Elings Park

Let your spirit soar.


ur goal is to create a park where people of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds can play together, reconnect, and thrive—a park built by the community and for the community, thanks to a non-profit/public partnership.

–verb 1. To impart fresh life, to refresh by means of relaxation and enjoyment, as restore physically or mentally. 2. To take recreation at Elings Park. 3. To create anew. (re ´ kre-at´ ) ¯ ¯ ¯ –syn Elings Park (e ´ lingz pärk ´ ) ¯ ˘


(re k ´re-at´ ) ˘ ¯ ¯

The Dream Park Overview

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A Community Project Something for Everyone On Special Occasions Here and Now Coming Attractions Phase III Community Solutions Creating Financial Stability & Just the Facts Volunteers & Contributors Contact Info and Map


The Story So Far
More than 40 years ago, the founders of Elings Park had a unique vision for this spectacular site: To provide recreational facilities in an exceptional setting for the benefit of all citizens of the Santa Barbara area. As part of their plan, they insisted that the park would be created, maintained, and operated without the use of a single taxpayer dollar. From the park’s beginnings in 1965, its founders —under the leadership of Jerry Harwin—knew this spot halfway between Goleta and Carpinteria would be ideal for the recreational needs of a highly active community. Indeed, today the Elings Park Foundation provides a place for sports and athletic endeavors for people of all ages, from all neighborhoods, and from all walks of life. It also serves as a model for other communities, demonstrating that a non-profit foundation can operate an extraordinary park without the need for government funds. The Phase I construction of the Tennis Court Complex on Las Positas Road in 1972—now a City facility—was only the beginning. In 1980, after identifying the community’s additional athletic needs, the Elings Park Foundation, in Phase II, developed and built two soccer fields and three lighted softball fields. And recognizing that the park’s outstanding vistas have made it a cherished place to gather, to celebrate, and to commemorate, the Foundation developed facilities and venues for weddings, birthdays, and memorial services. The Dream has not yet ended. Phase III promises a park of the future, as the Elings Park Foundation continues its tradition of civic environmentalism—to fulfill our community’s broadest recreational needs for generations to come.

The Dream


Park Overview

A Community Project
Listening to the ideas of area residents has been a hallmark of Elings Park since the beginning, a practice that continues with planning and implementation of Phase III. The suggestions of the community were combined with input from the park’s volunteer board, City Parks and Recreation staff, park visitors and neighbors. Students from local high schools were invited to roundtable meetings to ensure that their needs and wishes also were considered. Underlining the awareness that no tax dollars go to support the park, the community has contributed tangibly as well, with financial donations small and large from individuals, families, foundations and corporations.

Who is Virgil Elings?

A former UCSB science professor and co-founder of Digital Instruments, local philanthropist Virgil Elings, donated $1.5 million to sustain the park in 1999. He said his attachment to the place dated back to the 1970’s, when he flew model planes there with his son Jeff.

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Something for Everyone
Elings Park has been a vital part of Santa Barbara’s recreational life since its inception, offering organized activities for athletes of every age. Young people participate in summer day camps, baseball tournaments and soccer clubs. Adults enjoy softball and baseball leagues, soccer and rugby games, and ultimate Frisbee, as well as mountain biking, and hang gliding and paragliding. Entire families (including those with dogs) use the hiking trails, playgrounds, and picnic and barbecue areas, and there are tracks for BMX racers and radio-controlled car aficionados. Spectacular wedding venues ensure that the park also has a cherished place in many family memories.

On Special Occasions
Throughout the year, special events introduce the park to the community at large, including a Great Egg Hunt in the spring. Attracting anywhere from 200 to as many as 1,000 people are a Beer Festival, a Bike Festival, corporate picnics, weddings, memorials, graduations and fundraising activities.
left: For several decades prior to 1965 the site served as a landfill. right: Elings Park today.

1965 1972
City of Santa Barbara landfill is closed, and a Development Committee is founded to plan an “athletic park” on the site.



1986 1985 1987 1988 2005 2003
A south entrance to the park is established.



1994 1991 1997





2011 2013

Phase I is completed, and the Las Positas Tennis Court Complex is opened.

The City Parks and Recreation Commission approves the development of Las Positas Park into a “major sports and recreation complex.”

The Las Positas Park Foundation receives non-profit status, and Jerry Harwin is elected president of the newly formed Board of Directors.

The first wedding takes place in Godric Grove.

The first public sporting event— the Exxon Cross Country Meet— is held.

200 attend the Grand Opening of Las Positas Park.

Mayor Sheila Lodge presents Jerry Harwin with the City’s Outstanding Service Award.

Ground is broken for the Vietnam Veterans Living Memorial.

Three lighted softball and baseball fields are opened.

The park, renamed Las Positas Friendship Park, holds its first summer camp.

The Foundation agrees to buy 133 acres of adjoining land from the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

The Veterans Memorial Walk and Terrace of Remembrance are completed.

The park Phase III is renamed studies Elings Park begin. in recognition of a large donation to complete the purchase of the Jesuits’ property.

A youth baseball league is formed, and the park’s first work of art— “Summit for Danny,” by sculptor John Fisher— is placed in Godric Circle.

Renovations are completed on the baseball fields and the Singleton Pavilion.

Phase III completion. Phase III application deemed complete. Phase III construction begins.

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Here & Now
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Elings Park spans 230 acres and includes:

Art in the Park includes John
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Lighted Softball/Baseball Fields Multi-Use Sports Fields Scenic Wedding/Event Venues Outdoor Amphitheater

Hiking Trails Walking Paths Mountain Biking Trails BMX Race Track Basketball Hoops

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Radio-Controlled Car Track Hang Gliding/Paragliding Training Hill Picnic & Barbecue Areas Children’s Playgrounds Veterans Memorial Walk

Fisher’s marble sculpture “Summit for Danny” (shown at right center). The monument serves as a lasting symbol of hope and remembrance for those in our community who struggle with the perils of drug and alcohol addiction. Pictured at left are M. Helsenrott Hochhauser’s “Mythical Dancers,” crafted out of bent steel as a memorial to several members of the sculptor’s family.

Elings Park sparkles as the crown jewel among Santa Barbara’s recreational sites. Its unparalleled beauty is available to the community in perpetuity.

Coming Attractions
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Multi-Use Sports Fields Arena Soccer Facility Zip Line Ropes Course Climbing Wall Splash Zone Community Center Off-Leash Dog Area Disc Golf Putting Green/Sculpture Garden Updated BMX Track New Picnic Sites




Phase III Community Solutions
In addition to planning for the future, we are also looking at ways to improve our park today. Phase III addresses many important issues, including: Landscaping Since the majority of our land was bulldozed over the years, we are working to re-landscape with trees, bushes, grasses, and flowers. Each new recreation area will be surrounded with lush vegetation that is drought-resistant and shade promoting. We will also continue to irrigate with reclaimed water Accessibility We have worked with an accessibility consultant to make access to the park more friendly to all. We are improving grading, bus stop accommodations for wheelchair use, additional crosswalks on Jerry Harwin Parkway, accessible paths, handicap parking, trail signage and viewing areas.

Lighting Since some lighting features at the park are more than 20 years old, we recognize the need to harness the progress of science. Our new facilities will include state-of-the art lighting that will focus needed light down onto playing fields, while greatly reducing the amount of excess light created. As is currently our practice, lighted events will end at 10 p.m. Noise / Traffic We value our central location as an asset for the community, but we also understand that noise and traffic can be issues. We have stringent policies that comply with City standards regarding noise levels. We require mandatory noise monitors at every event, and all events with amplified sound are required to end by 10 p.m. Traffic conflicts have also been minimized due to careful planning.

Preliminary Plant List

Oak Woodland Aesculus california-Calif. Buckeye Arbutus menziesii-Madrone Arctostaphylos species-Manzanita Ceanothus species-Calif. Lilac Cercis occidentalis-Western Redbud Heteromeles arbutifolia-Toyon Heuchera-Coral Bells Iris douglasiana cultivars-Pacific Coast Iris Lavatera assurgentirlora-Malva Rosa Quercus agrifolia-Coast Live Oak Rhamnus californica-Coffeeberry Rhus integrifolia-Lemonade Berry Ribes speciosum-Fuchsia-Flowered Gooseberry Conifers Calocedrus decurrens-Incense Cedar Cupressus macrocarpa-Monterey Cypress Pinus canariensis-Canary Island Pine Pinus halepensis-Aleppo Pine Pinus pinera-Italian Stone Pine Street Trees Liriodendron tulipifera-Tulip Tree Platanus acerifolia-London Plane Tree Shinus molle-California Pepper Tree Shade & Accent Trees Albizia julibrissin-Silk Tree Jacaranda mimosifolia-Jacaranda Koelreuteria bipinnata-Chinese Flame Tree Populus nigra “Italica” -Lombardy Poplar Pyrus calleryana-Bradford Pear Tipuana tipu-Tipu Tree Riparian Areas Alnus rhombifolia-White Alder Platanus racemosa-Calif. Sycamore Salix lasiolepis-Arroyo Willow


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Creating Financial Stability
As a non-profit, self-funding entity, Elings Park receives no City, State, or Federal tax dollars. In the past, revenue has come from grants, individual and foundation contributions, corporate donations, field and venue rentals, and revenue from various fees. Improvements to the facilities – especially the arena soccer field – are expected to generate additional revenue, but Phase III fundraising is crucial to the creation of a self-sustaining park.

Just the Facts
Established in 1980, Elings Park is now a 230-acre recreational complex that serves more than 219,000 people each year. It has a 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Solace for the Soul

The Veterans Memorial Walk is a 1,500-foot tree-lined landscaped walkway with 10 marble and sandstone markers engraved with a year and the names of area soldiers who died in Vietnam. On the Terrace of Remembrance the local servicemen and women who gave their lives in other wars are displayed on a stainless steel globe.

Major Contributors Include
A.G. Edwards & Sons A-One Tree Service Mrs. Katherine Abercrombie Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Mrs. Carolyn Pesnell Amory Mr. & Mrs. Todd Amspoker Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Anker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arbagey Mr. & Mrs. Omar Arnesen Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Mrs. John Austin Mr. Jack Baker Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bank Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Barbakow Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bartlett Mr. Mark Basham Mr. Donald Batastini Mr. Richard A. Batchelder Battistone Foundation Mr. Wilford Lloyd Baumes Mrs. Caryl Beadel Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Beaver Ms. Joanne Benedict Mr. Arthur Benkaim Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bidwell Mr. & Mrs. Ed Birch Mr. Roosevelt Bisquera Ms. Linda J. Blinkenberg Mr. & Mrs. George Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Timothy K. Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Johan Blokker Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bloomingddale Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bollag Mr. & Mrs. William Borgers Boy Scouts of America Brad Harris Photography, Inc Dr. & Mrs. David Bradford Brandywine Trust Co. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Brittingham Mr. & Mrs. John Britton Mr. & Mrs. Monte Brown Mr. Steve Brown Mr. Joseph T. Brusca Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Brustin Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bryant Ms. Tamra Burcar Mr. & Mrs. Andy Busch Mrs. Adrian Butash Mrs. Catherine R. Butts Buynak Ventures Mr. David Caffo & Mr. Thom Zimerle Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Calder Mr. Otis Calef Mr. & Mrs. Jack Callahan Dr. & Mrs. James Calvin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carolson Mr. & Mrs. David R. Carpenter Mrs. Janet Casanueva Mr. & Mrs. Michael Casey Mr. Angelo Castagnola Ms. Rena Castagnola Mrs. Renee Castagnola Mrs. Virginia Castagnola-Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Caufield Central Coast Soccer League Mr. & Mrs. Les Charles Chevron City of Santa Barbara Mr. Pierre Claeyssens Mr. & Mrs. Walter Claudio Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cleek Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Clough Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Coleman City Commerce Bank Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Constance Ms. Jane Copelan County of Santa Barbara Ms. Barbara Lee Cox Mr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Cramer Mr. & Mrs. Jacob W. Cratty Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crissman Mr. & Mrs. Keith Crummer Mr. Jerry Cutter Mr. & Mrs. Marc Cutter Cutter Motors Mr. Oswald Da Ros Mrs. Leonard Dalsemer Dr. Richard Danson Mr. & Mrs. C. Paul Davis Mrs. Louise Lowry Davis Ms. Nancy Davis Ms. Debby Davison & Dr. Dennis Phelps Mr. Timm & Dr. Viviane Delaney Delta Psi Building Co. Mr. Anthony Demeure Mr. & Mrs. Patrick DeRueda Mr. Francisco Desales Design Resource Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Patrick DeYoung Mrs. Haddon Dillon The Dogs Best Friend, Inc Mrs. Molly Dolle Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Donahue Mr. Michael Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Drew Mr. & Mrs. Michael Duca Mr. & Mrs. Drew Dusebout Mr. Jeff Elings Mr. & Mrs. Michael Elings Dr. Virgil Elings Dr. & Mrs. Robert Emmons Mr. Luis Estevez Mrs. Rosemary Evans Mrs. Beatrice Fairbanks Mrs. Linda Fareed Mr. & Mrs. Bowen Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fauver Baroness Leni Fe Bland Fenton G. Davison Trust Mr. David Ferguson Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. Ms. Jill Finsten Ms. Lisa Firestone Mr. & Mrs. Bob Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Fly Mr. Eldon Ford Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fordyce Four Seasons Biltmore Fox Broadcasting Co. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Frank Mrs. Flora Furby Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Gaylord Ms. Carolyn Geiger Mr. Sam Gerard Mrs. Donald Gevirtz Mr. Pier Gherini Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Giffin Mr. & Mrs. John M. Gilchrist Mr. & Mrs. David Gilkeson Mr. Ronald Gillio Ms. Mary Giroux-Trotti Mr. & Mrs. George W. Girvin Mr. Paul Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Gluck Mr. Donald Goehner Golden Eagle Insurance Co. Mr. & Mrs. David Goldman Mr. George Gonzales Mr. & Mrs. William Gough Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Gough Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Graffy Mr. & Mrs. Jack Graham Mr. & Mrs. Andy Granatelli Mr. James Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Steven Gutsche Dr. & Mrs. William Hahn Mr. & Mrs. John Hall Mrs. Perri V. Harcourt Harold L. Wyman Foundation Mr. Robert F. Harris Mr. Dennis Hartman Mr. Jerry Harwin Mr. Greg Hecht Dr. & Mrs. Roy Henricks Ms. Irene Henry Henry E. & Lola Monroe Foundation Mr. Harry Heron Mrs. Jane Higa Dr. Howard Higholt Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hill Mr. & Mrs. Brett Hodges Amb. & Mrs. Glen Holden Mr. Roger Horf Mr. & Mrs. Preston B. Hotchkis Mr. & Mrs. Steen Z. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. David Hughes Ms. Vikki Hunt Mr. Richard E. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Derk Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hunter Mrs. Howard Huntington Mrs. LeRoy Hurlbert Mr. & Mrs. Frederic B. Ingram Mr. & Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Ken Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jamgochian Mr. & Mrs. Henry Jones June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Morris Jurkowitz Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kallman Mr. David Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Steve Katz Mr. Fred Kavli Mr. & Mrs. Philip Keirn Mr. Hope Sterling Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Essam Khashoggi Mr. & Mrs. Leland Kirchhoff Mr. & Mrs. Jurgen Kjaempe Mr. Otto Korntheuer Mr. Ted Kracke Mr. & Mrs. George Krebs Mrs. Kenneth Landau Mr. & Mrs. James Lash Mr. & Mrs. John A. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Leighty Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Lenvik The Levy Foundation Mrs. Carole Lieff Mr. & Mrs. John Light Ms. Jane Litchfield Mrs. Judy Little Mr. & Mrs. Steven Little Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Llewellyn, II Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lofthus J M Long Foundation Mrs. Pamela Lopker Mr. & Mrs. John Lundegard Mr. Jacques O. Manset Mr. Enrico Manzo Dr. Charles Markham Mr. & Mrs. Dean Mars Mrs. Carol Marsch Mr. & Mrs. Tom C. Marsh Mrs. Keith Marston Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Martin Mrs. Carrie Belle McFie Mr. & Mrs. Frank McGinty Mr. & Mrs. Vincent McGuinness Mr. & Mrs. Ken McLellan Mr. & Mrs. James McMahan Ms. Cheryl McRae Mr. & Mrs. A. Hugh Merrill Dr. & Mrs. Michael Merrin Mid-State Bank Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Mikles Ms. Janet Millar Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Miller Jr. Mrs. Helen Miller Mr. Warren Miller Ms. Lynda Millner & Mr. Don Seth Ms. Cynthia Clark Mitchel Hon. & Mrs. Walter Moeller Montecito Bank & Trust Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Moore Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Moriarty Ms. Theresa C. Morrison Ms. Mary Anne Morrison-Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Wesley C. Morse Brig. Gen. & Mrs. Henry Muller Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Mullins Mr. & Mrs. Charles Munger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murphy Ms. Bonnie Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nelson Mr. Patrick Nesbitt New Belgium Brewing Co. Mr. & Mrs. Chapin Nolen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Noling Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Norqual Mrs. Susan Northrop Mr. & Mrs. George Obern Mr. Glen O’Dell Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ray Offenhauser Mr. & Mrs. C. Brian O’Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Alden Orput Mrs. Ruth Orthwein Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Overgaag Mr. & Mrs. James Owen Mr. George Ben Page Mr. & Mrs. Craig Palonen Mr. Alex Pananides Ms. Alex Parent Ms. Vickie Patik Mr. & Mrs. James Pattillo Mr. Austin H. Peck, Jr. Ms. Athena Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Peterson Mr. & Mrs. James Petrovich Mr. & Mrs. Lucky Petrovich Dr. & Mrs. J. Carl Peus Mr. & Mrs. Donald Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Trevor J. Phillips Ms. E. Anne Pidgeon Mr. & Mrs. David A. Pitts Mr. & Mrs. Gene Prindle Rabobank Mrs. Carole Rappeport Mr. & Mrs. John M. Rasmussen Mr. & Mrs. Marc Recordon Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Repsher Moby Dick Restaurant Mrs. Winifred Rhodes Mr. Craig Rice Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rice Lord & Lady Ridley-Tree Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Riparetti Ms. Martina Ritt Ms. Christina Roan Mrs. Margaret Roberts Mr. John Robinson & Ms. Shoko Kashiyama Ms. Kay Robinson Ms. Marilyn Robinson Ms. June Rochlin General F. Michael Rogers Rotary Club of Montecito Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rottman Roy Allan Slurry Seal Roy E. Crummer Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gary Saint Denis Saks & Co. Mr. Brett Sandford Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Santa Barbara Community Church Santa Barbara Foundation Santa Barbara Lions Club Santa Barbara Rugby Association Santa Barbara Soccer Club Mr. Alexander Saunderson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schall Dr. & Mrs. Philip Scheinberg Dr. & Mrs. Keith Schofield Mrs Rudolf Schulte Mr. & Mrs. Arent H. Schuyler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Scoby Security Pacific Bank Mr. Miles Sharkey Mr. James Shelton Mr. David T. Shiffman Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Lee Shoemaker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Short Mr. & Mrs. Harold Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Louis Simon Mrs. Kenneth R. Simpson Jr. Mr. E. H. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Slaught Ms. Jennifer Slayman Mr. & Mrs. Julian Smith Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Arlo G. Sorensen Mr. Blair Spaulding Mrs. Adelheid Stagg Mr. Nick Stathopoulis Ms. Margaret Staton Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stearns Ms. Betty J. Stephens & Mr. Lindsay Fi Mr. & Mrs. Robin L. Taliaferro Mr. & Mrs. John P. Tatum Ms. Lauren Temkin Tenet Healthcare Corporation Mr. & Mrs. William P. Tennity The Territory Ahead Mr. & Mrs. Scott Testa Texaco Mrs. Jeanne Thayer Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Thomas Ms. Marie Thornbury Ms. Dee Timm The Towbes Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael Towbes Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Trandem Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Tremblay Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trumpower Mr. & Mrs. W. Pendleton Tudor Dr. & Mrs. H. Wallace Vandever Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Veloz Mr. & Mrs. Danny Vickers Volentine Foundation Mr. & Mrs. D. William Wagner Mr. & Mrs. John Waggoner Wallis Foundation Ms. April Walstad Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wathen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Watson Mr. & Mrs. John T. Waugh Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Weber Mr. & Mrs. Louis Weider Mr. & Mrs. Richard Welch Ms. Betty Elings Wells Mr. & Mrs. Derek Westen Mrs. Leighton A. Wilkie Mr. Jess Willard Mrs. Benita Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Winters Mr. & Mrs. Stan Witnov Mr. & Mrs. David Wolf Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wright Ms. Winifred Yamada Mr. David Yates Ms. Elizabeth Youker Mr. David Yudain Mr. & Mrs. P. Gerhardt Zacher Mr. Walter Zungri

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Volunteers & Contributors

Elings Park Needs You!
Elings Park has always depended on the commitment of volunteers and contributors. A handful of locals first recognized the possibilities of the site for community recreation. Over the years, their vision became a reality, inspiring hundreds of adults and children alike to take part in activities here. More than 5,000 people actually helped build the Veterans Memorial Walk and Terrace of Remembrance. Along with the many volunteers, it is generous public financial donations that have allowed the park to prosper. Extensive use of the facilities and enjoyment of park events ensure that Elings Park remains an essential part of the community, but none of that would be possible without your continued generous support.

We ask for your support and participation.

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Elings Park

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Cliff Drive

Elings Park 1298 Las Positas Road Santa Barbara, CA 93105 805.569.5611

In the Future

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Community Center Zip Line

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Multi-Use Fields Climbing Wall

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Off-Leash Dog Area Ropes Course

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Splash Zone Arena Soccer

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BMX Racing Disc Golf

Exit Las Positas from the 101 Freeway Las Positas Road at Jerry Harwin Parkway www.elingspark.org


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