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Middleware & Replication of BP & Technical Objects ISU Master Data Templates & Error Handling CRM Product configurations Transaction Launchers and FOPs Introduction to Product package New service order links New Identification in ICWEB POD sets and new service location workbench Discussion on GSPC & Sabarmati BBPs

Bill Correction Financial customer care Customer Data environment .

maintain it in both the sides language field is mandatory in SD.premise/pod Device.ISU BP ( requires an SD Customer) Contract Account Contract Installation Connection object. create a Account group in SD all s PIDE transaction is needed for replication for SD customer BP Classification -> CRM -> Account Group in ECC if you maintain indentification type. Registers. Maintain it in both the sides whatever u maintain in SD you need to maintain it in CRM we assign the sales area template in bp crm org -> ECC sales org Sales information Sales org Distribution channel Division Billing Information Pricing . should create a External Number Range in ISU. Device Location Regional Structure BP requires Number range roles BP type SD customer is needed for creating service order and service notification portion MRU 2 different number ranges for sold to party and for organization Z2 -> 2000000 to 29999999 ( CRM Internal ).

subsequent BP creation) Org BP Integration -> to pick the Org BP Number range in CRM HRALX field = Z3 BP Grouping ISU -> BP -> Customer Master Refer to Best Practices Customer classification type maintain Z002 type cook book on mdt . Initial load) 20004216 -> 20000999(crm.Account Assignment During Initial load -> through Emigal -> ISU first (All the number ranges should be Internal Number Range) CRM External Number Range For subsequent creation of BP make the number range as External number range in ISU and make it as Internal Number range in CRM 20000000 -> 20004215 (isu .

CRM BP BA Contract Ibase Regional Structure from ECC to CRM regioanl structure street routing defines mru U. create a Account group in SD all same Z2). .

Number Range) Integration of BP and Org Management .

regional structure group (south Zone) regional structure (City) (District) streets postal codes are given in city level .

Learnings Number Ranges CR 10. CR 100 CRM Middleware IUT 260. IUT 255 SD Customer and SD .

mandatory epdhier -> txn . (External number range in isu) from EHp2 isu_numprm -> number range isu -> master data template object families -> customer service eprodcust -> txn for viewing mdt -> view CRM_TEMPLATE_CONOBJ zisu_virt_attr_week_co -> Plant determination Tax Jurisdiction code in US. Key account manager role -> temporary connection objects create conn obj and pod as product type material and object family -> conn object and premise add isu_connobj set type isu_pod for pod snro for number ranges premise gets replicated directly. hierarhcy in crm for Premise Create a number range for Connection object and POD and another number range for Premise to create a connection object in ecc. we need a plant./POD donwload category. Determination of Plant through MDT Go through RKT for EHP2/EHP3. Premise.ISU master Connection Object.

CRM Ibase Create a MDT in ECC both has internal number range because it is created through .

because it is created through MDT .

dev. quality and prod ba type Z001 . z002 master contract acc is a template to fill mandatory fields which are not available in ba in crm we need BP for master contract acc ( this is a isu BP when u create mdt you need to release it as well you can create collective contract account from crm from EHP2 .Business agreements Number range for BA class BA01 -> 500000 .5999999 (Internal) in crm and ext in ecc for maintaining custominzing without logic we maintain another number range 100000 (ext) in crm and internal in isu mapping b/w ba class and master contract acc we must have reference contract accounts in all systems.

d internal in isu .

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