Additionally, most teachers require students to read each night, with or without parent assistance.

2012 - 2013

Lupin Hill Elementary School Student and Parent Handbook
School starts promptly at 8:00am for all grades. Yard supervision begins at 7:30am on the upper grade yard. Children (grades 1-5) line up with their class in designated spots at 7:55am. Teachers greet them and they walk to their classrooms by 8:00am. All children are required to attend school on a regular basis. Absences affect student learning. Please consult the school calendar when planning trips. If an absence is anticipated and is at least 5 days, the teacher can arrange a short-term independent study contract for your child. However, missing school should be kept to a minimum. Absence Procedure: Call the Attendance Line at 818-880-4434 (x 315) to report an absence. Do not leave requests for homework on the Attendance Line. If you are requesting homework, call the Office by 10:00am so that the teacher will be informed in a timely manner. If the office does not hear from a parent within 3 school days (72 hours) of the child’s return to school, the absences will be considered unexcused and cannot be changed. Students are considered truant if they have three or more unexcused absences. Three or more unexcused late arrivals (more than 30 minutes) or early checkouts (more than 30 minutes) are also considered truancies. This applies to children being checked out to attend sibling performances on campus. For further information, please see the LVUSD Attendance Policy at or contact the school office. Tardy Procedure: A student is tardy if he/she is not in the class line when the 8:00am bell rings. Tardies are recorded either by the teacher in the classroom or by the office. An adult must accompany a child to the office if he/she arrives later than 8:30am. Students who are late due to a doctor/dentist appointment must bring a signed note from the doctor.

Ways to reach staff members or PFC at Lupin Hill…
• Email:

26210 Adamor Rd. 818-880-4434 office Calabasas, California 91302 818-880-2201 fax Mrs. Sheila Grady, Principal
School Office 818-880-4434

• Ask the Office to put a note in the Staff or PFC box. • Leave a voicemail message for the teacher  PFC Voicemail is 318 Please note: Staff voicemail and email is not usually checked until after school.

Teacher and PFC extensions are for voice mail only. Classrooms may not be called directly. Urgent calls should be placed to the Office StaffSherill McMichael (x221) or Krissi Povah (x227).

Attendance Line Daycare

818-880-4434 (x315)
818-878-0162 818-880-4257 818-878-5266 818-878-4225

Camp Calabasas (Little Learners) School Bus Information Durham Transportation Bus passes City of Calabasas Shuttle

TYPICAL SCHOOL DAY SCHEDULE Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Information about Lupin Hill can be found:
     PFC Monthly Newsletter (Tiger Tales) PFC Website: Classroom newsletters School website: LVUSD website:

7:30 7:55 8:00 9:30-9:50 9:50-10:10 11:00-11:45 11:30-12:15 11:45-12:30 12:00-12:45 1:00 2:05 2:30

Yard supervision starts Bell rings – students in lines School begins Recess, Kindergarten Recess, Grades 1-5 Lunch, Kindergarten Lunch, Grades 1 & 2 Lunch, Grade 3 Lunch, Grades 4 & 5 Dismissal, Kindergarten Dismissal, Grades 1-3 Dismissal, Grades 4 & 5


Wednesday & Minimum Days 7:30 Yard supervision starts 8:00 School begins 9:30-9:50 Recess, Kindergarten 9:50-10:10 Recess, Grades 1-5 11:20 Dismissal, Kindergarten 12:20 Dismissal, Grades 1-5 12:20-12:45 Lunch served

Lupin Hill Elementary School Student Handbook

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Lupin Hill School Mission Statement
Students will learn to read critically, write persuasively, think and reason logically, and solve complex problems in mathematics and science. Students will adopt an attitude of appreciation, curiosity and excitement about “the quest” – expect and embrace the work of learning, enjoy and look for ways to solve problems, evaluate the validity of information, find their learning relevant, and see projects through to the solution. Students will understand ethical responsibility and contribute as informed citizens at all levels.

Lupin Hill School Rules
Be Safe  Be Respectful  Be A Learner

Calabasas City Hall 818-878-4225 Calabasas Library 818-225-7616 Parks and Rec. 818-880-6461 L. A. COUNTY SHERIFF Lost Hills Station 818-878-1808 Report dangerous driving 877-310-STOP

Be respectful of people, personal feelings and property. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Solve problems with words. Do your best to learn, grow and be healthy while you are Lupin Hill. Make sure that all of the work you do is your own. No cheating in anything. Stay in areas supervised by adults. Walk (don’t run) in classrooms and hallways. Do not use physical force, put downs, or profanity. Do not bully, pressure friends to do things they don’t want to do, or disrupt games and learning. Follow the directions of adults. Insubordination or disrespect will not be tolerated. No candy, soda or gum at school. No electronic games, MP3 players, or portable audio players at school. Cell phones must be turned off during school hours. No collecting and/or trading cards.

Our school community supports a healthy environment in which our children can feel that they are physically and emotionally safe.

Students will develop skills for thinking creatively, making decisions, solving problems, seeing things in the mind’s eye, knowing how to learn and reason.

Student Behavior
The Six Pillars of Character --respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, citizenship, and trustworthiness-- are the basis of Lupin Hill’s school-wide positive discipline policy. All staff members and volunteers are expected to be models for our students of ethical living. In addition to modeling the desired behaviors, staff members will directly teach (with guided practice and positive reinforcement) classroom and school routines and rules, including appropriate recess and lunch behavior. Students who are experiencing difficulty following the class or school rules will be retaught and given appropriate consequences. Repeated infractions and/or serious issues will be handled with a Behavior Referral to the Office. Unfortunately, some situations may be of such a serious nature that a suspension from school may be required.** Physical fighting, sexual harassment, and bullying fall into this category. Parents will always be contacted in situations of serious misbehavior.

** See LVUSD “Parent, Student, and Staff Legal Notification Handbook” for details about infractions requiring suspension or expulsion (see

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Healthy Kids: Health Office Info
Under the direction of our District Nurses, Lupin Hill has the services of a full time health clerk. Mrs. Caroline Abdulhamid is trained in First Aid and CPR. In addition to making sure that all students have had the required immunizations, she makes the decisions about sending children home when they are sick, calling parents for health information, and (in emergencies) calling for paramedic assistance. Please call 880-4434 (x223) with questions regarding your child’s medical issues. Children who run a fever, vomit, or experience diarrhea the night before or morning of school should stay home, to avoid exposing others to illness. Casts and Crutches Any student who comes to school in a cast or on crutches must have written permission from a doctor to attend school. Please request the appropriate form from the Health Office. To prevent the possibility of further injury, District policy requires that the student cannot be allowed on the playground; recess and lunch can be spent in the library or the office.

Lupin Hill Elementary School Student Handbook
Medication Students are not permitted to possess or administer medication of any kind, prescription or nonprescription, by themselves. ALL medication is administered in the Health Office under the supervision of the health clerk or the principal designee. The office does not provide any medication. You must bring your own medication to the health office where it will be stored (in a locked cabinet) for your child, in case of need. All medication must be in its proper container and must clearly indicate the student’s name, the name of the medication and proper dosage accompanied by the LVUSD Medication Authorization form completed by the parent and physician. This form is available from Ms Caroline in the Health Office.
Bring a note from the doctor if you come to school with a cast!

Healthy Foods: Nutrition Policy
The Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education has established the following policy: Foods on campus shall be carefully selected so as to contribute to students’ nutritional wellbeing, the prevention of disease and reducing childhood obesity. Lupin Hill supports the LVUSD policy with our own guidelines: No soda, gum, or candy is allowed on campus. It will be taken away from students who bring them. Food for class parties will be under the direction of the teacher. The amount of sugary foods will be limited. Birthday Treats…Teachers acknowledge birthdays in the classroom in a variety of ways that do not involve treats of food. Keeping in line with the District and our School Policy, birthday treats of food may not be delivered to the classroom. Parents may not “drop by” with sugary treats for a class. Teachers will not allow such treats to be passed out to the children.

Snacks and Lunches In addition to a good breakfast, children need a healthy snack at recess. Fruits and vegetables are recommended. Lunches (see monthly menu) may be purchased from the cafeteria or brought from home. Instruct your children not to trade food. Forgotten lunches must be delivered to the office by 10:00am to be put in the teacher’s box for pick up. The delivery of fast food for lunches is discouraged and glass containers are not allowed. Eating snacks or lunches must be in designated areas. Students must remain seating when eating. Due to many students with allergies to nuts, we will provide a “nut free” table in the lunch area. Pack in / Pack out – Lupin Hill is Green! Students and staff who bring lunch from home are expected to use re-useable containers. (Label everything!) We want to leave as little trash as possible … anywhere. Purchasing Lunch Lunches ($3.50 each) may be bought in bulk by sending cash or check (minimum of $25.00 and payable to LVUSD) to the school office to be credited to your student’s lunch account. Parents may purchase lunches by credit card and check their account balance by accessing their lunch account online ( Contact the school office for further information. Cash ($3.50) is accepted in the lunch line. The cafeteria will offer cheese, crackers, fruit and juice to those students without any lunch, but cannot lend lunch money to students. District lunch menus (including nutritional content) and information regarding lunch purchase options is available at this website. Applications for free and reduced lunches are also available here. ca/las-virgenes-unified/lupinhill-elementary/

Lupin Hill Elementary School Student Handbook Dress Code

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The way students dress has a direct impact upon their attitude and performance. In order to maintain a respectful, positive and productive educational environment, Lupin Hill Elementary School enforces the following dress code. This Dress Code was approved by Lupin Hill’s PFC Executive Board, School Site Council, and staff in 2008. It is based on the California Education Code (35183.6) and the LVUSD Parent, Student, and Staff Legal Notification Handbook, which states: Clothing or appearance that can create a class/school disturbance or distraction that interferes with the learning environment, or represents a danger to student health or welfare is not permitted. (p. 22) Students should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move safely and participate easily in messy art projects, sitting on the floor and/or strenuous physical activities.  Shirts must be long enough that if hands are raised over the head, a bare midriff will not be exposed.  Shirt straps must be at least one inch wide (no strapless tops).  Outfits that show, or appear to show, underwear are not permitted.  No baggy or oversized pants. Pants must be able to stay up and not touch the ground.  Skirts and shorts must be worn with a hem that reaches the tips of the fingers when arms are extended down the thigh.  No shoes with open toes and/or open backs (flip flops, sandals, clogs, crocs, etc.)  No shoes with high heels or skate wheels.  Sun protective clothing (including hats, caps, sunglasses) are permitted when outdoors.  Hanging chains, dangling jewelry (earrings, necklaces and/or bracelets) that are safety hazards and/or distractions cannot be worn in school.  Unnatural hair color and/or makeup is not permitted in school as it is a distraction to the educational environment. Clothing which depicts any of the following is not permitted:  offensive or vulgar language  inappropriate pictures or innuendos relating to sex  advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes, or other controlled substances  breaking the law, violence, racial, ethnic, and/or racial slurs Consequence for non-compliance with dress code: Any staff member may refer a student to the office to call their parent for a change of clothing. If a parent cannot be reached, the office will provide a tee shirt or shorts to be worn for the day. The borrowed items must be washed and returned the following day.

Lost and Found Box (lunch shelter)
If an item has a name on it AND it makes it to the Lost and Found, it will be returned to the student’s classroom, so please label your child’s sweaters and jackets. Due to our nighttime critters, lunch boxes left overnight will be thrown away. Unclaimed clothing items are donated to local charities approximately once a month.

Wednesdays and Fridays are Spirit Days! Wear your Tiger Wear proudly!

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Lupin Hill Elementary School Student Handbook General School Information

The LVUSD web site at has information regarding district policy, lunch menus, calendar, Board of Education news and Lupin Hill items of interest. The Lupin Hill Website is where you will find information such as School Calendar, Lunch Menu, School Event Information, PFC Information, and Teacher Websites. The school also sends out special announcements by using our telephone and e-mail messaging system. Please be sure the office has your current address, phone and e-mail information at all times. The PFC publishes a newsletter (Tiger Tales) and has a website ( The newsletter is published approximately once each month and is sent home with the youngest child in the family. The purpose of the newsletter and the website is to inform, inspire, and acknowledge.

School Media Center Information
Elementary schools generally have a small school library designed and stocked for children. Our fabulous library is run by Mrs. Cindy Sugano who is under the direction of the District Media Specialists. They work together to make sure that our children have access to new and old classics, great picture books, non-fiction material, and even children’s magazines. Each class has a designated day and time to visit the library. Books are checked out during these times for a one-week period. Books may be renewed, if desired. Grades K and 1 check out one book at a time. Grades 2 to 5 may check out two books. While there are no fines for overdue books, students must return books in order to check out more. Additionally, students must pay for or replace books that are lost. Parents are invited to use our library. In addition to the children’s books, there is a parent and professional collection. Parents may check out up to three books for a two-week period. Library Hours: 9:15am to 2:30pm (Open during recess and lunch) 9:15am to 12:20pm Wednesdays Birthday Book Club Parents and grandparents often donate a book to the library in honor of a child’s birthday (or any special event). The librarian has a selection of books from which to choose. A donation nameplate is put inside the book to commemorate the event. There is a donation of $17.00 for this service. (Of course, one may always donate a book from a book store, too!) Library Volunteers Our library clerk appreciates the help of parent volunteers to make sure that the circulation of books goes well. Contact Mrs. Sugano if you are interested 818-880-4434 (x247). “The sun did not shine It was too wet to play So we sat in the house All that cold, cold wet day….” From what book?? **

Homework Policy
Homework is assigned on a regular basis at all grade levels, and the average time guidelines vary, depending on the age level. Homework is an extension of the school experience designed to enrich and reinforce learning and contribute toward the development of responsibility. Helping your children with homework should include providing them with a quiet work area, reviewing their assignments, clarifying (if necessary) and providing encouragement. Additionally, most teachers require students to read each night, with or without parent assistance.

Approximate requirements: Kindergarten: 0 - 1 hr/weekly 1st grade: 1 - 2 hrs/weekly 2nd & 3rd grade: 2 - 4 hrs/weekly 4th & 5th grade: 3 - 6 hrs/weekly. Make-Up Homework: On the second day of absence, missing work or homework assignments may be requested. Parents must call by 10:00am in order for teachers to prepare the homework packet and send to the office to be picked up after school. Otherwise, teachers provide students opportunities to make up missed assignments.

** The Cat and the Hat

Lupin Hill Elementary School Student Handbook School Site Council (SSC)
The School Site Council is an advisory board composed of five community members and five staff members. Curriculum, instruction, staff development, and learning environment are discussed and reviewed at bi-monthly meetings. SSC (School Site Council) approves and modifies the Single Plan for School Achievement (formerly the SIP Plan).

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in the SPSA Plan. Their recommendations are
always within the district guidelines and state frameworks.

PFC Executive Board
The PFC typically meets on the 1st or 2nd Friday of each month (or as otherwise posted) at 8:05am at Camp Calabasas. All members are welcome to attend. This group organizes and facilitates the many activities of the PFC. To contact PFC voicemail, call the school at 818-880-4434 x 318.
PFC information can be found at To contact our PFC President, Kim Hamilton, e-mail her at

In doing so, they approve the use of our Title I and School Improvement Budgets to support the goals

Election of SSC members occurs early in the school year. As each member serves a two-year term, there will be openings for either two or three parent members each fall. Interested parents should look for the election announcement sent home in September.

Parent Faculty Club (The PFC)
The Parent Faculty Club (PFC) at Lupin Hill is a local organization of which all parents and employees are members. There is no membership fee. We have no ties to the national PTA organization. The purpose of the PFC is to support Lupin Hill as a place of learning and building community. The PFC attempts to fulfill this goal by designing and funding programs or events that enhance learning, as well as the physical and emotional environment in which learning occurs. Throughout the school year, the PFC supports the community atmosphere of the school by sponsoring several “fun raising” events. These are social events that are intended to provide an opportunity for a great family experience along with other school families. A sampling of these events includes: Welcome Back Family Picnic Carnival Father-Daughter Dance Mother-Son Night Family Science Night Dr. Seuss Celebration Family Outdoor Movie Night

Parent Volunteers
There are many ways in which we invite volunteer help: Classroom volunteers Library volunteers Field Trip volunteers Room Parent volunteers PFC committees Event participation Emergency Supply Coordinators

When volunteering during school hours, you MUST sign in and out of the school office and wear a visitor tag while on school grounds. These are District rules designed to protect the students (while protecting the volunteers in the event of a school disaster). Teachers will provide parents with a complete guide to volunteering in our classrooms.

PFC raises funds in response to requests of parents and staff. Through an annual donation drive, called T.L.C., and several smaller fundraisers, the PFC supports the following programs for our children: Additional playground supervisors Art Instruction and Supplies Music Instruction and Performances PE Instruction Hardware and Software Library Materials (including books) Student Newspaper School Supplies


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Lupin Hill Elementary School Parking Lot ProceduresStudent Handbook and Rules
Visitors may not park in any of the 23 marked “STAFF RESERVED” or the 5 “RESERVED PARKING” spaces. There is no vehicle access to the back lot (behind Camp Calabasas) until after 3:00pm. The gate to that area will be locked during school hours. It is reserved for Staff Parking only. STAFF RESERVED PARKING - 7:30am until 3:00pm The 23 STAFF RESERVED spaces are needed for our staff members who come and go throughout the day. SPECIAL RESERVED PARKING – 24/7 These 5 spaces, designated with a family’s name, were purchased as a fundraiser last spring. Do not park in any RESERVED spot even “for just a minute.” Please respect our neighborhood! Tickets can and will be given to any car that is parked near the fire hydrant or blocking a driveway. If emergency vehicles should ever be in our lot when you are arriving, do not attempt to enter the lot! Do not try to drive around emergency vehicles! An ambulance or fire truck in a school lot is a clear sign that we are taking care of a serious matter and need space for official vehicles.

IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES IN OUR PARKING LOT Our parking lot has two lanes: the right lane is for drop off or pick up, and the left lane is for through traffic that is passing or exiting the parking lot. The RED curb by the primary playground is for buses and emergency vehicles only. It is NOT a drop off zone. The WHITE curb in front of the school is for loading and unloading of passengers only. Like the airport, cars may not be left unattended in the white zone. The safety and well being of every student is at stake. This is NOT the place to leave your car as you run in to find your child. Tickets can and will be issued to cars parked in our loading lane. When the white curb is being used for loading and unloading, the inside lane must be open for passing and exiting the parking lot. VISITOR PARKING Visitor parking is permitted in any of 46 open spaces in the main lot.

Parking Lot Speed Limit 3 MPH!
NO CELL PHONE ZONE For the safety of our children, do not use your cell phone in our parking lot.

Ways to Get to School
Walk Carpool City Shuttle School Bus Bike (Gr 3 and up)

Traffic Survival Secrets
Come early! Supervision starts at 7:30am. No traffic line until 7:45 am. Drop off at the bottom of the hill to save the driver 15 minutes! Picking kids up at the bottom of the hill at the end of the day will save at least 30 minutes and lots of gas! Leave the driving to them! Calabasas shuttle: Passes may be obtained at Durham Bus Passes available at

Parking Lot Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

Our parking lot has two lanes: the right lane is for drop off or pick up, and the left lane is for through-traffic that is passing or exiting the parking lot. ALL students being dropped off on our campus must exit the car in the white zone (curb directly in front of the school). ALL children being picked up by a driver must wait for their ride on the front steps of the school of the school. Students Know the Procedures We have gone over the carline procedures with all students. They know what they are expected to do and where they are expected to wait for pick up. Please don’t tell your child to break the school safety rules by asking him/her to get in or out of the car in an area that is unsafe or to wait in an unsupervised area. There is no supervision on our play yards before 7:30am. We encourage you to drop your child off early to avoid the 7:50am traffic! Students may play only on their grade level yards. We do not encourage arrival of students before 7:30am. If a pre-7:30am arrival happens, the student must stay on the steps and patio in front of the Main Office.

Morning Drop Off Cars must pull up far as possible on the white curb before allowing children to exit the car. Do not use the bus/emergency zone or drop off in the parking lot behind Camp Calabasas. Make sure children have belongings together so they can exit the car quickly. Please have children use crosswalks and sidewalks at all times. After drop off, children must proceed to their grade level yard to wait for the bell to ring for line-up. Afternoon Pick Up Cars must pull along the white curb as far as possible. Students being picked up at 2:05pm will gather on the yellow steps. They are to remain on the steps until they see their car approach the white curb. If students are in a carpool (or waiting with siblings), they should wait together and get in the car at the same time. They may not get into your car before it gets to the mailbox. Once your car has been loaded, the driver may merge left and proceed through the passing lane to the exit. Children (with or without parents) waiting for the 2:30pm release of students in grades 4 or 5 must wait on the primary yard. Supervision is provided. At the 2:30pm bell, all children and parents must leave the primary yard to be picked up at the white curb. This allows our yard supervisor to be sure that all children have been picked up. Parents with children may reenter the yard after 2:40pm. Please do not ask your child to wait for you at another place on campus. ALL children waiting for parents or for enrichment classes must wait on the primary yard.

Never, never double park and ask your child to run through a lane of cars in order to jump into the car. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe.

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pag After School Plans
Childcare: On campus care is available for all students at: Camp Calabasas (Little Learners) 818-878-0162

Lupin Hill Elementary School
Do not bring food to the classroom unless you have been given special instructions to do so from the teacher. Use school phone or email to contact staff members. It is not appropriate to call staff members at home. Maintain healthy skepticism about the tales children bring home from school! When in doubt, ASK US!

School Etiquette for Parents
Always, always, always sign in at the Office and receive a visitor tag. Respect the students, families and teachers by refraining from discussing them with others. Direct any questions regarding curriculum, assignments, or individual students to the teacher.

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Enrichment: The City of Calabasas offers daily after school classes for a fee, usually beginning in October. Classes are scheduled in trimester sessions from October to June. Sibling Yard: Students in grades 1-3 may stay on the primary yard until 2:30pm when the fourth and fifth graders are dismissed. Students may NOT wait on the upper grade yard, outside portable classrooms, or anywhere other than the primary yard where there is adult supervision. Adults waiting for their upper grade children should also wait on the primary yard so as not to disturb classes by clustering around classroom doors. They may go to the classrooms 5 minutes before dismissal.

Classroom Celebrations
In addition to the cultural and social development that celebrations provide, the purpose of class celebrations is for the students and the teacher to grow together as a class community. The emphasis for the parties is unpretentious, wellorganized fun. Celebrations will be focused on giving or helping others as a means of fostering social responsibility and purpose. Celebrations may be held for Winter Holidays, Valentines Day and the end of the school year.

Birthday Celebrations
Teachers may acknowledge student birthdays. However, please remember that our primary mission is that of education and that classrooms are not appropriate venues for birthday parties. Birthday treats of food are not allowed. Please do not put the teacher in an awkward place of having to send treats home. This includes balloon bouquets. As they are a big distraction, they will not be delivered to a classroom or the yard. The Library Birthday Book Program is recommended as an appropriate and efficient way to honor your child’s birthday.

Student Safety and Security
Visitor Tags Every adult on campus MUST sign in at the Office and wear a visitor tag before entering campus. Emergency Preparedness Lupin Hill has an emergency plan and provisions for use in the event of a natural disaster (such as an earthquake). Students practice fire and disaster drills several times each year to ensure that all will react correctly and safely in an emergency. Emergency Cards Parents have registered with a general emergency card that gives the school permission to release the child to adults named on the card. In event of an emergency, students are kept at school under the supervision of school personnel until an authorized adult arrives and signs them out. Leaving school before dismissal No child will be allowed to leave school before dismissal unless an authorized adult (listed on the emergency card) presents a drivers license for identification to Office personnel. Students must be signed out in the Office. Do not go directly to the classroom or the playground.

Messages to your student while at school According to District Policy, messages shall be delivered only in case of an emergency. Our Office Staff values the learning time in classrooms and will refrain from interrupting a class unless there is a real emergency. We appreciate your calling as early in the day as possible with after school emergency messages. Often, emergency messages arrive so late, that the child is already waiting for the expected ride. Please remind your child to come to the office if the ride they are expecting does not materialize. Our staff will help them to sort it out safely. Changes in after school plans Children must follow through with the after school plans that were in place when they left home. Understandably, our Office cannot assist in arranging or re-arranging play dates. Messages to other students NOTHING may be distributed to students without the Principal’s prior approval.

Please let the Office know of any changes of home address or telephone numbers. Your emergency card info needs to be up-todate at all times.

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