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Welcome the now

ing, when Crambell drunk into some blue bleeding sparkle with a pitchfork. He spoke out to them then,
and welcomed them to eating drinking of the ridiculixir. There was zero, afterwards and backwards, and
thus twenty out of seven flung high their capes to please the Lord.

Sprandlement shone out from a turret-housing placement YES

until often enough fun furry flutes overfed from laughing saffron listlessnesses and some slindy
supplemental excoriators. That was when the wall fell on you. Did it hurt? I asked. Yes. You said.
Where? I asked. On my leg. You said. Which leg? I asked. This one. You said. Is it going to be okay? I
asked. Later. You said. Can I fix it with a mushroom pie? I asked. Please. You said.

The ridiculixir tastes of blue radishes and reigns you in from sandy sleep. You jolt like slicing bread with
laser. You pretend you can feel the ground thrum. You are not, in fact, on drugs. You are just digging
one hole.

Pressing torp will unlorb slex dominonorgles. Ther can be unmany pairs of trampadample. Placing
delicate one (two) vakoom mat plex.,... Plex., plrl;krxles...

I leap I run I drink it yes it is the rid of it a lixir its all gone I drank it up in less time than there is time
between a point in time and a time that happens at the same time as that point time timed it's timely
timing timer. A cardboard.


And email what to who, anyway? When the metalizer likes ridiculixir, plox mixalate an energizer. Follow
follow rock a hollow then, a-flying, fly away. Can of some pens of some pigs of some blankets of some
securities of some YOU SAUDI BLACKCURRENT MATCHBOX TRAGDAGGERBLAG. When shorten plex a
maken biggen parkeen sparkle. Flail a borgle of a lixy dandle, and swig a chug of corky brandle. It is
gone then, past its prime, ripe for plucking, ripe for rhyme. Face it now, it's far too nearly, slanted, I got
up too early. Every minute, each engraving, can but have, the critics raving mad like a dog on a scented
leash made of patched together circuitry where the patches are made out of sewing kits and the rings
of saturn that I captured in a handkerchief and showed to my wife the one with the blue edging out
behind her lips where the stain is & spreads like pleated split-pea soup from a ribbed white porcelain
tiny. What history? I has neny.

So midnight nine before

Whisper tenderly my dear
Strangest hello, confess then:
Children loved lying

- and sip, sip, sip, from the cup cop kip, of the rip rop vlip, and the ridiculix.

One two three sex hahahhahahahahahah

I can't crawl back hard enough to fit before the beginning of the line. I wanted to a lot, actually, but it's
just too difficult. There is really no space there, nothing to clutch, nothing to pull yourself up and over
the edge and disappear. You can still read all of this, but I want it to shove left and up and out and
away, to squeeze down so infinitesimal it is spagghetiffied and ripped away from you, leaving you
breathless and alone. This space should be an empty white tear, or a tear perhaps, splashing away to
nothingness from a very great height. It will fall, warping but whole, to splash on the pavement of the

Thank you. *bows* I want to direct your attention now to the center of the aisle, where Mrs. Em Dash
has some words for us, I believe. As you well know, she is a very accomplished pianist, in addition to
her splendid philanthropic ventures in Africa. The tea company too, of course, haha, but- *laughter,
applause* Thank you, thank you :) Here she is now. *lights fade*

hugguguh hugguguh guguhugguguhugugahuggug gugahug hughughuggagug-agugagogagugoogagog.

So thush the results of drornking ridiculixing potionizers apparents itself on top of a mountain. If then
you stilling wanch to filling up, go get and angry, die. Or do it right and suffer only those who pick it up
pick it up pick i- to be at L. Unshaven he drug hizzelf alorp the escarpment. Lorping and scratching, he
plorped a gorp and chorped nine corp-drop-porps. Orpadorpa nine thousand and one. Numbargs fill the
sclumpivarsgle, milkinzargle, auroranatiozzizinangle-tangle-plop. Quintessentially,


Lured, I lourded a downlourde, and a heavy lourde lourded me with troubles. I unlourded them on a
lurid lourde of lard being lorried lorwards. Tugwammpunte. It's obvious.

Every word in this sentence is an anagram of the letter D. Every letter in this sentence does not contain
a vowel. There exists a vowel such that no word in this sentence doesn't fail to not be within three
characters of every other one in the alphabet as seen through a magnoscopic reticulum on a sunny day.
Speaking of reticulums, do you remember Sammy? What an awesome kid, seriously. Just so... honest
about everything, I feel like even if he was incredibly tired he'd always be on time, always take the right
pair of scissors to work with him. Never felt embarrased about his extraction methods, never took the
wrong optics courses. I could just cry thinking about it. I miss that man, I really do. I want him back.

Is it in episodes? Compelling hashbrowns? Or somehow interconnected, blagospherized. Diaphanous,

sultry, inside of a chrysalis. One box on other boxen rising, tower abov sk. Wher d th al g? Dunn. O wh.
t's inda nnoying hough. Nw smething ese, geat. Jut gret. Hw my me ws ae thre ts? Tt oe ws relly bd.
Is stll gong? guss tt gies yu me wk wh, thgh. Miht me a gd pule. Gd lk soling !

tired bed done time. djinka lixir plox. nighty noo!