Arroyo Grande. Explore your personal journey among like-minded women. Share adversity and strengths. Learn to Set boundaries and Goals. Evolve through others experiences. Be happy without compromising who you are. Ongoing groups. Call for brief screening and info. Contact: 260-5710. Every TUE at 6:30 pm: Central Coast Weight Loss Challenge Lessons and Classes at Crossroads Wellness, 1542 W Branch St, Arroyo Grande. This 12-week program advises proper nutrition and food choices while encouraging exercise. Each person will receive personalized one-on-one coaching. Participation costs $39 for all 12 weeks. $10 of each entry will be donated to a local childrens charity, and the rest of the proceeds will be awarded to the biggest loser. Contact: 489-4466 or mike@ Every other THU 3:30-4:30 pm: Paws to Read ProgramReading to Rover at Atascadero Library, 6850 Morro Rd. Join Captain, a 6 year-old tan and white rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier and his human friend Anne Harris, for a relaxed hour of stories. Captain, a certified therapy dog, loves it when children read to him! For dates, call 461-6161. Every THU 6:30-9:30 pm: Mic-Check Jam Music Session at Shell Caf, 1351 Price St, Pismo Beach. Contact: 773-8300 or http:// 4th WED of every month at 10:00 am: Wednesdays at the Movies at Morro Bay Library, 625 Harbor St. Watch a free flick and discuss it with friends! Contact: 772-6394 or Every SAT 11:00 am-4:00 pm: ADOPT-A-PET events at Petco in Madonna Plaza Shopping Center, 271 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo. Cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, tested and vaccinated. A free vet exam is included. Cost: Adoption fees are $60 for one or $80 for two. Contact: 549-9228 or Los Osos Pet Lost & Found Headquarters connects people with their LOST pets and allows those who have FOUND a pet to locate the owner. If you are unable to secure a found pet in your home, call 528-5611. Sponsored by Squeaks, Chirps & Bubbles Pet & Feed Store, 1030 Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos. If you found or lost a pet in Los Osos, call 528-5611 or 801-6640. Tree of Life at 7730 Morro Rd, Suite 106, Atascadero, is a non-profit organization helping women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, baby clothes and supplies, as well as medical referrals and other practical assistance. All services are free and completely confidential. Contact: 461-3405 or Every WED at 4:30 pm: Read to Skipper the Dog at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. Skipper is a good listener. Contact: 5281862 or Every WED-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 10:00 am-5:00 pm: Free Electronic Waste Drop Off at Exploration Station, 867 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach. Drop off any item with a cord, including all electronics and small appliances. Not accepted: large household appliances, batteries, and light bulbs. Tax receipts and free pick-up for large TVs and loads of electronic waste. Contact: 473-1421 or Every WED 10:00 am-6:30 pm: North County Humane Society offers microchip clinics at 2300 Ramona Rd, Atascadero. Get your cat microchipped, so youll never have to worry about them getting lost. Its the best $15 you will ever spend! Contact: www.slonchs. org. 2nd TUE every month 7:00-9:00 pm: SLO NightWriters offers educational speakers at the PG&E Education Center, 6588 Ontario Rd, San Luis Obispo. SLO NightWriters is the premier writing organization on the Central Coast. All are welcome. Contact: www. 2nd WED every month 9:30-10:30 am: Free Classic Story Hour at SLO Classical Academy, 165 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Free and open to the public. Story time for preschool aged children on the campus of SLO Classical Academy in SLO. Come hear a story, participate in a craft and make some new friends! Contact: 548-8700. Every FRI 10:00-11:30 am: Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP) at One Consignment, 240 E HWY 246, #105, Buellton. Contact: 564-3888 or AIKIDO FOR KIDS - Get Fit at Aikido of SLO, 209 Bonetti, SLO. Ongoing classes are for ages 4-11 (kids are divided into two age groups). Children learn how to be safe without hurting others. The learning environment is fun and skilled teachers are friendly. Classes include safety techniques, games, tumbling, and cooperative interaction skills. Contact: or 544-8866. La Clinica de Tolosa is a nonprofit childrens dental clinic in Paso Robles providing a full range of quality pediatric dental care for ages 1 to 12. It serves low-income children throughout the county who are uninsured or covered by public insurance programs such as Medi-Cal. Contact: www.clinicadetolosa. org, or 238-5334. Every FRI 1:00-2:00 pm: Mommy and Me Little Swimmers in a warm water therapy pool at 1443 Cazadero St, SLO. Jacks Helping Hand offers a parent & child class designed to engage children ages 2 to 8 with special needs in fun water activities that encourage physical and social development. Cost: $20 for 4 classes and scholarships are available. Join anytime! Taught by Kay Heaton, B.S.M.S, Kinesio-Therapist. Contact: 5471914. Volunteer as a Good Neighbor! Make a difference in the life of an older adult or an adult with a disability. Once trained, volunteers choose services to contribute and schedule volunteer hours at their convenience. Training is scheduled monthly at Wilshire Community Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO. Contact: 547-7025 x 17. Volunteer at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art! Stop by at 1010 Broad St (west end of Mission Plaza) or email volunteer@sloma. org. 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm: Caregiver Support Group at Cayucos Community Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Free support group for caregivers and family members dealing with long-term illness, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers. Contact: 458-7484. 1st SAT every month 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Elfin Forest Work Parties. Dress for wind, fog, or sun (layers work well) in long pants, longsleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes. Meet at the north end of 15th St in Los Osos. Contact: 528-0392 or 2nd SAT every month: Family programs at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. Contact: 541-1400 or Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Independent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Maria Terrace, 1405 E. Main St. New ways of doing daily tasks are taught by the Braille Institute, such as managing the home, traveling, and use of talking library books. Contact: 462-1225. 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pacific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. Childcare provided. Contact: 934-3491 or www.pacificchristian. net. Teen Wellness Program: TUE 3:00-6:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm at Arroyo Grande EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand Ave. Health services, including reproductive health services, in a safe environment with staff trained to screen, assess, and provide intervention. Appointment preferred. Contact: 489-4026. 1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Community Action Partnership Senior Health Screening at First United Methodist Church, 275 N. Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande. Free and low-cost services for people 50 and older including blood pressure, pulse, weight, total cholesterol, screening for anemia, diabetes and fecal blood, nutritional counseling, and referrals. Contact: 481-2692 or 788-0827. 1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled American Veterans luncheon meeting at Veterans Memorial Bldg, 313 W. Tunnell St, Santa Maria. Contact: 345-0402. Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Arrive 10 min early for 1st meeting. Offered by Hospice of SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Support Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, 420 Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. 2nd SUN every month 1:00-3:00 pm: Free Reiki energy balancing and relaxation at Central Coast Yoga, 900 E Grand Ave, Arroyo Grande. 30 min sessions, no disrobing, 5 certified practitioners. Contact: 235-6283. 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to Survive Divorce seminar at San Luis Obispo Womens Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St, #D in SLO. Practical tips, pointers, and suggestions for handling family law issues. $10.00 donation requested for handout materials and book. Contact: 544-9313. 4th TUE every month at 5:30 pm: Legal Clinic for Self-Represented Litigants at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Law Library, 1050 Monterey St in SLO, #125. SLO County Bar Assn Family Law Section & Womens Community Center provide one-on-one legal advice for persons filing divorces w/o an attorney, and a document preparer to assist in completing court-required forms. Min. $40.00 donation. Limit: 12 participants. Contact: 544-9313. Every MON 4:00-5:00 pm: Jacks Yoga for Teens in San Luis Obispo Veterans Building, 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Classes are free with Jacks Helping Hand Scholarships, all abilities and special needs welcome, ages 10-18. Classes are taught by certified yoga instructor Shoosh Crotzer. Contact: 5471914 or

For Wildlife in Distress 805 543-WilD [9453]

Call Our HOtline:

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PETS OF THE MONTH Available for Immediate Adoption!

Arroyo Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The Village Salon

Seeking... Sharing... Serving

Worship Service Times Saturday: 9:30 & 10:45 am 240 Vernon St, Arroyo Grande


5 year old Male Flame Point Siamese Medium Hair w/ Blue Eyes

6 year old Male Springer Spaniel Pit Bull Mix


(805) 489-6622

Nail care is easy too with SHELLAC & GELISH!

Neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Neutered Microchipped, Leash & House Trained & Litter Box Trained Indoor/Outdoor, Loves walks Calm & Gentle, Friendly Mellow, Sweet & Loving! Independent & Affectionate!

Give us a call: (805) 489-5100

115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande

(805) 543-9316

San Luis Obispo

875 Oklahoma Ave

Every MON 2:00-4:00 pm & WED 3:00-5:00 pm: Jacks Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jacks Helping Hand at Central Coast Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Lane, #100 in San Luis Obispo. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities to check out. In-home appointments also available. Cost-Free! Contact: 547-1914 or www. Every TUE 2:00-5:00 pm & FRI 4:00-7:00 pm: Jacks Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jacks Helping Hand at Pats Place in Nipomo Recreation Community Rm, 671 W Tefft St, Ste 2, Nipomo. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities to check out. In-home appointments also available. Cost-Free! Contact: 547-1914 or Every THU 11:00 am-2:00 pm & SUN 1:004:00 pm: Katies Korner Adaptive Toy Lending Library (Jacks Helping Hand) is at Paso Robles Childrens Museum, 623 13th St, Paso Robles. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities free to check out. In-home appointments also available. Contact: 547-1914 or www. Divorce Support Group meets weekly at 1540 Marsh St. Suite 260 in SLO. Licensed Psychotherapist Ben Elfant-Rea leads the group. Contact: 903-2604 or www. 1st MON every month at 6:00 pm: Free InfantChild CPR Class at 5 Cities Swim School, 425 Traffic Way, Arroyo Grande. Contact: 4816399 or 1st THU every month 9:30-10:30 pm: Bike Happening at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa! After Farmers Market, enjoy pedaling with hundreds of bikers, or just watch. Different costume-decoration themes every month. Have fun and obey all traffic laws! Contact: http:/bikehappening. org. Last TUE every month at 7:00 pm: Birth & Baby Resource Network sponsors free education events at EcoBambino, 863 Monterey St, SLO. Contact: or 546-3755. Every SAT 11:00 am-3:00 pm: ADOPT A PET at Petco, 2051 Theater Dr, in Paso Robles. Cats are available for adoption through NCHS. Dogs are available through Short n Sweet Dog Rescue. Contact: 466-5403. Find the Adventures With Nature & Mind Walk schedule from Morro Bay Museum of Natural History at: naturewalks.html.

Every FRI at 7:00 pm: Senior Ballroom Dance at the Madonna Inn. If you are a senior (single or attached) and like ballroom dancing, this is the place! Look left of the bandstand for table sign Senior Dancers. Dance, chat and listen to good music. No fees; no dues; just fun! Contact: 489-5481 or Literacy Council for San Luis Obispo County has an ongoing and urgent need for volunteer tutors and offers free training in SLO. Contact: 541-4219 or www.sloliteracy. org. Become a volunteer tutor for adults learning to read, write, or speak English with Central Coast Literacy Council. No teaching experience or ability to speak a 2nd language required. Tutor training at Santa Maria Library on SAT FEB 25 & SAT MAR 3. Contact: 925-0951 x 837, cclcread@ or stop by the office at Santa Maria Library. Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens offers many free services: Senior Connection - connecting callers with local resources; HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) one on one assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, advise and referrals for long term care options, and help with billing / appeals; Vial of Life magnetized containers with medical information; a Senior Resource Directory for SLO or SB counties, and much more. Contact: 9259554 or San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health screening, legal services, meals, exercise, bridge, bingo, and more at 1445 Santa Rosa St. Contact: 781-7306. San Luis Obispo ALPHA (Alpha Pregnancy Counseling & Support) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, non-sectarian organization providing free pregnancy support, newborn assistance & education in SLO, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero. Pregnancy Testing; Options Counseling; Follow-Up Counseling; Support & Referrals re: Post-Partum Depression; Medical Care & Insurance; Agency Referrals; Rental Deposit Assistance; Maternity & Baby Clothes; Infant Supplies & Equipment; Workshops; Support Groups; and a Speakers Bureau. Contact: 541.3367 or Central Coast Astronomical Society plans a Dark Sky Star Party every month at Santa Margarita Lake KOA Campground at sunset. CCAS also sponsors special guest speakers and programs periodically. Event details and schedules, weather updates, and local resources can all be found at: Contact:

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San Francisco
by David Vogel
Golden Gate Suite at the Hotel Palomar

Where to Stay in

Our family recently had another opportunity to visit San Francisco. To sample accommodations, we arranged to stay at three different hotels. First was the classy and comfy Hotel Palomar. We were instantly charmed by this wonderful old building with elegant finishes and artful interior dcor. Without exception, all of the staff members that we interacted with were friendly, warm, and helpful. A unique touch was the loaner goldfish delivered to our room in a globe aquarium. We enjoyed the fruit-infused water available 24/7 in the lobby. Other features we appreciated include the very comfortable pillow-top beds, nice hot showers, and luxurious toiletries with a light woodsy scent. They offer an intriguing Mind Body Spa that we didnt have time to explore. Even the valet parking garage was thoughtfully furnished with a sitting nook. Hotel Palomar has a very convenient location in the heart of the city. This family and pet-friendly boutique hotel is just steps from Moscone Center, SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, and multiple museums, including Zeum: San Francisco Childrens Museum, and staff can

Chinatown, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge are just minutes from this hotel. You can stroll along Fishermans Wharf, explore Pier 39, sample fare at Ghirardelli Square, or hop on a cable car (across the street from the hotel) and see famous Lombard Street, or visit Union Square and North Beach. The hotel features an outdoor heated pool and Jacuzzi. We enjoyed the great locale, lemon water in the lobby, inviting fitness For the 75th anniversary of the center, spacious rooms, wide halls, Golden Gate Bridge, Hotel Palomar comfy beds, and big flatscreen TVs. has created a new Golden Gate Suite. From the moment guests The Hyatt Regency San Francisco walk off the elevator onto the fifth at 5 Embarcadero Center (our third floor of the hotel and peek down the hotel) offers wonderful views of the hallway, they will catch a glimpse of bay, ferry, bridge, and waterfront, the Golden Gate Bridge tollbooth easy access throughout downtown, blown up on the doors and walls of and family-friendly hospitality. We suite 512. The eye-catching photo is enjoyed the spacious and spectacular just the beginning of the experience lobby, the 24-hour fitness center, guests will discover during their and the easy stroll to the Ferry Plaza stay in the Golden Gate Suite. Upon Farmers Market. Guests can walk entering the suite, guests will see the from Chinatown to Fishermans glowing and brilliant Golden Gate Wharf and the historic Ferry Bridge across the bay windows of the Building, shop in Union Square and suite -- a printed opaque decal that Embarcadero Center, or board cable expands across the five bay windows cars right outside the door. Bicycle in the room. rentals, boating, sailing and tennis are all available nearby. Our next stay was at the Hyatt at Fishermans Wharf. Nob Hill, We also checked out the Hyatt

recommend other nearby kidoriented activities and services. Connecting rooms and suites give everyone space (simply request prior to arrival). Plus, the program KimptonKids makes it easier for families to travel by providing items that are hard to pack, such as cribs, play pens, highchairs, booster seats, etc. Kids will be delighted to receive welcome gifts and child-size robes are available for loan or purchase.

Regency San Francisco Airport on Bayshore Highway in Burlingame. This comfortable and convenient hotel is just 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco, or the technology corridor of Silicon Valley - and only seven minutes from San Francisco International Airport. It features a heated outdoor pool and whirlpool, bayside jogging and bike path, and was recently updated with an emphasis on sustainable and green practices. Be sure to ask about the explore Package now available at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco, Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Fishermans Wharf

Unique Beauty
* Handcrafted Jewelry * Jewelry Repair * Unusual Art & Gifts

Watch Batteries $8.00 Watch & Clock Repair

Open TUE-FRI 10:30-5:00

2141 Tenth St, Los Osos

805 543-2000
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Hyatt Regency lobby

San Francisco, Hyatt at Fishermans Wharf and Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport (valid through 12/31/12), which includes: two Muni passports good for cable cars, buses, and Muni underground; 15% food and beverage discount at participating restaurants for lunch and dinner, and a passport book for children. Before your trip, check out the online Munisystem maps to begin planning your trip around San Francisco. For more information and links to helpful resources, visit www.

Dance Music Theater Voice Fitness

All Ages All Levels

Summer Camps, Intensives & Session Classes

Beats, Breaks & Sticks Aug 6-10 12:30-3:30pm $125 Ages 8 + Ballet Intensive Aug 6-10 9-12pm $125 Ages 11 + Under the Big Top July 16-20 9-12pm $125 Ages 4 - 7 Theater Camp July 9-Aug 3 10-2:30pm $350 Ages 8 - 17 Only 30 spots available! Storybook Theater Camp July 9-July 13 9:30-12pm $125 Ages 5 - 7


Relax & enjoy perfect private dining for your Holiday Party, Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, Business Meeting, Birthday, and other gatherings.

FULL SERVICE CATERING also available at your site! PaRty tRayS available tO GO or for DELIVERy

Summer Session Classes (once/week for 5 weeks, $50) Variations Performance Troupe Prep Intro to Happy Feet Performance Enhancement, Movement & Stage Presence Hip Hop Heart Attack Tap Choreography & Performance Ask about our Toddlers on Tour Program! (regular tuition rates)

IN THE CREAMERY 570 Higuera St, Ste 130

NEW HOURS! 10:30 am-10:00 pm

Space is limited. Register today! Call 489-5678

San Luis Obispo

Oak Park Blvd

N 4th St


Delivery Pick Up Dine In
HWY 1 S 4th St

Check out our website for more info and registration!
1030 Huston Street, Ste. C, Grover Beach
Br is co Rd

W Grand Ave

Central Coast Family

June 2012

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Elm St

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David S. Vogel
Serious Injury
Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents Wrongful Death, Head Injury, Burns Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Neglect No Recovery . No Fee
Former Prosecutor with 28 years of Experience Honored with the highest rating (AV Preeminent) in the Peer-Reviewed National Law Directory Martindale-Hubbell

Law Offices of (805) 540-7100

1026 Palm Street, Suite 214, San Luis Obispo

What do you offer Central Coast families?

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