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ee oe ee se e'hy Editora apresentam VOLUME . ; TRES ee (REDITOL DA HO OUARTER MAGAZINE ->- EDITORES-CHEFES John Gadis (Vol. 1), Duncan Huffman (Vol. 26), Nathan Letsinger (Vol. 7 em diante) DIRETOR CRIATIYO Matt Wilson EDITORES Christopher Bodan, Douglas Seacat ¢ Bryan Cutler ECRITORES, Rob Baxter, Jason Dawson, Sean Fish, Duncan Huffinan, Luke Jobnson, Nathan Letsinges, Douglas Seacat ¢ Wesley Schneider OORDERADOR DO CONTEWDO DE RPG Nathan Letsinger S EDITOR DE REGRAS D20 Kevin Clark ONTINUSTA Jason Soles DIRETOR DE ARTE “James Davis ARTE DA CAPA Brian Despain ARTE INTERNA Andrew Arconti, Matt Dixon, Chippy Dugan, Scott Fischer, Adam Gillespie, John Gravato, Brian Snoddy, Keith Thompson, Andrea Uderz0, ‘Chris Walton e Matt Wilson Presidente! ShemyYeary PAD + Dieetor Cristo: Mat Wisp izeor de Projets Beyn Cater» Chefs de Deseret Jon Soles Drretor de Aste: is Ania * Geren de Markeunge Nathan Letsge *Gerente de Procar: Matk Christensen + Desenwahiment Rob Seder 18104 NE Toth Se Sule #120» Bllese, WASSDDS wipsnateerprescom Fontes (REDITOS DA EDIGHO BRASILEIRA > Copyright: Privateer Press, Inc ‘Tradugio: Leonel Caldela Publicado em deem de 2008 ISBN: 0758580131523 [CIP BRASIL. CATALOGAGAO NA PUBLIGAGAO. [BIBLIOTECARIA RESPONSAVEL: Denise Selhach Machado CRE-10/720 180% Hallman, Duncan SS Sem Tega vole us / Duncans usinan Nate Wie lhyragesde Jonathan Kies fetal] seadueso de Leonel Cds revi de Gistavo Brauner ~~ Port Alege. Jambo, 208 ‘ipa 1 Jogos eletrOnicot RPG. L Wilken, Mats HCl, Leodel IL Brauner, Gasuvo.1V Tilo cpu 794881.51 Edicao e Diagramarao: Guilherme Dei Svaldi Revisio: Gustavo Brauner “Todo oditsits reservados ¢ proved po el 9610 de 19/88/0816 roid a eproducio tral ou pare, por qusleguer eas exer ou (gre veniam 4 per cin ae heer eal eet ea editor Tos sits desta edigio reservados \Spnteio cegsad © 2008 Pitter Fes, In. O Togo da Frater Pres 0 log ds Kelnas de erro. ot Reins de Fern [teeta esaareascnneriniogetadiax”™ 20012009, Pryntcee Pros Ine Een wronbrmde Gecse Ole nguaacSesou eventos reais mera coincdéuca Nés uemos ete wolume de i Tia ram nteralo do Cai de Minds a (OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1a “Thea tex the propery of Waar the Cot nad Cpr War the Cat, ne CW), A Rigs Reed 1, Definions:(2/(Cantbutrs’ muane the copsright and/or wademark owners who have conuibused Open Game Conten;(b) Deine Materia mean copyrighted material incang derive work nd tracalatons (ince into other computer guages), otztion, modifiation, correction, addon, tension, upgrade, improrement, compinon, abridgment oroher form in which ah exiting work maybe eet, eansformed o adapted: c) “Disb” means to feprodace,ficens, ren, ese, vel roaceat, publi spay, transit or omenesedsribue(€)"Open Game Content means the gane ech tel nclodes the methods, proved procees an routines othe extent sich content doesnot embod the Prodoet Ident and san enhancement ot the pio ar snd ay adaiconal conten lary denied ar Open Gane Cantent by the Conubutoy and means ty work covered by this License induding ttaslatons and derivative werk unde copyright aw, bucpecilly excludes ProdactIdentiy-(e) “Product dent” means prot ad prodiut ne nares, logos and itenhing mars Indading trade cess arcs creatures characters, stores, carylnes, plots, thematic elemens,dilogue, inckens, language, twork smoky designs, depiction, iene, formats, pte, concep themes ane graphic photographie and other il or audi representations ames ‘nd descrip of characters, pels enchantment personae, eas, pesonas,heneses and special abies; paces, lation, environment crea, ‘shipment, magical or superatiral ails or effec, logos, symbols, or graphic designs: ane anyother traemark or regbtered trademark ces identi : ss rromice aenty by te omer of te Frais Identiy ed ws spelialyexlae dke Ope Gare Oren (O) “Tanenasb® moans th logo names thank sig, mot, designs that are wed bya Contr dent eo i produc othe asdated products conte to the Open Game License by the Cotabutor (g) “Use, "Used" or “Using? means to use, Distbute, cop, el, format, modi, ransbte nd otherwise crete Debate Materia of Open ae {Game Coatent. (h) "You" or You" mens the license in term of ei aprecrnent 2 2 The License: Ths License apples to any Open Game Content that contalns anode indian that due Open Gumne Content may only be Used under and in tem ofthis License. Yu ur fn uch noice to any Open Game Coneen that you Use No tems may be ade to er subtracted foe this License ‘xcept at deseribed by the License ise No oer terms or conditons may b applied to any Open Game Content dsbuted using ils cease '3.Ofler and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Yur aecepance ofthe terms ofthis License. “4. Grant an Conserton In considerston fr agresingta ur this Licese the Conibutors grant Yous perpeual orld, opgtree, nomex: Yicense withthe exact terms of hit Lcense wo Use, the Open Game Content, |sRepresciton of Authority to Contribute: I You are contibuing ginal material as Opon Carne Concent, Yon represent that Your Consbutions ae ‘Your ariginl eestonsn4/o You have ufiien ght grant heights coneyed by this Lice. ‘ ‘BNotce of License Copyright: You mas update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion ofthis License wo incude the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE ‘ofa Open Gane Content You ae copying. meeiving or dtrsbasng, and You must a the te the copyright dae and dhe copyright holes ame 1 he (COPMRUGHT NOTICE of any orignal Open Cane Content you Disbate 1. Use of Product Kent: You agree not wo Uae any Product Kent inching 2 anindcation sto compat excepts expel licensed in ances, Indepundent Ageecment nth he ener each ome fat Pew Lent Vo ogre na tn indirnn compeiliy cada with any Tadeo ‘or Registered Trademark in conjuneten wth work contalning Open Game Content exept a expres lensed in another, tependent Agreement wise ‘ener f uch Trodemark or RegstredTrademar. The nef any Product dentin Open Came Content doesnot consatea challenge the ownership of ‘that Prout Kent, The owner of ny Produce Ident ined in Open Game Content stall etal ght, de wodIneestin and to that Produet Keni 8 Identfcation;Iryoudistbuse Open Gane Content You mut clearly ndiate which portions of the work that ou are dsuibuing are Open Gane ©, Updating the License: Wizards ors designate Agente ty publish update versions of this Licenze. You may use any authovied version of tis License to copy modifyandeisrbute any Open Came Content orginal estrbuted under any version ofthis License, 10, Copy ofthis License: You MUST include copy ofthis License wih very copy ofthe Open Gane Content You Dissibute 11, Use of Conttbutor Credit: You my not market or advert he Open Game Content wing dhe ame of any Contributor ues You hive writen persion fom the Contrbutor to doo, 12 Inabiliy so Con: its imposible for You to comp with nyo the terms ofthis License with respect some oral ofthe Open Game Concent ve to saute, dial orden or gernmentlsegultion ten You nay not Use any Oper Carne Material fected, 19: Tesmisaion: This License wil terminate automtlly You omy dhl ens herein and lt cre sac breach within 9 day of becoming avace ofthe breach, A ubisense shall ve the termination ofthis License 14 Refornations If any provnion ofthis License shed t be unenforceable, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necesry to make i 15, COPRIGHT NOTICE Wsopeticme v0 xp 62, Wo fhe Cos a Fee Drcnn cre rege © #0208, Vo fh Cor Ic Are orthan Tt Mone en Sip Wms, sae = oe ‘Noonan. Rich Redman. Broce R, Crd ots D, Rete, Thoms Rei, ames Wat, haul em material xginal de. Gary Gygax & [A Tila de Rigs das Braves, Mic Long dn No A Sov do sia A Lio des Aas Peas so conto registra © 2001 Prater Press. Inc: kone! Cares do enor de eo Lak Lod: ran Kings Choate Prine so conte egistzado © 2002 Privateer Pres In; Gu de Proonages ds Rann ds ero conte regi ©2004, Private Pew, Inc; No Quart Magerne cote rejsad © 2005 208 Piatees Press, Ine es gsi ae reas orignal do jogo Dugens Drage ads por T. Gary Gygese Dave Araesn «nas regis da nove edi do jogo Dnt @ she lean To Mone Cook Sip Wins chr Raker Pe Alin Sen” 0 mara ies a Wane te Cou, ound de acrdo cm or tered Sy Lice eno ser enconteaa em wizards. coma en tendo lnze na liao em qusiserouiron peoditos que sigam 4 Open Cane License, E considera Prout stra ¢ hares dos Reins ce Hero. E caldeaco Upen Game Content esabsicas ae jogo de crauras ners ‘magic equipamentos, ous maerais devirados da SRD.