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I PPA Circular No: NP/02l2009(13) All Secretaries Deputy Chief Secretaries Heads of Departrnents Northern Province Procedurefor selectionof candidatesfor foreign training programmes It has been decided to adopt the following procedure to deal with the nominations of officers of the N.P.Cfor foreigp training programmeswith effectfrom 0L.11.2009. As and whm opportunities arise, tle officers of the N.P.C can apply for nominations to follow foreign training programmes falling under the following categories:Category I: Nominations for foreign training programmes called for by the Extemal Resources Department. Category II: programmes organized by using special sector specific projects. Categorylll: Foreign haining programmes sponsored by foreign funded

projects/donor agencies, etc. SelectionCiteia 1.. Foreign training prograrnmes should be relevant to the functions/work programmes of the institutions. 2. Only one requestshould be made at a time for any prospective candidate. In caseif a candidate is nominated for more than one fellowship onlv the first nomination will be considered.
aairefflu-rn olpfl, zuGryrg'uperti, $ordrcna. $66G,snan'nodDo), Gen Office : 060-2266502 Fax : 026-2226959
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three years of government service to be candidates shoul,C have a minimum of eligible for long term training' term training course abroad under the candidates who have received one rong another long term training. Government auspices are not eligibre for who have had availed of short term Less priority should be given to the candidates during the last 3 years' or long term foreign training opportunities be below 45 years of age' The prospective candidatesshould preferably officers who hold k"y posts may be For short-term seminars, re-employed considered. proficiency in English according to the The prospective candidates should have Generally for long term training a requirements of respective donor agencies. English as a Foreign Language) or 6.0 in minimum score of 500 in TOEFL (Test of Tesring system) is required. This is not IELTS (International English Language applicable for short-term courses' country to participate in a training The government crearance to reave the form Appendix-1'6 or 17 (vide programme has to be submitted in the prescribed to nomineefs. Please refer the PA Annex II and III) only after the offer is granted The application will have to be circular No. 0g/2000 for further information. Resources prior to the applicant's submitted to the Department of External departure from the Island'



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the condition that those who have The candid.ates should be well aware of required to submit a report to the ERD compreted foreign training programmes are agency (if it is necessary) through the and the respective sponsoring agency fdonor of return to the Island. head of department within a month of the date by a committee comprising of the t-1,. The selection of candidates shall be done criteria' following members in accordancewith the selection


Selection Committee area of training comes shall The sectoral Ministry under which the subject following members' appoint a selection committee comprising of the


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