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New Year Resolve / Help for Struggling Students II / San Francisco Family Fun!

Free! Central Coast Family


San Francisco Family Fun, the oldest Italian restaurant in America. After breathing in the delicious aromas, we headed upstairs to the hotel. No elevators in this three-story landmark building, built right after the 1906 quake and lovingly restored.

Cover Photo:
Walking through a kaleidoscope at Ripleys Believe It or Not! Museum in San Francisco

by David Vogel

We picked up the kids after school on Friday. The drive to San Francisco was long, about four hours, so we stopped for dinner on the way in San Jose, and ate at Los Cubanos, (thank you Yelp), featuring Cuban and Brazilian cuisine. I had oxtail in a spicy red wine and tomato sauce. Wow! Everyone enjoyed the flavorful food, and we were more relaxed

after dinner, when the traffic had The staff at the San Remo was thinned out. very friendly, well-informed and helpful. The halls and rooms Directions to the San Remo Hotel were immaculate, and festively were decorated with plants and period easy to follow, so our drive along furniture, lighting, and fabrics. We the waterfront to North Beach had adjoining rooms, with a sliding was pleasant, though punctuated door between them. Our room with Dad, wheres the Golden had a sink, dressers, an armoire, Gate Bridge? We were able to and a comfy full-size brass bed. park and unload in front of the The kids room had twin beds and hotel entrance and Fior dItalia, furniture. We soon learned that the pull-chain toilets down the hall with oak tanks were efficient Central Coast Family PO Box 6424, Los Osos, CA 93412 and clean, and always accessible. Our goal is to connect Central Coast families with the resources they need to thrive! People we passed in the halls EDITOR PUBLISHER chatted in various languages. It Patrice Vogel David Vogel felt like we were in Europe.

son and I walked to Caf Capriccio on the corner for excellent coffee, cocoa, and pastries, and we brought some back to the hotel. Then off to ride the cable cars. The end of the Powell/Mason line is only a few blocks away on Bay Street, near Fishermans Wharf. Up and down Nob Hill through Chinatown to Powell Market, in the heart of downtown. It was fun. When we returned by cable car to the San Remo, we explored our charming hotel. There is a Penthouse, which has its own claw foot tub and inspiring views. None of the rooms have phones, but there is free wireless access, and a payphone in the lobby. The hotel rates are very reasonable,

Phone: (805) 528-0440 Fax: (805) 439-0798

Phone: (805) 534-1000 Fax: (805) 439-0798 ADVERTISING (805) 528-0440

SUDOKU, FUN & GAMES Claire & Jack Vogel Cartoonist: Amaya Dempsey

After a good nights sleep, I took a relaxing shower down the hall in a claw foot tub, then grabbed a fresh towel off a brass warmer. My

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Out of the Blue DISTRIBUTION: Eric Woodards, Raven Rose, Bill & Helene Hocker Add your business to our distribution route: (805) 528-0440 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Brad Bailey, Kristen Barnhart, Guy Crabb, Steve Kragenbrink, Elisabeth Meadows, Michael Morin, Steven Smith, Christina Zantman
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Watch Batteries $8.00

Replaced While You Wait Open TUE-FRI 10:30-4:30

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2141 Tenth St, Los Osos

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Central Coast Family

January 2012


and the location is convenient to a Chinatown hole in the wall with Fishermans Wharf, Chinatown, a long line out the door. With a and downtown. party of eight, we could get a reservation. Among the dishes We ate dim sum for lunch at Yank we enjoyed were the hot and sour Sing ( with soup, sesame chicken, calamari my nephew, whod just moved with lemon sauce, and beef with to San Francisco. Dim (or Deem) green beans. The food was great, sum literally means to touch and the staff is efficient, but we the heart. Served with Chinese were out of there faster than we tea, dim sum is an assortment of expected. The Soup Nazi from tasty dumplings and finger foods Seinfeld comes to mind. that can be steamed, baked, grilled, stir-fried, or deep-fried. After another restful night at Fortunately, we had reservations. the San Remo, we packed up I had never seen some of the the car, checked out, and joined dishes served at Yank Sing, nor my family for brunch at Honey could I remember tasting better. Honey Caf and Crepery. www. Sea Bass, Peking Duck, Shanghai Dumplings so good! Ive heard Long line, but fast, friendly service, that other restaurants in the Bay good coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, Area rival Yank Sing, and I plan to and really good food. Afterwards, investigate when we return. Claire and Patrice went shopping downtown while Jack and I went We split up for the afternoon to Pier 39 to take the hour-long activities. From our hotel, Bay Cruise with the Blue and Gold Jack and Patrice walked over Fleet. We enjoyed cruising right to Ripleys Believe It or Not under the Golden Gate Bridge and Museum ( back past Alcatraz while learning sanfrancisco), while Claire and I walked to the Aquarium of the some of the history of the Bay. Bay (www.aquariumofthebay. com) on Fishermans Wharf. The aquarium features 300 feet of Plexiglas tunnels surrounded by 20,000 marine animals, including giant octopuses and 8-foot native sevengill sharks. There are interactive tide pools, pulsating jellyfish, and a theater. Jack loved Ripleys, especially the mirror maze and walk-in kaleidoscope (see cover photo). We picked up Patrice and Claire downtown, then headed back home by way of Santa Cruz, where we had dinner at Tek Young Lins adobe home. Tek was my high school English teacher and crosscountry coach. I hadnt seen him in 38 years, though my memories of his masterly lessons were vivid. He enchanted our family with stories, and fed us savory curries. Tek, who is 88, will be visiting us My niece had also recently moved this month, and will teach a Tao to the Bay Area, so my mother workshop at La Perla Del Mar in and stepfather had flown in for a Pismo Beach on Jan. 21st from family get-together. We all met 1:00-4:00 pm. Learn more about for dinner at House of Nanking, him at
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NEw HOuRS! 10:30 am-10:00 pm

San Luis Obispo


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Central Coast Family

January 2012

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Library Voice
Pat Conroys latest book South of Broad is no exception. Charleston provides a sumptuous backdrop for Conroys generational saga, which combines several issues, stories, and locations near and dear to my heart. It opens on Bloomsday, 1969 as Leopold Bloom King tosses papers carrying more than just the latest news through old neighborhoods. He bears the burden of his parents obsession with James Joyces Ulysses, his grief for his brothers death and expectations as heavy as the those characters and expanding humidity on that 16th of June. into Egyptian myths as Riorden Kings journey through life, creates another series starting gathering a circle of increasingly with The Red Pyramid. tragic friends, embodies all that we baby-boomers were defined Riorden has also teamed up with by. Civil rights, clerical sexual a plethora of popular authors abuse, the womens movement known to kids and teen to create and AIDs provide the palette for The 39 Clues series. This is a his tapestry. I was moved as my seriously addictive world tour, own memories were awakened, as different branches of a family including a youthful dalliance with race to gather the clues needed James Joyce. Dublin is also on to win an inheritance spanning my list of literary homes, and my the history of the western world. I have confidence that I can next big destination dream. navigate the subways of Paris just Some literary homes will always from reading the first book! be dreams. They exist in the land contained between the South Carolina may not be covers of beloved books and I Hogwarts, but it is an enchanted am completely dependent on an place waiting for me to visit. I am authors willingness to allow me putting the audio book of South passage. A small Canadian village of Broad on my iPod to listen to near the Vermont border named on the plane. I will be in meetings, Three Pines is so deeply a part of and my time will revolve around a me, Ive found myself weaving it conference. But, part of my soul into memories of Cambria in the will wander the historic streets of 1980s. I have to stop and replace Charleston. I will sip my first Mint a Louise Penny scene back into Julep as I create my own southern a book where I long to see a gothic memories. painting, read a poem, or eat a licorice pipe in front of Oliviers crackling fire. Sometimes time is the element that renders a place regulated to memory. It can only be revisited with those who were there with you. As those stories are shared through the years, they become as mythical as any Greek odyssey. Rick Riordens half-god character Percy Jackson is a modern teenager leading the fight against the Olympians still influencing life here on earth. Kids are reading mythology in order to get to know
Kristen Barnhart has been telling stories, recommending books, and stamping little hands for over 30 years throughout SLO County. She is currently a Youth Services Librarian at the San Luis Obispo Library. Kristen can be reached at (805) 781-5775 or Libraries will get you through times with no money, better than money will get you through times with no Libraries!

Home Sweet Home

This month, I get to go home to a place Ive never been, a literary home. Im so excited, since this one is a real place; Charleston, South Carolina. The Gullah opera Porgy and Bess was set there. It set the tone of a place not quite in line with the rest of the world. The language had a different rhythm, with a dialect quickly disappearing as our country loses the richness of regionalism.

by Kristen Barnhart

Our culture becomes more standardized, thanks (or no thanks) to the same voices filling homes north, south, east, and west on the TV machine bringing us all the same national news. The Notebook was filmed there in 2004 and can always be counted on for a good cry, as can Dear John. In fact, I believe Ive cried over every book and movie Ive encountered that is set there.

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Central Coast Family

January 2012

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4211 Broad St, #D in San Luis Obispo

Does your child need help with hand-eye coordination, small motor skills and or processing information? Monart is a fun and interactive way to improve these skills.
Mona Brookes, creator of a revolutionary drawing method, has developed techniques for utilizing right-brain functioning in children to create surprising artistic results. - The Smithsonian Associate Monart, a method of drawing developed by California art educator Mona Brookes, shows that anyone is capable of drawing. Brookes techniques have attracted national attention. - Kennedy Center Events for Teachers Her method is particularly useful in helping teach children with learning disabilities. - The Whole Life Times

Kids Art Camps

Enough instruction for the project and enough room for creativity! Our classes and camps are all mixed media. Students will get to experiment with watercolor, paint, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil, and ink.
All lessons are new every year.

Monart Birthday Party!

See website for pricing

The method emphasizes step-by-step guidance for drawing in a learning environment that is non-competitive and non-judgmental, where when pencil meets paper there is no right or wrong. - The Washington Post

2012 Art Classes

9:00-12:00 $45.00 9:00-3:00 $65.00


January 23rd Teachers Work Day Islands, Pirates & Mermaids February 13th Lincolns Birthday

Grace age 10

Mystical Dragons, Fairies & Fantasy

Call (805) 544-4243 to register now!

Check out our new website:
January 2012 Page 5

Central Coast Family

Family Life
New Years Resolutions for the Family

Now. More than ever. It is your childs time for...

Developing Key Competencies for the 21st Century through:

by Steven Smith

New Years resolutions are nothing new. As far back as ancient Babylonia, we find that people would try to resolve things (such as returning borrowed plows to their neighbors) around the turning of the year. January was named for Janus, who was the Roman god of beginning and endings. Janus is represented as having two faces one facing toward the past and one facing toward the future. Over time, people created the tradition of using the first day of the new year as a time to look back on unfinished business and resolve to make positive changes. A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself. Common resolutions include losing weight, watching less TV, eating less candy or junk food, and reading more books. Resolutions are also like goals, in that you select a desired outcome and strive to achieve the end result. Resolutions can be personal, involve your whole family and friends, or be broader and involve work, school, or even the whole world. New Years resolutions are a great project for family members of all ages. Everyone can benefit from setting goals for themselves and working to achieve those goals

throughout the year. A good plan for reaching goals is to make sure that the goal is reasonable, and then stay focused on accomplishing it during the course of the year. Enlist the help of others to remind you of your goals over time. These simple guidelines can be helpful for setting individual or group goals and working to achieve them: 1. Make a specific goal for yourself. 2. Set goals that can be reached during the year. 3. Create a plan of action on how you will reach the goal. 4. Write down your plans. 5. Keep a journal to help measure your achievements. 6. Review your results at the end of the year. Research shows that most adults usually chose from among the following resolutions: spend more time with family and friends, get fit, lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, get out of debt, learn something new, help others, or get organized. This year, why not try making some resolutions that will help you to become a better parent. At the

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the 2012-2013 School Year

following web site, parents can find information about: being a good role model; effective discipline; understanding your child; teaching your child to eat healthfully; encouraging physical activity for your child, and communicating effectively. cs/parentingadvice/a/ptg_ resolutions.htm New Years resolutions can also help children learn to make and reach goals in a friendly setting. Here are just a few ideas that might work for children trying to select a New Years resolution: Take up a new hobby Play a sport Read a book a week Do chores to earn an allowance Learn to play a musical instrument Spend time doing something each week with the family Spend time weekly doing something with parents Make a new friend Do a volunteer project in the community The American Academy of Pediatrics has created a list of 20 healthy New Years resolutions for kids that are age appropriate. They group the resolutions for: 1. Preschoolers 2. Kids, 5 12 years old 3. Kids, 13 years and up (teens) Check out the AAP web site at: od/parentingadvice/a/06_kid_ resolutn.htm for the complete list of resolutions. As we start the New Year, Id like to share a few of my favorite New Years quotes. As Oprah Winfrey once said: Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. From Edith Lovejoy Pierce: We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Years Day.
Steven Smith is a resident of San Luis Obispo and a graduate of CSU Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing. Steven is a painter/muralist and freelance writer. His art can be viewed at www.myspace. com/sloartiststevensmith. Contact Steven at:

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Central Coast Family

January 2012

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Elite Muay Thai academy

(805) 305-7512
Adults TWo LoCaTIonS: Women 3750 La Cruz Way, Templeton Kids Programs 235 Tank Farm Rd, Unit J Self Defense San Luis Obispo

2 free classes for new members!

What do you offer Central Coast Families? (805) 528-0440

Chess Fairy Tale

The most celebrated chess teacher on the Central Coast, Doctor Chess brings his expertise and contagiously fun outlook on the game of chess to the youngest of readers. Written not only to introduce children to the different chess pieces and their roles in the game, Little Pawny also teaches them about the importance of teamwork. With its simple, easy-to-read-and-enjoy format, even young children will understand the expertly intertwined themes of cooperation and solidarity.

The Worlds First



Page 8

Central Coast Family

January 2012

Jacks Jokes
What goes TICK, TICK. WOOF, WOOF? A watchdog! Why did the golfer wear 2 pairs of pants? In case he got a hole-in-one! Why do male deer need braces? They have buck teeth!

Fun & Games

By: Amaya Dempsey

Hen & Ink

Winter Word Search

Central Coast Family

January 2012

1. book crook 2. hen pen 3. bare chair 4. big pig

S6 U2 D5 O K4 U1

Sudoku begins with some of the grid cells filled with numbers. The object is to fill the other empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number only in each cell). A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

7 9 4 1 3 3 5 6 7 2 8 2 3 2

6 2 9 3 1 9 6 4 5 4 3 2 8 9 7 7

Hink Pinks (2 rhyming 1 syllable words matching a silly definition):

1. library burglar 3. uncovered seat 4. huge hog ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ 2. chicken enclosure ________________ ________________

Page 9

No ation! registr Preome, First C ed rv First Se


Family Day at the


fee fo r adul ts enteri ng mu seum

morro Ba Winter BirD Festiv y al!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

IntroductIon to BIrdIng and HaBItat 9:3010:30 aM: Enjoy a hike. Learn to use binoculars, field guides, and discuss habitat needs. A short walk from the Museum of Natural History. LEarn to track 9:3010:30 AM: Identify who left behind that track. Starts at the Museum. ruBBIng noSES WItH rEptILES 10:3011:30 aM: up close, hands-on experiences with reptiles. At the Museum.

kayakIng In tHE Bay 10:30 aMnoon: paddle the bay and see birds and other wildlife. Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult. $10 charge for kayak rental Embarcadero. BIrd, LEarn, MakE & takE 11:00 AM2:00 PM: An arts and crafts activity with bird related themes. $2.00 charge at the door for materials. Stop in any time during the three hours at the Community Center. puppEt SHoW 12:301:00 PM: See the show featuring the Great Blue Heron at the Museum of Natural History.

Photo: Devra Cooper

BIrd for a day 1:002:00 PM: Acquire a bird name for this 3-part program about bird history, IDs, mouth parts, colors, and feathers at the Museum. crIttEr craWL 1:002:00 PM: Crawl, creep, or slither along searching for bugs, insects, spiders, reptiles, and birds around the State Park grounds. Must be 7 years or older to participate. MEEt tHE raptorS 1:00 pM & 2:30 pM at the MB Vets Hall: pacIfIc WILdLIfE carE presents several birds of prey including a Great Horned Owl, Red-Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, and the popular Turkey Vulture Mr. Handsome. Bring your cameras and questions. Free for Festival participants, $2.00 donation for general public.

For more information: call Jan Surbey at (805) 772-7273 or email

Central Coast Family

January 2012

Page 10

How Behavior Impacts Learning II

What to do?
by Brad Bailey

manner; what structural, teaching, and environmental changes need to be made to change the desire of the child to continue the behavior; and what the desired replacement behaviors look like. The joint (school-child-parent) prepared behavior support plan should then be monitored using data to determine success. No behavior support plan will be successful if it fails to address the underlying cause of the behavior, and the plan must be monitored and adjusted using data until such time as replacement behaviors provide a child with academic, social, and emotional success. The old saying Success breeds Success holds true today more than ever. Please be aware that a childs inability to learn may be caused by something that is difficult to pinpoint without formal assessment. Prolonged time-delays spent trying to hypothesize why a child is failing to learn or make progress, can further entrench the undesired behaviors. Parents can always ask the school in writing for a formal assessment of their child in the areas of academic, cognitive, social adaptive, sensory-motor, communication, intellectual, health and development without incurring any cost. These types of assessments reveal critical information and findings about why a child is not being successful in school. They also offer recommendations by experts on how to provide a child with interventions and services to close the learning gap. The earlier, the better when it comes to addressing a childs learning and behavior deficits. Every day, the window for learning certain developmental and ageappropriate academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills closes a little more. Please do not wait, hoping that something will improve on its own. Many clients have said to me: I wish I had done this a long time ago. Both my child and our family would not have had to go through so many difficult times. My observations are drawn from the actual experiences of hundreds of families searching for a solution to the educational challenges faced by their children. If you think Education Advocacy of the Central Coast can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Next month, I will write about what it means to have your child formally assessed for learning disabilities, how to ask for such assessments, and what to expect (including a timeline) after the assessments are completed. Happy New Year!
Brad Bailey, M.A. Ed. is an Education Advocate, Retired School District Superintendent, Principal, and Teacher of regular and special needs students in grades K-14. He can be reached at 927-5889. Education Advocacy of the Central Coast has assisted thousands of families in SLO county over the last 8 years. EACC works with professionals and agencies to provide a wide assortment of support services. Advocates are always willing to speak to any person or group interested in the plight of learning disabled children and their families, and how to assist them. Donations in any amount are happily accepted and acknowledged! Please send to: P.O. Box 745, Cambria, CA 93428. Learn more at: www.educationadvocacyofthe

or physical aggression towards others or property; passive aggressiveness whereby a child partially controls behavior, only letting out bits and pieces in a sly but assertive manner; displaying I began this topic by recognizing anger, or being a rock and holding that I was a behavioral terror in it in until getting home and causing school, and I could never figure all hell to break loose with siblings out what prompted my behavior. or parents. Then, one day during the 3rd grade my mother taught me to Why would a childs behavior read, and I began to successfully continue like this? Often, when a child behaves in a disruptive participate in class. manner, the behavior functions I attributed the poor behavior to (serves a purpose) and supports my inability to be successful like a childs desire to avoid revealing my peers in school. The inability to that he/she cannot read or read read like my peers during reading out-loud in front of her/his peers. out-loud time in class, was what Peer influence means much more is called a setting event. Every today than it did several years ago, behavior has a setting event or which is truly unfortunate. I have environment that causes students many clients who go for years to worry or become anxious. The bluffing their way through school. setting event reading out-loud While their teachers know better, time preceded my disruptive the important people - their peers - think they are just being clowns. behaviors. I am pleased to have received a number of positive responses to part I of this article in the form of phone calls from parents. Thank you all for the kind words. Next came the antecedent, when the teacher said, Brad, it is time for you to read the next three paragraphs. I call the teachers dreaded request the antecedent or the trigger that started my disruptive behavior. My behavior following the request to read was to throw something across the class, accidently drop my books loudly on the floor, or pick on the student next to me. What my behavior actually reflected was my SHOUTING OUT QUIETLY: I cannot read, and I feel so embarrassed. Kids began to laugh, disrupting everyone including the teacher, and that inevitable phone call from the teacher (reporting my disruptive behavior) came home yet again. Examples of disruptive behavior come in different forms: verbal Now I would like to consider what environmental changes, structure and support can remove a childs need to use these behaviors. Is it more discipline? Is it more timeout and sitting on the bench during recess? Is it removing a child to the back of the class or out in the hallway; activity suspension; sending the child to the principal, or calling home again? The answer is to ask for what is termed a Positive Behavior Intervention Plan. That is a term/ service used in the four-counties I work in. A Positive Behavior Intervention Plan includes a stepby-step formal analysis of a childs behavior: why it truly occurs; what the predictors and antecedents of the behavior are; and what function (purpose) it serves the child to behave in a disruptive

Concerned with your childs lack of academic, social, or emotional growth?

We work with your family every step of the way to find solutions!
cut & save

Brad Bailey M.A. Ed.

(805) 927-5889

cut & save

(805) 909-7548

Central Coast Family

January 2012

Page 11

Local History

100 Years of Downtown Businesses:

San Luis Obispo:

The Cross Streets

This much-anticipated 3rd book of the San Luis Obispo 100 Years series is coming to your favorite local bookseller in November!

Enjoy Your Memories!

Also available at Barnes & Noble, Crushed Grape, Antiques on Monterey, Boo Boo Records, the History Center, Apple Farm, and Volumes of Pleasure. G UY C RABB P UBLISHING
Get an autographed copy at

by Guy Crabb

Ghost Buildings of

San Luis Obispo

I recently wrote a column about several of the buildings in downtown San Luis Obispo that have a name or, in some cases, two names. I was regretting not writing about several other famous buildings along Higuera Street (such as the Dove Building or the Maino Building) or other old buildings on Monterey Street (such as the Sinsheimer). Then I began to think about all of the great buildings that are no longer around because of demolition. I think of these as ghost buildings. Many grand buildings once graced downtown with that impressive look of fine craftsmanship. Of course over time, all buildings start to deteriorate and decay, especially if they are made of wood. Even a solid brick wall is not necessarily a guarantee for long life. One of my favorite ghost buildings was the old City Hall

located on Higuera Street near the corner of Chorro. To be more specific, if you were to walk down Higuera Street and stop in front of Charles Shoes, you would be standing where it once stood. The old City Hall was a multilevel building that even housed a really cool bell that was rung when there was a fire in town. The City Hall was built in 1879 at a cost of approximately $7,500. I have always wished this building had been restored, but during the 1950s it was easier to tear down a building rather than spend the money to restore it. The old City Hall was a large brick and stone building with three large arched entrances where the city fire wagons were housed. The horses were kept in the rear of the building. In case of a fire, the horses were hitched up to the fire wagons to gallop off to the scene.

Above the fire department, the building included the offices of City Hall. The second floor had three very large windows that offered office workers a panoramic view of daily life on Higuera Street. By 1945, the bell tower started to become a danger, especially for kids in town who would climb up the tower as a fun activity. The city decided that the bell tower needed to come down, and just eight years later the entire building was demolished. My next favorite ghost building was a theater. If you walk up or down Monterey Street and stop in front of the Italian restaurant named Giuseppes, you would be standing at the site of one of the best walk-in theaters in town, the Obispo Theater. This building had an incredible-looking marquee that was similar to the Fremont marquee in its later years. In addition, the building had a huge neon sign that said Obispo, similar to the Wineman Hotel sign on Higuera. It also had a huge arch on the front of the building and elaborate architectural detail at the top. The Obispo burned down on December 28, 1975. The last show to play at the theater was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was rereleased that year. I bet many of you who grew up in San Luis Obispo remember going to the Obispo and watching the latest movie on the big screen. Now lets stroll on over to Higuera Street, walk down and stop on the corner of Higuera and Garden Streets, where Marshalls Jewelry store now stands. At this location stood a two-story stone ghost building. Built in the 1880s, it was a very modern building for the time. The huge windows that lined the second floor and ornate stonework

at the top were classic in that era. This building was originally a dry goods store. In its later years, Mr. Riley bought the building and opened the original location of Rileys Department Store (once the premier department store in downtown). This once beautiful building began to fall into disrepair and was finally demolished in the 1950s. Before I write about my last ghost building, I must mention that the two parking lots you exit from on Monterey Street across from the Ross Dress For Less were once occupied by two large two-story buildings. I have several pictures of Monterey Street with the entire block filled with buildings. They look odd to me because I never saw these buildings. The last ghost building I want to include is the long-forgotten Andrews Hotel. This beautiful four-story hotel was a favorite for traveling tourists. If you stand on the corner of Osos and Palm Streets where the city library is today, you would be in front of the old hotel. Not only was it one of the areas best hotels, but it was also the location of one of the most grisly murders in town. A more complete story is in my newest book The Cross Streets. I can tell you that it was a case requiring the assistance of the FBI, which was not common for a small town such as San Luis Obispo in the 1940s. Isnt it fun learning about ghost buildings that were a part of our past?
Guy Crabb teaches at Charles E. Teach Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He graduated from Cal Poly SLO and has been teaching for over 20 years. Guy was selected as San Luis Coastal Unified School District Teacher of the Year for 2006-2007. Reach him at

Central Coast Family

January 2012

Page 12

Photo: Erik Maser, Graphic: James Schonzeit

Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Clark Center

487 Fair Oaks Avenue, Arroyo Grande
(805) 489-9444 $5 students, $10 adults
SArAh KAy & PhIl KAyE The Clark Center welcomes Project V.O.I.C.E. founders SArAh KAy & PhIl KAyE for an inspiring performance of SPOKEn WOrd POETry.
Project V.O.I.C.E. (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression) encourages young people to engage with the world around them and use Spoken Word Poetry as an instrument to explore and better understand their culture, their society, and ultimately themselves. Sarah and Phil have performed at TEd and the United nations, in India, So Africa, and the UK, and taught at harvard, Brown, dartmouth, and UC Berkeley and more.

Project V.O.I.C.E.

A special meet and greet will be held at Gather Wine Bar after the performance for Sponsors and Patrons.

on Sunday and on Monday, January 16th.

FrEE WOrKShOPS will be held prior to the performance

For information on workshops or sponsorship, visit: To learn more about Project VOICE, visit:
January 2012
Presented by La Perla del Mar & the Clark Center Association

Central Coast Family

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New Years Resolutions for Breastfeeding?

Thinking about resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, or switch to a more thrilling job? If youre expecting a baby, you may benefit most from a set of New Years resolutions to help reach your breastfeeding goals. With 75 percent of moms trying to breastfeed, but only 14 percent making it to the minimum six months of exclusive breastfeeding recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, its time to take the step-by-step approach that works with diet and exercise and apply it to achieving your personal nursing goals.

help, or the first time you feel comfortable nursing in public. A massage or shopping trip (cute nursing top or lingerie?) can do wonders for your mama mojo.

2. Forgive yourself. If you didnt breastfeed your first, or quit before you wanted to, let yourself off the hook. First of all, its likely you were unwittingly booby-trapped by barriers beyond your control, and chances are you did the best you could under the circumstances. Second, beating yourself up never helpsit just makes things worse. Chalk up Breastfeeding and working out past flops as part of the fantastic have a lot of similaritiesthey learning experience that will make both have whopping short-term you more motivated and more and lifetime benefits for you and successful this time around. your baby, and they can alternate between being challenging, 3. Be realistic and prepared. downright frustrating, and Setting achievable goals is just breathtakingly rewarding. Here are a few suggestions for getting as important for breastfeeding nursing off on the right foot as it is for running a race. You (regardless of past experience or may have a vision of a marathonworthy three years of exclusive lack thereof): breastfeeding in your mind, but races are run one stride at a time. 1. Know what to expect. Take stock of your situationare Like exercising, theres a learning you going back to work? Are you curve for breastfeeding, lasting a single parent? Do you have a anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It may be uncomfortable, toddler underfoot? you may get sore, or you may want to throw in the towel from time to Figure out where you will need time. Thats normal! Every ounce more help and make a plan counts, so give yourself lots of to get it; whether that means praise for making the effort and working something out with your hanging in there. Reward yourself employer, lining up help from your for milestones like the first time friends and family, or swapping you can latch the baby on without babysitting with another mom.

Remind yourself that parenthood or hurdles that come your way, is about progress, personality, and just as with any other part of perseverance; not perfection! motheringwe all fall down and pick ourselves up. Stay away 4. Keep it simple. from naysayers. Tell busybody inDont set out to read every massive laws that, just as with seatbelts tome on lactation management and sunscreen, we know more issuesyour head will soon be now about the importance of swimming, and your confidence breastfeeding. sinking, in obscure conditions and syndromes that are usually Finally, try to relax and enjoy. preventable or only affect a small Breastfeeding will provide you with endless comedic material percentage of moms. Instead: and qualify you for a new set of a) arm yourself with information motherhood stripes (along via a good, recommended with being that mom with a breastfeeding class and try wailing kid in the grocery store), a great DVDsuch as Shari not to mention the health and bonding benefits for both of you. Crisos Simply Breastfeeding; Remind yourself that your babes b) watch another mother nurse love you and that youre doing an (YouTube has a wealth of awesome job! videos if you dont have a breastfeeding friend or Adapted from The Best for Babes Foundation, relative); and c) find a good coach and a cheering squad (i.e., a certified lactation consultant or La Leche League support group). 5. Stay positive. See yourself as successful and able to adapt to any challenges

a nonprofit devoted to helping parents beat the booby traps the cultural and institutional barriers that prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. Co-founders Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg, who were themselves booby trapped, are building the mother of all causes to ensure that ALL moms are able make an informed feeding decision without pressure, judgment or guilt, and that ALL breastfeeding moms are cheered on, coached and celebrated! For more information, go to

Central Coast Family

January 2012

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The Village Salon

Happy New Year!

Start 2012 with Shiny Hair & Nails . Matrix Prizms & Shellac .
Call Toni, Amy & Toni:

(805) 489-5100

115 East Branch Street in Arroyo Grande

Central Coast Family

January 2012

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Central Coast Family

January 2012

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January 2012 Free Ongoing Events

FARMERS MARKET: 11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


PaUL rEvErES BIrTHDaY (Born in 1735) BETSY roSS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1752)

8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall

8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG


ISaaC nEWTonS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1643) FESTIvaL oF SLEEP DaY DrInkIng STraW PaTEnTED (in 1888) J.r.r. ToLkIEnS BIrTHDaY (Author born in 1892) JakoB grIMMS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1785) LoUIS BraILLES BIrTHDaY (Born in 1809)

1ST WoMan govErnor nELLIE roSS InaUgUraTED In WYoMIng (in 1925) naTIonaL BIrD DaY

BEan DaY CUDDLE UP DaY SHErLoCk HoLMES BIrTHDaY (Published in 1887)



Eye Care Month National Blood Donor Month National Braille Literacy Month National Hobby Month National Staying Healthy Month National Thank You Month

January is:


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

Birthstone: Garnet


(1st time bottles delivered in 1878)


Work HarDEr DaY


Flower: Carnation



11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

1ST SUPEr BoWL (In 1967)

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

BEnJaMIn FrankLInS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1706) Dr MarTIn LUTHEr kIng Jr DaY (Born in 1929)

a.a. MILnES BIrTHDaY (Born in 1882) WInnIE THE PooH DaY THESaUrUS DaY

PoPCorn DaY naTIonaL HaT DaY CHEESE DaY InaUgUraTIon DaY PEngUIn aWarEnESS DaY

SqUIrrEL aPPrECIaTIon DaY naTIonaL HUggIng DaY


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St





aUSTraLIa DaY (Sydney settled in 1778) naTIonaL kazoo DaY

LEWIS CarroLLS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1832)


11:30-2:30pm Nipomo: Monarch Club


2-4:30pm Los Osos: 2nd & Santa Maria

naTIonaL PUzzLE DaY

3:00-6:00 pm in Paso Robles City Park LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:10 SLO DOC BURNSTEINS READING LAB 3:30-4:15pm AG


8:30-11am AG Spencers Market 12:30-4:30pm Santa Maria Town Ctr 3:00-6:00pm AT Sunken Gardens 5:00-8:00pm Pismo, Main St & Dolliver LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:30 AT, 10:30 AG, 11:00 NI


3:00-6:00pm Old Porte Fisheries AG 2:30-5:00pm Spencers Morro Bay 6:00-9:00pm Downtown SLO LIBRARY STORYTIME: 10:00 MB, 10:10 SLO, 10:15 CAM,10:30 AT, 10:30 AG,10:30 LO, 11:00 CAY, 11:30 SMG



9:00am-12:30pm Paso Robles Wal Mart 2:30-5:30pm Cambria Main St Vets Hall


8:00-10:30am SLO Promenade 9:00am-12:30pm Templeton City Park 9:00am-1:00pm Paso Downtown Park 12:00-2:30pm AG Village Gazebo 2:30-6:00pm Morro Bay 800 Main St

JaCkIE roBInSonS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1919)

List Your Event!

FrankLIn D. rooSEvELTS BIrTHDaY (Born in 1882) YaD SDraWkCaB

Email press release to: by the 15th of prior month

See Family Events & Local Resources on pages 18-21

Central Coast Family

January 2012

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Family Events
TUE DEC 27-FRI DEC 30 10:00 am-7:00 pm: Gift of Life - 25th Annual Holiday Event at United Blood Services, 4119 Broad St. Suite 100, San Luis Obispo & 1770 S. Broadway, Santa Maria. Come out and celebrate life by giving blood. Each donor, as a thank you for saving lives, will receive a free lunch certificate from F. McClintocks. Contact: 5434290. THU DEC 29- SAT DEC 31 (times vary): Holiday Extravaganza at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville on HWY 1 in Oceano. Enjoy a one-act version of A Christmas Carol, a fractured and silly fairy tale opera, and the Holiday Vaudeville Revue. Tickets: $18-$22, with discounts for groups, seniors, students, active military, and children. Contact: 489-2499 or http://americanmelodrama. com. THU DEC 29-SAT JAN 7 12:00-5:00 pm: Extended Holiday Hours at the Exploration Station, 867 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach. Explore, Dream and Discover with hands-on science exhibits about the solar system, human anatomy, electricity, simple machines and more! Family fun for all ages. $2 kids, $3 adults. Closed 12/31. Contact: 473-1421 or www.explorationstation. org. THU DEC 29-SAT DEC 31 10:00 am5:00 pm: Gift Shop at the Santa Maria Library, 421 S. McClelland St. The shop showcases the work of local artists and authors, as well as unique cards, crafts, and games for people of all ages. Purchases support library programs and services. Contact: 868-9933. THU DEC 29 11:00 am-5:00 pm: CraftArt Market at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, 1010 Broad St. All artists hand make original artwork of the highest quality, including fine jewelry, small paintings, fiber art, whimsical folk art, photographs, sculpture, home decor, ceramics, art glass, and much more. Free Admission! Contact: 543-8562. THU DEC 29 & FRI DEC 30 at 2:00 pm: Once on this Island plays at The Spot, 116 W Branch St, Arroyo Grande. Pismo Beach Youth Theater presents a one-act musical based on the novel, My Love, My Love, by Rosa Guy. The show also includes elements of Romeo and Juliet and The Little Mermaid. Contact: 4745711 or THU DEC 29 & FRI DEC 30 at 8:00 pm: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Foreclosure plays at The Spot, 116 W Branch St, Arroyo Grande. All In One Music Productions presents a new musical, two-act comedy written and performed by internationally acclaimed singer Melissa Vardey. Its one womans journey from desperation to salvation via escrow. Cost: $25. Contact: 474-5711 or FRI DEC 30-SUN JAN 15 at 7:30 pm: World War II through the eyes of Radio at the

Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Dr, Arroyo Grande. Take a trip down memory lane with the magic and music of the Golden Age of Radio. Contact: 489-9444 or SAT DEC 31 10:00 am-1:00 pm: Ring in the Noon Year at the Discovery Museum, 705 S. McClelland, Santa Maria. All kids and families are invited to Sparkle at the Museum wearing their glitz and glam attire while they enjoy all the fun. The Museum opens at 10:00 am and will have noisy crafts to make, sparkling cider to enjoy, and everyone can throw confetti at high noon! Children will also decorate hats fit for a king and queen. Free with admission or annual membership. Contact: 928-8414 or SAT DEC 31 at 12:00 pm: Noon Years Eve at San Luis Obispo Childrens Museum, 1010 Nipomo St. Let the kids celebrate with noise makers, party hats, a countdown, and a balloon drop without staying up late! Contact: 545-5874 or SAT DEC 31 at 5:00 pm: New Years Eve Live Music & Barbeque Bash at The Sanitarium Bed & Breakfast, 1716 Osos St, San Luis Obispo. Musical guests include Jody Mulgrew, Eric Henderson, Matthias Clark, and more! $20 per person. Contact: 215-9305. SAT DEC 31 7:30-9:00 pm: New Years Eve Sacred Circle at Conscious Colors Energy Center, 2005 9th St, 2nd floor, Los Osos. Welcome the year 2012 with meditation and ceremonial intention. $15 per person. RSVP by DEC 27. Contact: 305-0046. SAT DEC 31 at 7:30 pm: New Years Eve Bash at Pewter Plough Playhouse, 824 Main St, Cambria. Enjoy the final performance of Fascinating Gershwin!, followed by an elegant supper buffet, desserts, champagne, party surprises, and live cabaret music featuring the Dynamic Duo of Deanna Delore and David Manion. All-inclusive package $120. Conact: 927-3877. SUN JAN 1 at 10:00 am: Annual Polar Bear Dip at the Cayucos Pier. 10:00 am: the festivities begin. 12:00 pm: the dip! Water lovers ring in the New Year by running into the ocean. Some swimmers will be in costume. Each of the hundreds of people who participate gets a certificate. Contact: 995-1200 or SUN JAN 1 5:00-8:00 pm: Horse & Carriage Tour of Lights at Pine St & 11th in Paso Robles. White Horse Carriage Co provides traditional tours of historic Vine Street Victorian Light Showcase. Spiced hot apple cider is provided. Adults $25 / kids $15. Contact: 296-2289. SUN JAN 1-SUN JAN 22 at 5:00 pm: A Dickens of a Mystery at Spyglass Inn Restaurant, 2703 Spyglass Dr, Shell Beach. Enjoy a murder mystery dinner

with some of Charles Dickens most beloved characters! Reservations required. Dress casual. Shows last ~2 hrs. Cost: $48.95. Contact: 489-3875 or FRI JAN 6 at 6:00 pm: Annual Christmas Tree Burn at Old Mission Santa Inez, 1760 Mission Dr, Solvang. Santa Barbara Co Fire Department presents one of the largest fire safety demonstrations and community gatherings on the Central Coast. JAN 1-6: Bring your bare tree (stand and ornaments removed) to the burn pile and then join together JAN 6 to see this powerful spectacle ignite the New Year! Contact: 688-6144 or http:// SAT JAN 7 11:00 am-5:00 pm: Champagne, Cupcakes & Cosmetics at Vinotherapy Studio, 5990 Entrada, Atascadero. Nibble on cupcakes from Two Little Birds Bakery and sip on Jan Kris champagne while indulging in a one of a kind shopping experience. Cost: $10. Contact: 466-8466 or http:// JAN 8-14: Kickoff week for the San Luis Obispo County YMCA program called Y-Fit at 1020 Southwood Dr, SLO. Y-Fit is for everyone ages fifteen and up. It doesnt matter if you have weight to lose, strength to gain, concerns to overcome, or youre already in great shape. By combining nutritional education, continual motivation, and optimal workouts designed for each individual, you can achieve a new level of fitness! The Challenge starts JAN 16. Cross fit style classes are offered MON, WED, FRI, and SAT. Classes are drop-in; attend as many as you like. Cost: $200 for Y-Members, $250 for community. Registration deadline is JAN 16. Contact: 543-8235 or WED JAN 11 9:30-10:30 am: Free Classic Story Hour at SLO Classical Academy, 165 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. For pre-school aged children. Come hear a story, participate in a craft, and make some new friends! Contact: 548-8700. THU JAN 12 at 10:00 am: Teddy Bear Tea at Morro Bay Library, 625 Harbor St. Children ages 2-5 are invited to a free day of teddy bear stories, songs, crafts, and refreshments with singer Diana Carter. No sign-up necessary. Contact: 772-6394. THU JAN 12 6:00-9:00 pm: Snow Night at Farmers Market at Chorro Street (between Higuera and Marsh) in San Luis Obispo. Snow Night allows youth, ages 12 and under, to experience a free winter wonderland. Contact: 781-7300. FRI JAN 13-SUN JAN 29 at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm: The Little Prince at SLO Little Theatre, 888 Morro St, San Luis Obispo. Experience this much-loved story by Antoine de Saint Exupry about a stranded aviator who meets a mysterious boy from another planet and learns of the boys adventures exploring both the stars and the depths

Take the family to local high school sports events! Encourage fitness and sportsmanship in your children and show support for our local athletes.
Find scheduled events and sports standings for any high school at:

High School Sports

of his own heart. Cost: $10-15. Contact: 786-2440 or JAN 13-16 (times vary): Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival! This event includes walks, cruises, workshops, speakers, displays, and vendor booths in honor of this Globally Important Bird Area, home to or visited by more than 200 bird species. Attendees can participate in 35 land, ocean, and bay field trips. Reservations are required at the Morro Bay Community Center, 1001 Kennedy Way. Contact: 866 464-5105 or http:// FRI JAN 13-SUN FEB 4 at 8:00 pm: Avenue Q at Unity, 1490 Southwood Dr, San Luis Obispo. The season opens when Sesame Street meets South Park in the Tony Award Best Musical of the Year, smash-hit, Avenue Q. This delightful parody dares to ask the question, What do you do with a B.A. in English? Price: $20. Avenue Q is presented as part of Kelriks After Dark series. Due to the shows adult subject matter, audience members under the age of 17 must bring a parent or guardian. Contact: 543-4250. SAT JAN 14 (times vary): Family Day at Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival! Again this year, wildlife tracking is one of the free events at the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History. Other events at the museum include Introduction to Birding and Habitat, Rubbing Noses with Reptiles, a Critter Crawl, and a puppet show featuring Great Blue Herons. Staging at Sub Sea Tours, Kayaking in the Bay is planned for 10:30-noon. Participants under age 10 must be with an adult. $10 kayak charge payable to Sub Sea Tours on event day. New this year, are Bird, Learn, Make, and Take activities at Morro Bay Community Center. Stop by 11:00 am-2:00 pm for hands-on experience making birdrelated items. $2 materials fee charged at the door. Families need not register in advance. A first-come, first served policy will be in place. Adults entering the museum pay a $3 fee for the day; kids will be admitted free all day. Pacific Wildlife Care will again present Meet the Raptors at the Morro Bay Vets Hall. Show times are 1:00 & 2:30 pm; free for festival attendees, $2 donation for the general public. View the complete schedule at http://www.

Central Coast Family

January 2012

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PETS OF THE MONTH Available for Immediate Adoption!

8 year old Female Calico Medium Hair


3.5 year old Female Mastiff


Microchipped, Vaccinated, Spayed Spayed, Vaccinated, & Litter Box Trained Microchipped, Leash & House Trained Playful & intelligent, Friendly Gentle, playful & sweet Independent & Affectionate! Great w/ kids & other dogs!

(805) 543-9316

San Luis Obispo

875 Oklahoma Ave

teacher and master storyteller. Born in Sumatra, Tek Lin was a teacher for more than 30 years at Horace Mann School in New York. Youthful at 88 years of age, Tek Young Lin lives in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. In his Taoist tales, Tek joyfully sets the scenes and invites listeners into the story to gain the lesson. Many of the tales presented are by Chuang-Tzu, Lao Tzu, and other esteemed Chinese writers, and are thousands of years old. $20 donation suggested; no one turned away for lack of funds. To learn more about Tek Young Lin and Taoism, go to: http:// Contact: 534-1000. SAT JAN 21-SUN JAN 22 (times vary): 2nd Annual Jewish Film Festival at Palm Theatre, 817 Palm St, San Luis Obispo. Enjoy two days of fine cinema steeped in rich cultural heritage. Free of charge, but buy a cup of coffee! Contact: 4265465 or SAT JAN 21 1:00-7:00 pm: Herbal Bazaar: Growing Health at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, 2998 Dairy Creek Rd. Attend presentations by two faculty members of California School of Herbal Studies, participate in hands-on herbal preparations, and enjoy a film and medicinal herb-walk. Lecturers will present on a wide variety of topics, including seasonal herbal incorporation. Price: $10. Contact: 541-1400 x304. SAT JAN 21-SUN FEB 5 at 2:00 pm: Pinkalicious at Unity Church, 1490 Southwood Dr, SLO. This kid-friendly musical production tells the story of a little girl who eats too many colored cupcakes and turns pink! Showtimes SAT & SUN. Cost: $14-20. Contact: 543PLAY or SUN JAN 22 at 4:00 pm: State Street Ballet performs The Jungle Book at Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Santa Barbaras renowned dance company performs an original ballet of Kiplings beloved classic in a lavish production for all ages! $20-41. Contact: 756-2787 or WED JAN 25 at 7:00 pm: The Peking Acrobats at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Dr, Arroyo Grande. Amazing acrobats perform treacherous wirewalking, trick cycling, somersaulting, and gymnastics! Cost: $45-55. Contact: 489-9444 or WED JAN 25 at 7:30 pm: Rodgers & Hammersteins South Pacific at Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Set on a tropical island during World War II, this musical tells the sweeping romantic story of two couples and how their happiness is threatened by the realities of war and by their own prejudices. Cost: $42-71. Contact: 7562787 or FRI JAN 27 at 8:00 pm: Forbidden Broadway 30th Anniversary at the Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Dr, Arroyo Grande. From Annie to Phantom to

Wicked, this fall-down funny, satirical roast of over 30 Broadway hits features outrageous costumes, silly spoofs of classic songs, and madcap impressions by a stellar cast! Whether you are a seasoned theatre-goer or new to it all, the Tony Award winning Forbidden Broadway is your one-stop ticket to non-stop laughs. Cost: $35-47. Contact: 489-9444 or FRI JAN 27-SUN JAN 29 & THU FEB 2-SAT FEB 4 (times & ticket prices vary): Cal Poly Student Theater at Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, 1 Grand Ave, SLO. The Orchesis Dance Company presents their 42nd annual concert, Immersion. Contemporary, ballet, jazz, modern and a fusion of world and street forms will illuminate pertinent topics and artistry. Contact: 756-2787 or SUN JAN 29 at 3:00 pm: Galumpha at Cohan Center, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. This family-friendly show combines breathtaking acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy, and inventive choreography to bring audiences a world of imagination and beauty with a sensory feast of images ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Cost: $16-27. Contact: 7562787 or

Family Events
Every SAT 6:00-9:00 pm: Drum Circle at Spirits of Africa Gallery, 570 Higuera, Suite 150, San Luis Obispo. Open to all adults who want to relax, release and embrace the weekend through creative drumming expression. All levels of experience welcome. Bring your own drum or rent and/or purchase an authentic African Drum. Bring a chair if desired. Donation: $10. Contact: 5983212. Every WED at 4:30 pm: Read to Skipper the Dog at Los Osos Library, 2075 Palisades Ave. Skipper is a good listener. Contact: 528-1862 or http:// Every WED-FRI 12:00-5:00 pm & SAT 10:00 am-5:00 pm: Free expanded Electronic Waste Drop Off at Exploration Station, 867 Ramona Ave (behind Rabobank) in Grover Beach. Drop off any item with a cord (working or not), including all electronics and all small appliances. Not accepted: large household appliances, batteries, and light bulbs. DONT TOSS IT--DONATE IT and help to E-RASE---EWASTE! Tax receipts can be provided and free pick-up for large TVs and loads of electronic waste. Contact: 473-1421 or Every WED 10:00 am-6:30 pm: North County Humane Society offers microchip clinics at 2300 Ramona Rd, Atascadero. Get your cat microchipped, so youll never have to worry about them getting lost. Its the best $15 you will ever spend! Contact: www.slonchs. org. 2nd TUE every month 7:00-9:00 pm: SLO NightWriters offers educational speakers at The PG&E Education Center, 6588 Ontario Rd, San Luis Obispo. SLO NightWriters is the premier writing organization on the Central Coast. Contact: Every FRI 10:00-11:30 am: Postpartum Education for Parents (PEP) at One Consignment, 240 E HWY 246, #105, Buellton. Contact: 564-3888 or www. AIKIDO FOR KIDS - Get Fit at Aikido of SLO, 209 Bonetti, SLO. Ongoing classes are for ages 4-11 (kids are broken up into two ages groups). Children learn how to be safe without hurting others. The learning environment is fun and knowledgeable teachers are friendly. Classes include safety techniques, games, tumbling, and cooperative interaction skills. Contact: http:// or 544-8866. La Clinica de Tolosa is a nonprofit childrens dental clinic in Paso Robles providing a full range of quality pediatric dental care for ages 1 to 12. It serves lowincome children throughout the county who are uninsured or covered by public insurance programs such as Medi-Cal. Contact:, or 238-5334.

Day.aspx. Contact: 772-7273. SAT JAN 14 1:00-3:00pm: The Animals Around Us! Childrens Outdoor Discovery at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, 2998 Dairy Creek Rd. Learn how animals stay warm in the winter. Take a look at the animals around us on a short nature walk. With a goal of education through exploration, the Garden is dedicated to teaching children of all ages about sustainability, rules of ecology, where food comes from, and love of the outdoors. Free to members, $5 per family for non-members. Contact: 541-1400 x305. SUN JAN 15 at 7:30 pm: Project V.O.I.C.E. at Clark Center, 487 Fair Oaks Ave, Arroyo Grande. Conceived in 2004, Project VOICE encourages young people to use Spoken Word Poetry as an instrument to understand their culture, their society, and ultimately themselves. Price: $5-10. A special meet and greet will be held at Gather Wine Bar after the performance for Sponsors and Patrons. Free workshops will also be held prior to the performance and the next day. Contact: 489-9444, www.project-voice. net or THU JAN 19 3:45-4:30 pm: Fur, Feathers and Scales Food Chain free program at Atascadero Library, 6850 Morro Rd. Come see a rabbit, snake and owl and learn how they depend on each other in a food chain and adapt for survival. Karen Poland, a Naturalist at Rancho El Chorro School, will make the presentation. Age 6 and older. Signups are not required. Contact: 461-6163. SAT JAN 21 9:00 am-4:00 pm: Family Preparedness Day at New Life Community Church, 990 James Way, Pismo Beach. American Red Cross SLO County, Pismo Police Dept, Cal Fire-Pismo Beach and other agencies prepare the community for natural disasters such as earthquakes. Topics include: How to Earthquake Proof Your Home; Develop a Family Disaster Plan; Basic First Aid. Free! Lunch available for minimum $3 donation to 5 Cities Homeless Coalition. Contact: 489-3254 or SAT JAN 21 1:00-4:00 pm: Living in the Moment: Taoist Tales for Todays World at La Perla del Mar, 205 Windward Ave, Pismo Beach. Tek Young Lin is a Taoist

Recurring Events & Resources

Los Osos Pet Lost & Found Headquarters connects people with their LOST pets and allows those who have FOUND a pet to locate the owner. If you are unable to secure a found pet in your home, call 528-5611. Sponsored by Squeaks, Chirps & Bubbles Pet & Feed Store, 1030 Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos. If you found or lost a pet in Los Osos, call 528-5611 or 801-6640. Tree of Life at 7730 Morro Rd, Suite 106, Atascadero, is a non-profit organization helping women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, baby clothes and supplies, as well as medical referrals and other practical assistance. All services are free and completely confidential. Contact: 461-3405 or Now-FEB 15 (ongoing): Pocket Media Film Festival accepting submissions! Cuestas Friends of the Library seek short, low resolution documentaries made with phones and other hand held devices on the theme of community for a book of the year program in honor of In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time by Peter Lovenheim. Submissions in 3 categories (youth, Cuesta, and general) due FEB 15 are eligible for $50 gift card prizes. Best overall wins an iPod touch. Email films to: Contact: 546-3100 or

Central Coast Family

January 2012

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Local Resources
Every FRI 1:00-2:00 pm: Mommy and Me Little Swimmers in a warm water therapy pool at 1443 Cazadero St, SLO. Jacks Helping Hand offers a parent & child class designed to engage children ages 2 to 8 with special needs in fun water activities that encourage physical and social development. Cost: $20 for 4 classes and scholarships are available. Join anytime! Taught by Kay Heaton, B.S.M.S, Kinesio-Therapist. Contact: 547-1914. Volunteer as a Good Neighbor! Make a difference in the life of an older adult or an adult with a disability. Once trained, volunteers choose the services they would like to contribute and schedule volunteer hours at their convenience. Training is scheduled monthly at Wilshire Community Services, 285 South St, Ste J, SLO. Contact: 547-7025 x 17. Volunteer at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art! Stop by at 1010 Broad St (west end of Mission Plaza) or email 2nd MON every month 6:30-8:00 pm: Caregiver Support Group at Cayucos Community Church, Ocean Ave & S 3rd St. Free support group for caregivers and family members dealing with longterm illness, memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers. Contact: 458-7484. 1st SAT every month 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Elfin Forest Work Parties. Dress for wind, fog, or sun (layers work well) in long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes. Meet at the north end of 15th St in Los Osos. Contact: 528-0392 or 2nd SAT every month: Saturday at the Garden programs at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. Contact: 541-1400 or Every MON 10:00 am-2:00 pm: Remain Independent Despite Vision Loss at Santa Maria Terrace, 1405 E. Main St. New ways of doing daily tasks are taught by the Braille Institute, such as managing the home, traveling, and use of talking library books. Contact: 4621225. 2nd & 4th MON every month at 6:30 pm: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meet at Pacific Christian Church, 3435 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria. Childcare provided. Contact: 934-3491 or www. Teen Wellness Program: TUE 3:006:00 pm & FRI 3:00-5:30 pm at Arroyo Grande EOC Health Services Clinic, 1152 E Grand Ave. Health services, including reproductive health services, in a safe environment with staff trained to screen, assess, and provide intervention. Appointment preferred. Contact: 4894026. 1st WED every month at 9:00 am: Community Action Partnership Senior Health Screening at First United Methodist Church, 275 N. Halcyon Rd, Arroyo Grande. Free and lowcost services for people 50 and older including blood pressure, pulse, weight, total cholesterol, screening for anemia, diabetes and fecal blood, nutritional counseling, and referrals. Contact: 4812692 or 788-0827. 1st WED every month at 12:00 pm: Disabled American Veterans luncheon meeting at Veterans Memorial Bldg, 313 W. Tunnell St, Santa Maria. Contact: 345-0402. Every WED 5:30-7:00 pm: Widowed Support Group at New Life Church, 990 James Way, Rm 14, Pismo Beach. Arrive 10 min early for 1st meeting. Offered by Hospice of SLO Co. Contact: 544-2266 or 1st THU every month at 6:15 pm: Commission on the Status of Women meets at Coast National Bank, 500 Marsh St, San Luis Obispo. The Commission is an official advisory group to the SLO County Board of Supervisors to identify issues of concern to women that are not currently the focus of other advocacy or advisory organizations. Contact: 788-3406. Every TUE at 7:00 pm: Al-Anon Family Support Group at Luis OASIS Senior Center, 420 Soares Ave, Orcutt. Contact: 937-9750. 2nd SUN every month 1:00-3:00 pm: Free Reiki energy balancing and relaxation at Central Coast Yoga, 900 E Grand Ave, Arroyo Grande. 30 min sessions, no disrobing, 5 certified practitioners. Contact: 235-6283. 3rd WED every month at 7:00 pm: How to Survive Divorce seminar at the San Luis Obispo Womens Community Center, 1124 Nipomo St, #D in SLO. Practical tips, pointers, and suggestions for handling family law issues. $10.00 donation requested for handout materials and book. Contact: 544-9313 to register. 4th TUE every month at 5:30 pm: Legal Clinic for Self-Represented Litigants at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse Law Library, 1050 Monterey St in SLO, #125. SLO County Bar Assn Family Law Section & Womens Community Center provide one-on-one legal advice for persons filing divorces w/o an attorney, and a document preparer to assist in completing court-required forms. Min. $40.00 donation. Limit: 12 participants. Contact: 544-9313. FRI-SUN 10:00 am - 4:00 pm: Coastal Discovery Center at W.R. Hearst State Beach in San Simeon. Southern gateway to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with free exhibits, videos, and live plankton display. Docent led History of San Simeon Bay walk 1st SUN each month at 11:00 am. Contact: 927-6575. Every MON 4:00-5:00 pm: Jacks Yoga for Teens in San Luis Obispo Veterans Building, 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo. Classes are free with Jacks Helping Hand Scholarships, all abilities and special needs welcome, ages 1018. Classes are taught by certified yoga instructor Shoosh Crotzer. Contact: 5471914 or Every MON 2:00-4:00 pm & WED 3:005:00 pm: Jacks Adaptive Toy Lending Library - Jacks Helping Hand at Central Coast Gymnastics, 21 Zaca Lane, #100 in San Luis Obispo. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities to check out. Inhome appointments also available. Cost-Free! Contact: 547-1914 or www. Every THU 11:00 am-2:00 pm & SUN 1:004:00 pm: Katies Korner Adaptive Toy Lending Library (Jacks Helping Hand) is at Paso Robles Childrens Museum, 623 13th St, Paso Robles. Traditional and adaptive toys for children with all types of disabilities free to check out. In-home appointments also available. Contact: 547-1914 or www.jackshelpinghand. org. Anam-Cre pottery studio has pottery classes for kids ages 6 and up after school and on weekends at 570 Higuera in SLO. Cost: $20. Contact: 896-6197 or Divorce Support Group meets weekly at 1540 Marsh St. Suite 260 in SLO. Licensed Psychotherapist Ben ElfantRea leads the group. Contact: 903-2604 or 1st MON every month at 6:00 pm: Free Infant-Child CPR Class at 5 Cities Swim School, 425 Traffic Way,





20 (805) 440-9177

LIC #880300


Expires * expires March 31, 2012 December 31, 2011


Central Coast Family

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Local Resources
Arroyo Grande. Contact: 481-6399 or 1st THU every month 9:30-10:30 pm: Bike Happening at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa! After Farmers Market, enjoy pedaling with hundreds of bikers, or just watch. Different costume-decoration themes every month. Have fun and obey all traffic laws! Contact: http:/ Every WED 4:00-5:00 pm: FREE Yoga classes for cancer survivors at SLO Vets Hall, Monterey & Grand, San Luis Obispo. Mats provided. For any cancer survivor, at any stage. Spouses, family members and caregivers are also welcome at no cost. Contact: 772-3560. Mommies of North County is a group of mothers who gather weekly to play, learn, and meet new friends in many North County locations for: zoo days; park days; monthly crafts & moms night out; childrens museum; or play dates at members homes. Contact: meetup. com/mommiesofnorthcounty. Last TUE every month at 7:00 pm: The Birth and Baby Resource Network sponsors free education events at EcoBambino, 863 Monterey St, SLO. Contact: or 546-3755. Last THU every month 6:30 to 7:30 pm: Pet Bereavement Support Group at the North County Humane Society, 2300 Ramona Rd, Atascadero. Free service led by a bereavement counselor. Contact: 466-5403. Every SAT 11:00 am-3:00 pm: ADOPT A PET at Petco, 2051 Theater Dr, in Paso Robles. Cats are available for adoption through NCHS. Dogs are available through Short n Sweet Dog Rescue. Contact: 466-5403. For the Adventures With Nature and Mind Walk schedule from the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History, go to Every FRI at 7:00 pm: Senior Ballroom Dancing at Madonna Inn. If you are a senior (single or attached) and like ballroom dancing, this is the place! Look left of the bandstand for a table sign Senior Dancers. Dance, chat and listen to good music. No fees; no dues; just fun! Contact: 489-5481 or dg17@ Literacy Council for San Luis Obispo County has an ongoing and urgent need for volunteer tutors and offers free training in SLO. Contact: 541-4219 or Most WED & SAT (& some other days) at 8:45 am, Guided hikes along Pecho Coast Trail in Avila Beach. See the old Point San Luis Lighthouse (built in 1890), and enjoy harbor views. The trail is only open during these times. Hikers must be 9 years or older in good physical shape. Hikes last ~4 hours. SAT: one fast and one slower hike. Contact: 541-8735. 3rd SAT every month 9:30-11:30 am: Walk in El Moro Elfin Forest at north end of 15th St off Santa Ysabel in Los Osos. Guided walks through 90-acre nature preserve with pygmy trees, endangered plants, butterflies and birds. Stay on boardwalk and trails, and keep pets leashed. Contact: http:// Piedras Blancas Light Station Tours: TUE, THU & SAT. Meet escorts at 9:45 am at Piedras Blancas Motel, 1.5 miles north of the lighthouse. Adults $10, $5 for ages 6-17 and free for kids under 5. Contact: 927-7361. Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens offers many free services: Senior Connection - connecting callers with local resources; HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) one on one assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, advise and referrals for long term care options, and help with billing / appeals; Vial of Life magnetized containers with medical information; a Senior Resource Directory for SLO or SB counties, and much more. Contact: 9259554 or San Luis Obispo Senior Center offers health screening, legal services, meals, exercise, bridge, bingo, and more at 1445 Santa Rosa St. Contact: 781-7306. San Luis Obispo ALPHA (Alpha Pregnancy Counseling & Support) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization providing free pregnancy support, newborn assistance & education in SLO, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero. Pregnancy Testing; Options Counseling; FollowUp Counseling; Support & Referrals re: Post-Partum Depression; Medical Care & Insurance; Agency Referrals; Rental Deposit Assistance; Maternity & Baby Clothes; Infant Supplies & Equipment; Workshops; Support Groups; and a Speakers Bureau. Contact: 541.3367 or Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention (SARP) Center of San Luis Obispo County offers: Weekly Drop-In Support Group for Sexual Assault Survivors; 24 Hour Crisis Line; Advocacy and Accompaniment; Peer Counseling; Individual Clinical Counseling; Prevention & Education Programs; and Womens Empowerment and Self Defense Workshops. Contact: 545-8888 or Central Coast Astronomical Society plans a Dark Sky Star Party every month at Santa Margarita Lake KOA Campground at sunset. CCAS also sponsors special guest speakers and programs periodically. Event details and schedules, weather updates, and local resources can all be found at: www. Contact:

of San Luis Obispo County

Womens Shelter

For Wildlife in Distress 805 543-WilD [9453]

Call Our HOtline:

crisis line: 781-6400 business phone: 781-6401 email: www.

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Ask Christina
Dear Christina: Every year at this time, I make resolutions about changes I want to make in my life. Shortly into January, I start to feel like a failure, as I usually get overwhelmed and lose my will power to make desired changes in my life. By the time February comes around, I am back to my old ways. How can I put an end to this cycle? these resolutions. I have found a healthier approach that will send you down the path of success. I say, weed your life garden. In the New Year. Eliminate those things in your life that cause you stress. Incorporate those people and things that give you delight. If your New Years resolution always centers around losing weight, try this year to eliminate the behaviors that cause you to gain excess weight. Create Dear Christina: healthier lifestyle habits. Michelle San Luis Obispo, CA How can I get my 13-year-old When we weed our life garden, daughter to open up to me and we make room for fresh new talk? Every time I try to get into a people and things to enter our deep conversation with her, she Dear Michelle: lives. The key word is new. It closes up and gets defensive. I feel that New Years resolutions is a new year. Give yourself the The teenage years can be a very generally create a self-fulfilling gift of living the life you have pivotal time in a girls life. I just prophecy of failure for many of dreamed of. Rememberyou want my daughter to always us. It is almost like we should use are the captain of your ship. come to me and feel comfortable some type of reverse psychology talking to me. I want her to on ourselves in order to achieve Happy New Year! trust me and confide in me. Doug San Luis Obispo, CA Dear Doug:

Dont you worry about a thing. Every little thing is going to be alright.
~ Bob Marley

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The first thing you need to do is let your daughter know that Christina Zantman is a graduate of Cal Poly with a you can relate to the challenges B.S. in Social Sciences. She has her own CMT practice at Central Coast Wellness Center (www.centralcoast she is facing at this age. Start Christina serves as President by offering a personal story and of the Board of Directors for United Cerebral Palsy in SLO and is an accomplished writer of childrens share something about yourself. literature. You can reach her at 441-5603. Maybe there is a co-worker you Send your question to Christina: are having problems getting along with. You could share this story with her, along with your solution for how to deal with the situation. At the end of your conversation, be sure to thank your daughter for listening. She will probably sense the opportunity that you have created for her to talk with you. She will feel like you confided in her, and this can open the door for her to confide in you. While building meaningful communication with your teenager, you must remember to maintain the delicate balance between being the parent and the friend.

Arroyo Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Worship Service Times

Seeking... Sharing...Serving ...

Saturday: 9:30am & 10:45am
240 Vernon St. in Arroyo Grande (805) 489-6622
Page 22

805 545-8267

787 E. Foothill Boulevard - In Foothill Plaza San Luis obispo

Central Coast Family

January 2012

David S. Vogel
Serious Injury
Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents Wrongful Death, Head Injury, Burns Medical Malpractice, Elder Abuse No Recover y . No Fee
Former Prosecutor with 28 years of Experience

Law Offices of

Honored with the highest rating (AV Preeminent) in the Peer-Reviewed National Law Directory Martindale-Hubbell (805) 540-7100

1026 Palm Street, Suite 214, San Luis Obispo
Central Coast Family January 2012 Page 23

Living in the MoMent:

taoist tales for todays World

tek Young Lin

Saturday, January 21, 2012 1:00 - 4:00 pm
La Perla Del Mar
205 Windward Ave


Pismo Beach
$20 donation suggested
No one turned away for lack of funds

Questions? call: (805) 534-1000

Tek Young Lin is a Taoist teacher and master storyteller. Born in Sumatra, Tek Lin was a teacher for more than 30 years at Horace Mann School in New York. In his Taoist tales, Tek joyfully sets the scenes and invites listeners into the story to gain the lesson. Many of the tales presented are by Chuang-Tzu, Lao Tzu, and other esteemed Chinese writers, and are thousands of years old. Youthful at 88 years of age, Tek Young Lin lives in an old adobe house tucked away in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. To learn more about Tek Young Lin and Taoism, go to:
Enjoy an excerpt from the documentary filmed to honor Tek:

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