The Power of Superior Technology
Airbus A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, Boeing MD-90 twinjet and the Airbus Corporate Jetliner

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F Bypass ratio Overall pressure ratio Fan pressure ratio Aircraft Installation A320 A319 A319 A319/A320 A319CJ A321 A321 MD-90 MD-90 25. Economically Superior With its technological advantages.2 Mn.4 1.5 126 Characteristics Diameter.000 86 4.500 131 4. A two-stage high-pressure turbine provides excellent efficiency and long component life. fan tip. The Engine of Choice.000 86 5. Continuous Improvement With more than 70 million engine hours and more than 5. in.8 25.400 86 4.6 23.8 1.6 30.7 *Enhanced ratings available for the Airbus Corporate Jetliner and high-altitude airports.600 115 4.6 28. IAE International Aero Engine’s V2500 turbofan engine family covers the 22.000th engine delivered IAE celebrated 20th anniversary 2. **Equivalent thrust at 0. resulting in high component performance. but also provides superior tolerance to foreign-object damage. . V2527-A5* V2530-A5 63. Technologically Enhanced The V2500’s technology makes it the engine of choice in its class. Length.2 1.0 1. fully electronic aircraft-to-engine interface.6 32. .. flange to flange. comprehensive engine monitoring. The V2500 engine is a solid investment in value.9 26. .5 126 V2528-D5 63. The Power of Superior Technology . The engine’s wide-chord. IAE continues to improve and refine its class-leading performance.1 1. lbs** Flat rated temp.000 pound thrust range and provides efficient.5 126 63.V2500.5 126 63.8 32. The high-pressure compressor is a 10-stage design with advanced airfoil aerodynamics.8 27. including lowest fuel burn.5 126 Jul Jan Sep Dec Dec Jun Jun Apr Oct 1997 1999 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 V2524 entered service V2500-A1 Phoenix EIS 2.9 26. . The engine also provides ease of maintenance including Product Facts Program Milestones Jan Nov May Jun May Jan Nov Apr Jun 1984 1985 1988 1988 1989 1992 1992 1995 1995 Program launch First engine to test First flight V2500-A1 type certificate V2500-A1 revenue service 120-minute ETOPS V2500 A5/D5 type certificate V2533-A5 launched on A320-200 V2524-A5 launched on A319 V2500-A1 63 126 V2522-A5 V2524-A5 63. in.600 86 4.5 33. and cockpit-based maintenance.6 24.7 30. delivering unequalled efficiency and reliability through its technologically advanced design.500 engines in service or on firm order. the V2500 provides operators with significant performance and economic benefits. Engine operability and maintenance diagnostics are enhanced by the Full Authority Digital Engine Control. .Sea level Takeoff thrust.2 1.000 to 33. clean power for more than 170 customers.9 1. It delivers unique performance and economic advantages to give its customers unmatched profitability and .8 27.5 126 V2525-D5 63.9 1.5 126 Nominal Performance .6 26.800 86 4.4 29.000 131 4.500th engine delivered V2500Select launched 3.000th engine delivered First SelectOne™ Engine to Test SelectOne™ Entered Service V2533-A5 63. clapperless fan blade design not only increases fuel efficiency.

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