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LINKPING UNIVERSITY Department of Culture and Communication Literature Basic Essay SCUM Manifesto of Valerie Solanas Should we take

the text seriously? Spring 2012 Author: Daisy Lidfors Director: Maria Wahlstrom

Page 2 Table of Contents First Introduction 2nd Purpose and research question 3rd Method 4th Literally 4.1 Threat? 5th Symbols and Metaphors 5.1 Symbolic violence 5.2 Men who writes about women 5.3 Symbolic sex 6th Satire or not? 6.1 Women and satire 7th Sweden and SCUM 7.1 Background 7.2 Current situation Eighth Summary 9th Bibliography 2

Page 3 First Introduction SCUM Manifesto is (as the title indicates) a manifesto. Agency presents what is wrong with society and what should be done about the problem, and conjures up an ideal society, a goal to strive against. It was not long before the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas (1967) was translated into Swedish. Full 36 years, which is quite surprising when we, after all, talking about a work that is both controversial and widely discussed. Given that The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir (1949) did not get one full Swedish translation until 2002, so it may not be unusual for books that deal feminist issues. Many other interpretations, and previous research by the SCUM Manifesto has focused on Valerie Solana's life and background. You've talked a lot about her attempted murder of Andy Warhol, her life as a prostitute and her time in a mental hospital, in an attempt to rationalize and explain SCUM Manifesto., I want to try to avoid this and instead focus on the text itself, because the readings of the text as we do now (2012) feel important. Sources that discuss what Solana said really and if she was serious or not, I have thus opted out. This essay will process Solana text with a focus on the reader, since the interpretation of the text depends very largely on the message reader chooses to see in it. This makes all other texts also in varying degrees, of course, but SCUM Manifest has an excellent ability to uncompromising provoke, attack and rally, making it by some readers (especially men) perceived as intimidating, while others see satire or humor. The interpretations are very diverse, which I nd interesting. Finally, I discuss the impact and inuence the manifesto had in Sweden Late translation came 2003rd 3

Page 4 2nd Purpose and research question The purpose of this paper is to show the different interpretations of the SCUM Manifesto which made reading text. I will do a literal interpretation, then I go through different stylistic approach Solana uses, her choice of words and arguments. This I will then compare with a symbolic interpretation of the text, when I describe the theories that might provide a basis for her reasoning. Finally, I also discuss and illustrate the obvious satirical aspect of the SCUM Manifesto, and as a satire usually has a purpose, I want to discuss what that purpose in this case could possibly be? Just as I mentioned in the introduction, this is the SCUM Manifesto a controversial text whose translation and publication (and especially dramatization) has not gone unnoticed in Sweden. I believe that one reason for this is that the readings differ so greatly. Why are perceived text so intimidating? Martin Halldin called SCUM Manifesto for "one of the world's most hated texts, which are still used as an example of how nasty feminists are and what a shame it is if men "in his review of the play. 1 Why is that? Should we take SCUM seriously? The question is not so easy to answer because the answer is both yes and no, an "it depends" is the well closest to the truth. 3rd Method It's hard to nd books about Solanas from a Swedish perspective, but there are essays written about the Swedish translation, which I have used. Louis Moritz has in its bachelor thesis from Lund University have chosen some of the same problem as me, which makes paper is very useful. 2 As Katherine Harrison, also he the Swedish translation and its acceptance as a starting point. 3 Regarding the debate about whether SCUM Manifesto is a satire or not, I have chosen to support me on Mavis Hauts article in the journal 4 1 Halldin, Martin "hated manifesto people smile" ETC 111109 2 Moritz, Louis. "Cutting down their worldview" If the Swedish edition of Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto. Centre for Gender Studies (bachelor thesis, Lund University. 2008) 3

Harrison, Katherine "Sometimes the meaning of the text is Unclear": Making Sense of the SCUM Manifesto in a Contemporary Swedish Context "Gender delight: Science Knowledge, Culture and Writing ....: For Nina Lykke, pp. 341-355. In 2009

Page 5 Feminist Theory. 4 Although Pierre Bourdieu's theory of symbolic violence, from his book The male dominance has proved very useful. 5 Since I also want to discuss Swedish conditions and the commotion caused in the text Sweden after 2003, so I have chosen to exclusively use me of the Swedish translation of Sara Stridsberg. The sources I have used, however, is partly based on the original text of English. Sometimes I refer to SCUM without italics mark, and then it is not entitled referred to, but I use SCUM more like a name, a kind of "main character" in the text. A representative of the views expressed in the SCUM Manifesto. 5 4 Haut, Mavis 'A salty tongue: At the margins of satire, comedy and polemic in the underwriting of Valerie Solanas' Feminist Theory 2007 8:27 (Sage 2007) 5 Bourdieu, Pierre., The male dominance (Daedalus / Gothenburg 1999) Page 6 4th Literally In the preface to the SCUM Manifesto, writes Sara Stridsberg: "We can read it literally. We'll read it literally. SCUM is an entirely serious and literal affair. [...] SCUM has no reason to be constructive and reasonable. Patriarchy is not reasonable. " 6 Stridsberg goes on to suggest even second, equally important, readings of the text (which I will later on), but to begin with to say that you should read it literally is interesting. The text is prohibitive for real is it? If the reader is of the opinion that reality is not at all unreasonable, then the SCUM a provocation. I want this chapter to show why a literal interpretation can make the text perceived as threatening. 4.1 Style and language SCUM Manifesto is a political text, in that it criticizes society, trying to explain what deciencies consists of and shows a clear goal to strive for. What surprised when reading SCUM Manifest is the differences in style level Solana use. Language is, on the one hand, pompous and idealistic: "There is no reason why a society consisting of rational, comprehensive

beings capable of empathy and without natural causes to compete would have either government, laws or leaders. "but on the other hand, gross, disgusting and dirty, with an effective imagery: "The man is nonetheless obsessed to fuck, he swims through a river of snot, Wade to the nose in a river of vomit, if he thinks that there is a friendly pussy awaiting him. '. 7 8 Even my spell checker detects that there is a difference between these two quotes, and the picture painted probably lls the reader with disgust. What can be achieved with profanity and foul language? What will be the effect of vxlandet between high and low, good and ugly? Attention particular. We may be more or less used bad words in our everyday lives, but to encounter words like fuck, cunt and vomit in a political text allows but denitely can not let it pass unnoticed. It reacts. They also experience the text (the author) as angry. There is a rage in the SCUM Manifesto which can not be missed. Swore judges is a sign of anger, But there are other examples. 6 6 Solanas, Valerie. SCUM Manifesto (Modernista / Stockholm, 2003), P. 21 7 Ibid., P 54 8 Ibid., P 35 Page 7 Solana uses on several occasions of lists, repetition and alliteration as a Style tools as the following quote illustrates well: "Free from the property, nice units, tact and nesse, free from public opinion and "Morality," free from "respect" for arselhlor and always cool, low and dirty drag SCUM round round round ... SCUM have seen the entire show, every part of it, fucking scene, sugscenen, at stage - SCUM has been in all port areas, every wharf and pier, Petter Niklas pier, ttpiren. You have to go through a lot of sex to get to antisex and SCUM's been through it all and are now ready for a new show; SCUM want crawl out of the harbor, go ahead, pull away, rush out. But SCUM does not rule yet; SCUM is still in the gutter of our "society", which, if not fold from its present course, if they do not place the bomb, will fuck itself to of death. " According to Harrison, this creates "a Gradually Increasing rhythm and speed as the text progresses,

leaving the reader breathless and overwhelmed, "and it further emphasizes the feeling of anger and rebellion, since the use of sexually loaded words is a deliberate provocation. 9 Solanas appears even while linguistically unpredictable, as she so clearly changes in the style level. To do so, and not stick to a single style level, is traditionally "ugly", which makes a text poorly written. The SCUM Manifesto, this is a deliberate strategy, instead, in my opinion, enhances the reading experience. As I pointed out earlier, we perceive anger in the text, but is it the same as it is intimidating? 4.3 Threat? "To call a man an animal is to atter him, he is a machine, a walking dildo." 10 This is maybe one of those better-known sentence in SCUM Manifest, and perhaps the only ones there great majority have actually read and base their opinions on the SCUM. It is also easy to get caught up in the acronym SCUM: Society for Cutting Up Men, and choose to take even that literally. What SCUM stands for is it No real consensus on, besides it was Solanas as made "acronym"; but rather her publisher who probably tried to get the book to sell better. 11 7 9 Harrison 10 Solana, p 35 11 Haut, p.33 Page 8 There are plenty of opinions on SCUM, but only few of them are from people who actually read text. If you choose to read the text so you can nd anger and uncompromising, especially since Solana begins by declaring its desire to "exterminate the male sex." 12 Of course, the perceived as threatening, especially if you are a man and particularly if it's what you choose to focus on. It is also a matter of perspective. Moritz writes in his essay that "When women

writes about men who 'it andra'vcker much stronger feelings than when men write about women in the same way, "so some of the" menacing "is possibly the fact that it's a damned woman who has written a text on men, where men are portrayed as deviant. 13 An angry woman is intimidating, something really scary for many. "I am a witch and a whore when I read Valerie "Stridsberg writes in his preface, and maybe it's what makes the text intimidating: the idea that anger will rub off, the SCUM will become a reality, that women should unite in hatred the male sex, poisoned by SCUM. 14 There is another aspect of this. Mavis Haut quote Kathleen Rowe when she says that "Angry Women ... are dangerous ... because Their set unsettles Ideologies about gender ". 15 Our perceptions of gender challenged by angry women, when anger is considered be a masculine feel. One can also see that the anger is expressed as men "own", then it is a power tool, a way to dominate. Women challenge thus patriarchy by being angry. In other words, it is not the text itself which is intimidating, but the fact that the woman who wrote text is angry, very angry even, and it makes the text dangerous. But there is something you miss in the text of one reason: it is the male sex Solanas agitates against, not men. The male behavior, in other words. You select the mode that ignore from other things Solanas writes, for if you should see the text literally, one can not ignore from the following quote: "A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted, she also knows instinctively that the only thing that is wrong is to hurt others, and that the meaning of life is love. " 16 It is a clear message of peace in the SCUM Manifesto, a striving for the perfect society, the good will beyond anger and hatred. Nevertheless, Rosenberg writes that "The patriarchy has every reason to fear it, Because it is a dangerous text "and I can agree with. SCUM challenges and provokes. 17 SCUM threatens 8 12 Solana, p 33 13 Moritz, p.10 14

Solana, p.7 15 Haut, p 31 16 Solana, P. 56 17 Rosenberg's 533 Page 9 and ridicule masculinity, because the text is perceived as dangerous. But patriarchy is not a man or a collective of men, it is a system. Why are the men so upset by SCUM? To begin with, then there are the plenty of men who claim that patriarchy does not even exist, but it is another discussion. I believe that much of the explanation lies in the Moritz suggest that when men are criticized it is not in their role as individuals, but as his public role, its role as a man. 18 About I'll try to answer the question of SCUM Manifesto is a threatening text, the answer is no. Sure writes Solana that she wants to exterminate the male sex, but she also says that it is depravity of masculinity that will do this on your own, by destroying themselves, not to women to take up arms. In Solana's text, it is the women who play in the men's "Theater" (male-women) who are the biggest threat to scums ideal society, not men. 5th Symbols and Metaphors After following the Battle's invitation to look at the text literally, it can be stated that there is not sufcient to understand the text. There is so much more. To begin with, the various theories about what SCUM is and does. Society for Cutting Up Men? It is making it easy for oneself to Imagine a bunch of women who hacks men to pieces. Neither realistic nor likely. There are several theories about what it could be instead. "To cut", to cut or cut, can of course be a physical act, but might as well be symbolic: to disassemble, cut up; questioning, criticizing, in this case an idea, worldview, or society. The men have created. You can also see SCUM as a word and translate it with scum or bottom scraping, the with the lowest status. SCUM Manifesto becomes "the lgstas manifesto", an appeal for those who have no say. 19 5.1 Symbolic violence SCUM Manifesto is a violent text in multiple ways, and Solanas do not apologize for it either.

Uncompromising is a word I have used several times to describe the text, as does the violence in it. It should not be forgotten, however, that violence can be many things and show itself in many 9 18 Moritz, page 9 19 Ibid., P 5 Page 10 manner. If you leave the descriptions of physical violence aside, this means text political messages one incitement to violence in our society, to restructure, tear down and rebuild. It is a violent idea in itself, but it Solanas do is to use violence to another level, symbolic violence. The concept of symbolic violence means to exercise power through communication, through recognition and ill feeling. 20 Bourdieu goes on to describe how patriarchy exercising symbolic violence as a means to maintain power, so by women "exposing themselves to a kind of systematically demeaning and nedsvrtande [..., which consists ...] more commonly in women's consent to a devalued image of women. " 21 It's just the structures Solana opposes. She advocate violence as a response to the symbolic violence against her. As Solana defense attorney could argue that she was acting in self-defense, nothing else. She ghts back without following the rules. According to Solana, as is men's power in the very fact that they get women to believe that they do not is independent and strong. Since Solana with his text as bold challenge a prerequisite patrikarkatets for power, perceived violence in society, she agitates for that extra coarse provocative. According to Bourdieu, it is, in other words, the patriarchate nature to oppose everything that challenge the seemingly natural rules of our society follows. SCUM is not natural, SCUM is a monsters. 5.2 Men who writes about women Something that will return when I read what others have written after reading the SCUM Manifesto is reection: It's like this men write about (and watch) men in ordinary cases. Looking at advertising, a lm or read a magazine that is objectication and sexualisation of female body is overwhelming. If you read the tabloid comment eld is misogynist comments more the rule than the exception (batik witch, gender Taliban, feminazist just to give a few

example). All this as an example of the symbolic violence that surrounds us. Googling it the words "pussy feminist whore "together you get 577,000 results (I count in English results in a corresponding words). Combine them, you get even more hits. Although this course has no science, the result is still interesting, because it's three words that should not appear in the same text. Misogyny is part of our present, but also a part of our history. Even Stridsberg 10 20 Bourdieu, p.11 21 Ibid page 48 Page 11 mention this in his preface. She calls SCUM Manifesto a text full of references. 22 Aristotle writes the woman as an imperfect being, undeveloped in comparison to the man. Nietzsche discusses woman's natural lack of intelligence, as well as Luther. Rousseau writes about women as the root of civilization's destruction. 23 The Solana is doing is using the same methods, she turns to the world we have entered with throughout history. She turns Freud's penis envy to "ttavund", she takes Marx's thoughts on class and revolution and give them to the women that completely abolish money, because money and work are something that men have created as a means of oppression. SCUM is aimed at the world the same way as Gerd Brantberg in Egalias Daughters (1977), but with burning rage, dirty words, and without mercy. Stridsberg summarizes: "History is brainwashing. SCUM is a complete programming. Valerie can their 's Thinker, she can her Mans history. Valerie joking with them all. " 24 5.3 Symbolic sex To understand the Solana writes about men, women and sex, you have to familiarize themselves with what she loading concepts. Solana mixes sex and gender, which can make the reading confusing and To complicate things further her own coin concepts, such as "male-female" and Daddy's Girls and Mama. I'll make an effort to sort things out. A man is no male and male behavior, a failed, imperfect creature with "a negative Midas assignments - everything he touches turns to shit "(incidentally, an excellent example of the humor that permeates the text).

25 Homosexuality and transgender people look Solana as a mitigating feature of men, that they at least try to be women and make themselves inoffensive. A woman is a woman of the female sex and female behavior (always cool), unlike from a man's woman or Daddy's Girl, who is of the female sex who live unenlightened on the man terms. A Daddy's Girl is a brainwashed woman who believes in Daddy (God / Father) and want to be him to the team and work against SCUM. Mama is a symbol of the need for guidance and Nursing requires men of Daddy's Girls, the woman is reduced to "a soulless Administrator 11 22 Solana, P. 21 23 Ibid., P 22 24 Ibid., P 23 25 Ibid., P 46 Page 12 physical needs; vyssjare of whining nail monkey sights, peppare the puny ego, estimators of the vidrige, a hot water bottle with tits. " 26 These concepts show that it is not as simple as being a man or woman to get scums approval or disdain, SCUM have requirements for (and threaten) the women too. Solana, as I mentioned earlier, sees men as a problem that will solve itself, when men are destructive creatures. SCUM does not threaten the men because they are already the best at killing other men. The women, however have raised, "If men are eliminated, women will shape up. Women are development only, men are not, even if their behavior is. When SCUM will after their assholes, they will pull themselves together soon. " 27 To return briey to the threatening of SCUM: it is men who perceive the text as intimidating, even though in many ways, women are the target. Paradoxically, if you do not take one insulted patriarchy in the calculation, then the reaction is logical. 6th Satire or not What is the most provocative: eating children or to exterminate men? I would argue that both proposals is at least as provocative and menacing, both reduces people to animals (and thus represents a

good basis for comparison), but what distinguishes Swift's A Modest Proposal (1729) and SCUM Manifesto for is not the level of provocation, without reading. "The Similarities between the satires of Solana and Swift are striking, "but even so, no modern reader of Swift can be unaware back text irony, its criticism of a heartless society, satire of repression. 28 No raging now of this ancient text and categorizes it as "dangerous" to read, despite the fact that starving people not in any way to the past. This is not obvious from a reading of Solana text. SCUM Manifesto is also an ancient text, a product of its time. The text puts his nger on one problems and the oppression that too, just like hunger, still exists. But unlike Swift's modest proposal creates SCUM Manifesto anger, then as now. Many refuse to see it as satire, can not (or will not) see the absurdity, humor and irony. Why? 6.1 Women and satire 12 26 Ibid., P 47 27 Ibid., P 85 28 Haut, p 28 Page 13 According to Mavis Haut is satire a genre that has traditionally been reserved for men, which leads to when "a woman writes Such savage, unyielding satire, its humor seems to evade many readers and can provoke more disgust than enlightenment. " 29 Men can thus provoke to get their voice heard, but women can not. Of course, there are women who are perceived as humorous, but there are apparently rules that should be followed. Solana follow them not. The most widely accepted form of female humor is to make fun at his own expense. There are plenty of examples of just turning on their TV. That kind of humor treats traditionally female topics and problems that relationships, obesity and appearance. Political satire violates this standard, and will therefore not be funny, or Haut puts it: "If a male comedian attacks the values of his own sex, the establishment may grudgingly tolerate him; a woman who pours out rage and ridicule upon the masculine is not so moonrise pardoned. [...] Her criticisms are strident, too harsh to be a joke: there present Solana must be mad, not funny. " 30 Rosenberg agrees when she says that "Angry women are [...] generation rally not well recieved."

31 Ignoring Solanas as mad, for example, compare the SCUM Manifesto with Anders Bering Breiviks manifesto (which there are several examples of if you read what has been written in newspapers in Sweden since 2003 translation until now) is a clear sign of unwillingness to recognize text as satire. They use methods like for example to point out that if you replace the word "man" in SCUM Manifesto against "Jew" or "immigrants" as the text would count as hate speech. It are also made comparisons with Hitler, then it calls SCUM of feminism's Mein Kampf. Forgetting happy that men are not an ethnic group and that the Patriarchate oppression of women historically not been considered hate speech, even if it might have facilitated reform. It becomes clear is exactly what Haut said, there are certain things women do not can joke about. An angry woman is not funny, a woman who writes feminist satire perceived as crazy and dangerous. Is SCUM Manifesto a funny text? Satire is supposed to contain humor. Yeah, it's funny! It is full of the absurd, it twisted and pointed, and the unexpected. SCUM is quite unreasonable, which increases the the humor in the text. Solana's frequent use of the lists I've mentioned before, but as an example of absurd humor, I would quote the following list: 13 29 Ibid., P 29 30 Ibid., P 30 31 Rosenberg's 532 Page 14 "The most disgusting and dangerous man types are: rapists, politicians and all who serve them [...], bad singers and musicians; orfranden on boards; breadwinners; landlords; owner of gritty brawn and restaurants that play Muzak; "great painters"; cheap misers and waelsare; cops; magnates; researchers who work with death and destruction programs or in the private industry (practically all scientists); liar and fntrattar; DJs, men who in the least interfere with a strange woman; property owners; stockbrokers; men who speak when they have nothing to say, men who run around idle the streets and disgure the landscape with their presence; impostor; Performing Artists; to litter " Solana continues his list further, but one can not help but wonder what the people of Wales and Blockheads playing bad music has to be on the list?

The unwillingness to admit SCUM Manifesto as a satire can have several causes. Satire is used traditionally to show the aws in society. Recognising Solana text as a satire would consequently lead to the recognition that the deciencies in the community that she is still making chumps out of exist. If deciencies exist will perhaps have to do something about them. In other words much easier to dismiss Solanas like crazy "tok-feminist" instead of serious satirist. 7th Sweden and SCUM What are SCUM Manifesto with the political climate in Sweden to do? The translation of a small thin book from the late 60's should go completely unnoticed, one might think. Not really. SCUM have affected Sweden more than most small books from the 60's could ever hope to do, and it has very much inuenced the perception of what it means to be a feminist in this country. 7.1 Background Looking at Sweden from and compare with other countries, Sweden is the most equal country. We have an excellent maternity, we have plenty of women in government, wage gap between men and women is negligible (compared to other countries), plenty of pre-school places and so on. When the SCUM Manifesto was translated in 2003 had all the party leaders, except KD and M deklararat they were feminists. Ahead of the 2005 elections were feminist issues on the agenda, to the highest degree with the Feminist Inititativs formation. My rst thought was that the SCUM Manifesto would have good potential to be well received, that the anger would be less strong. 14 Page 15 Translation 2003 had good reviews and a mostly positive reception. A paper if the translation was published in ROKSs (National Organization for Women's and girls' shelters in Sweden) Journal. 2005, a documentary called "gender war" in which the then President of ROKS, Ireen von Wachenfeldt interviewed about the article. During the interview, did the journalist repeated attempts to obtain von Wachenfeldt pulling equate scums and ROKSs values, which von Wachenfeldt opposed. After the interview, then cut and edited was great emphasis on the fact that von Wachenfeldt said that "men are animals". She quoted SCUM, she did not express a personal opinion, which was not clear from the documentary. The media circus that followed This statement resulted in von Wachenfeldt departure and was probably the reason why Feminist Initiative failed to get into parliament. 32 Before the "gender war" had FI high poll numbers. 'Men are animals "debate got the result that many feminists felt compelled to

distance themselves from any confusion with the more radical feminist ideas. It became very less accepted that call themselves feminist, and they limited themselves politically. The political debate avoided talking about men's violence against women, and focused instead on discussions about the representation on company boards and equal pay. These questions are not as controversial or provocative, and it can see a clear "watering down" of the gender debate. 7.2 Current situation Have SCUM had a negative or positive effect on feminism in Sweden? There is no doubt that Feminism has had a bad reputation. Not even our Equality calls herself a feminist. Rosenberg makes Looking back: "Looking back on That time now, it Becomes Clear That what took place was a political misunderstanding in Which mainstream gender equality politics was mistaken for feminism. " 33 One could infer that all the party leaders who said they were feminists, probably it was not really. When important feminist issues come up for discussion (as male violence) so it is still perceived as threatening. Men feel phoppade and offended and it will not long until you see comments like, "oh well, so you think that men are animals?". This shows that SCUM live in Swedes consciousness, often without their knowledge. Solana text is intimidating and frightening for many, and it is almost the same as when one frightened little children 15 32 Harrison 33 Rosenberg, p 532 Page 16 with the control and the Water Sprite in the past. This is politically retardant and has made equality debate polarized. Had the situation been different, but SCUM? Probably not. According to Bourdieu's theories how patriarchy defend their power (as I mentioned earlier) with symbolic violence, so we had enough seen similar reactions and defense like "gender war" anyway. But SCUM was a grateful target, an effective weapon to use. There you get to thank SCUM and the intense debate, is that much of what was in the background (ksikter, attitudes, anger, values, grievances) came out in the light, inequality became visible in Sweden, the most equal country in the world. Ett yrvaket patriarkat visade tnderna och tvingades att visa vilka kort det spelar med. Eighth Sammanfattande diskussion SCUM Manifest r en satir som frtjnar att tas p allvar, inte en text som bokstavligt br tas p allvar. Dri ligger skillnaden. Satir r ett viktigt politiskt verktyg, ett ypperligt stt att skapa debatt,

och det r det Solanas gr. Det r en mycket rolig satir ocks. Jag skrattade bde nr jag lste texten, svl som nr jag sg pjsen (mnnen i salongen skrattade ocks kanske br tillggas). The begrnsa sin tolkning till det enbart bokstavliga r att gra texten (och sig sjlv) ortt. Jag anser att SCUM Manifest r en viktig text. Vi behver den fr att den skakar om vr vrldsbild och tvingar oss att konfrontera saker som vi annars ltt frnekar. Vi behver det absurda, det galna, det orimliga och vridna som r SCUM, fr den patriarkala vrld vi lever i r, precis som Stridsberg ppekar, ocks absurd och orimlig! SCUM Manifest beskriver kvinnligt vld mot mn, och det faktum att detta upplevs som s mycket mer provocerande n motsatsen (som vi lever med varje dag) bevisar behovet av texten. Givetvis r den en produkt av sin tid, vilket lyser igenom. I Solanas text ser man till exempel 60-talets oro fr krnvapenkrig, och ven en verdriven tillfrsikt gllande teknologiska framsteg, vilket kanske inte knns s aktuellt idag. Trots detta r texten aktuell. It patriarkat som attackeras och vnds ut-och-in p i texten lever kvar ven idag. Om SCUM gick att bortse ifrn, om det gick att bagatellisera, skulle inte reaktionerna p innehllet bli s starka. SCUM Manifest engagerar lsaren, p gott och ont, s drfr frtjnar den att tas p allvar. 16 Page 17 9th Litteraturfrteckning Sources Solanas, Valerie. SCUM Manifest (Modernista/ Stockholm, 2003) Literature Bourdieu, Pierre. Den manliga dominansen (Daidalos/ Gteborg 1999) Halldin, Martin Hatat manifest lockar till skratt ETC 111109 ( ) 120503 Harrison, Katherine Sometimes the meaning of the Text is Unclear: Making Sense of the SCUM Manifesto in a Contemporary Swedish Context Gender delight: Science Knowledge, Culture and Writing....: For Nina Lykke, s 341-355. In 2009 Haut, Mavis A salty tongue: At the margins of satire, comedy and polemic in the writing of Valerie Solanas Feminist Theory 2007 8:27 (Sage 2007) Moritz, Ludvig. Klippa snder deras vrldsbild -Om den svenska utgvan av Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifest. Centrum fr Genusvetenskap (kandidatuppsats, Lunds Universitet, 2008 Rosenberg, Tiina Still Angry after All These Years, or Valerie Solanas under Your Skin Theatre Journal 62 (The Johns Hopkins University Press 2010) 17