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Keys & Controls ...

How to use OSD menu ...

The GeeXboX's OSD Menu can easily be controlled using either a single keyboard or a remote controller.
Use the up and down arrows keys to switch between the main menu options. The right arrow is used to go to
a specific submenu (i.e "Ok") and the left one is for coming back (i.e "Cancel").

Here are the main menu's items :

* Open
+++ Open file ... # Open a single media file (Audio or Video)
+++ Open playlist # Open a MPlayer compatible playlist (.m3u files are supported)
+++ Play DVD # Play the first DVD chapter and title
+++ Play VCD # Used to play (S)VCD ((Super) VideoCD) at the first track
+++ Play Audio CD # Play an Audio CD
* Controls
+++ Pause # Pause/Resume function
+++ Stop # Stop the media from playing.
+++ Eject # Eject the CD from the drive.
+++ Chapter selection ... # Let you dynamically change the chapter for DVDs and Matroska files.
+++ Prev/Next # Go to the Next/Previous loaded stream
+++ Jump to # Jump to another stream / vcd track / dvd title
* Options
+++ Aspect # Lets you dynamically change image aspect ratio
------ Original # Reset ratio to its original value
------ 4:3 # Switch video to a 4:3 (1.33) height/width ratio
------ 16:9 # Switch video to a 16:9 (1.78) height/width ratio
------ Cinemascope # Switch video to a Cinemascope (2:35) height/width ratio
+++ Audio Channel ... # Lets you dynamically change the audio output channel
+++ Subtitle Selection ... # Lets you dynamically change the subtitle to be displayed
+++ Switch TV-Out # Switch from monitor's output to TV-Out
+++ Switch Vertical Sync # Switch On/Off the Vertical Synchronization (may be useful for nVidia cards)
* Help # Display OSD Help
* Quit # Shutdown the GeeXboX

The GeeXboX has been compiled with support for the ATI Remote Wonder. It means that if you're using
another kind of remote, you may have to build your own GeeXboX, using the ISO generator. If you would
like to use another kind of remote that is not currently supported by the GeeXboX, you'll have to build the
sources and modify ./packages/lirc/lircd.conf. See the LIRC WebSite for further details about how to modify
this file.

Using the keyboard ...

GeeXboX can be controlled only using the keyboard. A lot of keys are bindded to many controls and the
descriptions below will help you deal with it. Whatever your keyboard is (Qwerty, Azerty, Dvorak ...) it'll be
seen by the GeeXboX as a qwerty keyboard and thus, the mapping may change a little bit.

Below are the bindings for Qwerty keyboard:

and same applies for an Azerty keyboard:

and here comes the numpad bindings:

Using a supported remote ...

GeeXboX can be controlled using a LIRC-compliant remote and receiver. The only officially supported
remote is the Remote Wonder, provided by ATI. Many other brands sell exactly the same controller and if the
one you bought looks like the one above, it means that it's supported.

Even if the remote is user-friendly, here's the complete key bindings between the Remote Wonder and
GeeXboX :
Here comes the same for the Pinnacle PcTV remote :
Here comes the same for the Creative PC-DVD remote :
Here comes the same for the RealMagic remote :
Here comes the same for the StreamZap remote :
Here comes the same for the Microsoft Media Center USB remote :
Here comes the same for the Cinergy 1400 remote :


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