From Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske: 1.

Need a breakdown of all positions to be impacted by proposed cuts: include title, whether or not they are management, salary, whether or not currently filled. 2. Need a breakdown of why Management Partners stated Long Beach had more employees per capita? Are compared cities structured same as Long Beach with same amount and type of departments? 3. Why are both the City Manager and PRM carrying budgeted positions for Park Rangers? 4. Why is a Special Projects Officer with salary of $87,036 being added to City Manager's office? 5. Why are two Management Assistants salaries being increased by 15% to $61,000 in City Manager's office? 6. Why is Historic Preservation Officer being listed as a cut since we were told that all unfilled positions were eliminated last year? 7. Why is the Superintendent of Bldg and Safety being given a $12,890 raise in salary to $141,784? 8. Why are the following positions being added or upgraded in Financial Management: addition of a Financial Controls Bureau with new bureau manager with salary at $131,500; a new division manager at $103,500 and a new specialist at $91,000; upgrading of two budget analysts to newly created Budget Analyst Officers at $106,000 salaries; the Budget Bureau with only 12 employees will have a Manager of Budget Management at $143,000, a Budget Management Officer ($103,500), a Revenue Management Officer ($99,000) and two new Budget Management Officers ($106,000 each) -- the ratio of managers to employees will be 1 to 1.4!!!!!!! 9. Why aren't the revenue savings in short term borrowing costs being allocated to reduce cuts to police, fire, recreation and library instead of being spent on these new management positions in Financial Management? 10. Why did HR add an Admin Analyst IV at salary of $91,000? 11. Why have raises of 9% to 13% been given to the following: Manager of Risk and Occupational Health Services (9% to $129,000); Executive Director of Work Force Development (9% to $128,000); Special Projects Officer (13% increase to $92,000) -- but HR did reduce a full time Clerk Typist to non-career status! 12. How many other cities allow the City Manager to approve contracts up to $250,000 as you are proposing? 13. I understand that you have selected Station 18 for closure. Why are you waiting until the end of August to make that announcement? 14. Why were response times for Fire emergency medical services not included in this year's budget? 15. Why were workers comp claims for Fire not included in this year's budget? 16. Why has the number of management in Fire not decreased as the number of firefighters have? In FY 11 with total 536 FTEs there were 2 Asst Fire Chiefs; 3 Deputy Fire Chiefs; 12 Battalion Chiefs; FY 12 508 FTEs -- same number of Asst Fire Chiefs, Deputy Fire Chiefs and Battalion Chiefs; FY 13 with 505 FTEs -- again, 2 Asst Fire Chiefs, 3 Deputy Chiefs and 12 Battalion Chiefs.

17. What specific staff person proposed the "alternative paramedic service model"? 18. Where specifically is this new model being used in California? 19. How many cities using this new model have contracted out their paramedic services to private companies? 20. The legislative intent of AB 678 is to provide payments to city medical transport services because of being short paid by Federal government so that cities can maintain these paramedic services. Under what basis do you believe the City is entitled to use the $3.8 million back payment under AB 678 to make gender accommodation changes to fire stations instead for restoring cuts made to these services? 21. The City Manager cancelled the fire academy two years ago and stated the funds would be used to made repairs to Fire Stations needed for gender accommodations? What happened to those funds as just last month Council was informed the repairs were not scheduled to start until August 2012? 22. Who selected the libraries to be changed from full service to self service? 23. How many customers does the City Source Information Desk at City Hall serve annually? 24. What other cities with their own library system utilize self checkout technology? 25. In comparison with other departments, Library Services is taking a disproportionately higher cut in budget and positions? Why is that? 26. There is a major discrepancy between the Community Review booklet figures for deficit reductions by department and the full budget book. For instance, the full budget book shows a reduction of $602,966 in the Library budget from FY 12. The Community Review booklet shows a $1.256 million reduction. Which is correct and why the difference? 27. On what basis was the decision made to eliminate youth activities such as free and subsidized youth sports and after school programs and how were the locations selected for elimination? 28. Was there any thought about implementing a small fee for these programs to maintain the locations? 29. What specifically is being cut from Adaptive Recreation, El Dorado Nature Center and the Long Beach Senior Center? 30. Has PRM approached any possible partners to provide the programming for the programs in question 29? 31. What is the cost to keep Silverado Pool opened all year? 32. Why are Park Rangers included in both the City Manager and PRM's Budget? 33. Why is Park Ranger patrol being reduced at a time we are seeing increased criminal activity at many city parks? 34. With the reduction of Police Divisions and number of Police Officers, why are the number of personnel at management levels remaining unchanged? In FY 11 we had 696 Police Officers and 11 commanders and 3 Deputy Chiefs; FY 12 - 673 Police Officers and 11 commanders and 3 Deputy Chiefs; FY 13 - 644 Police Officers and 11 commanders and 3 Deputy Chiefs. 35. The 5th Council District has the most sidewalks in the city needing repair because of the size of the district, why was $1 million (1/3) of the sidewalk budget proposed to be cut when the city is attempting to promote mobility for residents and has spent $20 million on bicycle improvements?

36. Why did HUD tell the City that Community Development Block Grants can no longer be used for PBID activities? 37. Why is window washing at Civic Center being reduced to once a year? The plaza and Lincoln Park are filthy and need to be cleaned up and maintained. 38. Why is Yokkaichi Sister City being told to remove the gifts given to Long Beach from our Japanese Sister City from Lincoln Park and to move them to Recreation Park? 39. Why is Technology Services' budget not shown in the Community Review booklet? Especially since their budget is being increased to $10.6 million. 40. Why is there a $1.27 million reduction in the Health Fund expenditures in the Health Department for Preventive Health at a time the state through Medi-Cal is stressing these programs? How much did the City collect from Medi-Cal for providing these services? 41. In light of elimination of Redevelopment please provide: a listing of how many staff assigned to redevelopment activities have been eliminated or placed in other departments and estimated amount of increase in property taxes the City will realize now that tax increment in 42% of the city is not being given to Redevelopment? 42. Why would the City utilize $1.8 million from Refuse Fund for one time projects when at the same time cutting Refuse Services by $504,001 and eliminating vehicles and 6.63 staff there by reducing the number of Refuse Operators available for routes? 43. Proposed general fund one time expenditures: provide breakdown of $7.48 million dollar "down payment on a new financial and human resources system and other needed technological improvements" and provide estimated costs to complete purchase of same and annual maintenance needed and source of funding. 44. Why would Gas and Oil propose cutting 8 field and administrative positions and vehicles resulting in service cuts to consumers? The services are supposed to be funded from the rates paid by the consumers. 45. What is going on in the Fund Impact for Gas and Oil? This year you show $23 m in Revenues for Upland Oil and $33 million in Expenditures -- impacting the fund by $10.6 million. In FY 2012: $19.9 million revenue; $19.6 million expenditures impacting fund $321,723; FY 11: $15.1 million revenues; $14.9 million expenditures impacting fund $204,121. How and why have expenditures related to Upland Oil shot up to $10 million from a couple hundred thousand? Where did that $10 million from Uplands get transferred to? 46. Gas and Oil narrative states a transfer of $16 m from Uplands Oil to General Fund for FY 13; last year the estimated transfer was $12.9 million: a) how much actually was transferred last year; B) how much of the estimated $16 million for FY 13 is over $65 a barrel? In other words, I need a breakdown on Upland Oil transfer to general fund last year -- how much was budgeted and how much was "surplus" -- and for FY 13 is the $16 million all "budgeted" or any of that considered "surplus?” 47. Gas and Oil funding sources chart for FY 13 shows total Revenues over Expenditures by $13 million -- where is this money going? 48. Financial Summary by Category for Gas and Oil shows in Use of Money and Property an estimated $30 million decrease between the Estimated FY 12 and Proposed FY 13 -- why

such a hit? In same chart under Transfers to Other Funds again show a $30 million decrease from Estimated FY 12 to Proposed FY 13? Why the $30 million decrease? 49. Can I get a listing of the “Transfers to Other Funds” in Gas and Oil?

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