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Privateer Press e Jambé Editora apresentam YOLIME OM << (REDITOS DA HO OMARTER MAGAZINE >» DITORES-CHEE DITOR DE REGRAS D20 John Cadis (Vl 1), Duncan Hafan (Vo. 25), Kevin Gark Nathan Leger (V0. 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You may use any auhorved vention of this ices 10 0py uid dsnee any Open Gare Content originally dsribuxed under any version ofthis Ticese 10, Copy of hs Lcense-You MUST include copy of his Liense with every copy ofthe Open Game Content You Bisbute 11, Use ef Contributor Grd; You may not masket or adverse the Open Game Conteat sing tbe name of any Coneborunles You have wi ‘permission from the Contibutoeo dso, 12 Inalty to Comply fit mposibe for You to comply with ny ofthe terms ths ices wi especto sonic oral ofthe Open Game Content ae to sett, judieal oder, oF governmensal relation then Yo nay not Use any Open Game Materials aflecte. 18, Terminations This License il terminate anomaly so fi to comply whl ems herein apd flo caresuch reach within 0 day of becoming space of the brent Al sseenses hal sue he ternjaton ofthis License 14 Kefommation; Ifany provion of his License ls held to be unenforecable, such provision shall be referred only tothe extent necessary t ma enforceable 8 conmontNonice Lisense 10 Copia 200, Ware ofthe Cost, Inc Docanent éconteioreisraco © 2000203, Wut ofthe Coos Inc; Aor Jonathan Tweet, Monte Coot, Skip Wins, ich Ba Sila Daont Noonan, Rich Redman, Bruce R Corel John D. 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