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COVER STORY >> The Hybrid Age

In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. by Dr. Thomas R. Horn

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PROPHECY >> The Life of Christ
by Chuck Missler

TRENDS >> A Glimpse into 2012
by Mary Gehl

ASIA >> The Kings of South Asia
by Steve Elwart

UNLESS THEY HEAR >> Taking The Challenge
by Louis Powell

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KING’S HIGH WAY >> The Fruit of the Spirit
by Nancy Missler

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MIDEAST U.S. WARSHIPS TO STAY IN PERSIAN GULF The Obama administration brushed aside Iran’s warning to keep U.S. aircraft carriers out of the Gulf, dismissing its threats as a consequence of hard-hitting American sanctions on the Iranian economy. Provoking a hostile start to what could prove a pivotal year for Iran, the country’s army chief said American vessels were unwelcome in the Gulf. For more info: READ MORE AMERICA ASSISTED SUICIDE IS ILLEGAL IN HAWAII Doctor-prescribed death is illegal under Hawaii law despite what a pro-death group has argued, according to a newly authored legal opinion issued by Hawaii Attorney General David Louie to Sen. Josh Green, M.D. The opinion was requested after media reports and the Alliance Defense Fund reported that the group Compassion and Choices was publicly arguing that state law allows for physician-assisted suicide. For more info: READ MORE SCIENCE HYPER-ENVIRONMENTALISM ISN’T GOOD FOR ANYONE In 1987, the concept of sustainable development hit the international stage through the publication of the Brundtland Report. The report linked environmentalism with leftist economics and social justice. By 1992, the Brundtland version of sustainable development was incorporated into United Nations’ bylaws and formalized into an initiative known as Agenda 21. For more info: READ MORE ISRAEL 1500-YEAR-OLD BREAD STAMP FOUND IN ISRAEL A 1,500-year-old seal with the image of the seven-branched Temple Menorah has been discovered near the city of Acre. The ceramic stamp, which dates from the Byzantine period in the 6th century CE, was found during ongoing Israel Antiquities Authority excavations at Horbat Uza, east of Acre. For more info: READ MORE




SCIENCE CSC ANNOUNCES 2012 INTELLIGENT DESIGN SEMINARS The Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute announces two intensive nine-day seminars for college students during the summer of 2012. The CSC seminar will prepare students to make research contributions advancing the growing science of intelligent design (ID) and will explore cutting-edge ID work in science. For more info: READ MORE



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PROPHECY >> The Life of Christ

by Chuck Missler President/Founder of Koinonia Institute
After a distinguished military career and more than 30 very successful years in the corporate business environment, Chuck was led to pursue a life-long endeavor of teaching the Bible on a full-time basis. He founded Koinonia House, an organization devoted to encouraging people to study the Bible. He also founded Koinonia Institute to enable people to have a Kingdom effect on the world today.

A central theme of the entire Biblical panorama is the actual presentation of the Coming One, the central person of all history whom the Hebrews call the Messiah: “The volume of the book is written of me” (Psalm 40:7, also quoted in Hebrews 10:7); “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me” (John 5:39). His story is a love story written in blood on a wooden cross that was erected in Judea about two thousand years ago. His crucifixion wasn’t a tragedy; it was an achievement! Announced in advance in the Garden of Eden at the dawn of history, He made His human debut in a manger in Bethlehem, paid a cosmic price on our behalf at the Cross, and now appears ready to finalize His climax of all human history on our near horizon. In the Biblical record, every detail, every place name, and every number has been skillfully tailored by deliberate design. And they all point to Him. He is on every page, intricately hidden in every detail of the text. Deciphering these “codes” is our ultimate challenge.
Jesus: The Ultimate Prophecy Fulfilled

Jesus confounded the religious leaders of His day when they couldn’t break the code of the Old Testament text:

While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, saying, What think ye of Christ? Whose son is he? They said unto him, The Son of David. He said unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? [Jesus is quoting Psalm 110:1.] If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? And no man was able to answer him a word, neither durst any man


5 / UPDATE / FEB 2012

from that day forth ask him any more questions.
Matthew 22:41–46

They couldn’t break the code. They couldn’t understand that He, Jesus Christ, was the embodiment of prophecies from the Old Testament. It is essential for each of us to make sure we don’t fall into the same quandary by failing to see Christ for who He was prophesied to be. It is interesting that Jesus chose to open His ministry at the synaHis story is a love story written in gogue of Nazareth by reading from the prophet Isaiah: blood on a wooden cross that was And he came to Nazareth, where he sand years ago. had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read. And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him. And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. Luke 4:16–22 Furthermore, it is interesting to compare His reading with the complete passage in Isaiah: The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; to

erected in Judea about two thou-

Isaiah 61:1–2 Some deny that He claimed to be God. But by quoting the Old Testament.6 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD. Jesus intentionally limited His reading to the mission of His first coming: “This day is this Scripture fulfilled in your ears. a prophecy all of His listeners were familiar with. “and the day of vengeance of our God. Some deny that He claimed to be God.beginning at Moses and all the prophets. I continue to embrace a very literal view of the Biblical text and have learned to respect its precision.. But anyone who is unaware of His >> . at one of His first appearances after His resurrection. on that Sunday afternoon walk to Emmaus. It is significant that Jesus stopped at what is a comma in our text. Jesus led them in a Bible study entirely from the Old Testament. He wanted to state clearly He was The Messiah. a plan that involved the salvation of mankind.. He deliberately omitted the additional phrase.. He reinforced His Father’s sovereignty by speaking of a plan that had been unfolding for centuries.” Because of details like this. he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself ” (Luke 24:12–27). And again.” The “day of vengeance” has been deferred until His Second Coming.. Jesus spoke of Himself in the context of Old Testament history: “. and the day of vengeance of our God. But anyone who is unaware of His claims hasn’t read the Bible. highlighting the very things that had so shaken them during the previous few days. the long-awaited One. and it appears that it is about to be concluded. The “pause” of that comma in Isaiah 61 has lasted almost two thousand years.

M4a Download $9. to your Jewish friends.7 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 claims hasn’t read the Bible. NEW >> Footprints of the Messiah >> >> .95 USD ea. yet is rarely given today? The answer: presenting Jesus Christ entirely from the Old Testament. The issue is.95 USD ea. Jesus as the Messiah—entirely from the Old Testament? It’s not hard if you are prepared. on page 42. See our recently updated briefing. AUDIOCD $19. RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS BUY NOW THIS STUDY IS A REVIEW OF THE SPECIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH AS DETAILED IN THE TANAKH (THE OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES). Footprints of the Messiah. <<< FEB 2012 DVD $19. His claim to be God was the very reason that they crucified Him. It was the only “Scriptures” they had then. repeatedly recorded in the Book of Acts. Could you do that? Could you present. and always proved extremely fruitful. was given by seven different people on twelve different occasions.95 USD ea. were His claims valid? Our individual destinies will hinge on that issue. What Bible study. the “New Testament” was still in the process of being compiled.

as does a flourishing list of U. in his bestselling book Radical Evolution. pattern recognition technologies. He is the author of Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future. Thomas R. astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. and even perhaps—as Joel Garreau. military advisors. our physiology. and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism supports this vision. artificial intelligence. Dr. An international. stem-cell research. robotics. and nanotechnology…at the intersection of science and religion [which has begun to question] what it means to be human. bioethicists. I have personally debated leading transhumanist. which intend the use of genetics. Hughes joins a growing body of academics. Dr. What science has already done with genetically modifying plants and animals will soon apply to Homo sapiens. our memories. our offspring. nanotechnology and synthetic biology (GRINS technologies) as tools that will radically redesign our minds. intellectual. Hughes is executive director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and teaches at Trinity College in Hartford. bioethicists. concerning this inevitable posthuman future on his weekly syndicated talk show. Changesurfer Radio. Radio Host In recent years. and sociologists who support: Large-scale genetic and neurological engineering of ourselves…[a] new chapter in evolution [as] the result of accelerating developments in the fields of genomics. Connecticut.S.1 >> . and academics. James Hughes. claims—our very souls. neuro-pharmacology.THE HYBRID AGE 8 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 by Dr. law professors. genetic enhancement. robotics. artificial intelligence. Horn Author. a sort of bible for transhumanist values. germ-line engineering.

He is this posthuman revoa well-known columnist whose articles have been lution. He is the CEO tional Institute of of the Raiders News Network and Defenders Health. Arthur E. Forbidden Gates and Apolthat in preparation of lyon Rising 2012. granted Case Law School in Cleveland $773. National Geographic magazine concurred in 2007. of the L. complete integration of the technology necessary to replace existing Homo sapiens as the dominant life-form on earth is approaching an exponential curve with many experts predicting the first substantive steps in GRINS human-enhancement starting any time after the year 2012. Horn the meaning of life?” A u t h o r. Thomas R. and retired San Diego State University professor and computer scientist Vernor Vinge (who delivered the now-famous lecture. Bible Scholar will be nothing more Thomas Horn is an inthan an engineering ternationally recognized question.9 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 Though the transformation of man to this posthuman condition is in its fledgling state. radio host and best selling author of sevMost readers may eral books. speculating that within ten years. “The Coming Technological Singularity.000 of taxpayers’ money to begin developing the actual guidelines that will be used for setting government policy regarding the next step in human evolution— “genetic enhancement.” at Vision-21 Symposium sponsored by NASA Lewis Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute in 1993). R a d i o Host. the first “human non-humans” would walk the earth. recently Publishing Group. and through the NaToday. the United referred to by writers States government. MSNBC.” Maxwell Mehlman. agreed recently that we are entering that period in history when questions like “What is by Dr. director of the Law-Medicine Center at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law and professor of bioethics in the Case School of Medicine. A. lecturer. Times Syndicate. Petersilge Professor of BUY NOW Law. including his be surprised to learn two newest books. >> .

and what this means to democracy. for eugenic and Policy and Human Enhancement” psychic ‘enhancement. Nietzsche was the >> .nickbostrom. the author of Faust.3 Law schools. individual rights. was heavily influenced by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche (from whom the phrase “God is dead” derives) and Goethe. ready for States and offering two university lectures: “Directed Evolution: Public alteration.”2 Following the initial study.’ for and “Transhumanism and the Fuwholesale redesign. Constitution and Bill of Rights will need to be amended to insure rights and privileges for new forms of humans including genetically engineered homosexual entities. alter what it means to be human. futurists. and bioethicists over the two-year project “to develop standards for tests on human subjects in research that involves the use of genetic technologies to enhance ‘normal’ individuals. At the Brookings Institute—the #1 think tank in the world and the #1 policy think tank in the United States—a new series titled “The Future of the Constitution” is likewise examining how the U. including Stanford and Oxford. where transhumanists. Nick Bostrom (www.” addressing the need for society to comprehend how emerging fields of science will. eugenics.. in approaching years. physicians.S. and legal scholars are busying themselves with the ethical.10 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 led the team of law professors. are hosting annual “Human Enhancement and Technology” conferences to consider the ramifications as well. legal. and equality.com) is a leading advocate of transhumanism who. PROFESSOR NICK BOSTROM COMES THE ÜBERMENSCHEN As the director of the Future of Humanity Institute and a professor of philosophy at Oxford University.. as a young man. “Human nature itself lies on Mehlman began traveling the United the operating table. free will. bioethicists. and inevitable ramifications of posthumanity.” ture of Democracy.

4 about preserving our humanity.. a rope over an abyss”—according to Nietzsche. new creators are confidently amassing their powers and quietly honing their skills. the time has come for paying attention. the time has come for paying attention. germ-line engineering. and other synthetic life-forms through the use of modern sciences including recombinant DNA technology. Dr. for eugenic and psychic “enhancement. academic and industrial. and transgenics (in which the genetic structure of PROF.” >> .” for wholesale redesign. plants. and the “entity” that man—who is nothing more than a rope “tied between beast and Overman.. will eventually evolve into. In leading laboratories. Life. Liberty and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenges of Bioethics. Bostrom envisions giving life to Nietzsche’s Overman (posthumans) by remanufacturing men with animals. ready for alteration. For anyone who cares about preserving our humanity.For anyone who cares warned: Human nature itself lies on the operating table. GREGORY STOCK one species is altered by the transfer of genes from another). In the introduction to his book. Kass “. while on the street their evangelists [transhumanists] are zealously prophesying a posthuman future. The former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics. Leon Kass provided a status report on how real and how imminent the dangers of such GRINS technologies could be in the hands of transhumanists.11 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 originator of the Übermensch or “Overman” that Adolf Hitler dreamed of engineering.

even artistic—of every advance in automation is so compelling that passing laws. if they can. As such.. progress toward the goal would continue. or having customs. Pentagon have advised the agency that the principal argument by Vinge is correct.12 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 Notwithstanding such warnings. which suggests that America’s competitors (and potential enemies) are privately seeking to develop the same this century and use it to dominate the U.6 Numerous national and public reports have focused on 2012 as an event horizon. This is based on solid military intelligence. argues that stopping what we have already started (genetic enhancement of plants. Academic scientists and technical consultants to the U. the competitive advantage—economic.. Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future. including human enhancement for military purposes.”5 Verner Vinge agrees. adding: Even if all the governments of the world were to underVERNER VINGE stand the “threat” and be in deadly fear of it. This worrisome “government think tank” scenario is even shared by the JASONS—the celebrated scientists on the Pentagon’s most prestigious scientific advisory panel who now >> .S. military. In fact. animals and humans) is impossible. that forbid such things merely assures that someone else will get them first. the United States could be forced into large-scale species-altering output.S. as Prof. the problem could be unavoidable. “We simply cannot find the brakes. Gregory Stock. in his wellresearched and convincing book.

The JASONS are recommending that the American military push ahead with its own performance-enhancement research—and monitor foreign studies—to make sure that the U. Liberty.000 NIH Grant to Develop Guidelines for Genetic Enhancement Research: Professor Max Mehlman to Lead Team of Law Professors.S.elca.” http://www. “Redesigning Humans: The Final Frontier. by helping to “permanently establish new neural pathways.net/the-stateof-the-future.0” as the next arms race.kurzweilai. 2006). 10/25/02). 3. Just as the old Soviet Union and the United States with their respective allies competed for supremacy in nuclear arms following the Second World War through the 1980s (what is now commonly known as “the nuclear arms race during the cold war”). Leon R.org/ What-We-Believe/ Social-Issues/Journalof-Lutheran-Ethics/ Book-Reviews/ Redesigning -Humans-byGregory-Stock/Redesigning-Humans-TheFinal-Frontier.aspx. Jerome C. Glenn. “ C a s e Law School Receives $773. Life. Case Western Reserve U n i ve rs i t y.’ enemies don’t suddenly become smar ter. 6. emphasis added. the JASONS “are worried about adversaries’ ability to exploit advances in Human Performance Modification..” wrote military analyst Noah Shachtman in “Top Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes. 2. Kass. faster. Physicians. and thus new cognitive capabilities..brookings. and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics (New York: Encounter.edu/governance/ Future-of-the-Constitution. 5.” This special for Wired magazine was based on a leaked military report in which the JASONS admitted concern over “neuro-pharmaceutical performance enhancement and brain-computer interfaces” technology being developed by other countries ahead of the United States. essentially. http://www. or better able to endure the harsh realities of war than American troops. and thus create a threat to national security. PHD. “The Coming Techno- >> .” 7 NOTES 1. They are particularly concerned about [new technologies] that promote “brain plasticity”—rewiring the mind.13 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 perceive “Mankind 2. As quoted by Margaret McLean. “The State of the Future” (7/14/10) www. and Bioethicists in Two-Year Project (April 28.aspx 4..

wired. 2004) 75. Congress. The NBIC program director. in which human dignity is undermined by [being transformed into posthumans]. Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance (U. 2002) Though it might be tempting to disregard the conclusions by the JASONS as a rush to judgment on the emerging threat of techno-sapiens. information technologies and cognitive technologies.. Nigel M.S. government has formally embraced transhumanist ideals and is actively supporting the development of transhumanist technologies.. Ibid.S.” presented at the VISION-21 Symposium sponsored by NASA Lewis Research Center and the Ohio Aerospace Institute (3/30–31/93).” Wired (6/9/08) http://www. director for the Council for Biotechnology Policy in Washington DC. cybernetics and neurotechnologies) for the express purpose of enhancing human performance. Department of Commerce. concluding that the genie is out of the bottle and that “the federal government’s National Nanotechnology Initiative’s web site already gives evidence of this kind of future vision. biotechnologies. documents this move. Nigel M. de S. de S.S. 8. C. parallel to these advances will be the increasingly sophisticated argument that societies must take control of human biological limitations and move the species—or at least some of its members—into new forms of existence. National Science Foundation and Department of Commerce. National Science Foundation. e. it would be a serious mistake to do so. Mihail Roco.”8 Dr. 7.g.S. Mihail Roco. 10. a member of the government committee on human genetics who has given testimony before the U. together with the U. Christopher Hook. declared at the second public meeting of the project…that >> . 9. offered similar insight on the state of the situation: [The goal of posthumanism] is most evident in the degree to which the U. As GRINS technologies continue to race toward an exponential curve. Noah Shachtman. Cameron. 87. “Top Pentagon Scientists Fear BrainM o d i f i e d F o e s . com/dangerroom/2008/06/ jason-warns-of/.14 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 NOTES logical Singularity. Human Dignity in the Biotech Century (Downers Grove. emphasis added. Prof. IL: InterVarsity. The U. has initiated a major program (NBIC) for converging several technologies (including those from which the acronym is derived—nanotechnology.S. Cameron.

” The plan echoes a Mephistophelian bargain (a deal with the devil) in which “a golden age” merges technological and human cognition into “a single. Is there a spirit behind this effort to create a new form of man. National Science Foundation and Department effort to create a new form of of Commerce.S. Bio. Numerous other national and public reports have likewise focused on 2012 as an event horizon. Info. distributed and interconnected brain. Among other things. and Cogno” scenarios “focused on enhancing human performance.9 The presentation by Mihail Roco to which Dr.”10 The “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance” document mentioned above was published nearly a decade ago and predicted the time frame around 2012 as the date after which a new form of humanity would begin emerging as a result of GRINS alteration.Is there a spirit behind this commissioned by the U.” . Cherokee.S. a modern “Nephilim” report discusses planned applications of following 2012? human enhancement technologies in the military (and in rationalization of the human-machine interface in industrial settings) wherein DARPA is devising “Nano. government will be second in equivalent value only to the moon landing program. the Cumaean Sibyl (not to mention prophecies in the Zohar and elsewhere)—to predict the end of their calendars during 2012 followed by the emergence of a new form of man? If so. are we witnessing the fulfillment of Matthew 24:37—“But as the days of Noah were. Hindu. a modern Nephilim following 2012? Is it the same influence that caused so many ancient occult societies—the Maya.15 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 the expenditure of financial and human capital to pursue the needs of reengineering humanity by the U.. Hook refers is contained in the 482-page report. Aztec. the man. so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”? <<< >> .. “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance.

95 USD ea. M4a Download $9. new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge the Church in ways that are unprecedented.95 USD ea. AUDIOCD $19.16 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 FEB 2012 IN RECENT YEARS. DVD $19. RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS BUY NOW >> .95 USD ea. As a result. NEW THIS MONTH >> The Hybrid Age These transformations promise in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. ASTONISHING TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS HAVE PUSHED THE FRONTIERS OF HUMANITY TOWARD A FAR-REACHING TRANSFORMATION.

2011 could easily be defined as global “disintegration. According to E. etc. analysis. To begin. Psalm 100 would equate to 2000. There are thirty-one Proverbs that correspond to a day in any given month. Psalm 1 would equate to 1901. and disintegration. she moved to Idaho and completed a one-year internship with Koinonia Institute and was the first member to earn a Silver Medallion.. disorganization. For those familiar with Dr. THIS STRATEGIC GLIMPSE INTO 2012 BEGINS WITH AN INTERESTING RABBINICAL REVELATION. From the continued cataclysmic global financial crisis leading to the near collapse of sovereign countries to the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution leading to the Arab Spring to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami leading to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. We then read the same Proverb at the end of the day and grasp the lesson or revelation within the Proverb that applies to that day. widowhood changed Ma r y’s l i f e f o re ve r.e. Drew Gehl. the number eleven marks “disorder. aerospace. It closes with this admonition in verse 10: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of >> .” For some Biblical expositors. this concept is similar.. imperfection. including projects. Bullinger. Having performed this exercise daily for the last few years.).17 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 FEB 2012 IT’S NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN DURING KI’S 2011 ISSACHAR TOUR. Psalm 111 begins with the praise of the Lord and discusses the works of the Lord. Psalm 111 by Mary Gehl Executive Analyst Koinonia Institute Following a 23-year executive career that spanned the banking. and writing – a watchman on the wall – while continuing her studies and enjoying a new life with husband. education. W. the number eleven represents a time of transition. She now works for the Institute in a variety of capacities. research.” Interestingly. and agri-chemical sectors.. Missler’s teaching in the Book of Proverbs. the Biblical significance of the numbers eleven and twelve deserve a closer review. I was highly intrigued to find out how the particular Psalms being referenced (Psalm 111 and Psalm 112—correlating to 2011 and 2012) in this discussion could be relevant to our strategic evaluation of 2012. We perform an exercise in which we read the Proverb in the morning and then tackle the activities of our day. Answering the call from the Lord. TRENDS >> A Glimpse Into 2012 Early in the turn of the 20th century. rabbis began teaching the correlation of the words of the Psalms to the year (i.

what He has called each one of us to do in these perilous times defined in 2 Timothy 3. Russia. business. Global events in 2012 will herald great changes. Rather than the occultist and apocalyptic theories that usually accompany a conversation regarding 2012. we must look closely at various dimensions of global interaction: politics. Together. 24 countries have scheduled elections or appointments for new political leadership. Other countries of acute interest include India.18 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever. Michael Cappello. and the United States. Mexico. >> . the availability of raw materials and demographics in various regions. Worldwide. The Elections of 2012 The transitioning from bad to worse in 2011 has caused many to question what could possibly lie ahead in 2012. Taiwan. the overwhelming significance of next year can easily be seen in the possible changes in world leadership. Director of the World Fellows Program made the following statement: The transitioning from bad to worse in 2011 has caused many to question what could possibly lie ahead in 2012. For the first time in history. four of the five countries on the United Nations Security Council have the possibility of leadership changes in the same year: China. Some economic strategists are looking forward to the possibilities of change in 2012.” Psalm 111 is a reminder to us to place our focus on the Lord and in what He is doing—and more specifically. these countries account for 53% of the world’s population and over 50% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). health. To arrive at a comprehensive view of potential scenarios for 2012. Egypt. Each will have a major impact on economic development. France.

economists. According to Charles-Edouard Bouée. but as we are living in a time of great economic and political turbulence. 24 countries have Lack of Ethical Leadership Not all analysts are as positive regarding the possibilities of change in 2012. Iceland. Turkey. and academics have argued that the Eurozone crisis is not a financial crisis. Dr. the elections in 2012 will in some cases lead to changes in government that will affect the whole global economy. He stated: This calls for an in-depth analysis of current developments and potential political and economic scenarios. Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of Roland Berger (strategy consultants): In normal times such a coincidence of national elections would hardly be worth mentioning. Worldwide. Many intellectuals. and South Korea (especially after the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il in December). In this way. This may cause some instability. author of >> . Bernard Ramanantsoa. decision makers in politics and business can thoroughly prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The condition of Greece and the Eurozone stand as examples. scheduled elections or appointments for new political leadership. Spain. Maria Lorca-Susino. However. but is instead a political crisis—a lack of leadership. but could also open up new opportunities for development. Dean of Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC) Paris recognizes the potential for immense global change. “decision makers” are the ones who have precisely led the world into its current condition.19 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 Venezuela.

. numerous races limit government efficiency. but also limited the time for action or reaction of the other Member States in dealing with such crisis. The “no bailout” rule has been breached. According to Dr. Candidate debates and speeches have become spectacles of political rhetoric. the fear of not being re-elected has considerably affected the production of new ideas. Its expulsion would be a consequence of its dishonesty to the other Member States. sees the future of the Euro without Greece. as opposed to leadership and strong policies. >> . As Dr. the majority of voters simply do not care. The global economic outlook has surfaced a global public opinion that the “political class” is a group of “men (or women) of influence” overwhelmingly in search of power and relevance. elections have become a central part of life within the western democracies and constitutional republics. Greece stands as an example of unethical politics. during the times of recent crisis. citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the limits of the current political systems. In times of prosperity. therefore. As we watch bailout after financial bailout fail to bring about the promised recovery. Across the globe. change would be expected. As the core component of democracy. Career politicians have created a fear among candidates that not being re-elected by the electorate equates to “punishment. However.. “The cover-up by the Greek government did put the entire (Eurozone) system in jeopardy. the careers of the political class are priority one. removing Greece from the Eurozone should not be a problem. Instead of changing the political class. Lorca-Susino explains.20 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 The Euro in the 21st Century. With elections occurring every two to six years. however. it is becoming increasingly clear that the “economy” has become the scapegoat for the politicians responsible for developing and maintaining their budgets.” Greece lied and did not report the “real” data concerning its deficit and debt.” Instead of seeing change as necessary and beneficial to the success of any given country. Plodding Into 2012 China is looking toward major leadership changes in October 2012. Lorca-Susino: This is not a big problem because the Treaties have already been breached many times.

three things can be expected that will increase the discontent of . Having reached age limits of 67 years. Five colleagues will be moving up in the Politburo Standing Committee—the summit of decision making in China. The selection of candidates does not have the . 210 BC. available positions in the Standing Committee will be subject to some form of competition between a number of potential candidates. China’s Challenges China is looking toward major leadership changes in October 2012. however.. the current “Fourth Generation” leaders around Hu Jintao as Party Secretary and Wen Jiabo as Premier will be moving into retirement. The outcome may not be known until October 2012. This is the first time since Mao Zedong in which the transition of power will not be influenced by a powerful patriarchal figure. Unfortunately.21 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 Politicians are simply trying to survive. is that China’s era of technocrats is coming to an end.This is the first time since Mao the citizenry and quite possibly usher in a hope for a “world leader” with Zedong in which the transition of “real” answers: 1) extremely high power will not be influenced by a government debts. However.. the disconnect of the ruling transatlantic political class with their citizens has the world of academia asking one question: could the Euro-Atlantic community become the next Japan? There is a certain consensus that the next decade will be a “lost decade. fecting the rate of unemployment. In some countries. CA. and 3) high turnover of heads of state and government. Little is known of the selection process currently in place. the political process has been slowed down and put on autopilot. What is known. each of the TERRACOTTA WARRIORS OF THE QIN DYNASTY. 2) no growth afpowerful patriarchal figure.” If this is true.

The wicked shall see it. Lorca-Susino. and be grieved.W. lawyers. twelve is significant in 2012. His heart is established. This does not sound like the political ambiguity and chaos the world faces in the possibilities of global leadership changes in the upcoming elections and appointments. he shall gnash with his teeth. This places a vast question mark over their ability to fully control the powerful political interests of the People’s Liberation Army. org same number of engineers and technicians. Instead. However. England. he shall not be afraid.pdf www. Just as the number eleven was significant in 2011. His seed shall be mighty upon the earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. ru/media/pdf/Roland_ Berger_Project_2012 _l_E_20110727. the contenders are political scientists. until he see his desire upon his enemies. and lendeth: he will guide his affairs with discretion. trusting in the LORD. They have less international experience.rolandberger.22 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 NOTES Bullinger. that delighteth greatly in his commandments. Ashgate Publishing Company. and full of compassion. Number in Scripture: It’s Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance. E.theproject2012.” Because twelve is the product of 3 (the perfectly Divine and heavenly number) and 4 (the earthly. Surely he shall not be moved forever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. Psalm 112 As we watch the nations rage. his horn shall be exalted with honour. Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness: he is gracious. the number of what is material and organic). it is most important that we keep our eyes on what the Lord is doing. 2010. 1967. Intriguingly. and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish. Grand Rapids. He hath dispersed. A good man sheweth favour. Maria. or of governmental perfection. Surrey. twelve is a “perfect number. Psalm 112 presents a picture of a move of God among His people. The Euro in the 21st Century. [Emphasis mine] Thus are the marching orders of the Kingdom as we walk through 2012 and await the coming of our King. twelve is considered to be the representation of God’s government upon the earth. and righteous. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. MI: Kregel Publications. Of most concern within China is that this group has no military experience whatsoever. raising up a righteous remnant in the face of growing darkness. and people with degrees in the social sciences. signifying perfection of government. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD. Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth forever. <<< >> . he hath given to the poor: his righteousness endureth forever. Psalm 112: Praise ye the LORD. http://www.

In those 40 years. by St e ve El w a r t Senior Analyst Koinonia Institute Steve Elwart is a Senior Analyst for the Koinonia Institute and has been a member of the Institute since 2006. which serves as a critical gateway to Southeast Asia through Indonesia and East Timor.23 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 FEB 2012 ASIA >> The Kings of South Asia “THE SIXTH ANGEL POURED HIS BOWL ON THE GREAT EUPHRATES RIVER. The United States is a Pacific power. He has spent 40 years in the Oil Industry. Obama committed to increasing the number of U. but also as a consultant with numerous government agencies.S. Steve has worked with two presidential administrations. As a Subject Matter Expert on energy. President Obama travelled to Australia for a meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard. several cabinet level departments. Steve has had the opportunity to work not only in private industry. During the meeting. and we are here to stay … As we end today’s wars [in Iraq and Afghanistan]. automation. I have directed my national security team to make our presence and missions in the Asia-Pacific a >> . ITS WATER WAS DRIED UP TO PREPARE THE WAY FOR THE KINGS FROM THE EAST. Steve has also served as interim pastor of his church.” REV 16:12 ISV In November. During his visit. Marines rotating through Australian bases around the northern coastal city of Darwin. a n d c y b e r s e c u r i t y. as well as numerous congressional staffs and state commissions. President Obama asserted that the Asia-Pacific Theater remains of vital strategic interest to the United States. regardless of domestic budget restrictions.

. The Asia-Pacific region is the world’s most economically vibrant. a point highlighted by Europe’s and the United States’ economic hardship. China is shifting . As the world’s fastest-growing region—and home to more than half of the global economy—Asia is critical to achieving my highest priority: creating jobs and opportunity for the American people..S. For the last thirty years. the Varyag. China has just recently put a refurbished Ukrainian Aircraft Carrier. The Chinese wish to change the rules of this game. In both respects. it is still a force to be reckoned with. The U.S.. The United States’ renewed The United States’ renewed interest interest in the area is seen by many as a signal to China that the U. is in the area is seen by many as a not going to cede this region of the signal to China.24 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 top priority. It may also prove to be the source of the greatest threats to global security over the coming decades. To this end. a resurgent China is at the heart of things.. China has steadily improved its naval capability. world to Beijing. out for sea trials in the Yellow Sea... While the troop levels are small. While some pundits are saying that American power is waning. they serve as both a tripwire and a reminder to the world that the United States is still a force to be reckoned with and a counterweight to Chinese expansion plans. reentry into the region is setting off alarm bells in Beijing. Much of China’s foreign military policy is driven by fear of the United States. The United States exercises almost complete control over the worlds’ seas. China is beginning to build up its blue water (ocean-going) navy. Warships and fleets move around the world only with the forbearance of the United States.

rather than inside ones. forced the Northern troops back over the UN partition line at the 38th Parallel and continued to push the North Koreans up to the Yalu River near Manchuria. is not going to cede is a fear that goes back to the Chinese this region of the world to Beijing.”) Its growing emphasis on international trade has shifted China’s focus to its coastline. reentry into the region is Shek in that war. the Communist Chinese saw it as a direct threat. Korea was “temporarily” divided by the Soviet Union and the United States at the end of the Second World War (much as Europe was divided by the Allied Powers). It is primarily an export economy that depends on the sea lanes for its survival. When it looked as if the Communist Party would lose the election. (The same way the U. A good example of this is the Chinese intervention in the Korean War. Korean Communists in the north. China’s primary concern is one of encirclement by the United States. Revolution of 1949. This is a logical next step for The Middle Kingdom.. aided by the United Nations. China’s maritime defenses are gaining importance as the country is growing more concerned over outside threats. but there was another factor that is not often discussed.S. In 1950. to an air and naval one. After an initial setback. “Every seventh container ship from China goes to the People’s Republic of Wal-Mart. invaded the South and marched on Seoul. support of South Vietnam would >> . literally at China’s doorstep. ed States as a threat to its sovereignty. when the United States recognized the Nationalist Chinese Government on Taiwan as the sole legitimate government for all of China. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai also saw it as a move by the United States to project its influence in the region. (As one pundit put it. China arguably has the world’s second-largest economy. Since the United States gave its support to Chiang KaiThe U. led by Kim Il Sung. President Harry Truman sent the U.S. the Koreans in the South.S.that the U. Seventh Fleet into the Taiwan Strait to prevent any conflict between the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese. China saw the move as the United States reentering the Chinese Civil War. It .. While Truman saw this as a peacekeeping move between the two factions. It was agreed that free elections would be held in 1948 to reunify the country. Many historians write that the push to the Yalu was the reason for the direct Chinese Intervention in the war in 1950.S. China sees the Unitsetting off alarm bells in Beijing.25 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 its focus from being a land-based power.

the Vietnamese learned what would happen if the Chinese thought they China’s search for energy security were being encircled. The result was a brief but bloody border war fought in 1979 between China and Vietnam. the United States would keep extending its sphere of influence into other areas around China. while the U. The U.S.1 Twenty years later.) Zhou believed that if the U. This is the situation the United States is facing now.S.N. It wasn’t until 1979 that relations between the two countries began to crumble. Sri Lanka. planning for the Chinese invasion of the North began within a week of the U. China also demonstrated to the world that the Soviet Union was unable to protect their Vietnamese ally. The Vietnamese invasions into Laos and Cambodia in 1979 were viewed by the Chinese as another encirclement attempt and again they decided they had to respond. While the move to the Yalu did help precipitate China’s entry into the war. The Chinese invaded Vietnam and decimated the Northern Provinces. Vietnam has led it to invest in ports and and China were allies during the pipelines in Pakistan. was still mired in the Battle of Pusan Perimeter. China’s fear of encirclement. has made it very clear that it will not cede South Asia to >> .26 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 be viewed. once again. While the Vietnamese claimed victory in the war by keeping their troops in Cambodia another ten years. move into the Taiwan Strait was not answered quickly and forcefully. meant a very bloody encounter. Navy’s move into the Strait. Vietnam War and continued to be and Myanmar.S. allies after the United States withdrew from the country. China achieved its strategic objective of reducing the offensive capability of Vietnam along the Sino-Vietnam border by implementing a scorched earth policy.

. (1987).S.: At the present time. (2000). 1 9 7 9 : especially true since China has become the United States’ lender of last Issues. exactly. It sees itself as being on the world stage for eighteen hundred of the last two thousand years. K. L. The adminKuan Yew. page 26). permission to do anything. Y. a key objective of the administration’s strategy is to unite India with Japan. is also workYew. It is on a hunt Kissinger. dominance in the Yellow and South China Seas. strategic interests in the Pacific to its interests in the Indian Ocean and to those of the rising powers of South Asia. War College ReWhile the United States and China are locked in a competition for view. Vol. The more China and India rise. (2011). and Myan(2004). Lee. China has been resisting foreign aggression for centuries. Chinese officials following these developments must see them as a calculated U. China does not seem to be interested in pure Hoover Institution Press. London. 57. CHINA’S mar (also known as Burma). How.S. K. Philippines. Sri Lanka. Chen.S. UK: have been neglected in U. ing to forge closer ties with other countries in the region.27 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 China and China does not acknowledge that the United States has any right to “interfere” in their sphere of influence. the more AIRCRAFT CARRIER AMBITIONS. resort. a “choke point” for oil supplies and other goods heading to the Far NOTES >> . H.S. Storey.C. istration is seeking to bolster U. Westminfor secure energy supplies. I. led it to invest in ports and pipelines in Pakistan. Winter 2004. Washington. D.S. No. and Implications. strategy. While Obama was in Australia. which both adjoin the South China Sea. These moves indicate that the United States wants to expand its influence in Southern Asia at the expense of the northwest Pacific and the areas around Japan. & Ji. Australia and other members of the emerging anti-Chinese bloc. 1.S. On China. the U. The South China Sea is strategically important in the area since it is this body of water that links U. Decisions. A part of the region that is of particular interest to the United States includes the Straits of Malacca (see map. According to Deputy Secretary of State Burns. China does not see itself as a nation that is emerging onto the world stage. China’s search for energy security has Penguin Press HC. Beijing will respond to this onslaught remains to be seen. military ties with Indonesia and the New York: Harper. From Third World to First. Naval welcome U. This is V i et n a m . effort to encircle China with hostile alliances. It is looking for these resources in areas that ster. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the Philippines pledging closer cooperation between the two countries. power will be in the region as a counterbalance to both. C. China’s War with It does not see itself as needing U. power projection or expansion to promote an ideology. but China is not a country that is intimidated by foreign nations.S.

India. At its 2 http://www. China. NOTES <<< Steve Elwart can be contacted at Steve. Indonesia has the highest population of 4 http://en. There is no doubt that China. as well as in relations between Islam and the other recognized religions in Indonesia.28 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 East. Pakistan.wikipedia. There is a climate of uncertainty in the relationship between Islam and Christianity. and others view themselves as important players on the international stage. shallowest. Some kind of coalition will rebel and come against the empire of the Beast. and the other countries of Eastern and : A Commentary on Southeast Asia would be vulnerable to an embargo of vital supplies Revelation (Greenville.S. org /wiki/DemoMuslims in the world. This is becoming a concern to the countries of 2004). Over 200 Million people (13% of the world’s graphics_of_Islam Muslim population) live in the country. which concerns many in malacca-strait the U.antaranews. it has a reported depth of just 80 feet (25 meters).com >> . This body of water is situated between the coastline of Thailand.com/en/ percent of the world’s trade goods and half the world`s oil shipments news/1267839372/ pass through the Strait.: BJU Press. does not bode well for an optimistic future for the region. From Patmos to Paradise radical Islam.000 ships cfm?fips=WOTC sail through this strait every year. through the Strait. 1950. S.Elwart@studycenter.4 If this nation should fall to 5 Stewart Custer. Malaysia and Singapore to the East and the Indonesian island of Sumatra to the West.2 These ships transport about 30 3 http://www. Accordgov/countries/ regions-topics.eia.C.5 It is for this reason that those of us who watch current events through the lens of Biblical prophecy should be watching the events in Southern Asia unfold. Korea. Indonesia. 1 The Battle for the It extends 6oo miles (900 km) from its widest point (about 350 Pusan Perimeter was km between Northern Sumatra and Thailand) to its narrowest (less from August 4 to September 18. at least 50. “The way of the kings of the east” is a definite prophecy of a vast invasion by a coalition of eastern empires. Ongoing unrest between the Muslim and Christian communities in the Moluccan Islands.3 indonesia-alert-overpossible-terror-inThe Strait also pass through Indonesia. State Department. Japan. 178-79. than 3 km wide between southern Sumatra and Singapore). as well as scattered acts of violence in other areas of Indonesia. East Asia as threats of piracy and terrorist acts in the Strait are being reported with increasing frequency. Japan. ing to the Energy Information Administration.

These audio Bibles have a built-in battery that can be recharged using a solar charger so they can be used anywhere in the world. He teaches at Pastor Conferences both in the USA and abroad. The idea is not new. Building small groups who study the Bible together is the basic building blocks used by most churches and mis- by Louis Powell. Israel. which he loves. anyone can participate in listening to the Bible this way.” Louis graduated from Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) with his Theological degree.” KOINONOS >> Taking The Challenge UNLESSThey Hear The mission of Unless They Hear Outreach is to share the Gospel in remote areas of the world using MP3 players that play the Bible. >> . We have partnered with several ministries. which allows us to include Bible teaching on our audio Bibles. the listener hears the words of the Bible in their own heart language. including Koinonia Institute. Louis is married to Beth. KI Louis Powell is an ordinary man who has been given a heart for the people of the world who cannot read and therefore. the language their mother taught them. cannot know the Word of God “unless they hear. Instead of reading the Bible.. He currently serves as Director of Worldwide Missions for Koinonia Institute. Our “teacher-Box” (t-Box) has speakers which are loud enough for thirty or more people to listen together but fits in the palm of your hand. While the targeted groups are people who cannot read. grace and Bible prophecy. Director of Worldwide Missions. The MP3 players are used to establish small groups who study the Bible..29 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 FEB 2012 UNLESS THEY HEAR OUTREACH BEGAN FROM A CHALLENGE CHUCK MISSLER GAVE FOR ME TO “RAISE THE BAR IN MY CHRISTIAN WALK. He leads Bible teaching classes on topics of creation. they have raised five children and now influence their 13 grandchildren.

Unless They Hear Outreach also provides our audio Bibles in Muslim areas and other Christian-restrictive countries. Click on the link “Unless They Hear Video” to see and hear how it all works. Our website is www. The audio Bible becomes the listener’s personal Bible. The t-Box becomes the small group’s teacher. Everything is done using audio devices. KI uses small groups studying the Bible together in each of their courses. In the beginning. All our audio Bibles include an FM radio. The first reports we received were from Ghana. We expected people in remote areas of the world to listen to the Bible at night when they returned from working in the fields all day. not printed material. To our surprise. they started listening to Jesus. More than one report shared that husbands have technology (MP3 players) and stopped beating their wives and getting uses it to bring lost people to drunk. We began delivering audio Bibles in July of 2010. the family accepts Jesus.unlesstheyhear. repentance from sin and acceptance of Jesus as payment for sin. And then. but our experience has revealed a different pattern. the first report is that families are Our method takes an existing changed inside the home. after a few months. the MP3 device is working in these areas. Since it is hard to tell whether a young Muslim person is listening to music or the Bible when using our audio Bibles. the family joins a small study group. Then.30 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 sion workers. Instead of the whole village getting saved. West Africa. Later. we thought whole villages would accept Christ. the audio Bible with their wives. We even have an FM transmitter used to transmit to small villages so anyone can begin hearing the gospel using an FM radio. It is all based on “unless they hear they cannot know Christ” (Romans 10:14).org. Some have created their own outreach and share our audio Bibles with >> . many wear the audio Bible necklace as they work. but the same pattern is confirmed everywhere. Our “new and improved” method takes an existing technology (MP3 players) and uses it to bring lost people to Jesus. Our audio Bibles bring conviction of sin.

Chuck Missler’s teaching is heard in Cuba on our audio Bibles! This is something we never expected to happen. lost. I made a bad business decision. when I couldn’t feel God’s guidance. I was a stock broker and the owner of a tax and investment business. After years. I shared what I did with many of my clients. It totaled millions of dollars. By the grace of God. friends. when I thought my life was over. So Chuck Missler’s challenge to Some Could Repent. deserted. I was accused by the Department of Justice as being part of this deception. I finally conquered my legal battles. when I felt abandoned. and I thought I could not go on— when I did not know what to do. Everyone who used the tax credits were required to repay the IRS with interest. I was at the lowest point in my life. I lost my business. We share the stories and photos of our mission trips in our book. “Please give me . forsaken. and family relationships were scarred. I begged God.31 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 others. family and my peers. reputation. One group smuggles our audio Bibles into Cuba. Some Sent. Almost ten years ago. I purchased interests in landfill gas wells that produced tax credits from businessmen who I thought were trustworthy. convicted and sentenced for fraud. raise the bar in my Christian Chuck Missler’s challenge to raise walk came at a horrible time in the bar in my Christian walk came at a horrible time in my life. For many years. tried. My peers shared it with their clients. Some Went. I was also one of many who were named in a class action lawsuit. When I was in my darkest day. many friends. my life. the people I trusted were indicted.

Chuck Missler was ending a teaching. I survived the worst attack on my life because Chuck gave me a challenge and God gave me the strength to pursue it.” It was at this very moment one day. my pain from my legal situation did not seem so bad. God help me endure this pain. but I will never forget what questions he asked. I began to take KI Bible courses. But Chuck continued. take this pain away. Please. I am not sure what Bible book or topic Chuck was teaching on. sending audio Bibles and starting small groups in 18 different languages and in 24 countries. “Are you a Christian? What have you done with it?” As if Chuck’s words came from God and were directed specifically at me. What can I do? Please. “Our purpose at K-House is to help Christians raise the bar in their Christian walk and find their purpose. I can’t make it.” KI was God’s answer to my prayer. We want to help you find God’s purpose for your life. helping lead more than a thousand people to Christ. I had never heard of Chuck Missler.32 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 the strength to find my purpose. As long as I was studying the Bible with KI. Don’t stop challenging us Chuck! We all need it! <<< >> . I only heard a few minutes. Chuck’s challenge has resulted in my going on many mission trips. I felt a dagger stab deep into my heart. while I was driving. that I flipped on a radio program where Dr. From that introduction.


34 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 BUY NOW BUY NOW >> .

He that loveth not knoweth not God. Faith in the Night Seasons. (Galatians 5:22-23) The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love by Nancy Missler Director/Founder of King’s High Way Na n c y M i s s l e r h a s published four studies: The Way of Agape. He is that Love! 1 John 4:7-8 confirms this: Beloved. if you have love one to another. for Love is of God. One of the greatest proofs that we are. will inherit positions of authority and responsibility in the coming Millennium and beyond.” therefore. It’s God Himself who comes into our hearts at that moment. John 13:35 says. “Fruit. BUT ACTUALLY LIVING HIS LIFE—HIS LOVE—HERE AND NOW AND PRODUCING GODLY “FRUIT. but actually living His Life—His Love—here and now and producing godly “fruit. They are the parents of four grown children. indeed. of course. and her latest.” Agape is the supernatural Love of God that is poured into our hearts the moment we invite Christ to take control of our lives—the moment our spirit is regenerated. Be Ye Transformed. Power & Glory.” The believers who do this. for God is Love. This personal Love is what makes Christianity so completely different from all the other religions in the world. In addition to these popular studies she also has published six Plain and Simple Series books. one of whom has gone to be with the Lord. and everyone that loveth is born of God. Christianity is the only religion where God Himself (who is Love) comes to dwell within each one of our hearts. And. Nancy has been married for over 50 years to Chuck Missler. >> . at the head of the list is Love. Partaking of Christ’s Life not only means receiving His divine nature when we are born again.35 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 FEB 2012 PARTAKING OF CHRIST’S LIFE NOT ONLY MEANS RECEIVING HIS DIVINE NATURE WHEN WE ARE BORN AGAIN. Scripture says. partakers of Christ’s Life is that we will be living and sharing His Agape Love with all we come in contact with. “By this [Agape] all men know that you are My disciples. and seven grandchildren. as well as two In His Likeness Series books. The Kingdom. we explored the importance of being a “partaker” of Christ’s Life.” KING’S HIGH WAY >> The Fruit of the Spirit In last month’s article. is the important criteria. let us love one another. and knoweth God.

i. but they have failed to declare war on their flesh. This is the most priceless “work” of the Spirit. selfcentered and bondage love.” (Ephesians 4:22-24) Many Christians have been born again. but it is only passed on through us if we are sanctified. present and future—but we must continually appropriate His shed Blood for the cleansing of any current sin. His Love is still there. Agape is part of the eternal Life that God gives us at our new birth. Christ died for all our sins—past. then. The Good Samaritan Let’s examine a Biblical example of how God wants us to love one another. in contrast to human love which is a conditional. is the giving or the sacrificing of oneself for another as Christ did for us. (John 15:13) It’s the power of God manifested in the life of a believer.36 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 Agape represents something far greater than any of us can imagine. And the reason is. but they haven’t personally experienced God’s Love. They have trusted God for salvation. they have quenched God’s pure Love in their hearts and blocked it from coming forth. As a result. The essence of Love.e. but it is quenched by sin and self. Ephesians calls it “putting off the flesh” and “putting on Christ. they have put the blood on the doorposts of their homes (justification) like the Israelites did. >> . Yes. two-sided (meaning it has to be returned in order to be kept alive). one-sided. the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. but they haven’t purged the leaven from their lives (sanctification).. Agape is an unconditional. An Example: Luke 10:25-37. clean and open vessels. freeing and other-centered Love. This then forces them to walk by the “flesh” and not the Spirit. A lawyer came to Jesus and asked: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus answers.

the lawyer. He told the innkeeper that he would return and pay any further costs. stripped him of his clothes. This also answers the law- . and thy neighbor as thyself. pour oil on them. trying to justify himself. First. (By the Christ’s Life is that we will be way. bind up his wounds. “We are to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. This is Jesus’ example of what loving one another really means. partakers of ed him and left him for dead. but he chose to pass by on the other side of the road. looked at the injured man. a priest came by. This gentle Samaritan chose to remain with the distressed man. He saw the wounded man. put him upon his donkey and bring him to the nearest inn. Finally. the road from Jerusalem to Jericho living and sharing His Agape is a very rugged and rocky terrain. says: “Who is my neighbor?” Whereupon Jesus answers him with a story: A certain man went down to Jericho. indeed. Both of these men shrank from any extra trouble. some thieves caught One of the greatest proofs that him. and Love with all we come in contact so it is a perfect hideout for thieves.” But.) with. Do this and you will live. woundwe are. any extra time and any extra expense in dealing with a stranger. he paid the innkeeper for what he owed.37 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 “What does the law say?” The lawyer responded. but again chose to pass right by him. and with all thy mind. “You have answered correctly.” Jesus says. The next day. and with all thy soul. a certain Samaritan came by and when he saw the wounded man. and asked him to continue to care for the injured man. he immediately had compassion on him and stopped. All this was done to a perfect stranger and without the hope of any recompense. and with all thy strength. a Levite came. Then. On the way.

“the Agape Love of many will grow cold. It says that in the end-times.” Yes. where’s the Love you speak of?” She grew up in the Christiachurch. But. where are those who give of themselves with no thought of reward? Few Christians are exhibiting these traits. How did He love us? what’s happening here. Loving (laying our lives down for) our neighbor as God desires cannot be done “in the flesh. we received a letBUY NOW ter recently from a young Christian woman desperately searching for “real” Love. Her letter read: “I have searched and searched for someone to show me genuine love. rank or religion. this Scripture is talking about Christians. but hasn’t found Love! John 15:12-14 tells us that we are to What a reflection of our times! This should hit home with all of us! love one another as Christ has loved Matthew 24:12 explains us. The “Agape Love of >> . I haven’t found it anywhere. But in all my relationships with other believers. Agape is Growing Cold The “Good Samaritan story” is applicable for us today because it begs the question: Where are the Christians today who are laying their lives down for their neighbors? Where are the good Samaritans now? And. I grew up in the church. no matter what race. For example. This is certainly true with the Christian woman before mentioned and also with what we are seeing and hearing from other believers all across the board.38 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 yer’s question of “Who is my neighbor?” The answer Jesus wanted from the lawyer was: My neighbor is anyone who needs help and whom I have the power and opportunity to help. Matthew says that the Agape Love of many will grow cold because it will be quenched by our carnality and our selfcentered ways.” It can only be done through the Spirit and with the pure motive of giving glory to God.

<<< >> . We must learn to lay down our lives so that God can pour His genuine Love through us to those needing real love.39 / UPDATE / FEB 2012 God’s God’s wisdom will show us which type of Love (merciful or strict) to use in each of our particular situations. longsuffering. it’s also a strict and discipline Love. faith. that God is looking for and what pick up our crosses and follow Jesus.] John 15:12-14 tells us that we are to love one another as Christ has loved us. meekness [and] temperance.” 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 also lays out Love’s characteristics in detail. He laid down His Life for us. God’s power will implement that Love in our lives. goodness.” Much of the Christian body is not producing the godly “fruit” that God desires. peace. It is not only a long-suffering and merciful Love. gentleness. partaking of God’s imparted Life. many has grown cold. joy. Then. In other words. Galatians 5:22-23 validates this: “The fruit of the Spirit is Love. because God’s Love has been perfected (completed) in them. The Scripture that seems appropriThis is the “fruit of the Spirit” ate here is: we must “deny ourselves. is if we are cleansed vessels. the “fruit of the Spirit” is God’s Agape Love with all its attributes. Against such there is no law. like the above young woman.” will qualify us to rule and reign (Matthew 16:24) with Him in the next kingdom. (John 13:34) How did He love us? Like the good Samaritan. These believers can have confidence on the Day of Judgment. The only way we can ever pass along this kind of “fruit. So. we don’t become “door mats” when we choose to love with Love. Our goal is to do the same for others.” however. (1 John 4:17) This is the “fruit of the Spirit” that God is looking for and what will qualify us to rule and reign with Him in the next kingdom. [As an aside: Agape Love has two sides to it.

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