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Step No. 1.

Description of Task Step Planning     

Hazard Lack of Communication Non-compliance Energized Equipment Pressurized Fluid Nitrogen Cylinders / Unit Flammable & / or Toxic Atmosphere Unauthorized Work   

Control Measures/ Preventive Measures Conduct a TBT to inform the workers of the tag & lock Plan the work involving personnel responsible for preparation (such as isolation, depressurization, draining, venting, flushing) of the equipment / system to be purged. Ensure the equipment / system to be purged is positively isolated from all sources of energy (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical etc.) Use proper locks & tags for isolation Ensure the equipment / system is depressurized & content is drained safely. Arrange the adequate Nitrogen Cylinders / Unit considering the volume to be purged. Ensure the deployment of Nitrogen unit inside the plant does not create any hazard for the facility. Ensure the confined space is flushed, purged and thoroughly ventilated as required.




The accessories (tools. Pump. Stay away from the pressurized N2 hose & coupling to avoid cold burn in case of leak.: Rev No. Ensure the disposal of purged volume to a safe location such as flare or vent. Coupling & Pressure Gauges etc) to be used are free from defect. Responsible 2. Keep a close watch on the N2 supply flow meter. Ensure the tools (such as N2 Unit. Barricade the area & post warning notice. hoses. Ensure the N2 supply hoses and couplings are rated for the required service and pressure. Hose. Purging       Improper / Defective Tools Rupture of Nitrogen Supply Hoses & Couplings Cold Burn Excess or Less Nitrogen Supply Unsafe Disposal of Purged Fluid Lack of Oxygen         3.: Page: 2 of 2 Step No. Do not enter a vessel / tank / pipeline which is purged with N2. couplings) must be disconnected and stored properly. Description of Task Step Hazard  Control Measures/ Preventive Measures Obtain the required permits from the permit issuer.Company Logo JOB SAFET ANALYSIS Nitrogen Purging Project: Ref No. Windup & Housekeeping  Scattered Material   2 . Calculate the amount of N2 required for the volume to be purged. Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.