Questions – Q1. What is the significance of datatable? Advantages of using datatable over Excel Object? Q2.

What are COM classes? Q3. Types of objects in QTP. Explain Q4. What are runtime methods supported by QTP? Q5. Advantages of Descriptive programming over Object Repository? Q6. Types of Descriptive programming? Explain syntactically AND difference between the two. Q6. QTP Object Identification mechanism.Explain Q7. QTP Smart identification process. Q8. Significance of classes in QTP? Q9. Automation object model object? How to launch QTP and run the test automatically from QTP? Q9. Types of frameworks, comparisons. If qtp has it’s own keyword framework, why to build different framework? Q10. Types of recovery scenarios? Q11. How to pass parameters in action? Types of action? Difference b/w action and a function? Q12. Webtable object – Explain Q13. VB SCRipting – Dim, Redim, Preserve, Instr, Instrrev, split, strcomp, byval and byref, mid, left, right. Q14. What are virtual objects? Explain the process of mapping any custom object with the standard object? Q15. Different checkpoints in QTP? Q16. How to count broken links in QTP? Page check point explain? Q17. Explain error handling in QTP? Q18. Significance of configuration file? Why XML and not .ini or excel? Q19. Types of ordinal identifiers? Difference between them? Q20. Database, command, Recordset, Filesystem object, Excel Object. Q21. What is singleton object?

Q22. Explain create object and it’s parameters? Q23. Datatypes supported in VBScript? Q24. Challenges in automation? Q25.what is automation framework? A set of rules defined to develop and organize test scripts. An infrastructure to execute test scripts without manula intervention. Q26. Script to write star pyramid, prime numbers, sorting – bubble sort, comparison of two text files., READ EXCEL DATA, write in excel, write in file, get particular xml node attribute value? Q27. Expalin multi dimensional array in VBScript? Q28. What are default functions? Q29. Significance of Execute statement? Q30. Difference b/w invoke application and systemutil run? Q31. How many ways you can introduce synchronization through QTP? Q32. Difference b/w wait and wait property? Q33. Explain Dictionary Object in QTP? When it is used? Q34. Write a script to click the links sequentially inscribed in the webtable? Q35. What is ‘Action 0’ in QTP? Q36. What is .mtr, .mts. .bdb file in action 0? Q37. What is the default.xls file in qtp? If you will delete that file will YOU ABLE TO OPEN THE SCRIPT through QTP? Q38. Explain execution of Actions? If you want to skip any action in between how can you do that? Q39. Types of repositories in QTP? Significance of each? Q40. Types of recording in QTP and comparison among them? Q41. How to store output values in QTP? Q42. How many ways you can insert checkpoints through QTP? Q43. What is command object? How to use it in the script? Q44. Difference b/w update mode and maintenance mode?

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