Children lay blame in divorce

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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By Bernice Bede Osol

Dear Annie: My husband our take: Your wife has a of nine years was married crush on this guy. She’d like to his first wife for 30 years to flirt with him and would when she left him for another be more comfortable doing woman. She apparently was a it without you. But she isn’t lesbian, but he had no knowl- willing to risk her marriage edge of it until their marriage for the chance. Our advice fell apart. is to attend the reunion with His two adult kids blame your wife, and be charmhim for the divorce. They ing and personable. Let her also blame me see the other guy because I married and get it over with him a year after the so she isn’t resentdivorce was final. ful and you aren’t We both have been wondering “what treated shamefully might have been” by his children. for the rest of your My husband was life. totally ignored by Dear Annie: My his son on Father’s heart ached when I Day, and the year read the letter from before, neither “Washington,” who child acknowlsaid after years of Annie’s Mailbox neglect by her husedged him. I am sick of seeband, the feelings ing how much this depresses are gone. She is me. my husband, yet I can say I spent years trying to nothing to these self-centered make my husband under“adults” about it. I have stand that communication is offered to step out of the part of the intimacy of makfamily to bring peace, but my ing love. It’s not watching husband says no. Please help. a ballgame seven nights a -- Heartsick in Vermont week and then expecting to Dear Vermont: Try to have sex. We tried counselunderstand that these kids ing and Marriage Encounter. are hurting and they aren’t But my husband told me it mature enough to deal with was too much work, which their anger and sadness in a meant I wasn’t worth the healthy way. There is noth- effort. ing you can do about it other So, after 33 years, I gave than be very patient and let up the fight. Our marriage your husband know how died, and he let it. We do much you love and appreci- things together, but live like ate him. Please continue to roommates. I miss being reach out to these children loved, but can’t bring myself when the opportunity pres- to cheat. It’s too late to rekinents itself. We hope they will dle any romance. Counseling come around. won’t help me, because there Dear Annie: My wife’s is nothing to fix. Everything 35th high school reunion is is gone. coming up. I was trying to Instead of being lonely think of a reason to get out of and depressed, I’ve made a attending. But before I could life without him. I travel with come up with one, she told my friends and have my own me I shouldn’t bother to go. interests. I hope Washington She said she’d be with her does the same. She tried to two out-of-state girlfriends make her marriage work, but the entire time and I’d be it takes two. -- New York bored silly. I happen to know that only one of those girlfriends is attending the reunion, and she has a brother-in-law who graduated in that class and will be there, as well. My wife is gaga over this guy. She doesn’t know that I’ve seen how excited she is to open his Facebook messages on the reunion site. She doesn’t open anyone else’s. I asked my wife if there was someone else she wanted to see, and she became angry and defensive. Instead of telling me to come with her and see for myself, however, she said, “Fine, I won’t go.” I feel she is hiding something. What’s your take? -Unconvinced in Chicago Dear Unconvinced: Reunions where classmates get together without spouses have been known to trigger affairs that otherwise would never have happened. Here’s







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August 21, 2012
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