Prescott Bush granpa of George Bush The Nazi’s American Banker


Four generations of Bush family history have many skeletons in many closets. George Bush's great­grandfather, George Walker set up the takeover of the Hamburg­America Line, a cover for I.G. Farben's Nazi espionage unit in the United States. In Germany, I.G. Farben was most famous for putting the gas in gas chambers; it was the producer of Zyklon B and other gasses used on victims of the Holocaust. The Bush family was not unaware of the nature of their investment partners. They hired Allen Dulles, the future head of the CIA, to hide the funds they were making from Nazi investments and the funds they were sending to Nazi Germany, rather than divest. Prescott Bush is the present President George Bush’s granpa and son of George Walker. Prescott, continued in the ‘grand tradition’ of skullduggery by also doing deals with the Nazis. "On October 20, 1942, the US Alien Property Custodian, under the "Trading With the Enemy Act," seized the shares of the

Union Banking Corporation (UBC), of which Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder. The largest shareholder was E. Roland Harriman. Bush was also the managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, a leading Wall Street investment firm. "The UBC was established to send American capital to Germany to finance the reorganization of its industry under the Nazis. Their leading German partner was the notorious Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, who wrote a book admitting much of this called "I Paid Hitler." "Among the companies financed was the Silesian­American Corporation, which was also managed by Prescott Bush, and by his father­in­law George Herbert Walker, who supplied Dub­ a­Ya with his name. The company was vital in supplying coal to the Nazi war industry. It too was seized as a Nazi­front on November 17, 1942. The largest company Bush's UBC helped finance was the German Steel Trust, responsible for between one­third and one­half of Nazi iron and explosives. "Prescott Bush was also a director of the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, (this one owned largely by Roland's brother, Averell Harriman), which owned about a third of the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, the rest owned by Friedrich Flick, (a member of Himmler's "Circle of Friends" who donated to the S.S.)." Grandpa Bush set his grandson some fine family precedents starting with digging up Geronimo’s skull. In 1918, Prescott Bush and two companions crept into the cemetery near Fort Sill and pried open the grave of Geronimo. The head was taken out, spiffed up and forwarded to New Haven, where it was given pride of place for goofy rituals that have been attended by generations of Bushes and a veritable army of powerful types. The Apache nation of what was left of it was not amused. Okay, we’ll forgive granpa Bush his prank, but it seems that this set the scene for the rest of his miserable life until his death in 1972 from carcinoma of the lung.

What is interesting about the history of the Bush family are the connections; Avril Harriman, Allen Dulles, the Rockefellers, the oil connection, James Baker III, Gulf Oil, Pennzoil, Osama bin Laden, on and on it goes. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has at least reduced the terrorist muslim population which seems to be the aim of Iraq invasion. Bush family as such are supporters of the Eugenics movement. The story of steel magnate and billionaire bankroller of the Nazis, Fritz Thyssen and his Bush family connection is quite incredible. "From 1945 until 1949, one of the lengthiest and, it now appears, most futile interrogations of a Nazi war crimes suspect began in the American Zone of Occupied Germany…. [The interrogation of multi billionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, the man whose steel combine was the cold heart of the Nazi war machine." They were trying to find out what had happened to Thyssen’s billions but without success. Why? "What the Allied investigators never understood was that they were not asking Thyssen the right question. Thyssen did not need any foreign bank accounts because his family secretly owned an entire chain of banks. He did not have to transfer his Nazi assets at the end of World War II, all he had to do was transfer the ownership documents ­ stocks, bonds, deeds and trusts­­from his bank in Berlin through his bank in Holland to his American friends in New York City, Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker. Thyssen's partners in crime were the father and father­ in­law of a future President of the United States. "The British and American interrogators may have gravely underestimated Thyssen but they nonetheless knew they were being lied to. Their suspicions focused on one Dutch Bank in particular, the Bank voor Handel enScheepvaart, in Rotterdam. This bank did a lot of business with the Thyssens over the years. In 1923, as a favor to him, the Rotterdam bank loaned the money to build the very first Nazi party headquarters in Munich.

"If the investigators realized that the US intelligence chief in postwar Germany, Allen Dulles, was also the Rotterdam bank's lawyer, they might have asked some very interesting questions. They did not know that Thyssen was Dulles' client as well. Nor did they ever realize that it was Allen Dulles's other client, Baron Kurt Von Schroeder who was the Nazi trustee for the Thyssen companies which now claimed to be owned by the Dutch. The Rotterdam Bank was at the heart of Dulles' cloaking scheme, and he guarded its secrets jealously. Fritz Thyssen and indirectly, the Nazi Party had obtained their early financing from Brown Brothers Harriman, and its affiliate, the Union Banking Corporation. Union Bank, in turn, was the Bush family's holding company for a number of other entities, including the "Holland American Trading Company." The Dutch connection remained unexplored until 1994. There are links between the Nazis, the Bush Family and the CIA (via Allen Dulles) or indeed, a host of other corporate connections. The amount of money is involved, was enormous. This enormous sums of money that was deposited into the Union Bank prior to 1942 is the best evidence that Prescott Bush knowingly served as a money launderer for the Nazis. Remember that Union Banks' books and accounts were frozen by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian in 1942 and not released back to the Bush family until 1951. At that time, Union Bank shares representing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of industrial stocks and bonds were unblocked for distribution. Did the Bush family really believe that such enormous sums came from Dutch enterprises? A fortune this size could only have come from the Thyssen profits made from rearming the Third Reich, and then hidden, first from the Nazi tax auditors, and then from the Allies." In April 1999, the then Texas Governor George W. Bush proclaimed a week of remembrance for the Holocaust. He said, "I urge Texans to never forget the inhumanity of those who perpetrated the Holocaust, and reflect upon our own humanity and our responsibility to respect all peoples." Like granpa like grand­son? Well given where Dubya got his money from, and his continuing in the ‘grand tradition of the Bush gang.

Bush family is supportive of Eugenics movement. Not content with digging up the ancestors, supporting Fascism,laundering Nazi money through a Dutch­based bank, selling weapons to the mullahs of Iran, trading guns for drugs, doing business deals with Osama bin Laden, the Bush family in the form of old granpa Prescott was an early supporter of the Eugenics movement or racial purity, to give it its real name. And a rather embarrassing connection it is too, as Bush Senior discovered, "…And the Birth Control League was there, which had long trumpeted the need for eugenical births­­fewer births for parents with "inferior" bloodlines. Prescott [Bush’s] partner Tighe was a Connecticut director of the league, and the Connecticut league's medical advisor was eugenics advocate Dr. Winternitz of Yale Medical School. Now in 1950, people who knew something about Prescott Bush knew that he had very unsavory roots in the eugenics movement. There were then, just after the anti­Hitler war, few open advocates of sterilization of "unfit" or "unnecessary" people. (That would be revived later, with the help of General Draper and his friend George Bush Then, very late in the 1950 senatorial campaign, Prescott Bush was publicly exposed for being an activist in that section of the old fascist eugenics movement. Prescott Bush lost the election by about 1,000 out of 862,000 votes In his foreword to a population control propaganda book, George Bush wrote about that 1950 election: "My own first awareness of birth control as a public policy issue came with a jolt in 1950 when my father was running for United States Senate in Connecticut. Drew Pearson, on the Sunday before Election day, ‘revealed’ that my father was involved with Planned Parenthood.... Many political observers felt a sufficient number of voters were swayed by his alleged contacts with the birth controllers to cost him the election...." The Bush story is such a fascinating history of capitalist corruption and power that it needs to be presented to a public

that is consistently lied to, not only by the corporate media but by our so­called leaders. Bush family’s history is the history of scams and dealings of the Reagan years, the Iran­Contra scandal and one of the biggest rip­offs in history, the savings and loan scandal, which cost the US taxpayer literally trillions of dollars.

George Jr.’s specialty was insurance and security fraud. Jeb’s specialty was oil and gas fraud. Neil’s specialty was real estate fraud. Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud. George Sr.’s specialty? All of the above.
The other really important question to ask is how can one family which has so many skeletons in the family closet, get away with such dirty dealings and over such a long period of time without being called to task? It’s as if the mass media goes deaf, dumb and blind when the name Bush comes up. For no matter what your politics are, left, right or indifferent, a family which has its fingers in so many dirty dealings has surely got to get you thinking about exactly what kind of country it is you live in and what kind of world is it that’s dominated by a country with a media that’s quite content not to challenge its president or his lying, thiefing family and their testicular network of associations which includes, the Mafia, the Chinese Communist Party, Japanese Triads, the Vatican, Central American drug smugglers and gun runners, international arms dealers, the Ayotollah Khomeini (RIP), Cuban­American terrorists, money laundering, illegal arms sales, countless conflicts of interests, nepotism, coverups, tax avoidance, SEC fiddles and banking scams? A veritable ‘school for scoundrels’. The fact that this litany of evil is effectively left unscrutinised and unquestioned by the dominant media, or, on the few occasions when it is mentioned, it’s only ‘in passing’, reveals the cynical, opportunistic attitude toward not only the concept of access to

information, but acting on it. The system also makes a complete mockery of the so­called moral approach used by the leaders of the ‘free world’ when they accuse others of the same behaviour. Is it any wonder that we have populations who have ‘dropped out’ of the political process. Where is the accountability? Where indeed? In recent years the problem has been excerbated by the ‘gutting’ of the government through wholesale deregulation and privatisation, which has enabled those with the ‘right’ connections to gain access to vast gobs of money in the form of subsidies and lucrative contracts The effect has been to turn various and sundry government agencies into hollow shells. Companies can then effectively write themselves blank cheques or simply ignore the toothless edicts issued by the regulators (eg the SEC over the Silverado S&L scandal). The assault on the rights of citizens, won at great cost and over generations of struggle, has since the 1970s, been steadily eroded to the point that we are now left with a façade of the original, a cardboard mockup that has all the appearances democracy, civil rights and so forth but virtually no substance. Ultimately of course, it exposes the real nature of the political class and who it really serves – the rich and powerful and their utter disdain for those without any real power. With ‘elections’ being reduced to no more than tokenised democracy (only about a quarter of the electorate actually bother to vote in US national elections and a fraction more in the UK), it’s no surprise that firstly, there is no genuine representation ‘of the people, for the people, by the people’, but just as importantly, the total lack of representation or accountability encourages an arrogance and bravado on the part of the power elite that they can get away with anything, because they we let them (and they do)! A comparable process is at work in the ‘4th Estate’ who have reduced journalism (when they bother to actually cover the real stories) to another hollow shell, where the act of merely reporting is now considered sufficient to fulfill their obligations

as ‘watchdogs’ of the nation’s affairs. The thought of actually leading with a story, and pursuing it, day after day, until someone actually takes notice and says, ‘enough is enough’ is simply not permitted because the same corporations that own the media are also part and parcel of the same power elite that’s busy ripping off the nation and holding the world to ransom. The history of US capitalism is made up of family dynasties of one kind or another, from the robber barons of the Du Ponts, Mellons, Morgans, Rockefellers, Carnegies and Kennedys, through to the newcomers like Enron, Worldcom, Halliburton, Bechtel, Harken, Carlyle and so forth. And, like the landed aristocracies of England, they marry into each other’s families, go to the same schools and universities, sit on each other’s corporate boards and invest in each other’s business dealings. Importantly, they watch each other’s backs and for obvious reasons. Arbusto Oil and the bin Laden Connection. Salem bin Laden, one of 57 children their father Mohammed sired with his 12 wives, and Bush were founders of the Arbusto Energy oil company in Texas (I assume not with the 12 wives as well). He died in a plane crash ­­ like his father ­­ but not before the Arbusto Energy Oil Company, founded in 1978, had become hugely successful. Later, Spectrum 7 Corp bought out Arbusto (now called Bush Exploration Co). In 1986, with the company on the verge of bankruptcy, it was purchased by Harken, and even though Bush Exploration Co had debts of $3 million, Harken paid Bush $2 million for his stock. See also the BCCI (Bank of Credit & Commerce) connection below, another murky international scandal involving drug money laundering etc which one of the original investors in Arbusto, James R. Bath, a Houston businessman and old friend of GWB was involved in. Time magazine described Bath in 1991 as "a deal broker whose alleged associations run from the CIA to a major shareholder and director of the Bank of Credit & Commerce." BCCI, as it

was more commonly known, closed its doors in July 1991 amid charges of multibillion­dollar fraud and global news reports that the financial institution had been heavily involved in drug money laundering, arms brokering, covert intelligence work, bribery of government officials and—here's the kicker—aid to terrorists.

John Ashcroft Attorney General And Defender Of The Confederacy and his Corporate Connections are AT&T; Microsoft; Schering­Plough; Enterprise Rent­A­Car; Monsanto. As a senator from Missouri, John Ashcroft received generous campaign contributions from companies, including Enterprise Rent­A­Car and Monsanto, which were based in his home state. But a company didn’t have to be from Missouri to get some attention from the senator. Ashcroft was one of only a handful of senators sponsoring a bill that extended the patent on Schering­Plough’s ultra­profitable allergy pill, Claritin. Extending the patent, which expires in 2002, would save the company billions of dollars in potential revenue. The bill died in committee, but Schering­Plough still gave Ashcroft $50,000 for his failed 2000 Senate bid. Schering­Plough donated the money to Ashcroft’s joint fundraising committee, which Ashcroft set up with the National Republican Senatorial Committee to encourage unlimited soft money contributions from corporations that could not legally contribute to his main campaign committee. (Check out Schering­Plough's campaign contributions to other candidates.) Besides Schering­Plough, Ashcroft’s joint committee logged contributions from AT&T ($25,000) and Microsoft ($10,000). Microsoft, of course, is hoping the new attorney general drops the justice department’s antitrust suit against the company." James Baker III, "He says the government shouldn't overreact to corporate scandals. He led the campaigns of the last four Republican presidents. He watched the September 11 attacks at the Ritz­Carlton with the Bin Laden family. He's defending

the Saudi's against a trillion­dollar lawsuit brought forth by the September 11 families.

Bank of Credit and Commerce International or BCCI, defrauded depositors of $16 billionby the time it collapsed in 1991 and it was the largest bank fraud in world financial history. The BCCI­ Bush connection is difficult to track, But the seeds are all there, including GW Snr’s CIA connection (as head of it) in the 1970s and the links to BCCI as well as his long time association with James R. Bath an investor in Arbusto. Bath, was a Houston businessman and old friend of Bush Senior, was also an investor in BCCI. Essentially, BCCI was a convenient ‘channel’ for moving money through to fund the various illegal enterprises being undertaken at the time including, Iran­ Contra, the Iranian arms sales, CIA money laundering operations, connections to powerful Middle Eastern businessmen, the Vatican and its right­wing connections through BNL. BCCI had links with the present PM Manmohan Singh as Manmohan as the governor of Reserve Bank of India had permitted the terrorist bank BCCI to open a branch in India, for which CIA put pressure of PV Narasimha Rao to make Singh as the Finance Minister in his cabinet. Manmohan’s old friend Bush has put pressure on Sonia a plant of Vatican in Nehru family, to make Singh as the Prime Minister of India in the governing coalition group known as UPA. Using the old connection Bush is trying to control India’s nuclear programme, and made Manmohan sign an one sided agreement with USA on nuclear co operation. Sheikh Abdullah Bahksh of Saudi Arabia, a 16% shareholder in Harken Energy at the time, was represented by a Palestinian­ born Chicago investor named Talat Othman, who served with George W. Bush on the board of Harken Energy. Othman made at least three separate visits to the White House to discuss Middle East affairs with then President George Bush. At about the same time, and just prior to the Gulf War, Harken Energy, with no previous international or offshore drilling experience, was awarded a 35­year petroleum exploration contract with the

emirate of Bahrain. Sheikh Bahksh emerged as a co­investor in the Bank of Commerce and Credit International that existed primarily as a mechanism for obtaining political influence using Middle Eastern oil money. Bahrain's prime minister, Sheik Khalifah bin­Sulman al­Khalifah, was a major investor in BCCI's parent company, BCCI Holdings, of Luxembourg. Through its commodities affiliate, Capcom, BCCI was used as a money laundering service by drug traffickers, arms dealers, etc. BCCI's front man in the U.S., and the person chiefly responsible for its takeover of First American Bank in the U.S., was Kamal Adham. Adham is the CIA's principal liaison for the entire Middle East from the mid­1960's through 1979. He was also the head of intelligence for Saudi Arabia during the time George Bush Sr. was Director of the CIA.

Carlyle Connection. There’s no business like war business. There are so many connections between the Bushes, the ‘Defence’ establishment, the global trade in arms. Carlyle groups has their tentacles extend to many of the armed conflicts going on in the world including the Central American affairs and later, the Iran­contra scandal. Carlyle groups have installed their men in both the US and the UK. John Major of UK was employed by the Carlyle Group and BAE Systems, the major arms supplier to the UK, is part­owned by Carlyle. Elliot Abrams was Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and he used to oversee US foreign policy in Latin America, and was active in covering up some of the worst atrocities committed by the US­sponsored Contras. Under Abram's watch, the Contras raped, tortured, and killed unarmed civilians, including children, and that groups of civilians, including women and children, were burned, dismembered, blinded and beheaded. His partners­in­ crime include John Negroponte, the new ambassador to the UN, who served under Reagan as ambassador to Honduras from 1981­1985. He is known for his role in the cover up of human rights abuses by CIA trained paramilitaries throughout the region. Coincidentally? Honduran exiles associated with the paramilitary forces that had been living in the US, were

exported to Canada prior to Negroponte's Senate confirmation hearing, thus rendering their testimony unavailable. Another partner from the good old days is Otto Reich who has been appointed as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs which includes Latin America. The Bush administration used a recess appointment during January 2002 to side step the Senate confirmation hearing otherwise required of the appointment. Democrat opposition to Reich's nomination had been predicted. The coup in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez sports the sticky fingerprints of all three men and the modus operandi of a long line of US­led cold war interventions. But if these covert operations were tragedy, the Chavez plot was farce. The rapid unraveling of the coup suggested that the Venezuelan plotters would have done better seeking advise from Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist rather than from Reich. It soon became public that Bush officials maintained a web of connections with the conspirators and appeared to have foreknowledge of the plot. Using the same conduit Reagan used to fund the contras, the National Endowment for Democracy, the administration had funneled money to Venezuelan opposition. Abrams gave a nod to the plotters; Otto Reich, a former ambassador to Venezuela, met repeatedly with Pedro Carmona and other coup leaders. The day Carmona seized the presidency, Reich summoned ambassadors from Latin America and the Caribbean to his office and endorsed the new government. Abrams pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress in 1991, for which George Bush senior subsequently pardoned him in December 1992. Enron Connection. As there’s so much information on the Bush­Enron connection and one of the major link is the Argentine connection between Enron, the Bushes, George Senior, Jeb and Neil. Fresh Del Monte and IAT Group. Rotten Fruit? It just doesn’t stop. Let’s start with January 2003. From the report "The new year begs for a fresh start”. But business accusations of international bribery, nefarious investors and a Bush brother awkwardly involved in a troubled company all have a too­

familiar ring. Here's the latest Robert Ludlum­style financial spat. Marvin Bush, the brother of President Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, joined the board of directors of Fresh Del Monte in 1998, after the alleged events took place. Marvin Bush was re­elected to the company's board in 2003 for a term ending in 2005, and served on the board's critically important audit and compensation committees. In October, Bush decided to resign from the board at the end of 2002. Without any public notice of Bush made his departure from Fresh Del Monte.

The Harken Connection. The oil production sharing agreement the Harken Energy Corporation signed in January 1990 with Bahrain is an incredible deal, unbelievable for this small company. Under the terms of the deal, Harken was given the exclusive right to explore for gas and oil off the shores of the Gulf island nation. If gas or oil were found in waters near two of the world's largest gas and oil fields, Harken would have exclusive marketing and transportation rights for the energy resources. Truly an "incredible deal" for a company that had never drilled an offshore well. The deal became possible George Bush, Jr., the eldest son of George and Barbara Bush was a member of Harken's board of directors, a consultant, and a stockholder in the Texas­based company. In light of this connection, the deal makes more sense. The involvement of Junior­George Walker Bush with Harken is a walking conflict of interest. His relationship to President Bush, rather than any business acumen, made him a valuable asset for Harken, the Republican Party benefactors, Middle East oil sheikhs and covert operators who played a part in Harken's Bahrain deal. In fact, Bush Junior's track record as an oilman is pretty dismal. He began his career in Midland, Texas, in the mid­1970s when he founded Arbusto Energy, Inc. When oil prices dropped in the early 1980s, Arbusto fell upon hard times. Junior was only rescued from business failure when his company was purchased by Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation, a small oil firm owned by William DeWitt and Mercer Reynolds. As part of the September 1984 deal, Bush became Spectrum 7's president

and was given a 13.6 percent share in the company's stock. Oil prices stayed low and within two years, Spectrum 7 was in trouble. In the six months before Spectrum 7 was acquired by Harken in 1986, it had lost $400,000. In the buyout deal, George Bush Junior and his partners were given more than $2 million worth of Harken stock for the 180­well operation. Made a director and hired as a "consultant" to Harken, Junior received another $600,000 of Harken stock, and has been paid between $42,000 and $120,000 a year since 1986. Junior's value to Harken soon became apparent when the company needed an infusion of cash in the spring of 1987. Junior and other Harken officials met with Jackson Stephens, head of Stephens, Inc., a large investment bank in Little Rock, Arkansas. Stephens made a $100,000 contribution to the Reagan­Bush campaign in 1980 and gave another $100,000 to the Bush dinner committee in 1990. In 1987, Stephens made arrangements with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) to provide $25 million to Harken in return for a stock interest in Harken. As part of the Stephens­brokered deal, Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh, a Saudi real estate tycoon and financier, joined Harken's board as a major investor. Stephens, UBS, and Bakhsh each have ties to the scandal­ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). It was Stephens who suggested in the late 1970s that BCCI purchase what became First American Bank shares in Washington, D.C. BCCI later acquired First American's predecessor, Financial General Bank shares. At the time of the Harken investment, UBS was a joint­venture partner with BCCI in a bank in Geneva, Switzerland. Bakhsh has been an investment partner in Saudi Arabia with Gaith Pharoan, identified by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board as a "front man" for BCCI's secret acquisitions of U.S. banks. Stephens, Inc. played a role in the Harken deal with Bahrain as well. Former Stephens bankers David and Mike Edwards contacted Michael Ameen, the former chief of Mobil Oil's Middle East operations, when Bahrain broke off 1989 talks with Amoco for a gas and oil exploration contract. The Edwardses recommended Harken for the job and urged Ameen to get in touch with Bahrain, which he did. In the midst of Harken's talks with Bahrain, Ameen­ simultaneously working as a State Department consultant­briefed the incoming U.S.

ambassador in Bahrain, Charles Hostler. Hostler, a San Diego real estate investor, was a $100,000 contributor to the Republican Party. Hostler claimed he never discussed Harken with the Bahrainis. Harken lacked sufficient financing to explore off the coast of Bahrain so it brought in Bass Enterprises Production Company of Fort Worth, Texas, as a partner. The Bass family contributed more than $200,000 to the Republican Party in the late 1980s and early 1990s. On June 22, 1990, George Bush Junior sold two­thirds of his Harken stock for $848,560­a cool 200 percent profit. The move was well timed. One week after Junior sold his stock, Harken announced a $23.2 million loss in quarterly earnings and Harken stock dropped sharply, losing 60 percent of its value over the next six months. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops moved into Kuwait and 541,000 U.S. forces were deployed to the Gulf. Bush knew Harken was in dire straits in the weeks before he sold the $848,560 of Harken stock. Harken appointed Bush Junior to a "fairness committee" to study possible economic restructuring of the company. Bush Junior worked closely with financial advisers from Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Company, who concluded that only drastic action could save Harken. George Bush Junior also violated Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations which require insider stock deals to be reported promptly, in Bush's case by July 10, 1990. He didn't file the stock sale with the SEC until the first week of March 1991. Bush Junior’s business dealing have a cloak­and­dagger aura. James Bath, a Texas entrepreneur who invested $50,000 in Arbusto Energy, may be a business cutout for the CIA. Bath also acted as an investment adviser to Saudi Arabian oil sheikhs, linked to the outlaw bank BCCI, which also has ties to the CIA. Bath has also national security connections. Bath developed a network of off­shore companies to camouflage the movement of money and aircraft between Texas and the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. Alan Quasha, a Harken director and former chair of the company, is the son of attorney William Quasha, who defended figures in the Nugan Hand Bank scandal in Australia. Closed in 1980, Nugan Hand was not only tied to drug­money laundering and U.S. intelligence and military circles, but also to the CIA's

covert backing for a constitutional coup in Australia that caused the fall of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. The Harken deal with Bahrain naturally helped the Bahrainis and the BCCI­ linked Saudi oil sheikhs to use the production sharing agreement with Harken to curry favor with the Bush administration and influence U.S. policy in the Middle East. Talat Othman's sudden rise to prominence in Bush administration foreign policy circles is a case in point. Othman, who sits on the Harken board as Sheikh Bakhsh's representative, didn't have access to President Bush before Harken's Bahrain agreement. But since August 1990, the Palestinian­born Chicago investor has attended three White House meetings with President Bush to discuss Middle East policy. Talat Othman's name was added by the White House to a select list of 15 Arab­Americans chosen to meet with President Bush, [then White House Chief of Staff John] Sununu and National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft in the White House two days after Iraq's August 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Neil Bush’s Learning software has made him $20 million over a three year period. Not bad for a guy who ran Silverado S&L into the ground. There were accusations of nepotism about this. Neil Bush later tried to get the Florida school system to buy into his learning software (at $30 a pop per student per year), the state that his brother Jeb is governor of, it’s no wonder. International Medical Centers and The Jeb Bush Connection. This is a murky story with connections to the Nicaraguan Contras, the Mafia, Cuban­American terrorists, Iran­Contra, bribery and corruption, cover ups and the CIA. Essentially, IMC was contracted to give medical assistance to the Nicaraguan Contras but the story is in fact, a lot more complex and gives you some idea of just how inter­connected events really are, especially when you’re dealing the Bush clan. Perhaps this review of a book by Duncan Campbell The Bush Dynasty and the Cuban Criminal, will give you some idea: "The Bush family connections go back to 1984 when Jeb Bush began a close association with Camilo Padreda, a former intelligence officer with the Batista dictatorship overthrown by

Fidel Castro. Jeb Bush was then the chairman of the Dade county Republican party and Padreda its finance chairman. Padreda had earlier been indicted on a $500,000 (£320,000) embezzlement charge along with a fellow exile, Hernandez Cartaya, but the charges were dropped, reportedly after the CIA stated that Cartaya had worked for them. Padreda later pleaded guilty to defrauding the housing and urban development department of millions of dollars during the 1980s. The president's younger brother was also on the payroll in the 80s of the prominent Cuban exile Miguel Recarey, who had earlier assisted the CIA in attempts to assassinate President Castro. Recarey, who ran International Medical Centers (IMC), employed Jeb Bush as a real estate consultant and paid him a $75,000 fee for finding the company a new location, although the move never took place, which raised questions at the time. Jeb Bush did, however, lobby the Reagan/Bush administration vigorously and successfully on behalf of Recarey and IMC. In 1985, Jeb Bush acted as a conduit on behalf of supporters of the Nicaraguan contras with his father, then the vice­president, and helped arrange for IMC to provide free medical treatment for the contras. Recarey was later charged with massive medicare fraud but fled the US before his trial and is now a fugitive. Jeb Bush sealed his popularity with the Cuban exile community by acting as campaign manager for another prominent Cuban­American, Ileana Ros­Lehtinen, when she ran successfully for Congress. George Bush Sr famously appeared with her during her campaign in Miami declaring: "I am certain in my heart I will be the first American president to step foot on the soil of a free and independent Cuba." She has since lobbied successfully for the release of several exiles convicted of terrorist offences held in US jails but who now live freely in Miami. Most controversially, at the request of Jeb, Mr Bush Sr intervened to release the convicted Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch from prison and then granted him US residency. According to the justice department in George Bush Sr's administration, Bosch had participated in more than 30 terrorist acts. He was convicted of firing a rocket into a Polish ship which was on passage to Cuba. He was also implicated in the 1976 blowing­up of a Cubana plane flying to Havana from

Venezuela in which all 73 civilians on board were killed. CIA memorandums strongly suggest, that Bosch was one of the conspirators. The then secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, had indicated that the "US government had been planning to suggest Bosch's deportation before Cubana airlines crash took place for his suspected involvement in other terrorist acts and violation of his parole". Bosch's release, often referred to in the US media as a pardon, was the result of pressure brought by hardline Cubans in Miami, with Jeb Bush serving as their point man. Bosch now lives in Miami and remains unrepentant about his militant activities. Jeb Bush nominated Raoul Cantero, the grandson of Batista, as a Florida supreme court judge despite his lack of experience. Mr Cantero had previously represented Bosch and acted as his spokesman, once describing Bosch on Miami radio as a "great Cuban patriot".

Otto Reich. Otto Reich came to prominence during the Reagan administration when he was appointed head of the office of public diplomacy within the state department. According to the national security archives, Reich used this role to pursue his own agenda to such an extent that in 1987 the Comptroller­ General of the US, a Republican appointee, found that some of the efforts of his office were "prohibited, covert propaganda activities, beyond the range of acceptable agency public information activities". A letter of September 30 1987 concluded that Reich's office had violated "a restriction on the state department's annual appropriations prohibiting the use of federal funds for publicity or propaganda purposes not authorised by Congress". He is now George Bush's assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs. The central point is that Bush is filling his government with characters like this, people who have broken the law, an enemy of human rights, a thoroughly unsavoury character. Richard Armitage Iran Contra figure. "On March 23, after being recommended in a unanimous 18­0 vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, former Vietnam­era covert operative and Contra­era figure Richard Armitage was

confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State in a voice vote on the Senate Floor. The unchallenged confirmation of a figure who had previously been investigated by President Reagan's Commission on Organized Crime (1984) for alleged links to gambling and prostitution was totally ignored by the major American media. The Silverado Savings and Loan scandal.Bailing out the failed S&Ls countrywide cost the US taxpayer around $1.4 trillion. Stratesec/Securacom, KuAm (Kuwait­American Corporation), HCC Insurance, the The links between these companies is strange. All have a Bush connection as well as a World Trade Centre, United Airlines, Dulles International Airport security, aviation and Kuwaiti connection. What is known, is that SEC regulations were breached by Marvin Bush in filings submitted to the SEC. The public rarely sees Marvin P. Bush, brother of President Bush Junior. Marvin P. Bush is the founder (1993) and Managing Partner of Winston Partners Group of Vienna, Virginia. It's a private investment company. He is also the Managing General Partner of Winston Growth Fund, LLP; Winston International Growth Fund, LP; Winston Small Cap Growth Fund, LP; all related companies. Before this, he spent 12 years in the investment business with the firms of Mosley, Hallgarten, Estabrook and Weeden, Shearson Lehman Brothers, and John Stewart Darrel & Company. In January, 1998, Marvin Bush was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Fresh Del Monte Produce company, the giant fruit company (major product bananas) that makes the canned goods we buy in our markets. Del Monte is owned by a very wealthy family from Kuwait, the Abu­Ghazaleh family. Mohammed Abu­ Ghazaleh is the CEO and he has several family members on the Board alongside Marvin Bush. Another member of the Fresh Del Monte Board of Directors is Stephen Way, who is a major Bush fundraiser. Way is the head of the Houston­based HCC Insurance Holdings Company. In early 2000, Stephen Way acquired the appointment of Marvin Bush to the Board of Directors of HCC. In that transaction, Bush not only landed a very large salary, but a sweet stock option deal. He purchased about $130,000 worth of HCC stock which is now valued at close to $600,000, not even one year later. Marvin Bush is also

on the Board of Directors of something called the Kerrco Company. Marvin also was named to the Board of Directors of the Stratesec Company, another large publicly­traded firm. This company is very secretive and you can find virtually nothing about it. Virginia­based Stratesec is a provider of high­ tech security systems. Two of the major customers for which they provide security are the Dulles International Airport at Washington, D.C. and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Stratesec's revenues recently went up by 60%, due to what the company describes as "new customers" Prominent people at Stratesec also include former Reagan operatives including Barry McDaniel and Air Force General James A. Abrahamson (who was involved in the Reagan "Star Wars" project). Stratesec is a company is heavily inter­related with the Kuwam Corporation ("Kuw" = Kuwait; "am" = America). Kuwam is a major Kuwaiti Company into many, many activities including the aircraft business. Stratesec's Chief Executive is also the Managing Director of Kuwam Corporation and Kuwam's Chairman Mishal Yousef Saud Al Sabah sits on Stratesec's Board of Directors. Stratesec is providing the primary security for one of the most sensitive airports in the world. Dulles in D.C., has a heavy middle eastern airline connection. Sybase software is part of the Choicepoint system which is part of the Patriot Act which part of the whole system for keeping track of everybody and everything we do, read, visit, buy, and no doubt think about.

Zapata is the story of oil and the Bush clan and of course, Texas. This is the company GW Bush Senior founded in 1953 and, depending on your predilictions for conspiracies, the Bush connection can take you all the way to the Kennedy assassination and back, and it will not surprise anyone if indeed there are links between all the goings on of the Bush clan, oil, Texas, the FBI, the CIA, the Rockefellers, the Tri­Lateral Commission, the Nugan­Hand Bank,the Mob, the Pope, Vatican, and the assassination of JFK. Bush family ­connected Companies & Institutions are Amsec Corp, Global Strategies LLC, Bass Enterprises Production Co, Asset Management

International Financing and Settlement Ltd, Palmer National Bank etc.

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