Dated: September 4, 2012 To, The Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Subject: Dear Sir, I adamantly opposed the Idea of water fueled car kit system meetings as it is scientifically and technically impossible to manufacture such vehicle. I was snubbed every time as some GoP top officials want to believe that there is some magical solution that will take the country out of the energy crises which I deem is created by incompetence and corruption.The water fuel car kit system violates law of conservation of energy, first and second law of thermodynamics. It cannot get a patent from any country as it breaks the most fundamental laws of Physics and Thermodynamics. 2. Water is not a fuel. It is a stable compound which is in oxidized state. In simple words water is an ash when hydrogen is burned. When wood or coal is burned (i.e. oxidized) it results in ash. Water is a spent fuel which comes out from the exhaust of the car IC engine, in winters you can note that in your own vehicle.There was reward of 1 million US $ by for improving car mileage using HHO kit but till date no one responded to it because water kit is a fraud. (For more information please visit 3. In water fueled car kit system, the chemical energy of fuel is first converted into heat and then mechanical energy by engine, then to electrical energy (AC current), then to direct current (DC) by the battery and then the DC electrical energy is converted back to chemical energy by the electrolysis, which is fed in the engine to be converted to heat and then mechanical energy. In all these steps we returned from mechanical energy input to mechanical energy output, even if we take efficiency to be 100% of every step we get same units which were given as input as energy can neither be created nor destroyed, this is one of the fundamental laws of Physics. The law of conservation of energy states that one cannot produce more output than input in an isolated system. In addition, according to second law thermodynamics it is impossible to convert heat energy to mechanical energy with 100% efficiency and maximum limit of auto-engine thermodynamic efficiency is 37%. In order to increase this limit we have to increase temperature and compression ratio of engine, as in the case of rockets which operate at high compression ratios and temperatures and have thermodynamic efficiency of 70%. 4. The introduction of hydrogen in the petrol will not increase vehicle mileage as fuel combustion efficiency in EFI vehicle typically exceeds 97%. Moreover, BMW 7 Hydrogen vehicle consumes same amount of energy (i.e. btu/km) whether it runs on petrol or hydrogen. This implies introducing on board hydrogen, will not affect combustion efficiency. 5. Let us calculate the overall efficiency of the system. We will take maximum efficiencies of vehicle systems. The maximum efficiency of auto-engine is 30%, alternator (AC generator) is 62%, battery is 90%, electrolysis is 70% and after electrolysis, HHO is fed in the auto-engine that has efficiency of 30%. We multiply the said efficiencies to get the overall system efficiency of water fuel car kit system i.e. 0.62*0.9*0.7*0.3 which turns out to be only 11.7%. Hence, there is net loss in the chemical energy available to the vehicle driver when Petrol is converted to HHO. As only a fraction of engine’s energy is used in converting water into HHO therefore the decrease in efficiency of the engine is small 3-4% only. WATER (HHO) KIT SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING MILEAGE AND CAR RUN ON WATER SCAM

6. More than 95% of world's hydrogen is produced by methane cracking; rest is produced by different methods. Electrolysis of water is very expensive way to produce hydrogen as electricity is expensive even if produced from coal. In water kit, you are actually producing hydrogen from car electricity that is powered by Petrol which is one of most expensive method to produce electricity. There is net loss in the chemical energy available to the vehicle driver when Petrol is converted to HHO. In addition, one of world’s best electrolysis equipment requires energy of 53 kWh (19 Liters of Petrol) to produce only 1kg of hydrogen which is equivalent to 3.6 Liters of Petrol. Tens of thousands of liter capacity storage tank is required to store Oxyhydrogen (HHO) mixture to run a vehicle solely on HHO as one meter cube (1 m3=1000 Liter) of Hydrogen gas weighs only 90 gram. In order to store 1 kg of hydrogen you need about 11000 liter of storage tank at STP. In addition, 1 kg of water only has 112 gram of Hydrogen gas rest is oxygen. To produce 1 kg of hydrogen we need 9 liters of water implying at least three times bigger water tank than a petrol tank is required. Bottom line is to run a vehicle on hydrogen you need to install 60 kWh generator, tens of thousands liter capacity storage vessel (if needed), and thrice as big water tank than petrol tank in your vehicle. Even then the energy efficiency of HHO vehicle will be at least 9 times less than the petrol vehicle if the vehicle is running on HHO produced by petrol. 7. There are serious safety issues associated with HHO, as in some kits hydrogen is stored with the oxygen (a highly explosive mixture) in a jar or cylinder. Issues related to Hydrogen embrittlement of steel, Hydrogen storage, pressure control, pipe/fitting, fuel mixing and adverse effects on alternator, battery and engine are not addressed by the HHO kit supplier. In EFI closed loop vehicles, the fuel is injected by the inputs of MAP, TPS and Oxygen sensor, remapping these sensors and running the engine lean will adversely affect exhaust valves and piston. The engine of non-EFI vehicle will also be affected. 8. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. The FTC issued a ban on the use of such devices in the USA on December 7, 2011, (copy is attached). There are tens of local and foreign HHO/water kit suppliers in Pakistani market, especially after the hype created by media and some government officials, innocent car owners are being victimized as the water kit costs varies between PKR 20,000/- to PKR 50,000/-. 9. In view of the above, I humbly request the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take prompt and strict action against all HHO/Water fuel kit suppliers and installers as the product is a scam. The innocent motorists who want to find a way out of high fuel prices are being victimized.Prime Minister may also direct GoP to promulgate the same through electronic and print media. The water kit scam has clearly shown that there is lack of competent and qualified persons at the top of energy ministries. Therefore, it is also requested to formulate necessary rules to ensure that the top officials of the Ministries related to energy sector shall either be scientists or engineers of relevant field with at least 15 years of experience. Yours sincerely

Mr. AsimRiaz B.E Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc Math Physics, Master in Energy Management, Islamabad

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