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way to help me. Without their co-operation it wouldhave perhaps not been possible to research a few places, which I did, within the stipulatedtime frame.Swapnil D. PanpatilMBA (Marketing)2008-2010 3 Preface We look our training at SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LTD. Nashik. During the trainingwas to get an overview of the Consumer Durable Market of Nashik district. It was afirsthand experience to get exposed to the professional set-up and face the market, whichwas really a great experience. Training period was a learning experience.When business is involved, an experience counts a lot. experience are an instrument, which leads towards success. Working with SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LTD., has beena pleasureI take this opportunity to present the project report and sincerely hope that it will be asmuch knowledge enhancing to the readers as it was to use during the fieldwork and thecompilation of the report. 4 INDEX C o n t e n t s P a g e n o . 1. Introduction 2. Industry Profile 3. Company Profile 4. Product Profile 5. Objective of Study 6. Research Methodology1.Primary data2. Secondary data3.Sampling4. Scope of the study5.Limitations of the study 7. Theoretical Background of the study 8. Data Analysis 9. Findings 10 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 10. Bibliography 5

INTRODUCTION Before the liberalization of the Indian economy, only a few companies like Kelvinator,Godrej, Alwyn, and Voltas were the major players in the consumer

durables market,accounting for no less than 90% of the ma rket. Then, after the liberalization, foreign players like LG, Sony, Samsung, Whirlpool, Daewoo, and Aiwa came into the picture.Today, these players control the major share of the consumer durables market. Consumer durables market is expected to grow at 10 -15% in 2007-2008. It is growing very fast because of rise in living standards, easy access to consumer finance, and wide range of choice, as many foreign players were entering in the market with the increase in incomelevels, easy availability of finance, increase in consumer awareness, and introduction of new models, the demand for consumer durables has increased significantly. Products likewashing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, color televisions (C-TV) were nolonger considered luxury items. However, there were still very few players in categorieslike vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers Consumer durables sector is characterized by theemergence of MNCs, exchange offers, discounts, and intense competition. The marketshare of MNCs in consumer durables sector is 65%. MNC's major target is the growingmiddle class of India. MNCs offer superior technology to the Consumers whereas theIndian companies compete on the basis of firm grasp of the local market, their well-acknowledged brands, and hold over wide distribution network. However, the penetrationLevel of the consumer durables is still low in India.Indian Consumer durables market used to be dominated by few domestic players likeGodrej, Voltas, Allwyn and Kelvinator. But post liberalization many foreign companies6 have entered into Indian market dethroning the Indian players and dominating Indianmarket the major categories being CTV, REFRIGRATOR, MICROWAVE OVEN andWASHING MACHINES.India being the second largest growing economy with huge consumer class has resulted inconsumer durables as the fastest growing industries in India. LG, SAMSUNG the twoKorean companies have been maintaining the lead in the market with LG being leader inalmost all the categories.The rural market is growing faster than the urban market, although the penetration levelis much lower .The CTV segment is expected to the largest contributing segment to theoverall growth of the industry. The rising income levels double-income families andconsumer awareness were the main growth drivers of the industries. INDUSTRY PROFILE 7 The Consumer Durables industry consists of durable goods and appliances for domesticuse such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Instrumentssuch as cell phones and kitchen appliances like microwave ovens were also included inthis category. The sector has been witnessing significant growth in recent years, helped by several drivers such as the emerging retail boom, real estate and housing demand,greater disposable income and an overall increase in the level of affluence of a significantsection of the population. The industry is represented by major international and local players such as BPL, Videocon, Voltas, Blue Star, MIRC Electronics, Titan, Whirlpool,etc.The consumer durables industry can be broadly classified into two segments: Consumer Electronics and Consumer Appliances. Consumer Appliances can be further categorizedinto Brown Goods and White Goods. The key product lines under each segment were asfollows. Industry Size, Growth, Trends T h e c o n s u m e r d u r a b l e s m a r k e t i n In d i a w a s e s t i m a t e d t o b e a r o u n d U S $ 5 b i l l i o n i n 2007-08. More than 7 million units of consumer durable appliances have been sold in theyear 2006-07 with colour televisions (CTV) forming the bulk of the sales with 30 per cent share of volumes. CTV, refrigerators and Air-conditioners together constitute morethan 60 per cent of the sales in terms of the number of units sold.In the refrigerators market, the frost-free category has grown by 8.3 per cent while directcool

segment has grown by 9 per cent. Companies like LG, Whirlpool and Samsung haveregistered double-digit growth in the direct cool refrigerator market. 8 In the case of washing machines, the semi -automatic category with a higher base andfully-automatic categories have grown by 4 per cent to 526,000 units and by 8 per cent to229,000 units, respectively. In the air-conditioners segment, the sales of window ACshave grown by 32 per cent and that of split ACs by 97 per cent.S i n c e t h e penetration in the urban areas for these products is already quite high, t h e markets for both C-TV and refrigerators were shifting to the semi-urban and rural areas.The growth across product categories in different segments is assess ed in the followingsections. Consumer Electronics The CTV production was 15.10 million units in 2007 -08 and is expected to grow by atl e a s t 2 5 p e r c e n t . A t t h e d i s a g g r e g a t e d l e v e l , c o n v e n t i o n a l C T V v o l u m e s h a v e b e e n f a l l i n g w h i l e f l a t T V s h a v e g r o w n s t r o n g l y. M a r k e t s o u r c e s i n d i c a t e t h a t m o s t C T V majors have phased out conventional TVs and have been instead focusing more on flat TVs. The flat segment of CTVs now account for over60 per cent of the total domestic TV production and is likely to be around 65 per cent in 2007-08.High-end products such asliquid crystal display (LCD)and plasma display CTV grew by 400 per cent and 150 per Cent respectively in 2009–10 following a sharp decline in prices of these products andthis trend i s expected to continue. The audio/video player market has seen significantgrowth rates in the domestic market as prices have dropped. This trend is expected to continue through 20092010, as competition is likely to intensify to scale and capture themass market. 9 COMPANYPROFILESAMSUNG– Introduction 10 Our Vision Samsung is guided by a singular vision: to lead the digital convergence movement.We believe that through technology innovation today, we will find the solutions we needt o address the challenges of tomorrow. From technology comes o p p o r t u n i t y f o r businesses to grow, for citizens in emerging markets to prosper by tapping into the digitaleconomy, and for people to invent new possibilities.It‘s our aim to develop innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people‘s lives and continue to make Samsung a trusted market leader Our Mission Everything we do at Samsung is guided by our mission: to be the b e s t ― d i g i t a l - Company‖. 11 Samsung grew into a global corporation by facing challenges directly. In the years ahead,o u r dedicated people will continue to embrace many challenges and come up w i t h creative ideas to develop products and services that lead in their markets. Their ingenuitywill continue to chart Samsung‘s course as a profitable, responsible global corporation.12 SAMSUNG HISTORY 2008 • N a m e d Y o o n - W o o L e e a s a V i c e C h a i r m a n & C E O o f Samsung Electronics • Launched OMNIA phone •

Completed establishing TV manufactory in Russia Kaluga • B e c a m e t h e o f f i c i a l s p o n s o r o f 2 0 1 0 G u a n gz h o u A s i a n Game • Developed the world's first 2Gb 50 NANO • Samsung takes No. 1 spot in U.S. cellphone market • Opened Global Brand PR Centre ‗Samsung D'light' • No.1 worldwide market share position for TVs achieved for the 9th quarter in a row 2007 • No.1 worldwide market share position for TVs achieved for the seventh quarter in a row • D e v e l o p e d t h e w o r l d ' s f i r s t 3 0 n m - c l a s s 6 4 G b N A N D Flash™ memory • BlackJack bestowed the Best Smart Phone award at CTIA in13 the U.S. • Attained No.1 worldwide market share position for LCD for the sixth year in a row 2006 • Developed the world's first real double-sided LCD • Developed the worlds' first 50nm 1G DRAM • Unveiled 10M pixel camera phone • Launched "Stealth Vacuum," a vacuum cleaner with theworld's lowest level of noises • Launched the worlds' first Blu-Ray Disc Player • Developed 1.72"Super-Reflective LCD Screen September, 2005 The India Retail Forum has awarded Samsung as the Best Retailer of the year 2005 in the consumer Durables category. James Damian,SVP, Best Buy and his team handed over the award to Mr. Ravinder Zutshi, Dy MD and Samsung India at the India Retail award functionheld in Mumbai on 16th September. February 2005 Mr. S. H. Oh appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung South West Asia. November 2004 Samsung received the Golden Peacock Special commendationCertificate for Corporate Social Responsibility (Private Sector) for the year 2004 from Mr. Shivraj Patil, Union Home Minister. February 2004 India made regional headquarters for Samsung Southwest Asia. February 2004

Mr. K. S. Kim appointed as the First President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Samsung South West Asia. November 2003 Inaugurated Samsung's new, High-Tech, advanced Refrigerator facility. August 2003 Commencement of production at refrigerator facility in Noida. June 2003 Merger of SIEL with SEIIT.Software technology park set up at Noida December 2002 Construction commences for 5,000,000 refrigerator plant in Noida October 2002 Samsung unveils new technology for Consumer HomeEntertainment (DNIe™) June 1996 Foundation Stone laid for CTV Factory at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. May 1996 Launch in South 14 Home Appliances Launch December 1995 Samsung India Electronics (SIEL) products launched in India. August 1995 Certificate for commencement of business received by Samsung GROWING TO BE THE BEST Samsung India aims to be the ‗Best Company‘ in India by the Year 2006. ‗Best Company‘in terms of both the internal workplace environment as well as the external context inw h i c h t h e C o m p a n y o p e r a t e s . S a m s u n g a i m s t o g r o w i n In d i a b y c o n t r i b u t i n g t o t h e Indian economy and making the lives of its consumers simpler, easier and richer throughits superior quality products.―Our aim is to gain technological leadership in the Indian marketplace even as our goal isto earn the love and respect of more and more of our Indian consumers.‖ Mr. S.H. Oh,President & CEO Samsung South-West Asia Regional Headquarters. Samsung in India Samsung India is the hub for Samsung‘s South West Asia Regional operations. The SouthWest Asia Regional Headquarters looks after the Samsung business in Nepal, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan besides India. Samsung India, which commenced itsoperations in India in December 1995, today enjoys a sales turnover of over US$ 1Bn in just a decade of operations in the country. 15 Headquartered in New Delhi, Samsung India has a network of 19 Branch Offices locateda l l o v e r t h e c o u n t r y. T h e S a m s u n g m a n u f a c t u r i n g c o m p l e x h o u s i n g m a n u f a c t u r i n g facilities for Colour Televisions, Colour Monitors,Refrigerators and Washing Machines is located at Noida, near Delhi. Samsung ‗Made inIndia‘ products like Colour Televisions, Colour Monitors and Refrigerators were being e x p o r t e d t o M i d d l e E a s t , C IS a n d S A A R C c o u n t r i e s f r o m i t s N o i d a m a n u f a c t u r i n g complex. Samsung India currently employs over 1600 employees, with around 18% of itsemployees working in Research & Development. SAMSUNG GLOBALThe DNA of Digital Innovation Samsung Electronics is a global leader in semiconductors, telecommunications, digitalm e d i a a n d d i g i t a l c o n v e r g e n c e t e c h n o l o g i e s w i t h 2 0 0 4 p a r e n t c o m p a n y s a l e s o f US$55.2Bn and net income of US$10.3Bn. Employing approx. 113,000 people in over 90offices in 48 countries, the company has of 5 main business units: Digital ApplianceB u s i n e s s , D i g i t a l M e d i a B u s i n e s s , L C D

B u s i n e s s , S e m i c o n d u c t o r B u s i n e s s a n d Telecommunication Network Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics Corporation is the world‘s largest pro ducer of Colour Monitors, Colour TVs, Memory Chips and TFT LCD‘s.16 Customized products for Indian Consumers Samsung understands the local cultural sensibilities to customize i t s p r o d u c t s according to the Indian market. It has set up a ―usability lab‖ at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi to customize Samsung products to meet the specific needs of Indian consumers. This industry-institute partnership is helping Samsung to study andanalyze consumer response in aspects of product design, including aesthetics, ergonomicsand interface.Through its research done on consumer preferences in India, Samsung has concludedthat Indian consumers want more sound oriented products. Thus, the Samsung televisionsfor India have a higher sound capacity than their foreign counterparts.F o r t h e s e m i - a u t o m a t i c s e gm e n t o f S a m s u n g w a s h i n g m a c h i n e s , S a m s u n g h a s introduced for the first time in India a feature called Super Dry. It is present in three of Samsung‘s semi automatic models and dries the clothes better than the rest.S a m s u n g w a s h i n g m a c h i n e s h a v e a n a d d i t i o n a l m e n u t h a t t a k e s c a r e o f t h e l o c a l Indian wardrobes. They also have a ‗memory re -start‘ that takes care of the frequent power failures in India. 17 PRODUCT PROFILE 650 Series Full HD LC D TVDeveloped using our unique Crystal Design with a hint of rosered color accentuating a traditional piano-black bezel frame, the 650 Series LCD TV features Auto MotionPlus 120Hz, an Ultra Clear Panel, DNIe Pro and WideColor Enhancer Pro to provide perfect picture quality.Wide Video MP3 Player (YP-P2)Equipped with Bluetooth and a touch screen interface,the YP-P2 lets consumers enjoy vivid videos on a 3-inchwide LCD screen. Samsung‘s proprietary DNSe 2.0technology with EmoTure™ UI enhances the ultimate multimedia experience. 18 VRT Front Loading Washer Designed with Vibration Reduction TechnologyTM (VRT),our washer dramatically reduces barrel vibration—evenat the highest speed. It also reduces energy and water consumption to the world‘s lowest levels. Further, we‘veenhanced washing performance and eco-friendly performancewith a diamond-shaped embossing drum.6-in-1 Steam OvenSimple, yet stylish, our 6-in-1 steam oven combines all of the features of a conventional oven with advanced steamcooking technology to stimulate healthier eating.Samsung‘s versatile steam cooking solution adds asteam function to the conventional oven, grill and microwave,as well as dry heat and fermenting. 19 Haptic Touch Screen Phones (SC H-W420/W4200)Built with TouchWiz UI software, our Haptic model promisesa unique user experience, one that touches all of thesenses. The Samsung Haptic features one-touch access,a widget for creating customized desktops and a G sensor for automatic horizontal rotation of photos and videos.It is designed for the innovative, ‗on-the-go‘ user whodemands cutting-edge multimedia features, including a web browser. Ultra-messaging BlackJack II (SG H-i617)Microsoft‘s Windows Mobile software-enabled HSDPAsmart phone boasts a bigger screen than the BlackJack I and includes a jog wheel. The phone also has cuttingedgefeatures such as a touch screen, Bluetooth, GPS and wireless LAN 20 OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT • To find number of brands of consumer durable in Nashik district. • To study brand preference of consumer for consumer durable goods..

• To find most important parameter for selection of brand of Colour television,Refrigerators, Washing machine, DVD, Microwave oven. • To study profit margin of major brands in consumer durable. 21 Download 3 Go BackComment Link Embed Zoom of 58 Readcast 0inShare More From This User

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