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Chapter 1

End of an Echo

There’s no way out of here Echo thought to himself as he made his way through the
cold desolate alleyways. His black boots splashed through puddles like he was a
small child frolicking in the rain. But he was no small child, Echo was almost
seventeen years of age, but his current emotional state would not tell of
Wearing only some ripped slacks and the black combat boots, he made his way
through New Washington. His only clear view of reality was the spotlights chasing
his footsteps and the sirens screaming through the night. The time was 10:37pm on
August 11th, 2352. It was a rainy Saturday, but he knew it wasn’t real rain. The
government would create random weather patterns inside the bio-dome to make the
citizens feel more natural. But just because you put a plant in a fish bowl,
doesn’t make the fish forget it’s in a fish bowl.
Bullets ricocheted and splashed from the chain guns of an above Hellion chopper
through the puddles around his feet, whistling and ripping through the damp air.
Echo showed no signs of slowing down, running at speeds most humans could not
attain with their feet, he kept moving on, making his way through narrow alleys
and leaping over anything in his way like he belonged in a zoo.
A piece of paper now soaked from the splashing and misty rain that fell was held
tightly in his left hand, the ink was smeared around the edges but the inside was
dry from the skin that held it.
The taste of salt greeted his lips as tears poured down his face, some splashing
to the ground below like they were trying to join the puddles.
“Stop right where you are civilian!” a voice said through a megaphone from the
above helicopter. “You have broken P.U.C.C. Section 100 Code 1132: The act of
disobeying universal curfew. If you give yourself up now you will face minor
consequences. If you continue to evade us, we will kill you”.
Echo ignored The Hellions request and kept running, for someone who was in such a
hurry, he had no idea where he was going.
The targeting software installed inside The Hellions helmets allowed them to scan
anyone in the world and show readings on their visor... Name, birthplace, age,
address, physical features and health records were able to scroll right before
their eyes in mere seconds upon looking on a target, but this one was too fast.
“I can’t get a reading, this guy’s really fast!” said PFC Randall Murphy to his
squad mate PFC Richard Lunz.
“Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like this, its unreal.” said Richard trying to get
a clean shot as they whipped past rooftops and power lines.
“Watch this shit, I’ll get him.”
“Don’t fuck around man, you know how pissed off Legion gets. He’ll demote your
ass back to security in some super market. Or better yet, the body dump!”
“Relax bro, I am coming out of this one a hero, just sit back and watch how a pro
does it.” Randall said as he set his Hellion issued HG-48 automatic rifle down at
his feet. He then reached behind him to the rack and pulled down a HG-11 grenade
“Dude if you screw this up we’re both toast.” Richard said grabbing Randall’s
shoulder trying to reason with him.
“You’re such a panny waist Rick, now shut up, sit back and enjoy the show.”
Randall loaded 4 grenades from his pack into the gun, brought it up to his
shoulder to stabilize and fired a shot a good twenty feet in front of his target.
The grenade smacked against the hood of an old 2320 Venire pick up, hitting the
ground before exploding, sending the vehicle flipping through the air. Echo
leaped high into the air, kicking his right foot off of the cab and flipping end
over end about three times before landing back on his feet, untouched by the
“Holy shit!” Richard screamed.
Randall saw exactly the same thing happen before his eyes but he couldn’t move.
He was in complete shock of what he just witnessed; no human could escape
something of that nature, especially with so much style.
“Could that be? No.” Richard stopped himself as Randall turned to him looking
“You idiot, that isn’t Echo. I knew you were going to say that. That kid’s been
missing for six years, there’s no way he’d show his face around here after he did
what he did.”
“Yeah but who else could do something like that?” Richard said waving his hands in
the air as he made his point.
“I don’t know, but we’re about to find out. Mickey, bring us in. I’m a better
hunter on foot anyway.”
The pilot brought the chopper down into the open street below. Richard and
Randall stepped off with both of their HG-48 rifles locked and loaded. As they
began to walk they heard the sweetest sound they had heard all night.
You are surrounded. Put your hands behind your head and drop to your knees Echo.
It was their squad mates up ahead, they had the perpetrator cornered. The both of
them ran as quickly as they could through the adjacent alley to the courtyard
where the commotion was taking place. Both of them had an unsettling feeling in
their stomachs, they couldn’t believe their ears of what they just heard.
“I told you! Oh I so told you!” Richard said like a child who just won a bet over
something silly, but this was no silly matter.
“I still can’t believe it; I got to see this shit!” Randall said excited as he
turned to Richard, grinning ear to ear.
As they approached the courtyard they could see the man they were chasing all
night wasn’t a man at all. Randall stared at him for a moment, letting his visor
do its work and bring him back information. It was confirmed.
Randall’s mouth dropped when the readings filled his visor, he couldn’t believe
it. They were chasing someone they should have been running from.

## HCI DATABASE v1.000.41.2

## TIME TAKEN FOR SCAN: 1.8 seconds
## !ALERT!
NAME: Echo Nevaeh
D.O.B.: 09/14/2335 [16 years of age]
HEIGHT: 5’11
WEIGHT: 178 lbs.
HEALTH: No known issues
GRADE: F / Wanted Criminal – Resistance and Defiance
NOTES: Extremely dangerous. Use caution when approaching. Expert in weapons and
hand to hand combat training. Suspect has a Black belt in every martial arts
style. If confronted, call for immediate backup and notify General Legion.

“I said get on your knees Echo.” Commander Eric Mulnah shouted as The Hellions
surrounded Echo. He kept his head down and remained silent, still holding the
soaked crumpled paper in his hand as the rain rolled off of his skin. The rest of
The Hellions walked slowly behind the Commander, their rifles raised. There
appeared to be roughly thirty soldiers circling Echo as he remained quiet and
“Not so fast are you now huh punk?” Randall yelled at Echo with a grin of
“Knock it off Private” the Commander ordered.
“Don’t worry Commander; I want this one on one. He was always Legion’s favorite,
well you know what Echo? I’ll be Legion’s favorite when he hears I killed you all
by myself”. Randall said as he turned toward Echo who now gave him his attention
as he stared him down.
Echo remained quiet but didn’t blink, his brown bangs hung in his face in front of
his intense eyes. He knew exactly what Randall was talking about. It was a part
of his life he had tried to forget but never could. It was the reason… he was

Chapter 2

July 28th, 2346

Being trained in self defense was standard practice for a child of ten. In fact
every child in the world learned it before the age of twelve so they could protect
themselves. Every year a select few, usually around one hundred kids were picked
to advance their skills at the Hellion Academy in the Great City. This was the
government’s real motive, find the toughest children and make them the toughest
soldiers. The Captain’s rather sick but effective way of recruiting and ensuring
that the authorities were always stronger then the criminals.
Echo Nevaeh was sparring against one of his classmates, Randall Murphy; this was
part of their daily training. To the children’s eyes they were just learning how
to defend themselves and their families, what they were really doing was going
through tournaments to see who were the greatest. By doing this, The Captain
could ‘trim the baby fat’ as he put it. Find the fastest, the strongest, and the
best warrior and rank them in his army accordingly. No intelligence required,
unless it had do with a strategy to best kill your enemies.
Legion entered the Dojo with his cigar still smoking in his mouth. He pulled it
from his lips slowly and dropped it to the floor before crushing it beneath his
left black combat boot. He was born Michael James Adams but was renamed Legion by
his comrades in the Great War due to his uncanny nature to pass for a one man
Even as a child Legion was no stranger to combat, he joined the military in South
Africa at only the age of thirteen. He knew kids, how to make them killers that
is, since he never had a happy childhood of his own he couldn’t understand anyone
having one.

January 11th, 2322

Born in South Africa, Legion lived with his mother and father who were both relief
workers in the Red Cross. At the age of seven, Legion’s father was killed trying
to save a poor Welkon native from rebels when he was killed, just for doing what
was right. Legion lived with his mother until he was thirteen, when he joined the
South African Army and began learning how to kill a person anyway possible. His
mother hated him being a soldier and worried about him night and day, but he
explained to her no one would take her from him the way they took his father from
While stationed in Cape Town Legion had gotten word of an attack of his village of
De Aar. He left as soon as he could to find the village he grew up in only go
find his home was burning to the ground. Rebels had always threatened the
villagers but not to this level, people were screaming and fleeing the town while
rebels were firing shots into their heads. Men, women, children, it didn’t
matter, the rebels wanted to leave nothing behind of a free world. As he arrived
to his mother’s house he saw it was engulfed in flames, he tried to get inside,
burning his flesh with every attempt but he was determined to save the only person
he still loved. Just as he broke through the debris he saw her, his mother was
screaming for his help, flames surrounding her and the kitchen she stood in. The
words ‘it’s too late’ never entered the boy’s head, he was going to save her, he
couldn’t lose her, if he did his already warped view of humanity and the world
would be that much worse. The butt of a rifle cracked against the back of
Legion’s small skull as he fell to the ground unconscious, it was… too late.
He awoke to a severe headache and mixture of dust, soot and smoke where the place
he once called home stood. His mother was gone, now an orphan all he had left was
to fight. Legion vowed to never let anyone control his life again; he swore fate
was just an enemy, a bullet away from greatness.

July 28th 2346

wisting his boot side to side Legion smeared the tobacco and ash into a stain on
the tile floor. He was a man of modest size, 6’1”, 232 lbs., but he had the heart
and a sense for battle like a Lion. His head was shaved very short, emphasizing
the long scar down the left side of his face that stretched from above his eye to
his cheek. His skin was a dark chestnut and his voice was very distinguished for
that of a soldier.
Echo bowed his head then grabbed his towel from the bench and wiped the sweat from
his brow. The eleven kids he had defeated had mixed reactions, some were
struggling to get to their feet, one vomiting, and the others still lay still on
the mat.
“Hey kid” Legion said as he approached the small framed child. “Impressive stuff
out there today, you’re still undefeated I hear.”
Echo bowed his head in honor of Legion’s presence then lifted his head back up,
looking up at his question and answering with a simple nod.
“Don’t talk much huh kid?”
“No sir”
“Why not? You’re the toughest one in here. Week in and week out you demolish
anything we put in front of you. Now that’s got to put a little step in your
strut right?”
Echo just shrugged and smiled a little bit at Legion’s comments.
Randall slowly got to his feet and wiped a bit of the blood from his lip on his
Hellion Academy t-shirt. He glanced over and saw Legion speaking with Echo, the
boy who had just defeated him in sparring along with the other ten who were facing
He approached the two slowly, hearing bits of the conversation. It was Legion’s
usual praise, Echo this, and Echo that. It’s all he ever heard, meanwhile before
Echo came in; Randall was the undefeated child, the prodigy, Legion’s ‘little war
machine’ as he once called him.
“Excuse me Mr. Legion Sir” Said Randall.
“Randall, I am speaking with Echo right now. Why don’t you go spar with one of
the other kids that lost, you need to sharpen your skills” Legion responded,
patting him on the head.
“Sharpen my skills!? But I was undefeated! Echo is the only person in here that
beat me!”
“The funny thing about being undefeated is it is past tense my boy.” said Legion
stepping away from Echo momentarily and placing his arm around Randall’s shoulder.
“Now you’re not. It’s as simple as that. Echo is the undefeated one now, and I
am pretty certain will remain undefeated unless arrogant little warriors like
yourself train harder. Now go train and show me a killer, okay?”
Randall pouted and turned toward Echo who smiled at him kindly. He returned his
smile with a look of anger, of hatred, of envy. He vowed to one day beat him and
he was going to make sure Legion was there to see every bit of it.
“Good match today Randall” Echo said as Randall stomped off toward Steven. He
walked up and belted Steven in the mouth as hard as he could with his left hand;
knocking him to the ground so hard his head bounced off the floor, knocking him
unconscious. Without missing a beat he kept walking, still stomping his feet,
continuing his tantrum.
Legion watched and smiled “He’s going to make a find soldier one day.”
He turned back toward Echo and smiled “But not like you Echo, you’re special.”
“I don’t feel special.” Echo replied.
“Don’t ever say that! You are the greatest warrior I have ever seen.” Legion said
grabbing his shoulders.
“Please don’t call me a warrior Mr. Legion. I don’t like that word.” Said Echo in
his usual timid manner.
“I’m sorry, you’re right. You’re better than that. You are the future, that’s
what you are. Is that better?”
Echo shrugged and smiled a little. He respected and liked Mr. Legion, but was
frightened of him at times and was uncomfortable with his infatuation with him.
“I am going to home now Sir, is that okay?” he asked.
“Of course it is! Tell your parents I said hi.” Legion said in an overly nice
Echo frowned a little and tried to fake a smile.
“Oh. That’s right. You’re parents don’t like me too much do they Echo?”
He shook his head from side to side.
“It’s okay, because I like them. I know they will come around and see the great
work we do here at the Academy and the great work Pangaea Ultima is doing to build
a great army to protect our children for years to come. They say that the
children are the future, so why not assure that future by making our children our
greatest minds and bodies?”
“Who are they Mr. Legion?”
“I don’t know, someone said it though” said Legion placing his arm around Echo’s
shoulder, walking him toward the door. “Now you run along and go have fun. I
want you back here after school tomorrow; I have some great things in store for
Echo nodded and smiled then turned and grabbed his backpack that hung on the rack.
He slung it over his small shoulder and walked out, stopping a moment in front of
the entrance to wave goodbye to Legion. Legion returned the notion then walked
over to Sergeant Douglas Wilson who was in charge of the Hellion Academy and still
in active duty.
“We need to send a message Sergeant.” Legion said watching the boy leave.
“What kind of message is that Sir?” asked Douglas.
“A message to Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, his foster parents. A message that makes
sure they know Echo is ours now. They have raised him long enough, now he belongs
to me. The sooner we can get a capital H on that kid’s uniform the better.”
Legion answered changing his tone to his usual cold voice.
“Can do Sir. But why all the fuss about just one little snot nosed kid?” said
Douglas, questioning Legion’s notions.
Legion turned to the Sergeant and grabbed his cheeks with his fingertips and
squeezed, turning his intense beady eyes to stare into his. “That boy could kill
you without even breaking a sweat. He is the future of the Hellions and the last
piece of the puzzle the Captain needs for complete dominance. So I’d bite your
tongue before I cut it off, understand?” said Legion in an angered tone. He
released Douglas’s face by pushing his head back and then stared him down, never
“Yes… yes sir!” Douglas acknowledged, snapping his feet together and stiffening
his body, bringing his flattened hand to his brow and saluting Legion.
“Now where were we before you thought you had brain cells? Oh yes I remember. I
need you to send a squad to their house to kill them. I know it sounds a little
extreme but it is what’s needed to be done to ensure Echo is fully focused.
Seeing loved ones die is a funny motivational tool for a child, it will scar him,
scar him beautifully.” Legion said remembering what it felt like to see his own
Mother and Father Die.
The sergeant didn’t question Legion’s orders and responded without hesitation “Sir
Yes Sir! I will lead the squad myself; we will be quick and discrete. What of
the boy?”
Legion smiled and stared out the front window as if he was day dreaming “Don’t
worry, it will drive him back to the only other place where he thinks he’s
actually cared about… me.”
Echo was the only child of Walter and Deborah Phillips. Walter was a steel worker
and had been for fifteen years. Deborah worked as a clerk for a local life
insurance firm for a few years, having different clerical jobs her whole career.
They had adopted Echo when they were both in their early forties but to them he
was as good as any baby they could’ve had naturally.
They loved him with every inch of their hearts and worried that unless he left the
Hellion Academy soon, violence was to become second nature to him. They also gave
their child the power of free will, entrusting him to make his own decisions and
stood back and watched as he fought other children for the glory of the government
and the Hellions.
Walter got a glimpse of his son walking by the front window on his way into their
home. He saw the cuts and bruises around his right eye and set his paper down,
letting out a sigh of frustration.
“Enough is enough Deb.” Walter said from the seat at his kitchen table. “I’ve sat
back too long and watched this sick carnival show where children hurt each other.
They call it ‘training’, I call it exploitation.”
“Oh Walter just be patient. He will find what he is supposed to be in due time.”
Deb said mixing a pot of noodles with red sauce.
“I still think we need to tell him the truth. He needs to know before…” Walter
said before stopping at the sight of Echo turning the doorknob to enter the house.
Echo entered the front door and smiled at his parents.
“Hi mom, Hi dad.”
“Welcome home honey” his mother said as she set down a plate of spaghetti and
meatballs at his vacant seat. “Eat up, it will re-charge you after all that
exercise, you must be exhausted!”
“Thanks mom. But I’m not tired. Actually I never get tired from any of that
stuff, not like the other kids. Mr. Legion says it’s because I’m special.” Echo
said grabbing his fork and turning the noodles around it.
His father slammed his hand down on the table. He was not an angry man; actually
he was one of the kindest, loving people in all of Pangaea Ultima. But he had
heard enough of Legion and the Academy.
“I’m sorry Echo. But I don’t think you should be going there anymore.” His father
said firmly.
“But dad!” Echo said with a mouthful of spaghetti he had just stuffed into his
“Look at your eye! What does this lunatic have you doing down there?”
“Dad, I did this. Mr. Legion says I’m too fast for myself, I was dodging a series
of attacks from the kids and smacked my face into the ceiling while I ran up the
wall.” Echo said pleading with his father.
“Echo you know I love you. And so does your mother. But we can’t sit back
anymore and let them take advantage of you anymore. At first it seemed like a
great idea, learn self defense, they said you would be advancing your mind. All
they’re teaching you is to advance your fists!” his father said raising his voice.

Echo jumped out of his chair and away from the table as he frowned.
“Mr. Legion said you’d be like this some day! But I didn’t believe him! I knew
he was the only person who really loved me!” said Echo as he ran out of the house,
his mother tried to stop him but he was too fast. She turned to her husband and
crossed her arms.
“Walter! You know how he is. I know we don’t believe in it but that wasn’t the
way to handle it.” Deb said scowling at Walter.
“What else am I supposed to do? Let our son be killed as some experiment for our
sick government?” Walter said as his eyes widened looking at the door. His wife
turned thinking she would see Echo had returned, but it wasn’t Echo.
“Sick government? Come now Mr. Phillips, don’t you think that’s going a little
overboard? I don’t think The Captain would like that kind of negative talk, do
you?” Sergeant Douglas Wilson as he walked in the door.
“What do you want? We didn’t do anything! We didn’t commit any crime! You’ve
brainwashed our son! Now I’ll be damned if I am going to let you walk right in my
home! Get out or…”
“Call the cops?” the Sergeant interrupted sarcastically. More Hellions entered
the door, bringing the count to twelve, all inside of the Phillips’s house. “With
all due respect Mr. Phillips, we are the cops” The Sergeant continued.
Walter got an uneasy feeling about all of this. He looked to Deborah and did
something he never did, he frowned. He knew this wasn’t good, why would they need
so many soldiers for two peaceful people who mind their business.
“Where is that wonderful little son of yours?”
“He ran off. And it’s your entire fault! He thinks you people want to help him,
thinks he’s special. But I know the truth. It’s no secret why you like Echo and
it sickens me to no end.” Walter said beginning to shake with frustration.
Deb walked over and grabbed his arms trying to calm him “Walt, try to relax dear.”
She then changed her tone and turned to the Sergeant “What do you want with our
“I don’t want anything with your son lady, because he isn’t your son anymore.
He’s Pangaea Ultima’s son now, get used to it.” The Sergeant said dipping a finger
into the red sauce and tasting it.
Echo ran and ran through the streets of New Washington but finally stopped and
looked back from where he came. His father didn’t really mean it the way it came
out he thought, it was just him showing that he cared and was worried about him.
Echo turned and began to run back to his house, feeling guilty as he rushed home.
He was going to apologize; he was going to hug his father and his mother. Maybe
Mr. Legion would understand if he left the Academy, he always understood, he was
such a nice man and would never do anything to hurt Echo.
The sound of machine gun fire ripped through the sky to Echo’s ears. His eyes
widened and his heart rate sped, it was coming from his house. Oh god he thought,
what was going on? It must be some criminals; they were the only people beside
the Hellions that carried guns. He had to get back fast, he had to help his
family, and he had to call Legion.
As Echo arrived to his front door panting he ran into Sergeant Douglas Wilson, the
overseer at the Hellion Academy where he trained.
“Hey kid. I thought I heard an Echo” he said with a grin patting him on the head.

Echo didn’t answer. He stood frozen looking inside his house as more Hellions
walked out. Echo ran inside where he saw his mother and father on the floor,
He ran to his father and checked his pulse as the tears began to rush from his
eyes. Nothing, he was dead.
“Oh god! No! Dad! Dad wake up!” he screamed as he dropped his head to his chest
and grabbed his father’s shirt in his hands tightly.
“Echo... Echo honey? Is that you?” he heard in a hoarse voice. It was his
mother, she was alive.
“Mom!” he screamed as he ran over to her, she was bleeding from her stomach very
badly. Echo tore off his Hellion Academy training shirt and tried to push on her
“No, it’s no use sweetie. The Hellions did this Echo, Legion did this to us. He
doesn’t love you and I need you to run as far away as you can.” His mother said
coughing. “Find a man named Resonance Walker, he lives in Detroit and tell him
who your father was. He lives underground in a place called Pipe Dream but you
must tell no one of this. Look for the burning cars, it is near there, all you
need to do is go down one of the manholes and you will find him. He will take
care of you now my son. You will do great things I just know it. Please be
careful, you are on their list now.”
“Mom, stop talking like this” Echo said frantically. “You’re going to be fine.
The ambulance is going to come and maybe they can bring dad back. Miracles
happen, I’ve seen about this stuff on TV!”
“Aw Echo my dear. I love your ambition to want to fix everything; it is a
beautiful virtue that will help you through life. Don’t ever lose that. But
television is only people making believe. This is reality and you’re going to
have to learn that sweetie. I wish there was a better way for you to learn honey.
I wish I could be here to see every thing you do. So does your father. We’ll be
waiting for you Echo... I love you.”
Her lips slowly stopped moving as her voice cease to come out anymore. The
twitching of her nerves kept them going for a few seconds before she lay still
beneath the young boy. He continued to cry more now and then raised his head to
hear the Hellions laughing and joking with each other.
All of a sudden Echo felt something he had never felt before: complete hatred for
another human being. Legion had done this to them? How could he? There was no
time for answers anymore; it was time for Echo to grow up, to honor his family.
It was time for Echo to live up to what people he told him he was… special.
Echo leaped through the front window above the sink, shattering the glass pane and
tackling one of the Hellion officers to the ground. He began punching him in the
head as hard as he could, right then left, repeating the motion until he busted
the officers head wide open, leaving him motionless.
“Echo! We did this for you!” said Douglas.
Echo stopped and left the officer a bloody mess. He turned around, his hands
painted crimson from the onslaught he unleashed on the now dead Hellion.
He began to shake as he stood face to face with Sergeant Wilson. The rage built
in him from down below, from the depths of his soul.
“You want a ‘little war machine’. Well now you’ve got it.” Echo said through his
gritted teeth.
Without hesitation he jumped into the air, cross kicking another Hellion to the
side of his head sending him spinning into a one hundred degree motion before
landing and sending the same foot into the face of another within a few seconds.
Both men dropped to the ground as he walked closer to the Sergeant, ignoring the
bodies that dropped around him on the way.
“Stop him!” The Sergeant said to the remaining members of his squad as his eyes
widened in panic and shock. He stepped backwards but Echo couldn’t be stopped, he
punched and kicked anything in his way, never talking his eyes off of Douglas.
“Echo! Think about what you’re doing here! Legion will be very disappointed in
you! Echo if you kill me you’re a convicted killer of an officer! That’s life
kid!” Douglas yelled.
The Sergeant began to panic more as Echo drew closer. He fondled through his
utility belt and pulled his taster, aiming it forward he fired it into the boys
small chest. Most children would drop to the ground in agony from such pain, some
would even die from the voltage, but not Echo. As the barbs sunk into his ten
year old skin he only winced for a second and continued walking toward Douglas.
“Echo! NO!!!!!” Douglas screamed as the electricity shot through Echo’s small
frame. He jumped and leaped through the air flipping over Douglas’s head.
Douglas’s eyes tried to follow him as he looked above. Out of nowhere, Echo’s
small hands reached down and grabbed the temples of the Sergeant’s head and
twisted in a single fluid motion, snapping his neck instantly.
The Sergeant’s body dropped to the sidewalk in an instant, landing in unison with
Echo’s feet. Echo turned around for a moment, still shaking. He walked over and
picked up one of the Hg-48 automatic rifles and hoisted it over his shoulder.
They were all dead, every last one of the dozen soldiers that took his parents
live. But it wasn’t enough, he wanted more blood, he would kill them all, one by
one he would get his revenge.
A single tear ran down his left cheek as he looked back at his home, at the people
he loved. It was his fault they died, he left them. The only reason he had
become so well trained was to protect his mother and father, and he couldn’t even
do that now, he was a failure.
He turned and began to leave his old world behind, he was alone now. He would
honor his mother’s wishes and find this man named Resonance Walker in Detroit, no
matter what it took.
One of the Hellion’s arms twitched momentarily as they tried to drag themselves up
from the sidewalk. Without turning around Echo aimed the gun behind his back and
fired a quick burst into the officer’s head, finishing him off.
It was getting late and there were other days for mourning. Echo knew he had to
get out of town, he would deal with Legion another day, when he was stronger and
Echo walked down the road with the hg-48 rifle slung over his right shoulder. He
couldn’t get the image of his mother and father out of his mind. Their dead
bodies lay in the kitchen where he was eating dinner with them minutes before.
Suddenly, Echo’s optimistic and enthusiastic view of the world had spun; he saw
the world as a cold and cruel place now and God only as the taker of those who are
good, not evil.
“I will make you proud” Echo said biting his lip as he left everything behind him
and never looked back.

Chapter 3
A Final Offer

andall threw his guns down and lunged at Echo who still didn’t say a word. Echo
brought his hands up with ease to block a series of Randall’s punches.
“Stand down Randall! That is an order soldier!” the Commander insisted but
Randall couldn’t hear him. He was driven by envy since the day he met Echo and he
dedicated his life in making Legion proud.
“I’m a lot tougher than I was when I faced you last time Nevaeh!” Randall shouted
as he continued to punch and kick at Echo, failing at any attempt to get past his
The other Hellions cheered Randall on except Richard, he knew better. Echo,
Richard and Randall all went to the Academy together while the other Hellions
currently present were graduated and full time soldiers by then.
Richard knew exactly what Echo could do to a person and he was about to do just
that to his arrogant and jealous attacker.
Echo blocked another punch from Randall’s right hand and gripped his arm tightly
at his wrist and elbow. He pulled down and to the side in a fluid motion,
snapping his elbow and wrist, sending intense pain through Randall’s body.
“Ohhhh shit! Jesus!” Randall screamed at the clean break of his arm, left in
complete shock of how easy it was for Echo to do. Echo had gotten stronger,
faster; he was better now than he was then and that was quite a statement
considering no one could stop him then.
“Fuck!” Randall exclaimed as he winced in pain, but Echo was not done, he was just
beginning. Echo grabbed his entire arm at the forearm and shoulder and pulled his
side closer to Randall, sending a powerful elbow to his face. He continued to
systematically break his joints in the fastest fashion any man has ever witnessed.

Within a matter of twenty seconds Echo released Randall, letting him fall to the
wet concrete screaming in complete agony. All of his joints were broken in
several places and he was missing a few teeth from the elbow strike he took to the
face. Echo didn’t say a word; he just stood with a blank stare on his face as if
this was his calling. He had become exactly what Legion had always wanted, a war
The Hellions all grew nervous as they looked to their commander for orders.
Several guns could be heard loading and clicking as their trigger fingers grew
itchy. Echo turned and scowled to the ground, scanning his eyes around like a
security camera. He was like a switch, and once he was on, it was very hard to
turn him off.
“Get on your knees now! This is your last chance Echo!” The commander shouted
nervously aiming his rifle in his direction.
“Just like when you two were kids, huh Echo?” a deep voice said as Legion walked
in between the Hellions and Echo. He stood tall and proud at the boys disposal of
his own soldier.
Echo’s eyes shot open wide as he began to shake; clenching his fists he let a
growl escape his lips. He had waited for this day, the day when he could stand
face to face with the man who took everything from him and now it was here.
“I knew you’d never forget me… my little war machine” said Legion. His black
trench coat danced in the wind like a Dark symphony.
Those words that he heard so much rung through his head like a bell. Little war
machine. It was who he became and he hated every part of it, he hated his
greatest virtue being the ability to kill an entire squad with the efficiency of
an army. He hated… being like Legion.
“You… killed my parents. Why?” Echo managed to escape with so much hatred it was
hard to understand his broken words.
Legion laughed out loud a bit before responding “You see my boy. Only when we
lose everything, can we have something. Why you were the finest soldier I had
ever witnessed or perhaps ever will witness. Drastic times call for drastic
measures Echo and with you on our side, we would never have to be paranoid about
an uprising again.”
He snapped his fingers and one of the Hellion guards brought him two black combat
boots with capital H’s on the side and a black Hellion uniform.
“This is the end of the road for you Echo. A turning point. If you join us now,
I will forgive all the crimes you’ve committed and promote you to second in
command under me.”
Randall flopped on the ground like a fish out of water, his eyes soaked with tears
from the excruciating pain he was going through. He still managed to be coherent
enough to recognize Legion’s presence and speak.
“But Sir! I am the most faithful soldier you have! Day in and day out I serve
you and I still remain just a private because of a few mistakes. I deserve this!
Not him!”
Legion flipped open his trench coat with his finger tips and revealed two
holsters. Within the holsters held two custom made hg-666s, the best pistol on
the entire planet. They were double barreled but vertically instead of
horizontally, one on top of the other. The barrel spun when the guns were fired
and held a clip of one hundred and twenty bullets. He was as efficient with his
guns as he was with his fists, still seen as the toughest hand to hand combat and
the greatest marksmen alive, rivaled only by the young Echo in combat, and a man
named Jericho Daniels in marksmanship. He pulled the gun on his left side from
the holster and fired a shot into Randall’s skull without hesitation, killing him
instantly. Legion brought the barrel up to his nose and closed his eyes, inhaling
the scent of the hot chamber. He reopened his eyes as he re-holstered his pistol,
smiling wickedly at Echo.
“Now where was I before I was interrupted by that whining idiot?” he said plainly.
“I will never join you! I did not come here tonight for a fight! I just want to
be left alone. I hate who I am and it’s your entire fault. I don’t want to hurt
people! I don’t want to kill!” said Echo.
“Ah but my foolish boy it’s too late. You just turned Randall here into a human
noodle; I merely put him out of his misery. It’s been six years Echo, now it’s
time to come home. This Resonance obviously has you delusional. If he is such a
better mentor than I then where is he now? Leaving you all alone out here to face
almost thirty Hellions and myself. Now I have no doubt that you can cut through
everyone of them like a hot knife through butter. But I hope your skills are
sharp if you prepare to face me boy.”
“This was my idea to come back here. I wanted to come back here and…” Echo paused
and lowered his head.
“And what Echo? Kill me?”
“NO!” I came here to kill myself! Resonance begged me not to leave and I just
told him I was stepping out for some air! He cares about me more than you ever
did!” Echo screamed as he held up the piece of paper still in his palm. His tears
were evident even amidst the rain that dripped off of his face; he was at the end
of his road and wanted to end the misery that became his every sunrise and sunset.
Legion ruffled his brow a bit at his response “Why waste such a bright future?
Echo, that isn’t the way to go. I realize you’ve had it rough, but you can’t just
end your life, end other peoples… it’s a great stress reliever.”
Echo looked around and released the note from his left hand, letting the crumpled
paper fall to the ground.
“You were the only thing I ever cared about Echo. I know I made some rash
decisions, which I do not regret by the way because, now look at you! You’re
stronger, faster, and smarter. Well except for that whole killing yourself deal.
But that’s a technicality. My point is this: join me and you will have everything
you ever wanted. I want you with us Echo; The Captain wants you with us. Do you
know that means? All the money, women and respect you could ever ask for?”
“Where does the reviving of my dead parents come into this deal? I suppose you’re
going to throw that in too you son of a bitch!” Echo shouted as he clenched his
fists tightly. The veins on his neck protruded and made his skin bulge as his
eyes grew like that of a deranged man. He thought of what he would do when he
finally had the chance and now it was time, it was time to kill Legion once and
for all.
Echo raised his shoulders like a wolf ready to strike as he never took his eyes
off his prey. Legion returned to notion by staring back, his sadistic smile never
leaving his lips.
“Let’s see if you still have it kid” Legion said in sarcasm. He knew deep down
what was going to happen. None one of them let alone one of them ever stood a
chance against his former protégé, but he was going to enjoy watching ever bit of
The Hellions began their attack, but they were just small obstacles on the way to
the boy’s true goal. He’d never even let them think they had a chance, he would
run through them like a living breathing blade before they could gasp their last
breath of air.
Some stayed stationery firing their hg-48s at Echo as he dodged their bullets
while still staring at Legion. Three Hellions led off the close range attacks,
all equipped with large knives.
One of them thrust his knife at Echo’s neck but he moved to the side just enough
to let the blade skin the hair follicles on his neck. This way it was easier for
Echo to get leverage by staying as close as he could to the attacker, one of the
basic rules of engagement he learned in the Academy.
Echo grabbed his attackers arm like a lever, yanking it behind him hard, snapping
his shoulder instantly. He turned his head and released it as the next Hellion
swung his blade at Echo’s face, he grabbed his wrist and spun him around three
hundred and sixty degrees, to the surprise of the third Hellion as his squad mates
blade sunk into his own throat. The second Hellion was in shock and began to
panic as his squad mate fell to the ground choking on his own blood. Echo was
awaiting the second Hellion when he finally forgot about his squad mate and
remembered about the man who was going through them like dominoes.
“Don’t kill me!” The Hellion pleaded as Echo showed no sign of emotion or remorse
for what he was doing. He grabbed his head and twisted it quickly, snapping his
neck and silencing him permanently.
Legion chuckled to himself with joy as he watched every bit of the violence. Echo
was killing members of his army and he loved it all, this was the future of the
Hellions, of Pangaea Ultima. In a sick way, he loved him like it was his own
child. After all, he was the man responsible for making him the killer he was
Echo continued the onslaught, destroying anything that stood in his way. As he
maimed or killed his way through the Hellions, he dodged every bullet that came
his way, always knowing from which angle and what velocity it would be fired at.
He was a trained warrior, an expert in killing in every way imaginable and he
hated it, but right now, he loved every bit of satisfaction he was getting by
killing his parents murderers and what they stood for.
As Legion watched the action he felt a large finger tap him on the shoulder. It
was Circus Moralles, the former undefeated Heavy Weight Champion boxer from Spain.
He had retired after being undefeated for many years to be the muscle of Legion’s
Hellion squad. Circus stood about six foot seven and weighed in at two hundred
and ninety lbs. But there was no fat on him. His arms were massive as was his
chest and shoulders. He followed the fashion of Legion and shaved his head,
conforming to the Hellion way. He never really was into the politics, he just
liked to fight and he got paid well to hurt people now on The Captain’s payroll.
“This kid may look like a lot, but I’ll crack his head open like…”
“A piñata?” Legion said sarcastically as he watched Echo run through another group
of his soldiers. “Watch and learn Circus. You may be a bruiser, but this kid
would toss you around like one of the bulls you dance with back home in Madrid.”
Circus shook his head annoyed “No I wasn’t going to say a piñata. And I am not
even from Madrid and I told you that Legion. I’m from Barcelona.”
“That’s nice big guy, ooh, now watch. This is my favorite part.” Legion said
Echo leaped into the air and kicked one of the Hellion’s rifles out of his hands
and into the remaining four’s, knocking them all to the ground, leaving them
“He likes to toy with them…” Legion said smiling wickedly.
One of them tried to dive for his gun but Echo was too quick for him. Echo ran
and slammed his boot down upon the reaching hand of the Hellion just before he got
to his gun, breaking all of his fingers. He turn placed the toe of his boot under
the man's chin and pushed forward, slowly snapping his spine.
“Wow, that’s a new one! I didn’t teach him that.” Legion said in the fashion of a
movie critic watching an action movie with appreciation for Echo’s art.
Circus stood and cracked his neck then his knuckles. He couldn’t stand still
while someone else was getting the glory. He never lost a fight in his life and
this looked like it could be the greatest challenge of his life, but he was up to
Legion felt Circus’s enthusiasm and reached his arm out to stop him “No Circus let
him finish first.”
Circus cocked a brow but still followed orders, though reluctantly. Legion had
always struck Circus as a little psychotic but this time it was too much. He was
going to sit back and let his soldiers die like they were sacrificing themselves
for his cause.
Echo stared at the last three Hellions, who all stood nervous, looking back and
forth at each other then to Legion for what to do. They knew they were deer in
the headlights; it was only a matter of time before their uniforms were removed
from their cold dead bodies and sent to the dry cleaners to be prepared for the
next recruit.
“Well come on boys, this is your big change. Be the one to stop the unstoppable
Echo Neveah” Legion shouted with a smirk on his face.
Echo jumped high in the air, his feet landing on the shoulders of the Hellion in
the middle, he wrapped his legs tightly around his neck and squeezed, choking him
with his feet. He twisted sharply snapping his neck and landing on his feet as
the body from his grasp fell limp and lifeless.
Echo spun around one of the other Hellions and pulled the knife from the soldiers
own belt in such a fluid motion and with such speed no one noticed until the
soldier dropped to the ground with the back of his knees gushing blood. Echo had
sliced the tendons so he couldn’t stand or even walk. The soldier screamed and
looked up just in time to see the knife slide towards his throat to abruptly end
his short life.
The final Hellion began walking away from Echo, falling over the bodies of his
squad mates and panicking in fear.
“Oh shit man, oh shit. Don’t kill me Echo! It’s me Richard!” he exclaimed.
Echo paused and stared at the Hellion. His maniacal face left for a moment and
the kind hearted boy returned if only for a few seconds. He had remembered
Richard from the Hellion Academy; he had befriended him when everyone else just
feared him.
“You god damn coward” Legion said un-holstering both of his hg-666s and aiming
them at Richard. “How hard is it to find someone with a spine these days!?”
Echo ignored Legion and looked down at Richard “Leave. Get out of here. You never
belonged with these people so I am going to let you live. This is your second
chance Richard, don’t blow it.”
Richard smiled and rushed to his feet, he stared over at Legion’s look of disgust
and the guns aiming at him but he still fled.
Legion fired a shot with each of his pistols, one into the back of his head, the
other through his back and into his heart, giving him zero chance of survival.
Richard’s body fell against the concrete like a sack of potatoes, bouncing off the
ground with a loud thud.
“No!” Echo yelled in anger as he watched Richard fall and then turned his
attention back to Legion. His breathing was heavier now, his heart rate faster in
anticipation of finally killing Legion.
“Forgiveness is for failures. Which is what it looks like you’ve become boy.”
said Legion, holstering his pistols.
Resonance charged at Legion with a leaping kick and never saw Circus out of the
corner of his eye. How could he miss someone of that size, he was clearly so
angry he had lost his focus. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, Circus’s over
sized right hook to the side of his head. The blow sent Echo flipping through the
air and eventually to the concrete with a crushing thud. His body skidded along
the pavement, tearing his already ratty pants even more along with his skin as he
began to bleed from the sensation of concrete on flesh.
“See. You like to jump around and does all that acrobatic stuff like you see at a
Circus. Well I figure I’d bring the Circus to you bitch!” said Circus as he
grabbed Echo by the neck and tossed him head first into the wall twenty feet
across the courtyard.
Echo caught his balance in mid air at the last minute to lessen the impact of the
wall. He still smashed into the bricks hard as he slammed into the structure with
the side of his small frame. By the time he got to his feet Circus already had
his huge hands around his throat. He dragged Echo’s small frame out of the rubble
and back into the courtyard, lifting him up in the air with one hand and holding
him high above his head.
“And for my grand finale… alley oop!” Circus said as he threw Echo high in the air
over his head and smashing through a third floor window in an abandoned building
behind them.
Circus turned and dusted off his hands. He smiled at Legion and shrugged
“So that’s your super hero huh? I’ve never lost a fight in my life! I went one
hundred fifty four and oh!”
Above the two men on the third floor of the abandoned apartment building, Echo had
gotten to his feet and broken through the outer wall. He leaped and descended
through the air jumping from large pieces of the debris of the structure, kicking
off each of them as he finally free fell back down into the courtyard.
“I believe you’re about to get your first loss and I think it’s going to be by
knockout” Legion said as he shook his head annoyed at Circus’s lack of focus.
Circus shrugged and laughed at Legion’s lack of faith in him. He flexed his large
arms and cocked his brow in a cocky fashion.
“In case you didn’t notice. I just threw my opponent like a shot put through a
window that sits three stories above us boss! I’d say the fat lady has sung.”
“I think she might have one more note tough guy.” Legion said looking above
Circus’s head.
The large bricks came down on Circus’s head hard, knocking him unconscious. His
eyes rolled back into his head as he came down like a redwood in a forest,
crashing to the concrete on his back.
Echo hit the ground with the grace of a cat, landing on his feet, staring at
Legion clapped his hands together slowly “Good job. What you couldn’t defeat in
strength you defeat in brains. Very impressive, I was beginning to doubt you.”
“I don’t need approval from a sick bastard like you. I’ve ran through everyone
you’ve thrown at me and I’m still standing. You can send your entire army at me
and I will still be here standing, waiting to face you. Are you going to continue
to hide behind your soldiers or are you finally going to be man enough to face
me?” said Echo covered in debris from the building, bruises and cuts.
Legion smirked and shook his head slowly. “I don’t ever remember hiding behind
anything Echo. It is you who ran from what you are and still you run. You think
by defeating anyone here you’ve proved anything to me? I know you are a great
warrior with amazing potential but lets make one thing perfectly clear. You’re
still just second best and you’ll always be second best without my guidance. My
suggestion to you would be to run along and train yourself more before making such
bold statements. Because be assured if you face me today, I will kill you.”
Echo charged at Legion with both of his fists clenched tightly. He leaped over
the fallen soldiers he defeated like insignificant stones on a path.
Legion grinned wickedly at his rage, loving every minute of Echo becoming
everything he hated.
“Yes. That’s it, let hatred be your guide, not your destruction!”
Legion raised his arm to block his incoming punch, continuing to block everything
Echo could throw at him thereafter.
“You’re going to pay for all the innocent lives you’ve taken! This is for my
parents!” Echo screamed with fury.
Echo began to yell with each and every punch and kick he threw at his former
mentor. Legion calmly smacked each of them away like he was shooing away flies
that were bothering him.
“You’re a fool Echo! You think you can stop what we’ve worked so hard to build!?
You think you can just become the sunshine and the voice of the people to our
black cloud that gloom's over the entire land!? After all, you did come here to
end your life didn’t you!? Some hero you are boy!” Legion said raising his voice
behind his usual tone.
Echo grew angrier at his words, his punches and kicks became faster but wilder and
with each bit of frustration Legion grew happier.
“I am going to devote my life to stopping you! Resonance is right! I can make a
difference.” Said Echo, not letting up on his attack.
“How touching.” Legion sarcastically answered as he extended his palm outward,
straightening his arm out and landing his first hit into Echo’s chest hard,
sending him flying backward through the air unexpectedly, crashing into and
through another building wall.
“Going to have to hire you for remodeling, forget a wrecking ball, throwing you
through buildings is more cost effective, and a lot more fun.” Legion said as he
slowly made his way through the hole left by Echo’s body in the structure. He
walked through the new opening and kicked the rubble that was covering his enemy
off of him. Reaching down with one hand, Legion pulled Echo into the air and
walked back out into the corridor.
Echo coughed and stared at Legion through squinted eyes. He kicked himself free
from Legion’s grip and began attacking him once again.
“You stand no chance Echo! Leave now while you still have your life! Go and
train and face me when you are actually worth a damn and not driven by only hate!
You’re sloppy!”
Echo didn’t pay attention to Legion’s words. He continued to throw everything he
had at him but to no avail. Legion was right, there was no way Echo could defeat
him, but he would die trying.
Legion swung his right fist forward, busting Echo’s head wide open down the right
side of his face. He followed up with a left, beginning to fight back now.
Echo’s face was cut wide open just from the few punches Legion threw.
“I warned you kid!” Legion screamed as he released a roundhouse kick to Echo’s
face, knocking him to the ground.
Echo rose to his feet, his face covered in the crimson mess Legion’s fists and
feet left. He grabbed Legion’s hands at the wrists and attempted to head butt him
but Legion pulled his arms from out of his sleeves and hit Echo six or seven times
with a series of blows before his coat even touched the ground.
He cracked his neck as he stood above the young boy. A grin painted his face from
ear to ear with satisfaction. Echo was his protégé at one time and here he stood
proving the point he made all along. Echo knew he was right, without him, he
would never be the strongest man in the land. But Echo didn’t want that, he just
wanted to live a normal life and not be a living weapon.
“I’m sorry Echo, I really am.” Legion said as the smile left his lips and a tear
ran down his left cheek as he shut his eyes. He reached down and grabbed the
incoherent Echo by the shirt and stared once again at the building, he walked Echo
back inside the opened wall and laid him down on the floor in the center of the
now opened room. He looked at the support beams surrounding the structure and
Legion unleashed a series of kicks to the support beams, forcing them to buckle
and the entire building to sway. With one final series of kicks he had snapped
every beam; the building was coming down fast. He dove back through the open hole
and looked back as the smoke and dust blinded his vision.
When the smoke cleared Legion nodded slowly, in his mind it is what he had to do.
He loved Echo with all of his heart; it was the only person he had ever loved
besides his own parents. He had done horrible things to the boy but he did what
he thought was right. Echo never followed his path to greatness; instead he
became a huge liability and a major foe to their cause. In a perfect world, he
would’ve served right next to Legion and one day took over control of the
A cellular phone rang and illuminated in the dust in between Legion and Echo’s
makeshift structure grave. Legion cocked a brow and walked over looking at the
mysterious phone. With all of the dead and injured out here, anyone could have
dropped this. But with a flip of the clam shell design it was clear whose phone
it was by reading the caller id of the incoming call. It was Echo’s.
The phone’s display read Incoming Call: Resonance Walker. This was the infamous
Resonance Walker? The leader of the secret underground movement right here at
Legion’s disposal through cellular technology? Legion smirked and pressed the
talk button on the phone.
“Echo! Where are you? We are worried sick. I’ve looked all over the…”
“Perhaps you should have checked New Washington friend, I heard he likes to
aimlessly stroll the city streets after curfew.” said Legion.
“Who is this?” Resonance said now lowering his voice sounding more confused and
“The man who has been waiting to meet you ever since you took the Echo out of my
words.” Legion said with a growl.
“Legion.” Said Resonance.
“Very good, and you are the great Resonance Walker I must gather from the
information I have. The man who will end all of this evil The Captain and I bring
on this lovely world, etc. Isn’t that correct?”
“I am not alone! You’d be surprised the support we have! Where is Echo!? I
swear to god if you hurt him I’m going to…”
“You’re going to what? Come down here and beat me up? God I love heroes. Always
such choice words. This isn’t a fairy tale, so unless you’re going to ride down
here on your fire breathing dragon and slay me with your broad sword, please spare
me the theatrics.”
Resonance just remained quiet on the other end, ignoring Legion’s speeches and
mockery. He just wanted to know where Echo was and what had happened with him.
“Okay now since we are being civil perhaps I can be of assistance. Why don’t you
come down here and get him if you’re so brave Mr. Walker? Yes come to New
Washington and find him, I’m sure he’s just lying around being a lazy teen.”
Legion said smirking looking back at the pile. Something in him turned his grin
into a slight frown again, he couldn’t figure this out. His usual sadistic
feeling was being fought by sympathy for the boy he loved like a son, the boy he
just killed. He shook his head and re-focused on his phone call.
“There’s no proof he’s really there, this is just some trap. How stupid do you
think I am?” Resonance asked.
“You’re right. I’m sure he’ll turn up. Just wait around a few days to read about
him in the papers.” Said Legion.
“Prove it then! Prove to me he’s there!” Resonance replied.
Legion walked over to the collapsed building and held the phone out. He began
kicking around the rocks and broken cement blocks, rolling them along one another
and to the ground.
“There.” Said Legion.
“All I heard was a bunch of stuff moving sounded like rocks.” Resonance answered.
“Well he’s under there somewhere friend, it’s your job to dig him out. Oh and I
don’t guarantee survival when I knock a building down on someone so there’s no
guarantees.” Said Legion.
“You son of a bitch!!! I swear to god I’m going to kill you myself! So help me
god if he’s dead Legion, then I will bring you and anyone else around you to a
very painful and miserable death.” Resonance yelled.
Legion held the phone out away from his ear and let out a sigh “Nice talking with
you” He said closing the phone and tossing it to the ground.
Before he left the scene he turned to take one last look at the structure and then
began to walk away; he stopped and looked over at Circus who was still unconscious
with debris covering his head. He walked over kicked at his large leg until he
moved and groaned.
“Get up you idiot” Legion barked.
“Whhaaa… oh my head. It feels like I’ve been drinking Tequila for days.” Circus
“Yeah that’s what happens when you try to think, for both of our sakes you still
are clothed. I am afraid however that wasn’t Tequila that was Echo. Now get up,
I need your assistance in a very important matter. We have visitors coming.” Said
Legion waving his arm.
“What the hell happened over there?” Circus said getting to his feet still half
groggy. He ignored what Legion was telling him and stared at the collapsed
building, scratching his head in confusion.
“Tragedy is what happened there.” Legion said looking sadly once more at Echo’s
“Now listen to me you idiot!” Legion yelled as he broke from his day dream.
“Okay... okay! Take it easy man” Circus said waving his hands.
“Resonance is coming to get Echo, dead or alive. I need you to…”
“Pound his skull in?!?” Circus said cracking a smile through his dust covered
Legion shook his head “No damn it. Not yet at least. I need you to be here, and
then I need you to be there.”
Circus crinkled his brow trying to make sense of what he had just said.
“Circus I need you to follow them back to their hideout. Understand?” Legion
said, putting it simply for him.
“Oh, yeah loud and clear. I can do that” Circus said.
“Good. Do not be seen, this is your most important mission yet. We cannot fail
here; there is no room for error. And if you pull this off I will give you the
glory of ‘pounding his skull in’ as you like to say.”
“Woo! Awesome, thanks boss!” Circus said with a smile as wide as a child in a toy
Legion nodded and turned away. He reached down to lift up his trench coat and
dusted it off. He then slipped it over his arms and walked away leaving Circus
and near thirty dead bodies behind.