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LEARNING STRATEGIES SYLLABUS _________________________ Class website: Teacher Contact Information Website: e-mail: Shannon.clark@fayette.kyschools. Twitter: sclark3gt Skype: Phone: Planning:


sclark3gt (859)-381-3474 x. 3377 A-3, B-4

Course Description In the course, instruction will be designed to increase students study skills, organizational practices, academic practices, and provide opportunities for students to obtain additional teacher assistance on projects from core content classes. Students will be given a variety of activities such as money skills, basic math concepts, note taking, basic reading and writing strategies, and organizational skills. These activities will be on-going through-out the school year. Students will have opportunity to reflect critically on academic and vocational practices throughout the class. Units of Study A variety of activities will be implemented in this class as mentioned in course objectives. Students will be allowed to bring work from other classes to work on during learning strategies Supplies Spiral Notebook for journal writing Pen or pencil Books and handouts will be provided as needed.

Grading The final course grade will be weighted as follows: 40% 50% Formative Assessments (journals, assignments, participation, etc.) Summative Assessments (quizzes, exams, projects, notebook and agenda checks etc.)

10% End of Course/Final Exam There is NO EXTRA CREDIT in this course. Students are expected to keep up with the assignments and submit them by their due date. Due dates are available on the classroom web page. Contact Ms. Clark with any questions or concerns. You can access grades on INFINITE CAMPUS through the student or parent portals. Grades will be updated on a weekly basis.

Hall Pass Policy Students will be allowed four hall passes per semester. Use them wisely! It is the students responsibility to keep track of their vouchers. Replacements will not be provided! To redeem a voucher, the student must have it present in class. The voucher will be exchanged for the official Lafayette High School hall pass. Hall passes may not be used during the presentation of a lesson, the first or last ten minutes of class. Hall passes are a privilege. Abuse/misuse of the hall pass will result in revocation of this privilege. Teacher Expectations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Students will arrive to class and be seated by the tardy bell. Students will bring all supplies needed for class each day (homework, pencils, paper, etc.) Students will engage in behaviors that are respectful of self, others, and the environment. Students will actively engage and participate in the classroom activities every day. Students will follow all school rules as stated in the code of conduct including the electronic device policy. Violations will be handled as stated in the student code of conduct. No exceptions. 6. Students with excused absences will have the opportunity to complete make up work. Make up work is due one block following the students return. If extended absence is expected, please contact Ms. Clark to make arrangements. If you CHOOSE to ignore an expectation 1st Time: Reminder of student expectation nd 2 Time: Written warning rd 3 Time: Student/teacher conference, implementation of Fresh Start Model, call/email home to advise parent/guardian of student plan for success o 4th Time: Parent/guardian conference th o 5 Time: Administrative referral Note: Blatant and/or excessive disregard for expectations and severe disruptions to other students can result in immediate referral to administration. o o o

Fresh Start Model 1. Identify the misbehavior/violation. 2. What negative effect did the misbehavior/violation have on me? What negative effect did the misbehavior/violation have on my fellow classmates?

3. Design a plan of corrective action or list alternative behaviors. 4. What have I learned from this?

Student Name: _______________________________________________________ Block: __A-4__ Student/Parent/Teacher Classroom and Technology Accountability Please sign and return this page to Ms. Clark by ______________________. Cell Phone/Electronic Device Agreement: Cellular phones and other electronic devices (iPods, MP3 players, gaming systems, etc.) are only allowed in class per our student code of conduct. This policy states with teacher permission only, students may use their device to access their electronic planner or the internet to complete assigned tasks. (p. 53 of the Student Handbook, Section L). On the first offense the device will be confiscated immediately and turned into the front office. Failure to turn device over when requested shall be considered defiance and shall result in a minimum of a two day suspension. (p.53 of the Student Handbook, Section L) Classroom Technology: It is strongly recommended that students have a signed Acceptable Use Policy for Technology (AUP) on file so they may log on to school computers. TEACHER: I will be fair and consistent in implementing policies and procedures, and I will provide students with a positive learning environment so that all students will have the opportunity to succeed. Signature:______________________________________________ Date:______________

STUDENT: I have read the classroom syllabus and technology agreement. I understand it, and will honor it. Signature:______________________________________________ Date:______________

PARENT/GUARDIAN: My child has discussed the syllabus, policies, procedures, and technology agreement with me. I understand it and will support it. Signature:______________________________________________ Date:______________ Print Name:_________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Phone: __________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Email: ___________________________________________________ NOTE TO PARENT/GUARDIAN: I can be contacted before/after school at (859)381-3474 x3377 or via email at Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!