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Privateer Press e Jamb6 Editora apresentam VOLUME Dols < (REDITOS Di HO OUARTER MAGAZINE »» EDITORES-CHEFES EDITOR DE REGRAS DEO Kevin Glack John Cadis (Vol. 1), Duncan Huffman (Vol. 226), Nathan Letsinger (Vol. 7 em dante) . CONTINUISTA DIRETOR ¢RIATIYO Jason Soles Matt Wilson DIRETOR DE ARTE EDITORES James Davis Christopher Bodan, Douglas Seacat e Bryan Cutler rt ARTE DE CAPA TSCRITORES Brian Despain Rob Baxter, Kevin Clark, Jason Dawson, Sean Fish, Duncan Husfinan, Lake Johnson, Nathan Letsinges ARTE INTERNA Wesley Schneider, Douglas Seacat ¢ Bryan Stecle Andrew Arconti, Darren Bader. Chippy Dugan. Scott Fischer, Mark Gibbons, Torsten Nordstan, COORDERADOR DO CONTEADO DE RPG Bryan Snoddy, Andrea Uderzo, Franz Vohwinkle, Nathan Letsinger Matt Wilson e Sam Wood. o Present: Sherry Yeary PA» Ditetor Cea: Matt Wikon + Diretr de Projet: Bryan Gtr * Chee de Dtemiohment: Jason Soles Diretor de Arte: els Ain » Gere ce Marketing: Nain Lotinger« Cerete de Produ: Mak Christensen # Dsertclviments: Rob Stoddard S134 NE. th Se Suite #120 «Bellen, WA 98005 « Rontdebaprhateerprenscom + CREDITOS DH EDIGHO BRASILERA +» Edicio e Diagramagio: Guilherme Dei Svaldi Revisio: Gustavo Brauner Copyright: Privateer Press, Ine. ‘Tradugio: Leonel Caldela Publicado ean argo de 208 Todos diet reserva proeyido ela Let 9610 de 19/98/98: ISHN 078580184274 probe eprckcio total en aril or taiqier melon extents que veliam ser cides faturo xn atoieacho prea po eae a (cir nRasiL. CATALOGAGAO NA PUBLICAGKO [IBLIOTFGARIA RESPONSAVEL: Deis Slluc Machado CRB-10/720 editor, Todos oe deo desta ei reread "ge Hasan, Daven ‘Som Tu olume dois / Dunear Huffnan e Maa Wilson; ” itrages de Jonathan Ki (etalswaducio de Leonel Cael revist de Gntvo Brauner =~ Posto Alege: bo, 28 an Leith. Beane Gs Ne Ta Rua Sarmento Leite, 691 "Pom Alegre RS: ee CEP 90050-170 + Fone/Fax (1) S201907 eliora@jambocdicor. comb pate tat ae ‘Gone syisady ©2007 Fnac Pom, on © age Paes regia © emarcan comerciaa regina 201-2007 ,Paates Pres Ie Esta ura obra de in aes ‘op eentn rai é mera coincidéncia O que OPEN GAME LICENSE Veron 10a “Te following text is the property of Wie of the Com nea is Copigh 20 Wir Use Coat Ine (za) All Rigs Reserved 1 Definitions: 4)"Gontsbutons” means the copyright and/or trademark exes who have conte Open Gane Content; (Derive Mite ens copyrighed material inching derive works and tandatione(inclating nto other computer Lngungs) patton, modiition, correction ation, txtension, para, improvement, cemplatin, abridgment or other form ia which an exiting werk muy be roca, tunsormed or adapter () “Distt” scans w epee ens, Yen, ease Sel, becca, publi dsp, wansnic or oer wise dsuibute(2)"Open Gane Content means the gane mechanic hd incest methods, procedres, procomes an outnes othe extent ch canter! doce not embody the Pred denial an enlancemeat ever {he por art and any adauona content leary dented as Open Game Content y the Contributor, and means any work covered by this License, nding ‘rumlatons and derive work under opyrigh lb pecially exchude rode! lente) "Product Ldendy” means prod al pod! ine names, logos and idendiving mars induding wade des aries ereanes character: stores, sonics, plots, thenatc elemen's,dalogue. insets, language ark, bots, desgos, depictions kenese, formas pene concepts themes atid graphic, photegrapbic and other valor adi representation nanes and descipions of charac pels enchannen’, personales, cams, persons keneses and special abies: ples, locations, environments, creates, pment, rage oe sperma bikes o fees logos, yo oF aphle designs, and any other eaemark or registered adem cleaty Week Product identiy by the nner ofthe Prout Iden and which specieay exude the Open Game Content; 2) “racer ten the logos ner ‘mark, sgn, mode, designs a reused ya Contributor 1 ident ise or its proctor dhe associated products contributed othe Open Game License bY ‘he Conrbute g) “Use, "Used oF “Using” means te, Diibue, copy elit font moc, arte and ther ereate Dvatve Maer of Open {Game Coatent. (h)"Yu" or "Vou” means che licensee in terms of his agreement 12 The License: Tht License apis to any Open Gani Gonent ha centane «neice indicating tha the Open Came Content may only be Used der avin temas ofthis License Yow mis affix each x notice ty Open Game Content that you Use. No terms maybe aed oor subtracted fom this License ‘xcept ae deeibed Wy the License: No other tr condone aay be spied to any Open Gane Content daibatd using hi Lier ‘S.0fer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your aceptance ofthe terms of his License 4. Granta Consideration: In consideration foragtevng to we this icense. the Contos grant You perpetal worknide, royale, nom-excasve "eon withthe eae tenes of this License to Use the Open Garde Content ‘Representation of Authority a» Contrhate: Your are costing orginal mac as Open Game Content, You represent that Your Conibuins are ‘our original retin and/or You haves righ ogra the ight conveyed by dis Lense {Note of Lente Copright You must pate the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion of his License to inch the ext text ofthe COPYRIGHT NOTICE of asy Open Gani Conten You are copying. modi or cstrbutng and You mst adl the til, te copyright ace, andthe copyright holdr’s mare tothe (COPHRIGHTT NOTICE of ary orginal Open Game Content yo isi. 27. Mae of eect enti: You agree notte Use ony rode Went incluing aa indications 0 compa, excepe a expel licensed i another indepenlean Agreement withthe owner of euch element tat Product dent. You agree not nda compat or coaraptabiiy th any Trademark. 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The owner oFany Product dent sel in Opes Gare Content shal eta al hs, de and ines n and co Ua Praha Keni 1 dentiicaion: ity rte Open Game Canter You mst lea indeate whieh portions of che work that you are dsebuting are Open Game omen, 8 Updting the License: Wizardsorits designated gents may pilsh peste versions hi License ou may se ay autostaed vesson ofthis cease 1o cy, mot ad dilate any Open Game Content ong datrbuted under any vervon of his Lice, 10, Copy this License You MUST snclide copy’ this License it every copy ofthe Open Game Content You Disb 1, Use af Contributor Crees Yo may aot market or adverse the Open Gante Content sing the name of any Connor ules: You have writen permision from the onebutor 430. 12, nab to Compl its impossible for Yor to comply wih any ofthe terms of tis Sense wth rept to some oral the Open Game Content due ‘etait, jadi enter gonecumealrplaton then Yew ny not Use any Open Game Material 0 fected 19, Tenlsaon This Lien wl smite tomatic You fl to cmpywth erm herein ane fly cue sch breach within 30 das ofbecoming sare ofthe bree, Allaublcense skal rvs the termination of eis cose 114. Refomnation: any provision of this License shed to be unenforceable, suck pronon sal be refnzned only othe extent necessity to make Ie Open Game License v LO Copyright 200, Wizards ofthe Coss In ‘pte Reference Decne conte etre © 20002008, nnd ofthe Coat, Tne. Awioes Jonathan Tweet, Monte Coot, Sip Willams, Rich Baker Any Coline, David Noonan, Rich Reiman, Bruce R Cordell fun D. Rate, Thoms Red aes Wyat,bastodo em mater orignal de . Gary Ga Dave Amen, "Aili do Fee das Bros A Mais La des Noes, A Sona do iad A Lege as Alas Pads contd regitrado © 001 Pvteer Pre Ines ae Monsen ine Cats dx Rend ec Lck © Lon: hoa Kigdons Cara Pinersb conto regstzado © 2002 Prater res, Inc; Gx de : Prana das in Fr conten eta © 2004, Pinatcer Pres. Inc; No Qual Mogsine conto esa © 2.2007 Prater Pres Ie. E és ‘Baca msi vl jogo Dango Drouin por E. Cary GygcDav Arn «mt grad nem hs do fogo Pango 0 € considers Prot Klemiy, send probida sa reproduo sem 3 attorccto da editor, c doo materia : Ba aati treet ne discesnva tees neti gtaee e ages, seria gars dos Renos de Feo © consderada Open Game Content esatscs le ogo de cara, ak ses ic i, magia equipanentas, eoutras maeras deriados da S&D.