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State of the City Address By: Mayor Ma. Lourdes C.

Fernando 21 January 2004 Ladies and Gentlemen: Thank you for joining me in my 3rd report on the state of our city. I am glad to be able to perform this duty on the culmination of my term as Mayor of this city. I make this report with a sense of fulfillment and a sense of hope. Fulfillment because I feel that I have done justice to my mandate by giving it my best shot. Hope because we can look forward to the future with optimism as we had laid down the groundwork that will catapult us to where we want to be. RAISING THE BAR OF PERFORMANCE We had taken steps to raise the bar of performance in 2003. We strived to be a government of performance - - doing what we promised and providing our constituents the best possible programs and services. We tried to manage the city like a private corporation one where there are stakeholders, workers and customers. We treated our constituents as our clients whom we want not only to satisfy but also to delight. In 2003, our efforts were primarily geared towards education, health,

employment, peace and order and good governance. All these are
engines of growth and critical elements in our bid to shape Marikina into

a little Singapore.

Guided by a globally competitive perspective, we positioned Marikina to be a place of choice for residential, education, investment, culture and tourism. The citys competitive spirit brought to the fore the following major accomplishments (delineated by sector): 1.0 In the area of Education Establishment of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina (City College) which provides in-city and affordable college education to the local folk.
Completion of Fortune Elementary School - - considered as a

model of a healthy public school in the Philippines. Provision of equipment in public schools to facilitate computer assisted instructions for improved delivery of learning.
Buildings and grounds improvement covering thirteen (13) public

Provision of Rondalla instruments in public schools. Intensified Speak English Campaign to raise the standard of

education. 2.0 In the area of Health/Environment and Social Services Establishment of Senior Citizens Healthy Lifestyle Center - - Diagnostic Clinic at the Marikina Sports Center and Physical Rehabilitation and Recreational Center at the Marikina River Park.
Development of Concepcion II Health Center at SSS Elementary

School and renovation of Malanday Health Center which is still ongoing and is due for completion in February. We had maintained a high standard in the delivery of health services and this is complemented by our other health-related

activities to include food safety, healthy work places and healthy city documentation that make for a city in the pink of health.
Operationalization of the Material Recovery Facility and full-scale

implementation of waste segregation scheme.

Our garbage

collection efficiency rate was at its peak at 100% (zero backlog) - the highest in Metro Manila. But I must also thank the people for their full cooperation and culture of discipline which were instrumental in our effective waste management program. We are the only city in Metro Manila implementing the Eco Waste

Management Act 9003 which specifies segregation of wastes at

the household level.
Expansion of green spaces through continuous tree planting (4,260

trees in 2003), development of new community parks to include Meralco Park and Taong Park, the establishment of mini-forests in elementary schools, landscaping of Marikina Hotel and development of pocket gardens. 3.0 In the area of Employment/Livelihood Generation and Business Promotion

1,605 trainees under the MCF Scholarship Program through the Center for Excellence

for in


partnership with the Marikina Institute of Science and Technology and AMA Computer School. The program had not only empowered the training beneficiaries in terms of knowledge and skills but also changed their values towards learning being an important element of socio-economic amelioration. Continuous launching of Shoe Caravan covering 22 towns and cities and recording a total sale worth P9M. Production of the biggest pair of mens leather shoes, which is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, to

prop-up the local shoe industry and put the country in the world map. Establishment of Shoe Gallery which provides perfect outlet for local shoe products. Establishment of Livelihood Centers and Products Display and Distribution Site to support the livelihood projects of the City Women Council. Provision of job placement assistance to about 4,195 individuals and launching of a total of six (6) Jobs Fair which gave employment to about 2,241 applicants.

of the Annual Marikina Christmas Festival which

provided local establishments opportunities to market their products through the Night Bazaar. Last years Night Bazaar had the most number of stalls numbering around 700 and had earned for the city substantial income. 4.0 In the area of Good Governance Launching of the Marikina Citizens First Privilege Card with 15,000 real property taxpayers availing of the program and its myriad of benefits to include 10% additional discount on real property tax, discounted fees on the use of certain government facilities, access to certain government services, among others.
Full-scale program development towards e-governance, more

particularly Management Information System (MIS), Geographical Information System (GIS) and Call Center. Intensified Speak English Campaign for global competitiveness Development of client-friendly lounge equipped with facilities/amenities like the electronic queuing system, projection TV, magazine rock, sofa and others.

Introduction of newer schemes for improved transactions and inter-office coordination such as Document Tracking System, Electronic Procurement System and Central Warehousing.
Formulation of the Long-Term Master Plan which will serve as

Marikinas development blueprint. The project was funded by the World Bank, City Development Strategy, through the Singapore Trust Fund, and was undertaken in coordination with Singaporean Planning Experts.
Partial completion of the Justice Hall and the subsequent transfer

of the City Council to the 2nd floor of the building. Other offices will follow suit within the next few months. 5.0 In the area of Economic Enterprise Conversion of the Satellite Housing in SSS Village into 85-room Marikina City Hotel. Renovation of the east and west wings of the Marikina Sports Park for commercial purposes including a Police Station to provide security in the area. We capitalized on our existing economic enterprises to generate additional revenues. Our Public Market realized P23.5M, the Sports Center P8.8M, Teatro Marikina P3.0M and Parking Stations P3.7M. The newly established Marikina Hotel has the potential of becoming a major income earner for the city. What used to be a structure lying inconspicuously idle had been remodeled into a hotel which is a major economic enterprise for which we would like to enlist the support of all Marikeos in terms of marketing and promotion. Year 2003 also saw the dramatic increase in local tourist traffic. We recorded an average of 2,500 visitors a week, most of whom were on

a study tour wanting to learn a thing or two about our good practices in local governance. Even on weekends, fleet of tourist buses was a common sight in the city. This encouraging figure was also a key factor in the development of Marikina Hotel. We have a captive market, but the challenge is for us to live-up to the popular perception of a well-managed city to keep the visitors coming. 6.0 In the area of Infrastructure and Facilities Concreting of 9 kms. of sidewalks including curb and gutter. Drainage improvement covering some 27 kms. Concreting of almost 3 kms. of road.
Construction of 3.4 kms. of bicycle lanes using local funds.

Package I of World Bank assisted bicycle lane project along Sumulong and Katipunan (covering 964.46 meters) and Package II covering Molave St. with a length of 2,833 meters have started last December. While Package III covering some 2 kms. is expected to commence within the first quarter of 2004. Repair and maintenance of streets and sidewalks covering some 8,200 square meters. Completion and full operationalization of Teatro Marikina - - our citys legacy on arts and cultural development in the country. 7.0 In the area of Peace and Order
There is pronounced peace and order in our city.

Our local PNP

recorded a crime solution efficiency rate of 97% - - one of the highest in Metro Manila. I must say that we have the finest police force ever under the leadership of Col. Felipe Roxas. This sterling performance can be attributed to increased police visibility, highly professionalized Police Force and effective integration of

Police, Barangay Tanod, Bantay Bayan volunteers in our peace-keeping efforts.

and other civilian


management has been equally laudable.

We have

consistently enforced traffic and parking rules and regulations without fear and favor. True enough, it is only in Marikina in Metro Manila where you can drive around without any obstructions.

RESCUE 161 recorded the fastest average response time at

It only demonstrated that we

3.14 minutes since its inception. management.

have institutionalized our efficacy in emergency and disaster

8.0 In the area of Resource Mobilization We generated an annual income of P1.14B (inclusive of 21M financial assistance) in 2003. Our competent and dedicated men and women in government should be credited for our tax collection performance. We also received financial grants and commitment from external sources last year to include US$43,000 from Singapore Trust Fund for the formulation of our citys Long Term Master Plan, PIM from PCSO for the acquisition of X-ray machine for our health center, P.8M from Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Technologies and their Integration to Asia Pacific Region (EQTAP) for Non-Engineered Housing Study, P.5M from World Health Organization for the construction of Senior Citizens Healthy Lifestyle Center and US$20,000 from UNDP which is due for release upon formalization of

Memorandum of Agreement concerning the utilization of said fund for the citys educational campaign on waste segregation.

I must also cite the City council for passing important pieces of legislation to include the following: Ord. No. 152 Ordinance

Providing Relief to Real Property Taxpayers and Amending Ord. 42, s. 2002, Ord. No. 153 Ordinance Imposing Domestic Household Garbage Fee, Ord. No. 81 Ordinance Imposing the Penalty of Revocation of Business License of an Establishment Used as Site for Illegal Drug Activities.
have seen a City Council at work. They did their homework well. Our close working relationship with our lone Congressman Del de We

Guzman has reaped dividends in terms of meaningful projects

ranging from school buildings, multi-purpose buildings, road improvement to water system development with an aggregate cost of P50M. Our Congressman also played a pivotal role in the appropriation of over a hundred million pesos for the construction of all weather Tumana Bridge by the Department of Public Works and Highways. Congressman Del had silently done his job well and we are all witnesses to that. Our city played host to a number of important events, namely:

Conference of Asian Network of Major Cities (attended by 12

Asian major cities), Conference of National Council of Women

in the Philippines, and UNDP-Sponsored Multi-Lateral Training on Waste Management (participated by 11 African and

Asian cities). This is an affirmation of our competence to host and manage conferences of such stature and magnitude.

Awards and Recognition Year 2003 was a banner year for Marikina in terms of awards and recognition. Some of the important citations received by the city are as follows :

Marikina Citizens First Privilege Card. One of the Top Five

Best Practices of LGUs in the Philippines Given by : League of Cities of the Philippines

Continuing Excellence Award in Local Governance (A

special award for sustaining previous Galing Pook- award winning programs). Given by : Galing Pook Foundation, DILG-Local Government Academy and Ford Foundation

Good Urban Local Governance (One of only Two LGUs, city

level, to be given such award). Given by : Galing Pook Foundation, DILG-Local Government Academy and Ford Foundation

Healthiest Public Market in the National Capital Region

Given by : World Health Organization, Department of Health

Outstanding Originator





Given by : Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor

Best Police Station in the National Capital Region

Given by : National Capital Region Police Office

SANDUGO Most Outstanding Local Chief Executive Award on Blood Donation Program

Given by : Department of Health and Philippine National Red Cross

Outstanding Emergency Medical Service, National Capital Region

Given by : Department of Interior and Local Government and Bureau of Fire Protection

Just recently, Marikina City was cited as the Most Competitive Metro

City in the whole Philippines. It is a recognition of our citys ability to

provide an environment that nurtures the progress and dynamics of local enterprises and industries. Marikina obtained the highest competitiveness rating based on the cost of doing business, infrastructure, human resources, linkages and accessibility, quality of life, dynamic local economy and local governance. It was a big leap from 2002 when Marikina was recognized as the third Most Competitive Metro City behind Cebu and Davao City. The award is prestigious considering the stature of the award giving body which consists of: Asian Institute of Management- Policy Research

Center, The Asia Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, German Technical Foundation



Looking Ahead We have the elements to pursue the platform: Invest in Marikina Year

in 2004.

We will aim for P20B new investment.

Alongside continuing

improvement of our citys infrastructure, social services, health,

education, peace and order and others, we will put in place programs
and policies that will promote business and investments. Our measurements will be the influx of new businesses and employment, increase in citys annual revenue, and per capita income.


While business promotion will take prominence in 2004 we will not slackenoff in our other concerns. sustainability. There ought to be a centerpiece to which our various efforts will be directed. Our declaration of 2004 as Invest in Marikina Year entails performance excellence in all facets of governance. We need to continue to provide elements that will make Marikina conducive and welcoming to investors and those that are already doing business. Let me qualify that our concern is not only confined to new investors but also to the interest of the existing ones. What benefit would it give to see new investments on the block while some old ones start packing-up to look for a new home or to quit doing business? It boils down to competitive edge to make our target for 2004 viable. Competitive edge is encompassing - - - it involves the physical, social, political, cultural and other aspects of community life. We have institutionalized programs and mechanisms and have competent men and women that will ensure their

CONTINUOUS PHYSICAL UPGRADING We will maintain and improve on the physical soundness of our city. The need to address the perennial flooding problem in some low-lying areas near the river will be given priority. We will fast track the construction of

Road Dike being the ultimate antidote to our flooding problem. Along
with the construction of Road Dike is the installation of High Masks and other park amenities all the way to Nangka.


We hope to see the completion of the all-weather Tumana Bridge in 2004. This will enhance access and mobility within and around the city. It will also help decongest vehicular traffic along the citys major thoroughfares. We will be putting-up a hanging bridge somewhere in Kalumpang that will cross the Marikina River. This will improve access to pedestrians from both sides of the river. Using the Katipunan Avenue Extension as a model, we will improve the drainage system, pave the sidewalk and construct bicycle path whenever possible. We will identify at least three (3) streets in every barangay where the Katipunan Avenue Extension can be replicated. We still have about 561 kms. of sidewalks to concrete. Pavement of

sidewalks will thus be undertaken in accelerated pace to make them pedestrian-friendly. Maintenance of streets, sidewalks and facilities will be pursued with greater push. Streets will be kept motorists-friendly at all times. By 2004, we hope to complete a network of bicycle lanes (both WorldBank - - assisted and locally-funded). Its completion will make Marikina a

bicycle-friendly city - - a new signature image which will highlight our

resolve to do things above the ordinary. Part of our physical upgrading is the relocation of the remaining squatter families. As we have already run-out of spaces to be developed into settlement sites, we will look into other feasible alternatives like construction of medium rise buildings for housing and the acquisition of land outside Marikina to realize our target of squatter-free Marikina. Eventually, the function of the Marikina Settlements Office will be shifted to site improvement and maintenance.


Development of Peoples Parks will continue. This is our main strategy in expanding our citys greenery and creating a balance between nature and urban environment. Greenery has been our differentiating factor and it will continue to be such in the coming years. The development of the faade in Dutch Olandes will be completed in 2004. This will cover the whole stretch from the boundary of Libis and IVC to FVR Road. We will look into the feasibility of providing a pedestrian overpass in an appropriate site in the Public Market Zone which will cross Sumulong Highway. Expansion of the Market Mall in the other side of Sto. Nio will be seriously considered. Establishment of Bagsakan Center (unloading and wholesaling of goods) in a strategic area will also be pursued. A SPACE FOR LEISURE AND SOCIAL INTERACTION A Cityhood Park will be developed at the corner of Shoe Avenue and Sumulong Highway, Marikina Sports Center. The park will have as its main features a huge clock and a dozen of traditional cast-iron bells which can be heard within half kilometer radius. The bells will be rung every 9:00 AM to signal the start of work, 12:00 PM lunch break, 1:00 PM resumption of work and 5:00 PM end of work. This will promote the new culture of Marikeos as time-conscious people. COMPETITIVE EDUCATION We will capitalize on our good headstart in providing our constituents access to quality basic education. We will attune our public school system to the information or knowledge society to enhance its competitiveness. The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina will be an important asset. We will be opening a night school for Adult Education Program. The night

school will also encourage part-time teaching jobs for qualified local residents. In line with our efforts at positioning Marikina as an education center, we will be upscaling our City Library into world-class standard. We are looking at the 2nd floor West Wing of the Marikina Sports Center to relocate our library. This will provide people access to information using state of the art technology. PEACE AND ORDER To further improve our peace and order I have urged our policemen not only to strive to prevent the commission of major crimes but should also focus on the day-to-day enforcement of laws and ordinances. I still have to hear a Policeman having apprehended a violator of our anti-littering ordinance. Diligent enforcement of laws and ordinances is essential in sustaining our citys march to economic progress. peace, enforcement should focus on maintaining order. As order precedes

Industrial Security should be one of our citys selling points. Investors

should be guaranteed security from burglaries, pilferages, vandalism and such other criminal activities. Our Police Force should devise a mechanism by which they can effectively coordinate intelligence activities with the various local industries. Our main strategy for peace and order, however, is to make everybody


Idleness breeds poverty and leads to breakdown in peace and We will continue on training our people to mainstream them to The focus of our training program will be But we will monitor the post-training

economic activities.

entrepreneurship and marketing.

scenario to make sure that the training program really leads to


employment. Human resource development will be a key strategy in our development programs. A MODEL TOWN IN PRODUCTIVITY Year 2004 will be productivity year for Marikina. improvement in efficiency. productivity sectors. standards. Awareness on Our target is 100%

Our city will play the role of a catalyst of We will establish should specific start performance Marikina.

productivity beginning with the shoe industry by way of setting

measurement which will guide the management, labor and government productivity from Productivity means job. This will be a key factor in our Invest in Marikina program and our contribution to our countrys prosperity. OPTIMIZING INCOME GENERATING CAPACITIES OF EXISTING ECONOMIC ENTERPRISES We will optimize the income-generating capacity of our existing economic enterprises. We expect the commercial spaces in the Marikina Sports Park to be fully occupied within the year. Other facilities that would be subject of more aggressive promotional campaign are the Teatro Marikina and Marikina Hotel. We will make sure that Teatro Marikina will be full-packed with activities all throughout the year. HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL BUREAUCRACY We will see a highly professionalized bureaucracy in 2004. This year our march to economic

Information Technology (IT) will be functional. It will initially involve

training and transfer of technology. It will set the tone for an on-line transaction which will enhance the business-friendly mage of our city. The


GIS will improve the efficiency in business transactions as it will ensure

accuracy in declarations, hence, expediting real property assessment, issuance of building permits and others. clients. We will continue to introduce new strategies by which to improve further business transactions in the city hall. Customer satisfaction will be given primordial concern. Speak English Campaign will be intensified. strategy because it means job. BUSINESS PROMOTION STRATEGIES All these efforts will be complemented by a package of business incentives to include tax holidays for business fees of new businesses for the first year of their operation. New programs and policies will be formulated to This includes the to be make business option in Marikina more appealing. Speak English is an important With our computerization program in full-swing information will be literally on the fingertips of our

organization of Investment and Business Promotion Group

headed by Coun. Lea Santiago which will be in charge of identifying growth opportunities and possible investment areas in the city, establishing

Business One-Stop Shop, marketing and promotion using the citys

Investment Code as instrument, negotiating with prospective investors, among others.

Marikina City Development Authority (MCDA) will

improve on the standards of its exhibits - - one that will provide a clear and definite vista of future development scenario. In line with our business promotion efforts, we will be expanding the

Marikina Citizens First Privilege Card. Phase II of the privilege card

will cover discounts in local establishments. This strategy will encourage


patronage of local products or services and, consequently, greater income for local establishments. We still have an unfinished business. Year 2004 presents itself as a good opportunity for us to get closer to our collective vision of a better


Our city has earned the respect and admiration of its

constituents and the Filipino people. What we have accomplished clearly demonstrated that teamwork could spell success. As we face the challenges ahead, let us be guided by the same spirit of

teamwork, creativity and unwavering passion for excellence. The Department Heads, the City Government Employees, the City Council, the Educators, the Judiciary, the Barangay Governments,
the Police and the community should once again work together to realize our target in 2004. We must and we will exceed the previous benchmarks of performance. We will continue to provide a government of competence, integrity and

performance. We will do our best and most honestly that we can in

discharging our duties as we have done in the past years. As we move forward those who are lagging behind on performance and creativity need to double their efforts to measure up to our peoples expectations. Education and communication will play a vital role in harnessing the industrial potentials of 500,000 Marikeos. Let us think

strategically before we decide, think creatively before we act and think positively that we can get things done. Our future is in our hands.
Join me as we sail towards more successes. May the force of God be

with us.


Thank you.