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HISTORY AND FUTURE OF BIOELECTRICAL DEVICES Michael R Manning and Harry Oung Abstract Though not in general use

by AMA member physicians, many bioelectrical devices are at present being used by alternative medicine aware physicians. Some of these devices are relatively low tech, low cost, but seek to aid the body to help itself; while FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved devices usually treat parts in isolation, are more costly, but generally accepted by AMA member physicians. Such a tension has existed between homeopathic and allopathic medicine for centuries. Often, alternative medicines are perceived these days as quack, and sometimes rightly so due to some dishonest trade. However, one cannot deny the science of biofeedback, meditation, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, etc. As medical cost continues to rise, causes of sickness and chronic diseases continues to be untreated, etc., we can no longer treat the body as merely chemical and mechanical entities and ignore the electrical nature of the living cells -- using bioelectrical devices mainly for diagnostic purposes. In this talk, Michael R. Manning and Harry Oung will give a brief review of the history and discuss the future of many medical instruments for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. Among the discussed are pacemakers, high voltage pulse defribulators (both implanted and external), trans-cutaneous neural stimulators (TENS), bone growth and nerve regeneration (PEMF) pulsed electromagnetic field devices, electro-acupuncture devices for relieving pain, cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), ultrasound, brainwave EEG and MEG. A common platform will be discussed that allow these systems to work effectively. Tesla, Medicine and History At the turn of the century, Tesla, having no other technical options such as high power tube or transistor switching systems, employed rotary spark gap quenched gap to achieve the high rate of change of voltage with time (dv/dt) necessary to excite voltage amplification in his Tesla coil pulse transformers. As a consequence of this technical restriction, his high voltage Tesla coils generated a wide spectrum of frequency components. In radio technology parlance, this effect is called radio frequency (RF) splatter. Some of the frequency components created by Tesla's coil excitation method fall below 10 thousand hertz (kilohertz) and so are in the low frequency range associated with neural stimulation. Tesla took note of this effect and said that sitting within the near field of one of his Tesla coils while in operation had given him very pleasant sensations and had revitalized his energy level, eliminating fatigue. He, from then on, stated that his Tesla coils had the electro-therapeutic effect of restoring vital energies in the human body. Tesla then started a small company which sold Tesla coils for medical therapeutic applications, but it did not last long because the small Tesla coils they sold were not as effective for human therapeutic revitalization as the giant Tesla coil that he built in Colorado springs, Colorado. Other electro-medical equipment manufactures then copied Tesla's work and sold many miniature Tesla coils excited argon gas filled tube systems that they marketed from 1910 to about 1930 that also had no beneficial therapeutic effect. The manufacturers of these devices claimed that they could cure a wide variety of ailments and diseases with their products, consequently, the American Medical Association, (AMA), condemned these devices and thanks to their lobbying efforts in Washington, DC the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), in the federal government made these small Tesla coils illegal to manufacture and sell in the United States. However, they were still made in Russia and in eastern European countries for many years thereafter. Such was the state of electrotherapy, condemned in the United States and believed to be like the snake oil sold by the carpet baggers of the 1800's after the American Civil War to be totally devoid of medical benefits by the members of the orthodox medical community.

However, a new era was to be begun in the 1960's with the invention of the heart pacemaker: the first post-war electro-medical device to be approved by both the AMA and the FDA for human medical applications. The pacemaker was then succeeded by my pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system that I designed to stimulate the medulary cavity nerve (bone marrow cavity nerve) of children born with (congenital pseudoarthroses) or bone gaps in their legs. All of these children were slated for limb amputation when they entered my clinic at the orthopedic department of Colombia University and I was pleased to report to the medical community in 1970 that 87 percent of these children were cured and could walk without crutches. FDA approval of my PEMF bone healing system was obtained in 1978 and many PEMF devices of this sort are manufactured and sold to this day. After the dam broke, during the next 42 years, a great number of PEMF neuro-stimulation systems have been developed for medical therapeutic applications. Among them are spinal-cord brake repair stimulators, a wide variety of trans-cutaneous nerve stimulators (TENS) for pain blockage, systems of electro-acupuncture point stimulators, implanted urination stimulation bladder urethra electro-control devices and even PEMF vaginal stimulators developed in Russia to cure female frigidity. More recently, there has been considerable work done on the development of millimeter microwave therapeutic techniques to stimulate cancer tumor auto-immunization in mice by myself with the hope of developing this technique for human application. In the future, I hope to see the extension of electromagnetic therapeutic techniques into new areas such as correction of mental thought pattern abnormalities. Presently employed medical electrotherapeutic neuro-stimulation devices presented includes: 1. Wireless programmable pacemaker 2. Pacemaker in human body 3. Implantable heart defribulator 4. Implanted heart defribulator in the human body 5. Transcutaneous electro-neuro stimulator (TENS) unit with electrodes 6. Externally programmable implanted TENS system 7. TENS unit with external electrodes placed on skin on both sides of the spinal coard 8. Implantable bladder urethra muscle stimulator 9. Bladder urethra muscle stimulator in the human body 10. TENS implanted electro neuro-stimulator electrodes placed across spinal coard in the human body. TENS electro neuro-stimulator placed in buttox of human body. 11. Digital 555 chip and circuitry setup for experimental neuro-stimulation 12. Earth Pulse pulsed electromagnetic field sleep inducer 13. PEMF therapy application coils and pulse generator 14. Placement on the human body of PEMF application electromagnetic coils 15. Raymond Rife radio frequency wave generator for destroying pathogenic bacteria and viruses Modern version 16. Raymond Rife spectrum analyzer esed to identify optimum pathogen destroying frequencies Original unit 17. Healfast silver ion electronic iontophoretic skin ulcer (decubutis) perfusion bandage 18. Another version of the Healfast electronic iontophoric silver ion perfusion bandage, the silver ion perfusion bandaid 19. A third alternate type of the Healfast electronic iontophoric silver ion perfusion bandage 20. U.S. patent 7,922,676 for the Healfast electronic iontoploric silver ion perfusion bandage 21. Exploded view of the elements of the electronic iontophoretic silver ion perfusion bandage 22. Very early electro neuro-stimulator built around 1900 23. Application of electronic iontophoretic silver ion perfusion bandage to decubutis ulcer on foot